Lee Min-ki and Seo Hyun-jin cast as leads in the drama version of ‘The Beauty Inside’

YAAAAAS. YAAAAS. YAAAAAAAAAAS. I can already tell this drama is going to be great because of the two leads!! I'M SO EXCITED. Anyways, some of y'all might remember the Korean movie 'Beauty Inside' starring Han Hyo-joo who basically was in love with the same person who just had a different face and body everyday. Now [...]

Lee Min-ki returns to dramaland with ‘Because This is my First Life’ with Jung So-min

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a65UzspK4fQ Yay for more Lee Min-ki! Seems like we won't have to wait any longer for Lee Min-ki's return to dramaland as his new upcoming project is Korean drama 'Because This is my First Life' starring him and Jung So-min. It seems like the new drama will be a fun (and painful because of how [...]