#Let’sTalk: Highlight accused of special treatment in college back in 2011 + special treatment of celebrities

My boys can never have a day of peace can they? In a recent report by SBS, the broadcast station aired an episode accusing Highlight members Doojoon, Ki Kwang, Junhyung and former BEAST member Hyunseung of receiving special treatment and celebrity perks when they attended Dongshin University back in 2010/2011. The 4 BEAST members were [...]


#Let’sTalk: B.A.P. performs at their last concert together + future for the TS boy group?

Ahh, it's so unfortunate. Idol boy group B.A.P. - the monster rookies who filed a lawsuit against their agency TS Entertainment a few years ago - recently held their last possible concert together "BAP 2018 Live Limited." There, each of the members thanked the fans and gave a speech to express their gratitude and appreciation [...]

#Let’sTalk: BTS in the U.S. — is it helping or hurting them?

As ARMY's know, BTS has been doing a wide variety of interviews and activities since they've been in LA on Tuesday. They've actually done so much that I haven't been able to catch up and keep track of how many interviews and shows they've done. And I frankly don't care to watch these interviews and [...]

#Let’sTalk: Is all the fuss and fanwars about MAMA 2017 worth it?

It's that time of the year again. The time of the year where award ceremonies are quickly approaching which means endless fanwars and lots of arguing about whose year 2017 belonged to. Over the general course of the past few weeks since the announcement of the Mnet Asian Music Awards and the release of details [...]

[Let’s Talk] BTS’s Jin & Big Hit: Why Big Hit can and should do better #WeWantSeokjin

As many of y'all know by now, I'm a huge fan of BTS and have written several appreciation posts about them and basically run my blog talking about how great, talented, and wonderful they are and even my Tumblr account is dedicated to basically BTS. However, as much as I love the boys and will [...]