Cho Yeo-jeong and Go joon Threaten Each Other in Upcoming Drama ‘If You Cheat, You Die’

OOOOOOOOOOOH, this one I’m definitely going to watch!

Cho Yeo-jeong (Parasite) and Go Joon (Oh My Baby) have been confirmed to star in upcoming drama ‘If You Cheat, You Die’, a drama “described as the comedic story of the fearful experiences of adults who do bad things with a guilty conscience.”

I think we can all agree so far that we’re all super excited to see these two leads on our screens and that they serve as the biggest drawing factor for many folks so far. Both are charismatic and sexy individually so I can only imagine that their chemistry will be ten times as intense and charismatic as well. I mean, I’m definitely excited to see both Go Joon and Cho Yeo-jeong on my screens. I’m never going to complain about more Go Joon while Cho Yeo-jeong hit big with the critically acclaimed and popular ‘Parasite’ last year so I’m excited to see both together. They make for such a great couple and all we’ve gotten so far is casting news. I have a feeling that Cho Yeo-jeong and Go Joon’s chemistry will also remind me of Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye from ‘Dinner Mate’ — strong, undeniable, sweet, and sizzling. Plus, the plot to the drama sounds funny so far and it’ll be interesting to watch our two leads not give in to other temptations to remain loyal to each other through it all. Since I’m not so worried about the acting (it is Go Joon and Cho Yeo-jeong we’re talking about here), I’m more curious about the plot itself and what kind of messages and lessons the drama will attempt to relay to viewers.

‘If You Cheat, You Die’ will be directed by Kim Hyung-suk who’s directed ‘Oh My Venus’ and ‘My Golden Life.’ Meanwhile, the screenwriter is Lee Sung-min whose former works include ‘The Queen of Mystery.’ ‘If You Cheat, You Die’ will be broadcasted on KBS in October. While it still seems like a few months away, hopefully the wait won’t feel too long.

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