[Discuss Away!] A Witch’s Court episodes 9-10

Why can't our protagonists win? Why do they keep on getting defeated by the villains in this drama? Why our own good guys going against each other? Why are our two leads arguing and fighting each other? Ahhh, this drama makes me stressed, scream, and want to pull my hair out, but it makes me [...]


[Discuss Away!] Because This Life is Our First episodes 9-10

Aww, this drama is really charming. 'Because This is Our First Love' hurts so good and this push-and-pull game between our main couple is so heart-breaking but in such a satisfying way. I love the little voiceovers of lessons and thoughts our characters get from facing obstacles in life and I love the relationship between [...]

1 Night 2 Days dedicates a special episode to former member Kim Joohyuk

I've never struggled watching an episode of popular Korean variety show 1 Night 2 Days and in fact, I always managed to finish each episode quickly and then go back to re-watch my most favorite episodes because of how hilarious and entertaining the show is. But with the most recent episode of 1N2D, it was [...]