Jang Ki-yong is 'Born Again' in upcoming drama


The ‘Come and Hug Me’ star has plans for an upcoming drama titled ‘Born Again’ which also stars Jin Se-yeon (Item) and Lee Soo-hyuk (Sweet Stranger and Me). The story will involve our cast members playing two different type of characters: one that takes place in the 1980’s and the other in the present (hence, the title of the drama). The three who were involved with each other in the 1980’s are somehow intertwined once again in the present day through reincarnation and fate.

I’m not the biggest fan of reincarnation dramas where our leads play two different type of characters. Often times, it gets messy and confusing and sometimes difficult to follow. I’m not so sure as to how ‘Born Again’ is going to execute the storytelling, but I do predict lots of flashbacks and interweaving of scenes in the 1980’s and then that of the present. Hopefully, the storytelling is smooth and presented in a way that is understandable and easy to follow.

Moving onto the cast, I’m actually quite content with the cast. I understand that some might not be the most excited about Jin Se-yeon, but I’ve watched her dating back to dramas like ‘Bridal Mask’ and ‘Inspiring Generation’ so I’ve been with her for quite a while now and I have to admit that I’m in the minority in that I enjoy her acts. Sure, she’s not the greatest and brightest actress, but she’s also definitely not the worst. Sure, she could use some improvement in her acting, but the same thing could be said about many other actors out there as well. Maybe it’s just the history of watching her past dramas and how I’ve witnessed her grow over the years that I don’t have a problem with her casting in this drama. I don’t follow all her projects and I surely don’t watch everything with her in it, but I’m also not upset when I see her casted in dramas with other cast members who I also am a fan of. Lee Soo-hyuk is another actor who I’ve watched some things in, but not all. I don’t feel a particular way about his acting either; hopefully, he’ll be given many things to do in this drama.

‘Born Again’ premieres on April 20 on KBS. Although we’re still about a month away, I’m definitely looking forward to watching the drama and plan to give the first few episodes a try.

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