MaryMeKpop: What are my next recapping projects?

With the end of every drama is the beginning and airing of another one. 'Let's Eat Season 3' just recently finished (a week earlier than expected but still) so that means time for another drama to watch and recap. There are many new dramas that will be airing soon and although there are more than [...]


[What Mary Thinks] Go Back Couple travels back in time in charm and character

It's rare to come across Korean dramas I've never intended to watch, but then watch and totally fall in love with it to the point where I marathon all the released episodes. And that is exactly what happened with finished 'Go Back Couple' starring Jang Nara and Son Ho-jun. As one of the many dramas [...]

Discuss Away!: Because This Life is Our First finale

Aww, I'm gonna miss this drama. It was so simple but endearing and easy to watch. Almost everything about this drama was perfect and it totally exceeded my expectations. I came in watching this drama with no expectations and left feeling mind-blown. It's always bittersweet bidding farewell with a drama that provided you with such [...]