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  • #ListentoThis: punchnello – imwaitingrighthere

    As I continue to listen to Korean hip-hop, I also discover more and more hidden gems along the way and have been trying to expand on the amount of artists that I listen to. Thankfully, this year’s SMTM introduced me to some of these new gems and now I’m a fan of punchnello who I […]

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  • Korean hip-hop producers GroovyRoom are ‘Everywhere’ with their new EP

    Producer duo GroovyRoom, who just recently signed onto Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone’s new hip-hop label H1GHR Music, released a new EP titled ‘Everywhere’ featuring everyone. Just kidding, but many artists and rappers did participate in the making of the album and all the tracks are pretty solid. The album consists of 6 new […]

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  • Dumbfoundead is thirsty in his latest MV ‘Water’

    Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead recently released a new song called ‘Water’ featuring G. Soul and as expected – it’s another great one. This song is probably one of my favorites among Dumbfoundead’s releases the past few months. He’s been collaborating a lot more frequently with Korean hip-hop rappers and artists lately such as Microdot, Jessi, […]

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