Let’s Eat: Episode 2 Recap

It is finally here! The recap to the second episode of ‘Let’s Eat.’ I apologize for the slow update of recaps. It’s just that recapping takes a very long time and I’m busy with other things in well, but I really think this drama is so underrated and really needs more love so hopefully these recaps will be useful in some way.

I also apologize for the small print screen pictures. They were big when I saved the photo, but now they’re really small. Just click on the photo if it’s too small for you (:

The second episode starts out with 2 of our 3 main characters Lee Soo-kyung and Jin Yi busily cleaning their apartments.


While you have Goo Dae Young reading his manga and eating some snacks inside of his disorganized and messy apartment. (Oh Doojoon).


All 3 characters are seen in their own apartment, with Jin Yi taking a selfie while having all her vacuum cleaners do the cleaning, Soo Kyung wiping the windows, and Dae Young stretching.


The second episode is called ‘Getting to Know Your Neighbors’ and will focus on…all our three characters getting to know each other. So sit back, relax, and get ready to read a recap about suspicions and suspicions and suspicions, not interactions! YAAYY.


The episode starts out at Soo Kyung’s office where a man comes in stating that Lawyer Kim (Kim Hak Moon, our second male lead) had lost his suit and because of that was imprisoned. He is in need of transportation fare after being released and asks from Kyu-sik for $15.


The whole time Soo Kyung is skeptical of the man, saying that she has never seen him before. The man tries to make excuses to defend himself but Soo Kyung stands her ground and prepares to check on the past clients to see if he’s one of them. The man panics and leaves the office before he is found guilty. Kyu-sik is disappointed in Soo Kyung for not helping out but then founds out he was just in a scam when Lawyer Kim reveals that there are people who enter attorney firms to get transportation fares. LOL, poor Kyu-sik. You tried.


We get a glimpse of Soo Kyung’s single and lonely life as she solemnly enters the bus to go to the grocery store by herself. At the grocery store she happens to meet Dae Young and doesn’t seem to care about him until he reveals that he took care of the mess that Soo Kyung made on that night where she was drunk. A flashback of when she puked in the hallway in front of her apartment in front of Dae Young and Jin Yi resurfaces and causes her to grow embarassed. Since Dae Young had called a service to come and clean up the mess she made for $20, she quickly hands him $20 and then walks away afterwards, only to panic when she hears Dae Young call out her name ‘Soo Kyung.’ He ends up telling her a few more things he noticed about her, such as how her bills are so low and how she always ends up ordering chicken at night.


When they both arrive back at the apartment building, Soo Kyung witnesses Dae Young entering Jin Yi’s apartment but he defends himself saying that he and Jin Yi got closer to each other after that night that they cleaned up Soo Kyung’s mess. Soo Kyung seems to absolutely despise Dae Young at this point because he continues to bring up about that night where she was drunk.

Soo Kyung discusses about Dae Young to her friend Kyung Mi and becomes suspicious of him because he not only knows about Soo Kyung’s style of living but has also become close to Jin Yi. Their conversation comes to an end when Kyung Mi has to punish her sons for fighting. Hahaha, poor Kyung Mi can never have any rest or peace.

After her conversation on the phone with Kyung Mi ends, Soo Kyung continues to walk her dog, Barassi, when a woman tries to get her to buy six month’s supply of milk and receive a free bicycle as a reward. But Soo Kyung declines the request because she doesn’t drink milk and walks away. A few seconds later, she hears the sales lady speaking to another customer who is none other than our passive Jin Yi who agrees to sign up to get the six month supply of milk since she’ll be given a free bicycle as a reward for doing so.


Soo Kyung is in disbelief when Jin Yi catches up with Soo Kyung in the park while riding her newly won bicycle. She brushes off Jin Yi’s suggestion to go register to get the supply of milk for a free bicycle because the bicycle isn’t really free, it’s just called marketing method. Hahaha.

The conversation comes to an abrupt stop when a woman suddenly yells. It turns out that Barassi had escaped from Soo Kyung and gone to pee on this woman’s shoes. She blames Soo Kyung’s pet for ruining her expensive and limited edition shoes. But Jin Yi interrupts and simply states, “This isn’t limited. I even saw it at the department store yesterday.” LOL, this scene was what made me start to slowly open up to Jin Yi. She’s pretty awesome here. I love it how she says it so innocently as well.


The woman runs away in irritation when her lie is exposed by Jin Yi. While riding her new bicycle to catch up with the woman so that Jin Yi can take pictures of the ‘fake’ shoes, she falls over and injures herself. Soo Kyung applies medicine to Jin Yi’s injury while scolding her for getting a bicycle when she can’t even ride one. Good point you have there Soo Kyung. But Jin Yi continues once again with her list of dreams and says that it’s always been her dream to ride a bicycle.


After hugging Soo Kyung to show her gratitude (awww!), Jin Yi becomes curious as to why Soo Kyung named her dog Barassi. Soo Kyung explains that his real name is Che Guevara but she calls him Bara for short. Jin Yi doesn’t understand Che Guevara and thinks that Soo Kyung is saying ‘Choi Gaebara’ which literally means ‘dog look.’ But Soo Kyung has to explain to Jin Yi that it’s not ‘Choi Gaebara’ but Che Guevara who was a Cuban revolutionist. Jin Yi says that she’s never heard of him before and assumes he’s a foreigner. Oh, Jin Yi. You have a long way to go.

When they arrive back at the apartment building, Jin Yi is seen taking a picture of her injury so she can upload it onto her SNS account. She wishes for Soo Kyung to activate her SNS account again so that Jin Yi, Soo Kyung, and Dae Young can all be friends. Since Dae Young was brought up in the conversation, Soo Kyung warns Jin Yi to be careful of Dae Young. But Jin Yi defends Dae Young because he helped her on the day she moved in and because he got her fish the day before. Soo Kyung thinks Dae Young is ‘weird’ and states that she’s seen a lot of guys like him at her work place. This causes Jin Yi to change the subject to what is Soo Kyung’s occupation. When Jin Yi praises Soo Kyung because she works at a lawyer’s office, Soo Kyung has to unfortunately add that she’s only the chief secretary, not a lawyer. Jin Yi, who’s a little bit ignorant, asks if the chief secretary is in a higher position than a lawyer. OTL, Jin Yi, once again, you have a loonggg way to go.


It’s late at night and everyone is enjoying their dinner. (that derp face though!). Jin Yi gets a call from her jjang jjang man Dae Young who states that he was passing by the neighborhood and how he saw something strange. They meet up in front of a building that Jin Yi’s father supposedly constructed. We learn a little bit more about Jin Yi’s father here in this scene as he is currently imprisoned and used to own a construction company. Dae Young’s lightens up Jin Yi’s sad face expression by reassuring her her father will be released soon and takes a picture of her in front of the building her father constructed.

We go back to Soo Kyung’s work place where they all wonder what to eat for lunch. That’s when Soo Kyung suggest boiled mackerels because a blog that she’s been following posted a picture of the boiled mackerel.


(yes yes, why yes. It does look delicious…there’s nothing on the bowl but it does look good. Hahaha).

The rest of the pictures on the blog continue to be of meals and dishes that are empty. Soo Kyung finds this amazing and amusing and everyone else seems to approve of the blog. They want to check it out more until Lawyer Kim scolds at them for not visiting his blog as often which is to ultimately promote the office. Because of that, Soo Kyung has to take pictures of Lawyer Kim so that they can upload it onto the blog.


[Lawyer Kim posing. I found this shot the most attractive so I’m uploading it onto here. Hehehe].

Dae Young is talking on the phone while walking on the streets when he meets Jin Yi who tried to use her credit card to pay her bus fare. She says that she wants to go to Cheongdam-dong to visit the gallery that her friend just recently opened. Dae Young agrees to take Jin Yi and they  head over there together.


Dae Young seems to be interested in Jin Yi’s friend that is opening the gallery and asks how they knew each other. Jin Yi states that she’s her friend from elementary school where Dae Young then quickly brings up Jin Yi’s elementary school. Jin Yi is surprised at how Dae Young was able to guess what elementary school she went to accurately (like how he was able to find out the name of the construction company that her dad owned). Dae Young continues to show interest in her friend, assuming that she’s well off since she’s opening up a gallery at such a young age.

We transition back to Soo Kyung and her co-workers at the restaurant that makes the boiled mackerels. They eat the mackerel and cannot believe how absolutely delicious and yummy it is. They praise it and then eat it then praise it then eat it again.


While Soo Kyung is eating herself away, Lawyer Kim can only stare at Soo Kyung eating while giving her the creepy eyes and this look.


It looks like he wants to eat her instead of the mackerel. HAHHAHA.

Back at the gallery opening, Dae Young meets Jin Yi’s friend and roams around the gallery looking at all the art. While doing this, Jin Yi’s friend assumes that Jin Yi has a crush on Dae Young [NO HE’S MINE] in which Jin Yi basically admits it. Her friend tells her to confess so Jin Yi thinks about confessing to Dae Young Oppa [ONCE AGAIN, HE’S MINE].

Soo Kyung and her co-workers are done eating lunch so they head back to the office. Soo Kyung checks her phone only to find Facebook updates from Jin Yi since she keeps on updating her statuses (which means Soo Kyung’s going on Facebook again after she told Jin Yi that she doesn’t go on it anymore). She finds a picture of Jin Yi and Dae Young together at her friend’s gallery opening and becomes suspicious as to why they’re together again. Kyu-sik concludes that they must be dating [OPPAR IS MINE] to which Soo Kyung states that she’s worried for Jin Yi if they are dating because Dae Young is an unemployed guy who likes to talk to many different girls and invades people’s private lives. Lawyer Oh sees the picture of Dae Young and finds him good-looking [seriously, whoever doesn’t think Doojoon Oppa isn’t handsome needs to get their eyes checked].  Kyu-sik blames Soo Kyung of being paranoid again.

Lawyer Kim has an appointment he needs to go to but before leaving permits Soo Kyung to leave early since he read an article about how there was a ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident in her neighborhood again where a woman who was going home late at night was attacked with a blunt weapon from someone from behind. Because there were no CCTV cameras or witnesses around, it is still unknown as to who the criminal is. Kyu-sik looks into the article about the incident and when the words blunt weapon is brought up, Soo Kyung immediately thinks about a hammer as a possible weapon which in the next scene right after, Dae Young is seen slamming a nail into Jin Yi’s wall in her apartment with a hammer.


Dae Young notices that Jin Yi is concentrating on him so greatly he jokes, “Have you fallen in love with me or something?” in which Jin Yi states that she has. She then gathers her courage and asks Dae Young if he would like to date her [there you go girl, that’s how you do it! Wait, what am I doing?! Oppar is mine!]. Dae Young is surprised at her sudden confession and jokes that she might have to wait 5 years because there are many women that would like to date him [you got that right!].


[that derp face though! Hahaha].

Jin Yi just really likes Dae Young but if he doesn’t want to date her, then they can just forget about it but Dae Young asks for some time to think about the whole issue and his answer first.

They exit out of Jin Yi’s apartment together where they converse with Soo Kyung who has just returned from work. The first word that exits out of Dae Young’s mouth is ‘Noona’ which enrages Soo Kyung because they aren’t at that level yet to be speaking so comfortably to each other. Dae Young leaves Jin Yi and Soo Kyung behind after saying a few advices to Soo Kyung where Soo Kyung then reminds Jin Yi to be careful of Dae Young after he’s gone. But Jin Yi doesn’t believe Dae Young is that kind of person and gets mad when Soo Kyung accuses him of being a con artist.

A few minutes later, Jin Yi returns to Soo Kyung’s apartment door and wishes for her, Soo Kyung, and Dae Young to all get along. Soo Kyung refuses to get along with Dae Young but when Jin Yi reveals that she bought a lot of beef rib eye so they could connect, Soo Kyung gives in at the sound of those words.


The three neighbors all meet up to eat the beef rib eye. Dae Young is able to make a candle using a few resources which amazes Jin Yi [OPPAR IS SO COOL. THE TITLE JJANG JJANG MAN REALLY SUITS HIM]. While cooking the meat, he advises that they eat the meat right at the moment that he says ‘now’ or else the fantastic taste will disappear right at that moment, in which Soo Kyung bluntly states, “Grilled meat is all the same.”

Offended, Dae Young goes on his rampage again and explains about the extraordinary experience of eating grilled meat and why they aren’t all the same.


After his little rampage, they eat the grilled meat like it’s the best thing evar and I hate it whenever the drama shows them eating whatever they’re eating because it looks so delicious and while they’re stuffing themselves with yummy food, you’re just sitting here like what is life and what do I live for and you’re questioning why you’re not there sitting with them. But these scenes where they’re eating a dish or meal usually take forever because the director feels compelled to shoot at every single angle of their face while they’re swallowing the food so it can get quite annoying since the scene is like 5 minutes long of them just stuffing their face with food. Lol. But this drama is called ‘Let’s Eat’ and has to do with food so I shouldn’t be complaining too much.

After they finish eating, Soo Kyung becomes suspicious of Dae Young again and what he does for a living, so to defend himself, Dae Young grabs a trophy from his apartment and presents it to Soo Kyung to prove that he’s an insurance sales man and he got the trophy because he’s that good at having people get insurance that he’s called the ‘King of Insurance.’ Oppar is so cool. Kekeke.


Dae Young isn’t called the ‘King of Insurance’ for nothing because after proving that he’s an insurance sales man, he goes right away to persuade Soo Kyung to get insurance since she eats when she’s stressful and because of all the eating, she’ll get a disease so she’ll need insurance to cover up all the hospital fees. Hahaha.

Soo Kyung continues to be suspicious of Dae Young as expressed when she talks about him on the phone with her friend Kyung Mi. But Kyung Mi doesn’t think anything weirdly about Dae Young and just shrugs it off.

We get a glimpse of Jin Yi talking on the phone with her mom about how there’s someone she likes (better not be my Dae Young Oppa. Kidding, it is).

Meanwhile, Dae Young is dressed in all black while stating that he’s going to exercise late at night when questioned by the security guard. We then see a woman walking by herself in the same neighborhood as Dae Young’s while listening to loud rock music. She feels as if there’s someone following her, but brushes it off when she doesn’t find anyone there. However, a few seconds after she continues to walk, this figure in all black runs after her and attacks her from behind.


Although we aren’t given a good look at his face, his breathing sounds a lot similar to Dae Young (don’t ask me how I know that, lol) and the close-up of his face looks a lot of similar to Dae Young as well. But is it really our handsome, lovable, kind, and friendly Dae Young who’s committing these ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents?


My Thoughts:

I’m currently up to date with all the episodes of ‘Let’s Eat’ but it’s nice to go back and re-watch the episodes again because I might have missed something that I didn’t catch when I watched it the first time. While recapping this episode, I realized that Jin Yi is charming, there’s just something about her that is really cute and appealing. Although she might lack in knowledge, can be passive, and ignorant at times, the fact that she still remains happy and optimistic despite living by herself, while her mom is residing in the United States sick, and her father is in prison makes her so likable. It’s not easy for Jin Yi to go from wealthy and spoiled to independent and lonely but she tries to adjust to her current situation as best and effortlessly as she can without complaining or being whining which I appreciate a lot from her. I actually think she’s so brave to go out and settle down by herself when she used to be so protected and sheltered from her parents because I know for sure I wouldn’t do that if I was her. She could of kept on living in the hotel, but she chose not too which I find reasonable as well because I think being exposed to all the wealth and money where she was comfortable prevented Jin Yi from going out there and experiencing new things. That’s why she’s always saying that it’s been a dream of hers to ride a bicycle or to see ghosts because being sheltered by her parents didn’t allow for things like that to happen. That also explains why she uses her credit cards for the bus fare or asks if a chief secretary is a higher position than a lawyer (I find her hilarious and delightful in these scenes). It wasn’t until I watched this episode that I appreciated her character and came into liking her after I felt neutral about her for some time. (In the later episodes, there’s this one scene where I come into liking her character full-time, like 100% approval from me. Look forward to that moment when I recap that episode).

The drama is setting up Dae Young to be the criminal to these ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident, so if it is him, I wonder why he’s doing it. I wanna say that someone is hiring him to do it, but then in the end, it might just be for self-interest which I’m guessing is the reason as to why he could possibly be committing these assault incidents. Nonetheless, the drama is doing a great way of setting Dae Young up to be the criminal. Whenever he’s with Soo Kyung or Jin Yi, he acts innocent and seems like the kind, gentle, and understanding type of person which makes viewers think that he’s just their neighbor, but it’s those little moments in between the discussions he has with Soo Kyung and Jin Yi that shows that he might be so much more than just that caring and nice neighbor. When he revealed the elementary school Jin Yi went to when she was younger or the construction company that her father owned, it’s just small things like those makes you suspicious as to what kind of person is Dae Young and how he find out those things when Jin Yi and Soo Kyung never told him anything about it.

The drama started out very slow, bleak, and boring to me, but it isn’t until episode 5 that things start to get really interesting and ‘Let’s Eat’ becomes worth watching. So I’m gonna have to hang in there while recapping the next few episodes. I hope you guys will hang in there with me as well and discuss away how you feel about the drama so far! 😀

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