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  • What Mary Thinks: GOT7’s Debut

    Sooooo GOT7 finally made their debut (ugh i want that debut album to be released so bad though) on Mnet Countdown on the 16th of January, 2014! YAAYYY. *throws confetti* Although I do love GOT7 and support them, as a fan I always have the right to criticize them so here, I have to say […]

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  • [!] UPDATE: GOT7 MV is outtttttttt~

    So they are finally here everybody (calm down, I know you’re excited. Haha). But JYP’s new boy group GOT7 has finally released their debut MV ‘Girls Girls Girls.’ You guys don’t even know how excited I was upon finding out that the MV was released. My sister and I decided to do a reaction video […]

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