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  • Zico leaves Block B while the rest of the six members renew contracts

    Zico leaves Block B while the rest of the six members renew contracts

    There’s always this kind of news around the time when K-Pop groups decide whether to renew their contracts or not once their 7-year contracts conclude. It’s happened to B1A4 just earlier this year as well as others groups like INFINITE, SNSD, and many more over the years. Block B is the latest K-Pop group to […]

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  • Zico and IU are “Soulmates” in new collaboration

    It was bound to happen sooner or later where artists and friends Zico and IU would collaborate. That day has finally come as the two just recently released their collaboration ‘Soulmates.’ The two are cute and adorable in the MV and Zico’s good friend Crush even makes a special appearance as Zico did in his […]

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  • Show Me the Money 4: Episode 1 Recap

    Hello everyone! So after having received a request to recap ‘Show Me the Money 4’ due to the lack of recaps there are on the show, I have decided to recap the show since someone did ask! This is my second time watching the show (I watched last season – Season 3 – and really […]

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  • [Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 4 episode 1 *SPOILER ALERT*

    Hello everybody! It has been quite a while [very very long while] since I’ve last posted on here a thread or even just post about anything but I am finally back since a new season of hip-hop survival competition ‘Show Me the Money’ has returned. For those of y’all who don’t know, I am a […]

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