Let’s Eat: Episode 3 Recap

Episode three is finally here~ Rejoice! Hehe.

In this episode, there isn’t much that is going on, but the episode does do a great job of stressing about friendship and our 3 main character’s relationships and connections with each other. This episode also took me a bit shorter to recap because not many things happened, but for some reason, I happen to like this episode out of the 3 episodes I have recapped on so far.

It’s morning and our three main characters Jin Yi, Soo Kyung, and Dae Young have just taken a refreshing shower. All three characters exit out of the bathroom naked (of course, where their body is covered) only to panic when they see their window opened and exposed. Jin Yi panics at first but then realizes that she’s the only one in her apartment so she continues on naked while Soo Kyung and Dae Young rushes over to the window to close it. Their reactions are so adorable (:


Today’s episode is called “I want to be alone. Everybody, get out!” which is a huge contrast from the second episode’s title which had to do with getting to know your neighbors. Seems like someone’s mad, eh? I have a feeling it’s Soo Kyung’s who is mad. Hehe. I wouldn’t be surprised though.


Soo Kyung is in her apartment and bursting in excitement over how she’ll finally have some time to herself. But just when she started watching The Walking Dead and is about to enjoy her chicken and beer, she hears her doorbell ring. It turns out to be her best friend Kyung Mi who got into another argument with her husband because he took out a loan without Kyung Mi’s knowledge and lent it to his sister. Kyung Mi asks for advice from Soo Kyung as to how to divorce her husband because Soo Kyung has done it before. LOL. Kyung Mi laments over how she doesn’t have any time to watch her dramas because she’s always so busy taking care of her in-laws and kids she wishes she can just get a divorce and be able to live her life freely like Soo Kyung. The door bell rings again and this time it’s Kyung Mi’s husband Kyu Sik who came to beg for forgiveness from his wife.


Kyu-shi asks Soo Kyung to leave her own apartment so that he can make up with his wife. So Soo Kyung has no choice but to leave them alone in her apartment. Poor Soo Kyung, haha.

While walking out on the streets, Soo Kyung smells anchovy broth somewhere and after tracing the smell to a street vendor restaurant, she orders the soup and starts eating it deliciously.


After finishing the noodle soup, Dae Young happens to enter the same street vendor and accompanies Soo Kyung. Soo Kyung states if all Dae Young is going to talk about with Soo Kyung is insurance, then it’s no use because she already has beneficial insurance. Her night continually gets worse when Dae Young calls Barassi ‘Choi Gae Bara’ which makes Soo Kyung enraged. He goes on to say that Barassi looks sick and because of that should get insurance. So basically Dae Young didn’t talk to Soo Kyung about insurance but to Barassi. I c wut u did there Jjang Jjang Man. Hehehe.

Dae Young returns to his apartment only to hear strange moaning, groaning, and sounds in Soo Kyung’s apartment. He quickly assumes that she’s watching porn, but then he realizes that it isn’t porn when he hears a man and a woman screeching.

Soo Kyung returns to her apartment when she finds out that Kyung Mi and her husband have already made up. She gets mad because they have eaten all of her chicken and beer and have turned up the heater. The couple leaves making Kyung Mi mad.

Jin Yi is busy writing down a list of things she has always wanted to do in her apartment when she gets scared by a loud thunderstorm so she resorts to Soo Kyung for shelter and company late at night. Soo Kyung has no choice but to take care of Jin Yi until the thunderstorm calms down so they both lay on Soo Kyung’s bed.


While on the bed together, Jin Yi leans over and asks Soo Kyung an erotic and surprising question, “Have you felt orgasms?” LOL. Someone get this girl some help. Soo Kyung refuses to answer her question (no really, who would want to answer a question like that) where Jin Yi just explains that it’s always been a dream of hers to have a girl talk with her next door neighbor. Jin Yi shows Soo Kyung her list of dreams that she wants to accomplish now that she’s living alone. Soo Kyung notices that the very last one is crossed out to which Jin Yi states that she has already done it…(oh no, it can’t be!). A few hours later and Jin Yi is still talking to Soo Kyung and this time it’s about Dae Young. But Jin Yi notices that the thunderstorm has died down so she exits Soo Kyung’s apartment to return to her own.

We return to Soo Kyung’s workplace where Lawyer Kim, Lawyer Oh, and Kyu-sik are all discussing about Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung’s past where it’s revealed that they both attended the same college. Soo Kyung was supposedly nicknamed ‘Sinchon’s Jeon Ji Hyun’ (A MAN FROM ANOTHER STAR ANYONE?! AAAHHHHH) back in college, but Lawyer Kim lies that he’s never heard of that nickname before. That’s when we get a flashback of how Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung used to look like back in college and yes, Soo Kyung was Sinchon’s Jeon Ji Hyun because she was looking fabulous while surrounded by guys while Lawyer Kim who was a nerd back then (doesn’t surprise me because he’s a lawyer now) admires Soo Kyung from afar.


Lawyer Oh bluntly states that Soo Kyung has a common face which offends Gyu-sik and Lawyer Kim but they agree with what she says only to make her content and compliment her face to make her happy (they obviously don’t mean what they say).


Jin Yi is waiting outside of the apartment complex for someone…and it turns out to be none other than our Jjang Jjang Man Dae Young who is looking mightttyyy good in blue by the way. She asks if Dae Young has given some thought into her asking him out in which he requests that they go grab some tea together so he can give Jin Yi his answer.

At the shop, Dae Young reveals the story about his first love to Jin Yi and their story together when they were in love. At first it might see warm, light, romantic, and heart-felt which makes Dae Young’s story believable, but he is able to create such a beautiful story by using different movies and posters around the store as inspiration.


Of course Jin Yi is gullible so she easily believes Dae Young’s fake love story that never happened in the first place, but she doesn’t know that he’s lying. Dae Young gives his answer to Jin Yi afterwards, stating that he can’t accept Jin Yi because he can’t forget his first love. But Jin Yi doesn’t back down because she asks that if Dae Young’s girlfriend (me) never returns if he will give her a chance in which he smiles and nods yes (a potential couple in the making?).

Dae Young meets up with Lawyer Kim and Kyu-sik at the attorney firm’s office and is surprised that Soo Kyung Noona works there as well. Lawyer Kim catches Dae Young saying the word ‘Noona’ and grows a bit jealous (love triangle soon?). A few minutes later, Soo Kyung arrives at the office and asks what he could possibly be doing there.


She thinks that he’s there because of her but then quiets down when she finds out that he came to talk with Lawyer Kim. Ahahaha.

It’s close to closing hours so Dae Young suggests that they continue talking at dinner in which he’ll treat. Soo Kyung denies the request and states that she can’t go, but when Soo Kyung hears the word ‘Shabu shabu’ (a warm and hot broth) exit out of Dae Young’s mouth, she changes her mind and goes with them to dinner.


Jin Yi is shopping by herself in a store for Christmas decorations. When she’s finished getting what she wants, she uses her credit cards to pay for the items but finds out that all of her cards have been suspended. Jin Yi has no choice but to leave the store – empty-handed (our poor Jin Yi). Of course she’s devastated but she remains optimistic and says that since all of her cards have been suspended, this just gives her a reason to be really thrifty. (this is why Jin Yi’s awesome. She takes the bad things and looks at them positively (: ).

At the restaurant, Soo Kyung, Kyu-sik, Lawyer Kim, and Lawyer Oh are ready to dive in to the Shabu Shabu but Dae Young, being the person he is, says that it’s important how you cook the Shabu Shabu. Lawyer Kim doesn’t seem to understand and Dae Young and blurts, “Don’t you just have to roughly cook it and eat it?”


(yeah, don’t mess with Dae Young Oppa).

Oh Lawyer Kim, you shouldn’t have said that because now Dae Young isn’t too happy. He goes off on a food rampage about Shabu Shabu and all of that good stuff. Haha.

After they finish eating, Gyu-sik points out a few things he noticed about Dae Young and Soo Kyung’s eating habits and suggests that they date since their food compability aren’t too different. But Dae Young states that Soo Kyung already has a boyfriend since he heard hot sounds coming from her apartment the other day (which was really Kyu-sik and Kyung Mi making looveeee). She gets mad at Kyu-sik then argues back at Dae Young only to be told that she snores loudly so she leaves angry and frustrated.

Jin Yi is at the massage with her two friends and would like to host a Christmas party. She invites her two friends but they are both busy so they can’t go to Jin Yi’s Christmas party. She gets a little bit sad but then after hearing how her two friends are spending their Christmas, she gets excited at the thought of visiting her father who is in prison and her younger brother who’s in the army. Once again, being optimistic and positive here. You go girl!

Back at the apartment building, Jin Yi meets with Soo Kyung and talks about how she would like to read the mangas she got together with Soo Kyung since it’s another dream of hers, but Soo Kyung says that the only thing in her bucket list is to live a life peacefully and not have to do anything with her neighbors.


While reading her mangas by herself, Jin Yi gets a bit emotional thinking about what Soo Kyung told her and starts to cry. It turns out that another thing on her bucket list was to ‘not care about others and to cry as much as you want to” Awwww, Jin Yi-ah, it’s okay. Don’t cry. (the background music playing during her crying scene doesn’t help either. Such a moving scene).

Soo Kyung enjoys time to herself in her apartment but starts to get a stomachache. At that moment, Dae Young also returns to his apartment after eating dinner and hears strange sounds coming from Soo Kyung’s apartment. He at first misunderstands it to be just weird sounds, but once Barassi starts barking in which Barassi usually doesn’t, he starts to grow suspicious and eventually gets Soo Kyung to the hospital.



Soo Kyung wakes up on her hospital bed to find out she got surgery for appendicitis from Jin Yi. But then Dae Young wakes up next to her side after sleeping on the ground and states that he’s Soo Kyung’s life saver (you can be my life saver Dae Young. Keke). Dae Young brings up the topic about insurance again to Soo Kyung and encourages that she gets it.

At the hospital, Soo Kyung is by herself (even her Barassi isn’t with her) but she gets a text message from Jin Yi that makes her feel better. The text message is a picture of Jin Yi and Dae Young with Barassi who hopes that Soo Kyung recovers quickly and gets better, eventually bringing a smile on Soo Kyung’s face. (maybe these neighbors aren’t so bad after all). It’s little moments like these that makes this whole drama worth watching. So touching and warm~


The next morning, Kyung Mi brings Soo Kyung some food while suggesting that she thank her neighbors somehow since they practically saved her life. She also pleads that Soo Kyung starts to get close to people in her life (and hopefully that starts with her neighbors). Soo Kyung just shrugs the suggestion off and continues to eat.

Soo Kyung is released from the hospital and while walking over to her apartment complex, she finds Barassi running towards her alone. Soo Kyung is mad to find Barassi by himself and wonders who left Barassi running like this only to hear Dae Young and Jin Yi laughing loudly at a bench nearby. Soo Kyung creeps up on them from behind and takes a peek at what they’re laughing off and freezes in surprise.


It turns out to be a video of Soo Kyung snoring while sleeping in the hospital that Dae Young and Jin Yi are so entertained with. Dae Young brings up insurance once again to Soo Kyung while Jin Yi wants to hold a party to celebrate Soo Kyung’s discharge from the hospital. Soo Kyung marches away to her apartment and gets mad at Barassi for not trying to give away that he’s a male, not a female. (He got dressed up by Jin Yi btw). Haha, Barassi looks adorable either way.


Soo Kyung is elated at the hospital because she has finally released some gas, but calms down afterwards after receiving weird stares from patients around her. While smiling over the fact that she’s farted, the news is playing on T.V. and reports about how there’s another ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident that occurred. Ms Lee., who was a college student, was attacked with a blunt weapon and is currently resting at a hospital.

My Thoughts:

This episode was more relaxing and care-free which I really like because since not much is going on, it just allows more time for our 3 neighbors to bond and interact with one another. I think Soo Kyung is such a hilarious character, always attacking Dae Young with threats of punishments he’ll receive whenever she gets mad at him. I hope that in the future episodes she’ll learn to warm up to her neighbors and open up a bit. I understand that she doesn’t have a family and went through a divorce so she’s always been used to living by herself which is why she doesn’t like interacting with her neighbors but she can’t remain like that forever…right? I would like to see her be kinder to her neighbors (especially our Jin Yi who she made cry with her harsh words) or at least give them a chance, not because they’re treating her out but because she wants them to be in her life.

Jin Yi continues to stand out in this drama to me. Not that Soo Kyung or Dae Young aren’t outstanding as characters because they’re both really witty and funny, with Soo Kyung always being tempted by food and Dae Young proving that he is the King of Insurance, but maybe it’s because I can understand what Jin Yi is going through that I like her the best right now. In just a few months, I’m going to be setting out on my own journey for college and eventually have to live independently without my parents there to shelter me. It’s a scary thing of course, but at the same time it allows me to gain more meaningful experiences which is what Jin Yi is going through which is why I really like Jin Yi. I hope that in the future I can be more optimistic like her and ‘not care about what others think and just cry as much as I would like to.’ I hope to be brave and optimistic like Jin Yi and even crazy enough to create my own bucket list (but I won’t talk about orgasms with my dorm mate, no. never).

There were a few scenes in this episode that really got to me and made me realize why I am still sticking to this drama when I could have dropped it. When Jin Yi cried in her apartment while reading her manga, it was so touching because we were shown a new side of Jin Yi that we have never seen before. For the last three episodes, we’ve always seen a happy and cheerful side of Jin Yi, but to see her cry and express her pain through tears is so different that it becomes touching and emotional so I really enjoyed this scene. When Dae Young and Jin Yi sent a picture of themselves taking care of Barassi while Soo Kyung was in the hospital, I squealed and smiled. Even though Soo Kyung might treat both neighbors badly and make it seem like she doesn’t want them around, I hope that through that scene she realizes that it might not be such a bad idea to keep Dae Young and Jin Yi around since they do help her around as well. That scene was short and quick, but I think it’s significant in that it might change Soo Kyung’s perception on how she feels towards Dae Young and Jin Yi and hopefully will make her re-think everything over. I want the best for all our 3 characters, but at this point I probably want Soo Kyung to be happy the most. She’s never really had anyone there for her except for Kyung Mi but Kyung Mi is always busy with her family she won’t always be there for Soo Kyung so I hope that she’ll take everyone else’s advice about opening up to people and open up to Jin Yi and Dae Young first. She deserves that happiness in life and I think Jin Yi and Dae Young will be able to give her that happiness that she’s been searching for.

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