Lee Sin-young and Shin Seung-ho engage in a 'Contract Friendship' in new drama

Lee Sin-young made a name for himself after starring in the widely popular and well-known ‘Crash Landing On You.’ It doesn’t come as a surprise that he landed himself a lead role (no pun intended) afterwards in upcoming drama ‘Contract Friendship’ also known as ‘How to Buy a Friend.’ The other actors to round out the cast include Shin Seung-ho (Moment At Eighteen) and Kim So-hye (Best Chicken, also a member of former girl group IOI).

The 4-episode drama will follow Lee Sin-young’s character Park Chan-hong and his friendships with Eom Se-yoon (Kim So-hye) and Heo Don-hyuk (Shin Seung-ho). Park Chan-hong and Heo Dong-hyuk find themselves in a ‘contract friendship’ after Chan-hong lends Dong-hyuk some money to help him pay for rent. The two are eventually bounded to each other because of the money.

Just based on the teasers alone, everything about this drama is what I’m a sucker for: I have a small small soft spot for Shin Seung-ho after watching him in ‘Moment At Eighteen’ which I was a huge fan of. I loved a whole lot of things about the drama including Shin Seung-ho. In addition, I’m highly interested in Lee Sin-young (as I’m sure everyone else is) after watching him in ‘Crash Landing On You’ where he played the handsome, calm, and cool North Korean soldier. I’m not as familiar with Kim So-hye other than that I recognize her as a former member in IOI so I look forward to watching her play a popular high school student in this drama. And the biggest drawing factor for me in all of this is that it’s a high school drama! I’m not sure why, but I love watching high school dramas. Maybe because they aren’t too complicated and it’s fun watching our characters grow and develop as individuals throughout high school. When done right, high school dramas can be highly satisfying because they focus on the journeys of self-discovery and self-love of the show’s characters. I hope ‘How to Buy a Friend’ will somehow also showcase that despite being a much shorter series.

‘How to Buy a Friend’ will air on April 6 on KBS2. Each full-hour episode will be broken up into 35 minute episodes with a total of (4) 1-hour episodes.

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