• My Perfect Stranger: Episode 5 Recap

    My Perfect Stranger: Episode 5 Recap

    Now that Hae-joon and Yoon-young are aware that they might have more in common than they initially thought, the two get to know each other on a deeper level. Why did Yoon-young want to travel back in time to 1987? Why is Hae-joon so familiar with the 1987 world? What other information are they withholding…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 10 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 10 Recap

    The bumps and bruises never stop. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and know it all, you learn that you actually don’t. There are more layers to In-ho and Seung-hi’s relationship than Jeong-suk initially thought and she finds herself once again contemplating on what she should do about the complex and confusing situation.…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 9 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 9 Recap

    Jeong-suk processes a variety of emotions and thoughts now that she knows her husband is cheating on her and having an affair. She also navigates the confusing and overwhelming situation with her husband and family. How can she still protect her kids while also prioritizing herself over In-ho? What does she want to do in…

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  • My Perfect Stranger: Episode 4 Recap

    My Perfect Stranger: Episode 4 Recap

    Now that Yoon-young’s forged an identity in the 1987 world, she continues her mission of bonding with her mother as well as learning more about who her mother was when she was younger. But things aren’t as simple or peaceful as Yoon-young initially thought because she begins to pick up on little details and clues…

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  • My Perfect Stranger: Episode 3 Recap

    My Perfect Stranger: Episode 3 Recap

    Now that Yoon-young has a chance to go on her mission to achieve her goal, there’s no one or nothing that can stop her. She slowly acclimates herself into the new world she’s been thrusted into and she doesn’t hesitate to protect her mother. But as determined as Yoon-young is, she quickly learns that there…

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  • Doctor Cha: Episode 8 Recap

    Doctor Cha: Episode 8 Recap

    Jeong-suk’s faced plenty of hardships and obstacles in her life as a housewife and an aspiring doctor. But she faces what is perhaps the most daunting and challenging situation yet – one that could change her and her family’s lives forever. Doctor Cha: Episode 8 Recap Roy and In-ho cause a scene in front of…

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