Let’s Eat: Episode 6 Recap

I am happy to say that I have finally caught up! YAAYYAYAY! *throws confetti* I haven’t watched the latest episode, episode 7, yet because I wanted to do a live recap where I recap while watching the episode for the very first time. I’ve already watched episodes 1-6 before so when I went back to recap each episode, it was my second time watching them so with episode 7, it’ll be a new experience for me since it’ll be my first time watching it and re-capping it simultaneously. I’m kind of excited to be honest. And I also can’t believe I stuck with re-capping the drama! LOL. I’m super proud of myself. and you should be too. 


The episode starts out with Soo Kyung studying the insurance contract sheet she found when she was taking out the trash with Jin Yi at the end of last episode. She talks to Barassi about how two women had listed Dae Young as their Beneficiary, which she finds very suspicious and odd. She notes how those two women lived alone then somehow died. Soo Kyung ponders over whether it’s a coincidence…but then something else triggers in her mind…(uh-oh).


Today’s episode is called “Pride and Prejudice.” The movie?

Soo Kyung waits outside of Dae Young’s apartment with the contract and plans to discuss about it with Dae Young. That’s when he pops out of his apartment, wearing a track suit. When presented with the contract, he assumed that Soo Kyung was mad at him for not recycling properly, but she quickly cuts straight to the point, asking him why his name is listed as the Beneficiary to the contract. Dae Young states that he was just simply teaching her how to write the contract and that it’s just a sample, but Soo Kyung isn’t the type to believe that. However, because Dae Young’s busy, he grabs the contract from Soo Kyung’s hand quickly and crushes it, putting it in his pocket afterwards then running away.


Soo Kyung re-enters her apartment and believes that Dae Young might be destroying the evidence so she was careful enough to have taken a picture of the contract beforehand.

While taking Barassi on a walk outside in her neighborhood pretty late at night, Soo Kyung analyzes the situation with the insurance contract again and realizes that she might be his next target (she compares herself to the two women that died). Strangely, Barassi starts to bark loudly and after escaping from Soo Kyung’s hold runs in another direction. It turns out that Barassi was barking at the location where another ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident was currently taking place. Soo Kyung manages to catch up with Barassi and happens to see a side shot of the criminal’s face. But the criminal runs away in time so Soo Kyung goes to check up on the woman that was attacked and ends up screaming in horror.


Soo Kyung is at the police station to report the incident. She gives away details on what she remembers the criminal looks like including how he was wearing a track-suit, which causes her to remember that Dae Young was also wearing a track-suit when she had talked to him earlier. This causes Soo Kyung to believe Dae Young is the criminal committing these ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents, so after asking the police to hide her identity so that Dae Young doesn’t know it’s her that reported him, she tells the police that she believes it’s Dae Young.


Soo Kyung goes with the police on an undercover mission as they try to capture Dae Young for interrogation. When they are able to capture him, they bring him to the police station to question him and whether he is the criminal committing these ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents or not. Of course, Dae Young denies everything at first and even tries to get the police to tell him who is the one that reported him, but when his request is denied, he calls an alibi that was with him at that time to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Soo Kyung returns to her apartment and is in disappointed in Dae Young. Her doorbell suddenly rings so she goes to open the door only to find Dae Young there! He states, “From the very beginning, you were continously a nuisance.” Then the next thing we see is Dae Young raising his trophy and aiming it at Soo Kyung’s head.


(this face expression though is so scary! Lol).

It turns out to be just a nightmare that Soo Kyung had (phew, thank goodness. That was a pretty scary dream). Soo Kyung begins to have these doubts that maybe the woman that lived in Apartment 804 didn’t die by accident, but was rather killed by…Dae Young.

Back at the police station, the alibi that Dae Young had called stated that he wasn’t with Dae Young at all, causing the police to suspect Dae Young even more. Lawyer Kim arrives just in time to rescue Dae Young and is now serving as Dae Young’s lawyer.

Dae Young explains his situation to Lawyer Kim and defends himself by stating that he was with that one brother that was threatening to sue Dae Young at that hour so there was no possible way that he could have been the criminal to the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident like how the witness reported.


Dae Young explains that there weren’t any CCTV’s nor witnesses passing by around the time they met as well so it’ll be hard for Dae Young to prove himself innocent. But Lawyer Kim reassures him that since the police doesn’t have enough evidence either, they can’t issue an arrest warrant or detain him for more than 48 hours.

The next morning, Soo Kyung goes to check up on Dae Young’s apartment but doesn’t hear anything inside, so she assumes that he’s still at the police station. Uri Jin Yi is clueless about any of the things that has been happening as she messages Dae Young in their group message to drink the milk she left in front of his apartment. Soo Kyung takes the milk carton with her since Dae Young won’t be able to drink the milk anymore anyways since she think he’s probably in jail right now.

At her workplace, Soo Kyung notices how there aren’t any articles out about Dae Young and the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents. While browsing the internet, Lawyer Oh shows some interest, but Soo Kyung doesn’t let her in on the news.

Gyu-sik enters the attorney firm office mad and frustrated because he was misunderstood to be a pervert when he was on the bus. Luckily, there was a witness there to prove that he wasn’t, but he is still angry at the accusation. Lawyer Oh believes that it’s his face that makes him seem like a pervert, to which Gyu-sik goes off on a rant about how people shouldn’t be judged by their looks (true dat). Soo Kyung agrees with Gyu-sik, stating out loud how no one would have guessed that Dae Young was the one who committed the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents.

Lawyer Oh and Gyu-sik stare at Soo Kyung in curiosity, giving her no choice but to explain herself and why she reported Dae Young to be the criminal committing the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents.

Lawyer Oh refuses to believe Soo Kyung and says that she might have seen wrong. But Soo Kyung continues to prove her point by showing them the picture of the contract which causes Lawyer Oh and Gyu-sik to now grow suspicious.


That’s when Lawyer Oh runs to go get her insurance contract that she signed with Dae Young not along ago and compares it to the contract that the woman in Apartment 804 signed with Dae Young. It turns out that in both contracts, Dae Young is listed as the Beneficiary (the hand-writing is the same as well), refuting Soo Kyung’s theory that Dae Young is the criminal. But Soo Kyung is still not convinced (Lawyer Oh would do anything to help Dae Young).

Dae Young meets up with Lawyer Kim again and reveals that he’s going to give up the $100,000 and give it to the brother of the woman that used to live in Apartment 804. To begin on the waiver form, Lawyer Kim is going to need Dae Young’s identification card and legal seal to which Dae Young states that they’re both at home…so Lawyer Kim calls Soo Kyung to go to Dae Young’s apartment to retrieve it. (Soo Kyung also finds out that Lawyer Kim’s helping out Dae Young at the police station which is why he hasn’t been coming to work and Dae Young’s apartment password which is 9090 which sounds like Goo Dae Young Goo Dae Young. HAHAHAHA. That is hiilllarrriioousss).


At Kyung Mi’s house, she’s preparing dumplings for her in-laws since they want to eat it for the first day of the New Year. Her two sons (awww so cute!) also help her make the dumplings while she gives them a lecture. Kyung Mi calls Jin Yi to check up on her and invites her over to eat some dumplings. When they’re done talking on the phone, Kyung Mi ponders over whether Jin Yi is bright or just thoughtless. (I think that’s what we’re all wondering here. Haha, I would say both! Keke). Kyung Mi’s two sons also argue and play around with each other over how they made this many penises. (LOLOL).

Soo Kyung goes to Dae Young’s apartment to get the identification card and legal seal that she must bring back to them. While finding both items, she sees the trophy that Dae Young won for being the ‘King of Insurance’ which she quickly assumes to be the blunt weapon that is used to attack the victims. She stuffs it inside her purse just in case so she can use it as evidence against Dae Young. While in the apartment, Soo Kyung gets a call from Lawyer Kim who tells her to hurry since they have to get the waiver started which confuses Soo Kyung.


She hurries over to the police station in search of a guy named Jung Hyung Don (the brother of the woman who had died in Apartment 804) and asks him if he really met up with Dae Young or is just simply claiming to because Dae Young had given up the $100,000 like how the brother told him to. The brother answers that he did meet up with Dae Young and recorded their whole conversation with his car’s black box, which proves that Dae Young isn’t the culprit like how Soo Kyung thought he was. Lawyer Kim and Dae Young exits out of the police station to meet up with Soo Kyung. Dae Young seems bummed out over losing the $100,000 making Soo Kyung feel guilty the more he adds on about his loss (I’m sad too Dae Young, don’t worry). Before leaving to go back inside the police station, Dae Young thanks Soo Kyung for wasting her time to come to the police station. (aww, how sweet).


The dumplings are made and ready to eat! Kyung Mi and his two sons deliciously eat the hundreds of dumplings that they made with the arrival of Jin Yi shortly afterwards. When Jin Yi introduces herself to Kyung Mi’s two sons, the younger son drops the dumpling he had in his hand and cannot believe what he is seeing.


Jin Yi and Kyung Mi talk for a bit when Jin Yi suddenly decides to leave. Of course, the younger son doesn’t want his crush to leave and even asks that she leaves after she plays but she denies his request. #heartbroken To make up for it, she kisses him on the cheeks.


(his face expression afterwards, LOL).

The older son asks his younger brother what his wish is to which the younger brother answers that his wish is for his first love to come true. (AWWWW, HE’S FALLEN IN LOVE).

Soo Kyung tries to come up with ways to tell Dae Young that she was the one who had reported him, but is unsuccessful. At the attorney office, all of her co-workers (especially Lawyer Kim) are disappointed in her and what she did.


Dae Young visits the dry cleaning shop where he donates his tracksuit saying that he doesn’t want to wear it anymore. The owner then asks if he can keep it to which Dae Young approves. (hmmm…could Dae Young possibly be up to something?). Jin Yi finds Dae Young at the dry cleaning shop and together they agree to go eat some tofu bassam for lunch. They invite Soo Kyung who is still at work but she makes up an excuse to not go. Lawyer Kim exits out of his office and volunteers to take Soo Kyung home only so that she can update him on what the viewers think about him on the T.V. program he’s been appearing on to promote their attorney office. So Soo Kyung has no choice but to go with Lawyer Kim. (While reading the viewers’ comments, there’s only one comment about Lawyer Kim which states that his name is shit…LOL). Lawyer Kim scolds Soo Kyung for reporting Dae Young even though she wasn’t positive that it was him at the scene of the crime.


Dae Young and Jin Yi are out eating for lunch (or was it dinner?). Haha. Before they eat, Jin Yi does an imitation of Dae Young when he goes off on his food rampage / rants (too cute). They dive into the Tofu Bassam and the show captures them eating the meal deliciously (I’m kind of hungry right now, lol).

After they’re done eating, Dae Young asks Jin Yi if she did anything today since she dressed up to which she reveals that she went to go visit her father who’s in prison. So how is it that Jin Yi is always so cheerful when her life isn’t going so well? She answers, “There is something that my dad always used to say. If a worry goes away by worrying about it, then there would be no worries.” Afterwards Jin Yi and Dae Young both agree that they should go watch the sunrise and plans to invite Soo Kyung as well.

Dae Young returns to his apartment and receives a call from Lawyer Oh who asks if Soo Kyung had apologized yet. Dae Young doesn’t know what Lawyer Oh is talking about so Lawyer Oh gives it away that Soo Kyung was the person who had filed a report on Dae Young. Enraged and angry, Dae Young goes to the convenience store to buy some beer to relieeeeveee himself and while at the convenience store, Soo Kyung happens to be there too at the same time as Dae Young (fate you guys, fate). When Soo Kyung finishes buying her stuff, she exits the store to find Dae Young sitting outside on the bench eating himself away. Soo Kyung recalls Gyu-sik’s advice about how she shouldn’t bring up the subject about her being the witness that filed a report on Dae Young so she walks away without saying a word.


Dae Young catches up to Soo Kyung and confronts her. She tries to apologize but Dae Young doesn’t forgive her and even threatens to sue her. But since she’s the Chief Secretary of an attorney office, she explains that she can sue him as well and goes off citing different articles and laws. While doing this, Dae Young abruptly puts both of his hands on her arms and stares her into her soul straight in the eyes.


“Noona, you are the worst. You can just say the words ‘I’m sorry.’” Dae Young says before walking away. (MY HEARRTTTT. THIS IS SO HEART-WRENCHING. UGH).

While Jin Yi is excited about eating the dumplings Kyung Mi made for her, Soo Kyung is in her apartment recalling the last phrase Dae Young said to her before walking away and feeling guilty about her actions. (are those tears i see in her eyes?!).

My Thoughts:

Although this episode was a bit more serious than the previous episodes, it was a good kind of serious that allowed two of our main characters to progress. We have never seen Dae Young so serious and frustrated before until this episode which I really like a lot because we were shown a new side of himself that we didn’t even know existed. Of course, it’s reasonable that one tries to defend themselves innocent when they’re reported for doing something that they didn’t do, but I just enjoyed watching him stressed out and frustrated for once because we never really got to see that side of him (I’m so mean ain’t I? But it also proves that he’s not such a simple and plain character. There’s more to him than we know).

Jin Yi continues to be amazing in this episode. When she quoted her father’s statement and used it to remind herself to be cheerful in life, I applauded her because she’s amazing. She’s been through a lot but still keeps her head up and plans to work hard in life while awaiting  her father’s release from prison. Jin Yi, you know you’re amazing right?^^

That confrontation with Dae Young and Soo Kyung was amazing in every single possible way. Uri Dae Young finally acts harsh towards Soo Kyung and uri Soo Kyung starts to soften up and acknowledge her mistake. The confrontation was harsh and serious, but it was heart-felt in the end because when Soo Kyung returned to her apartment, she seriously thought about Dae Young’s words which shows that she feels bad for what she did. If I am seeing correctly, I also think her eyes were getting a bit watery. I don’t blame Soo Kyung for filing a report on Dae Young though. She was just reporting what she saw as a witness and she didn’t know it would turn out the way it did with Lawyer Kim assisting Dae Young and everything that happened afterwards. But I do approve on how she reflected on Dae Young’s words because that could only mean that there’s progress finally starting to be made on her character and change coming up. I don’t know, I really love the confrontation because it was just so genuine and sincere. Everything about it. There weren’t any lies or anything, the whole conversation was just so honest and truthful. And when a conversation is as straight-forward and direct as that, it comes off as heart-felt and touching, which is what the whole confrontation turned out exactly to be.

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