Korean Drama Recaps~

Great news everyone~

So I’ve decided that I will be making recaps to Korean dramas ‘Let’s Eat’ and mobile drama ‘Twenty Years.’ I’ve noticed that none of the major recapping sites like Dramabeans are recapping them so I decided that I will!

So you guys can be expecting a recap from me pretty soon. In fact, I’m going to be working on episode 1 of ‘Let’s Eat’ right now since the drama is longer than ‘Twenty Years.’

And as a warning, this is my very first time ever doing a recap of any drama so I apologize in advance if my style of writing is bad or if there are any other things I may seem bad at. If you guys have any constructive criticism to say, please criticize me so I know what I can do to better the recaps the next time.

I’m also watching these 2 dramas because if you guys already didn’t know, I’m extremely biased towards BEAST and what do you know?! Doojoon is starring in ‘Let’s Eat’ and Ki Kwang is in ’20 Years Old’ so they’re the main reason as to why I’m watching those two dramas.

Anyways, anticipate the upcoming recaps~ Thanks! 😀

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