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  • IU returns with new release ‘BBIBBI (삐삐)’ + MV

    I’m liking this new song from IU! Singer and actress IU returned with a new track titled ‘BBIBBI’ just recently and released a beautiful and visually pleasing MV alongside the new song. While I’m not one to generally care for MV’s as I tend to care more for the song and album itself, the MV […]

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  • Zico and IU are “Soulmates” in new collaboration

    It was bound to happen sooner or later where artists and friends Zico and IU would collaborate. That day has finally come as the two just recently released their collaboration ‘Soulmates.’ The two are cute and adorable in the MV and Zico’s good friend Crush even makes a special appearance as Zico did in his […]

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