Spazzzzzzz Sunday (Monday): B2ST’s comeback and Gary and Jung In’s new collaboration ‘사람냄새’ / ‘Your Scent’

It's Monday today (and Tuesday for some of you guys) so you guys might be wondering why I'm writing 'Spazz Sunday' when it's not even Sunday, but my spazz threads are usually titled 'Spazzzz Sunday' so I decided to just keep that going, so I hope you guys don't mind that I title this thread [...]

Turn It Up Tuesday: Jung In [ft. Gary of Leessang] – Let’s Walk a Little It's Tuesday (or is soon going to be...which means the first half of my Calculus test which means a lot of fail and tears) so it's time for another Turn It Up Tuesday! For this week's Turn It Up Tuesday, I decided to post about solo artist Jung In from Jungle Entertainment. I remember [...]