Day: May 5, 2023

  • Doctor Cha: Episode 4 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 4 Recap

    We continue to watch Jeong-suk learn and grow as she navigates different types of situations and issues at work. It’s not just her co-workers, bosses, and colleagues who she has to learn from and worry about but she also becomes busy with patients who she’s been assigned to. Work remains an uphill battle for Jeong-suk…

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  • My Perfect Stranger: Episode 2 Recap

    My Perfect Stranger: Episode 2 Recap

    Yoon-young and Hae-joon explore the world in 1987 that they’re stuck in together and realize that there’s a lot more to the place than they thought. This involves Yoon-young reuniting with her mother and embarking on an adventure to learn more about her mother’s life. But the more that they interact and the more that…

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