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  • Turn It Up Tuesday: GOT7 – Got It? (Mini-Album)

    First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of posts. I haven’t been home the past two days and I will be starting school again tomorrow so you might not see many posts from me but please forgive me! But I’m back for this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday so since today is Tuesday, I…

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  • What Mary Thinks: GOT7’s Debut

    Sooooo GOT7 finally made their debut (ugh i want that debut album to be released so bad though) on Mnet Countdown on the 16th of January, 2014! YAAYYY. *throws confetti* Although I do love GOT7 and support them, as a fan I always have the right to criticize them so here, I have to say…

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  • What Mary Thinks: GOT7’s Debut Teaser Videos

    It’s here everybody. The debut teaser from JYP’s new boy group that we have all been waiting for. JYP released a debut teaser video of GOT7 where they are simply just going around school minding their own business, but damn – they are all so so good-looking. Especially when Jackson showed up, I almost spit…

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