Let’s Eat: Episode 4 Recap

Episode four was probably the hardest episode to recap in all honesty, just because it was pretty much a filler episode. Not much was exposed (although there were some important details given away about our characters) and not much happened. I’m almost done recapping all the episodes. Please give me some words of encouragement ;____;

The episode starts out with Soo Kyung walking home alone in her neighborhood at night, feeling scared and nervous because she feels as if someone’s following after her. We see a person now running towards Soo Kyung, lifting their arm with the blunt weapon to attack her (it seems like the criminal commiting those ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents), but just when Soo Kyung turns around, it is just an ambulance car and police car flashing their sirens driving behind Soo Kyung.


Soo Kyung wonders if something has happened and complains that there is never a day of silence in her neighborhood. Haha.

Today’s episode is called ‘Answer Me 1997’ ‘Answer Me, Neighbors.’ Seems like it’s from Soo Kyung’s point of view again? Hehe.


Jin Yi is in her apartment watching a scary movie, and although is frightened during one of the scenes, persuades herself that she really isn’t. However, she ends up sleeping that night covering her whole body under her blanket except for her eyes which she uses to look around.


(Ha ha, and you said you weren’t scared).

Jin Yi wishes to go to Soo Kyung but stops herself when she’s reminded that Soo Kyung wished for her privacy to be respected. So Jin Yi thinks the situation over again and concludes that in order to live alone, she has to get over this fear so she heads back to sleep.

Soo Kyung wakes up late so she rushes while getting ready for work. She opens her door but is reminded of the heater in her apartment so without closing the door goes back to lower her heater where Barassi then takes the chance to go out the door and escape. (Uh-oh). Soo Kyung, unaware of Barassi’s escape, heads to work as if nothing happened.

At the attorney office, all of Soo Kyung’s co-workers wait for her arrival. When Soo Kyung does arrive late, she gets scolded by Lawyer Kim like usual and then explains her reason as to why she was late to Kyu-sik and Lawyer Oh. Soo Kyung is once again reminded by Kyu-sik that she should remarry while Lawyer Oh states that they were just concerned about her because they couldn’t contact her…in which Soo Kyung discovers at that moment that she had left her cell phone back at her apartment. (Her morning is really going bad).

Jin Yi arrives at the dry cleaning shop (the same one that Dae Young goes to) and calls out the owner’s name. While searching for him, she happens to find Dae Young changing (ooh la la~) behind a set of clothes that are hung.


After taking care of some business at the dry cleaning shop, they walk back together to the apartment complex when Jin Yi notices a man carrying a dog that looks like Barassi. She tries to stop the man but is unsuccessful so our oh so amazing Goo Dae Young steps in to save the day and to get Barassi back.


They eventually get back Barassi from the man (all thanks to my Dae Young).

Jin Yi is asked to take care of Barassi while Dae Young has some business to take care of so she brings him with her inside the apartment building. She first goes to check her mail when she finds a package mailed to her. But the package isn’t for her as the recipient’s name is Jung Yu Mi. Curious, she asks the body guard who this ‘Jung Yu Mi’ is where we find out that she was the lady that previously lived in Jin Yi’s apartment but passed away due to choking from the octopus (we learned a bit about her story in the first episode). Jin Yi is told to throw the package away since no one is able to receive it anyway since Jung Yu Mi died.

Jin Yi takes both Barassi and the package with her into her apartment when out of no where, Barassi starts barking loudly when usually he doesn’t. The monitor to check who’s outside the apartment also turns on even though there isn’t anyone in front of Jin Yi’s apartment.


Jin Yi grows suspicious and scared because these unusual things are happening. The camera zooms back in on the package that was for the late owner Jung Yu Mi.

Back at the attorney office, Kyu-sik happens to steal one of Soo Kyung’s candy bars hidden in one of her desk drawers, but tries to distract Soo Kyung so she won’t get suspicious about him being at her desk by telling her to get married already. That’s when Lawyer Kim exits out of his office to go to his trial and makes Soo Kyung go with him since she has to go register for the same trial.

Back at Jin Yi’s apartment, she prepares her cup of tea by pouring some water into her cup, but right when she placed the cup down onto the table, the cup falls down abruptly with Barassi’s barking loudly again afterwards. This scares Jin Yi so she runs out of her apartment carrying Barassi with her.

While Lawyer Oh and Kyu-sik are debating as to what they should eat for lunch, Dae Young visits them and says that he’ll treat them out for lunch. At the restaurant they’re eating at, Dae Young converses with Kyu-sik and Lawyer Oh to get to know them a bit better where he then brings up the topic about insurance again. Meanwhile, Lawyer Oh gets a call from her mom reminding her about the ancestral rites that she’ll have to attend since her and her family are the eldest son’s family. They have to hold ancestral rites at least once every month where many of her relatives attend. Dae Young stops doing whatever he’s doing and focuses on what Lawyer Oh is whining about. He then realizes that with her family and the hundreds of relatives that come to the ancestral rites, he can possibly sell insurance to all of them which will easily make him the King of Insurance 2014.


He then takes interest in Lawyer Oh when he didn’t before because he now realizes that she can be of some use (evil Dae Young. Haha).

Soo Kyung is waiting for Lawyer Kim at the district office where the trial is taking place and is suddenly reminded of how she didn’t turn the gas at her apartent off. At that moment, Lawyer Kim walks out of the office only to be confronted by Soo Kyung who’s running oh so prettily towards him with a beautiful smile on her face.


When Soo Kyung arrives at Lawyer Kim you would expect her to say something nice like ‘Oh I’ve been waiting for you!’ but instead ruins the lovely atmosphere with her abrupt statement “I will use your phone.” HAHAHA. Poor Lawyer Kim. Soo Kyung calls Kyung Mi for her to check to see if her gas was turned off at her apartment and to notify her through Lawyer Kim’s phone. They then change the subject to lunch and Soo Kyung says that she has been yearning for some tteokbokki so they go together to eat out for lunch.

Meanwhile, Dae Young, Lawyer Oh, and Kyu-sik has just finished eating lunch. Dae Young asks to have some coffee with Lawyer Oh so she immediately agrees (who wouldn’t?) and heads over to the coffee shop first.

The coffee shop they’re talking at happens to be the same one that Dae Young and Jin Yi visited last episode. Dae Young receives a call from Jin Yi but is unable to talk to her because he’s busy with Lawyer Oh. Lawyer Oh assumes that the girl on the phone is his girlfriend in which he states that it’s not his girlfriend because he still hasn’t been able to forget his first love yet (not this again, ahahaha).

He quickly changes the subject to insurance and recommends that Lawyer Oh gets insurance in which she states that she’s planning to. Since she’s going to get insurance, Dae Young wants to make sure that she buys insurance through him so he holds her hand while asking kindly, “You will get it through me, your friend, right?” Hahaha.


Lawyer Oh just tells Dae Young to keep on speaking (since he’s good at speaking like that, haha).

Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung are at a restaurant eating together for lunch. When the waiter asks if they’re ready to order, Soo Kyung excitedly exclaims, “That that that” pointing to set a different dishes each time she mentions ‘that’ which ultimately scares Lawyer Kim a little so she calms down and softly reiterates her order. They end up getting some tteokbokki cooked on the spot, a bowl of spicy noodles, ramen, and eggs. 


Soo Kyung cannot hold back her excitement and hunger for the dish as she stuffs herself with the tteokbokki endlessly, amazing Lawyer Kim who watches her feed herself. Observing her eat reminds him of the past when he watched her eat while they were are the same restaurant. Although Soo Kyung was dining with Kyung Mi, Lawyer Kim was still in the same restaurant at Soo Kyung and stared at her at every chance he got. We return to the present where Soo Kyung gets a phone call from Kyung Mi that her gas was turned off in her apartment.

That’s when we see Kyung Mi alone in Soo Kyung’s apartment who is actually very happy to be by herself in the apartment since she doesn’t like staying at her own house. While walking over to Soo Kyung’s bed, she accidentally trips over Barassi’s food bowls on the ground (LOL) and that’s when it clicks to Kyung Mi that Barassi isn’t in Soo Kyung’s apartment.


Kyung Mi exits out of Soo Kyung’s apartment to find Jin Yi and Barassi outside of Jin Yi’s apartment who are scared and frantic. Jin Yi walks over to Kyung Mi who has just exit out of Soo Kyung’s apartment, questioning her as to who she is. When Kyung Mi tells Jin Yi that she’s Soo Kyung’s friend, Jin Yi immediately apologizes and goes from a cold, intimidating girl to a friendly and festive person (LOL). She introduces herself and after befriending Kyung Mi, goes with Kyung Mi to the grocery store since she doesn’t want to be in her apartment with just Barassi after all the unusual things that have happened.


 At the grocery store, Jin Yi brings up the unusual and paranormal things that have been occurring at her apartment to Kyung Mi and believes that there’s a ghost in her apartment but Kyung Mi brushes it off as Jin Yi being paranoid and even compares Jin Yi to Soo Kyung who was also scared at first when she began to live alone. Kyung Mi explains that Soo Kyung used to live with her parents but then got married. But since the marriage didn’t work out and Soo Kyung got divorced, she had to live alone by herself so since it was her first time living alone, that’s why she got scared so easily. As Soo Kyung’s best friend, Kyung Mi gives away a few details about Soo Kyung such as how she can’t eat alone and may seem haughty and strong on the outside, but really is soft on the inside. Kyung Mi asks that maybe Jin Yi can be the leader and ask Soo Kyung to eat together. So cute^^


At the attorney office, Kyu-sik says that he has to leave work since his wife asked him to come home early. When he gets home, he thinks that he’s in for a nice treat, but gets beat up instead by his wife because the loan that he took out to lend to his sister will actually be paid for by him which makes Kyung Mi enraged and mad…so she beats him up. Haha.

Soo Kyung is walking alone in her neighborhood to her apartment when she feels someone walking behind her. She grows nervous and anxious so she starts running quickly and ends up finding Dae Young out in the neighborhood as well. When she approaches Dae Young, she yells his name out loud, causing Dae Young to grow suspicious and a bit scared, uttering ‘woah woah’ so cutely. (LOL).


When Soo Kyung turns around, she finds no one there. Dae Young assumes that Soo Kyung is running so quickly towards him because she heard about how he saved Barassi from the man, but Soo Kyung is clueless.

It turns out that the man that had been following Soo Kyung was uri Lawyer Kim who just wanted to check up on her for her own safety. HAHAHA.


Lawyer Kim is waiting in his car (I’m assuming outside of Soo Kyung’s apartment?) and happens to find a hair clip that he gave to Soo Kyung when they were in college in his car. A flashback of when he gave her the hair clip is shown and in this flashback, Lawyer Kim is still a nerd and Soo Kyung is still the ‘Sinchon Jeon Ji Hyun.’


He soon finds Kyung Mi wearing the hair clip he gave specifically to Soo Kyung and grows disappointed and sad. Fast forward a few years later and Lawyer Kim is hiring a chief secretary for his attorney office. He reunites with Soo Kyung again after many years and expects her to remember him, but when she doesn’t, he gets mad and angry.

We return to the present scene where we get an explanation as to why Lawyer Kim has always been so cold and mean towards Soo Kyung – it’s because he wants to get revenge on her. He throws the hair clip out of the car and tells himself to not fall for her again and to just get back to his senses.

Dae Young and Soo Kyung return to the apartment building together and is approached by Jin Yi and Barassi. Jin Yi immediately talks about how she thinks there’s a ghost in her apartment so the three neighbors goes and check out Jin Yi’s apartment. When they enter, Dae Young screams in surprise causing Jin Yi to think that he’s seen a ghost, but he says that he has seen something even worse. It just turns out to be Soo Kyung’s torn leggings that she’s wearing that caused him to react in such an alarming way. HAHAHA. Freaking Goo Dae Young.


Dae Young and Soo Kyung ends up providing an explanation for each of the strange happenings that occurred in Jin Yi’s apartment. Barassi kept on barking because there was a cricket on the ground so Dae Young throws it out the window. The monitor turned off because it has a habit of doing that every once in a while since the apartment’s old as Soo Kyung explains since her’s does that as well. Then the cup of water fell on its own because since there was hot water in the cup and the table was cold, there was a big difference in temperature so it eventually fell (so smart Dae Young Oppa! You are seriously jjang jjang man!). Jin Yi adds that even though there aren’t any ghosts in her apartment she is still scared to live alone, so Dae Young recommends a dish that will help her get rid of ghosts – chopped noodles with red beans.

Jin Yi says that it’s her first time eating this dish and asks if it’s delicious. Dae Young gets offended like how he always does so he begins on his crazy rampage again about chopped noodles with red beans.


After eating, Jin Yi suggest that all three neighbors start eating together in the future since they don’t like eating alone by themselves. Of course since Dae Young and Soo Kyung aren’t always in favor of each other, they refuse to and avoid each other’s eye sight.

Back at the apartment, the security guard hired a man from an electric company to check out the CCTV. It turns out that the wires has been cut from someone, but it’s unknown as to who cut it.

All 3 neighbors have agreed to form a food group so they can start eating together from now on. With the drinks in their hand, they salute one another with ‘cheers’ but Dae Young and Soo Kyung obviously forced themselves to do that. Hahaha. My Dae Young is so excited about the food group he salutes Soo Kyung twice. Lol, too hilarious.


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