Let’s Eat: Episode 7 Recap

I am in all honesty so happy that I still stuck to this drama when I had doubts about it a few episodes earlier. Sure it moves slow, sure not much is going on, sure the drama does drag a bit, but it’s these little moments where honest confessions are made and feelings are expressed that the true colors of the drama are finally exposed and with such radiance.

Episode 7 was a live recap for me as it was my first time watching and re-capping the episode simultaneously. It turned out to better than I had thought so I’m just going to do this from now on (not that I have a choice since school started and since I had already caught up with all the episodes).

‘Let’s Eat’ is just engrossed with comedy and heart and that’s why I’m enjoying it honestly. I really like it. And I hope you guys will also give this drama a chance, because the meaning and overall tone of the drama really makes it such an amazing drama that is worthwhile.

So enough with the short spazzing and on we go with the recap~

(The episodes have also gotten longer and longer progressively…not so good).


The episode starts out with Soo Kyung repairing Dae Young’s broken trophy (already so sweet and heart-warming!). Once she finishes putting the trophy together, she places it down on the floor to throw away all the left over materials like tape. But then she turns around to find Barassi urinating on the trophy (omo omo omo, he’s a very brave dog. Haha). To punish Barassi for his bad mistake, she scolds him. Haha, Barassi is so cute.


Today’s episode is called ‘What is Life Like Eating Alone?’. Ohhh, who could this be pertaining to?


We catch Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim at a clothing store, where Lawyer Kim is searching for an outfit to wear for the show that he’s going to appear on. As he is continually coming out of the changing room with a set of different suit on every time, Soo Kyung carelessly gives her approval for every suit which causes her to soon enough fall asleep. Lawyer Kim gets angry at her for sleeping and scolds her (like usual). Stressseeddddd, Soo Kyung pulls out a candy bar to snack on in the store but the worker there doesn’t permit her to eat her candy (HAHA). However, the worker does add on about how Soo Kyung’s husband looks great in everything he wears…except that Lawyer Kim isn’t Soo Kyung’s husband. Ahahaha.


While changing in the room, Lawyer Kim overhears Soo Kyung diss him which makes him angry. But he exits out of the changing room like he didn’t hear anything and is approached by Soo Kyung. Soo Kyung tells him that she believed the other suit suited him better but he gets his revenge by saying that he can’t trust her eyes since her eyes made an innocent person a culprit (ouch!). He arouses her interest by asking her which restaurants nearby the department store are her favorites so Soo Kyung goes off listing different restaurants that she likes but in the end, Lawyer Kim was only asking so that he can set his dinner meeting at the restaurant Soo Kyung recommended. Poor Soo Kyung.

Soo Kyung walks on the street, rambling and whining about Lawyer Kim. She suddenly gets a call from Kyung Mi and without even waiting for the other person on the other line to respond, she goes off ranting about Lawyer Kim and calls him an asshole…until she realizes that the other person on Kyung Mi’s phone isn’t Kyung Mi, but Kyung Mi’s youngest son! (oommmgggg).


It turns out that the youngest son just simply called Soo Kyung to invite her over to their house to play…but she must also bring Jin Yi! HAHAHA. Remember, our little son is in love with Jin Yi! Haha. “You must definitely come over with Jin Yi,” the son says before hanging up and smiling like a little dork. Ugh, so cute.


Soo Kyung relays to Jin Yi the message about how Duk Young (the younger son) wants Jin Yi and Soo Kyung to go visit him, but Jin Yi invites Soo Kyung to eat dinner with her and Dae Young first…to which Soo Kyung not surprisingly rejects. Jin Yi and Soo Kyung both agree to go visit Duk Young together whenever they have free time. When the phone conversation ends, Jin Yi assumes that Soo Kyung is working overtime again since she can’t join them for dinner so she comes up with the idea that maybe she and Dae Young buy food and surprise Soo Kyung with the food at her office. However, Dae Young disapproves of the idea which leads Jin Yi to guess that he and Soo Kyung got into another fight. Dae Young quickly changes the subject and suggests a restaurant that he knows is nearby.

Soo Kyung returns to her apartment and begins to eat her dinner – alone. While sad music is playing in the background, Soo Kyung notices that Barassi is looking at her strangely. That’s when she sees her reflection in the mirror behind Barassi and realizes that she’s a very lonely person eating alone on a very lonely day (awww). When Barassi goes to both sides of her apartment and starts barking, Soo Kyung interprets Barassi’s barking as his way of telling her to meet up with her neighbors again, but Soo Kyung denies everything and makes up excuses that she doesn’t need them anyway.


The next morning, Soo Kyung rushes to the elevator to get to work, but just when she’s about to enter inside, she finds Dae Young inside the elevator! Alarmed and surprised, she lies that she has to go get her cell phone back in her apartment so she runs back to her apartment only to find out she had it in her hand the whole time. Hahaha. #youtried.

When Soo Kyung gets to work, she asks Lawyer Kim how the shooting for the show went. He blames Soo Kyung for not being able to go on it anymore since all the comments she wrote to compliment Lawyer Kim was made so obvious that it was her. To express his disappointment and anger, Lawyer Kim demands Soo Kyung to get a refund on the suit he bought the day before. Lawyer Kim, don’t you think you’re being a bit too harsh? Ugh. After he leaves the room, Gyu-sik brings up the topic for the millionth time about Soo Kyung getting married. He states that since her friend Kyung Mi’s gotten married, she’s been able to live in luxury.

That’s when we transition to the next scene which shows Kyung Mi cleaning the house while her two sons are playing around the house and with her. HAHAHA. The irony.


The doorbell rings and it’s none other than uri Jin Yi who came to visit to return the container that Kyung Mi put the dumplings in last time. To return the favor, Jin Yi gifts Kyung Mi and her family a container of cookies, but Duk Young is unwilling to share them and even spits into the container so that his brother can’t have any. He refuses to admit that he did anything wrong when his mother punishes him so she continues to spank him but Jin Yi can’t stand to see it anymore so she stops Kyung Mi to rescue Duk  Young. She pulls him in for a hug, but his face is basically being stuffed into her chest, LOL. He, who had been pretending to cry, smiles afterwards like an innocent little kid.


At the attorney office, everyone (except for Soo Kyung who has gone to get a refund on the suit that Lawyer Kim bought) are talking about work and cases (omg, they’re actually working!) when Dae Young swoops in for a visit. He wants to repay Lawyer Kim for helping him with his case (being reported to be the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident culprit) so he decides to treat everyone out for lunch. Lawyer Oh goes to get ready while the three guys talk for a while. When Lawyer Oh is done getting ready, she comes out of her office, not impressing – but scaring all 3 guys and making them give her ‘WTF’ face expressions. HAHAHA.


While waiting for their food at the restaurant, Dae Young asks if Lawyer Kim would like to go on a blind date to which Lawyer Oh immediately objects to but quiets down when the 3 guys give her another weird stare. Lol. After Lawyer Kim receives some information on his blind date, Kyu-sik asks that Dae Young arrange a blind date for Lawyer Oh but Dae Young just slightly nods his head then quickly changes the subject to the food since it arrived at their table. Oh, Dae Young.

For lunch, they’re eating salted grill but Gyu-sik complains that he wanted it marinated. Dae Young does not seem to understand anything Gyu-sik is saying at all as evident when he goes off on his food rampage and rant. #likeaboss


(don’t mess with Goo Dae Young!)

The four continue to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat. (this has been the longest food scene ever out of all the episodes so far. It wasn’t for the usual like 5 minutes, this time it went on for 15!)

Back at Kyung Mi’s house, Jin Yi, the two sons, and Kyung Mi are all eating lunch together. When Jin Yi mentions that true men eat kimchi (spicy kimchi), Duk Young grabs some kimchi and stuff it in his mouth, wowing Jin Yi – his first love. While Jin Yi and Kyung Mi talk about Soo Kyung, Duk Young begins to drink his water because the kimchi was apparently too hot and spicy for him. Hahaha, so cute^^ (the things we would do to impress our crushes).


Jin Yi ends up finding out from Kyung Mi that Soo Kyung had reported Dae Young for being the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident culprit which surprises her and causes her to go into deeeeeeppp thinking.

At the department store, Soo Kyung enters the same store that Lawyer Kim bought the suit from. Embarassed, Soo Kyung lies that she bought the suit for her husband but had to return it since he wasn’t satisfied. That’s when the same worker that approached her the day she came with Lawyer Kim appears and restates what Soo Kyung said about Lawyer Kim – that he wasn’t her husband. But Soo Kyung stutters, “He is my hus-husband.” Wow. Will he really be your husband in the future? Is this show playing around with us right now?


Back at the restaurant, Gyu-sik is sweating badly and does all that he can to get rid of the sweat (lolol, everybody else’s face expressions are priceless). Lawyer Kim thanks Dae Young for the meal and exits out of the restaurant to answer a call followed by Lawyer Oh and Kyu-sik. However, Dae Young stays behind for a few seconds and decides to update his blog (oh no, don’t tell me…) so he takes a few pictures of the empty dishes (no way! WHAT?! I would have never thought – or maybe I’m overreacting).


Outside, Lawyer Oh observes Lawyer Kim speak on the phone while also peeking at Dae Young shop inside a store. After talking to Gyu-sik, she believes that Dae Young likes her and grows embarrassed (aka, she’s delusional).

Soo Kyung is alone at the attorney office while browsing the food blog that she always follows. She sees that the pictures of the already eaten eel which makes her jealous but then she all of a sudden, she strangely starts to smell eel around her. So she learns from Kyu-sik who enters the office that Dae Young had treated them all out to some eel for lunch. Kyu-sik also tells Soo Kyung about how Lawyer Kim got a blind date so she congratulates him and hopes that he will get married (why do I have a feeling it’s her that’s gonna be his blind date?). Lawyer Kim just gets mad like usual and tells Soo Kyung to retrieve the suit that she returned because he decided that he’s going to wear it for the blind date. His scolding continues like usual (gets a bit old after a while) and Soo Kyung also gets mad. She even has ‘Letter of Resignation’ letters piled up in her cabinet but she doesn’t give it to Lawyer Kim and instead grabs another candy bar to relieve her stress.

As the night falls, we focus in on our 3 neighbors in their apartments. Jin Yi is busy making some kind of clothing and can be seen sewing fabric together. Meanwhile, in Soo Kyung’s apartment, Kyung Mi is sleeping to get some rest to herself but she wakes up and realize that she’s slept way too long. So she hurries out of the apartment only to find Soo Kyung walking to her apartment from work (oh no!). Luckily, Kyung Mi makes up a believable excuse so Soo Kyung doesn’t suspect her, but because she doesn’t suspect her best friend, pleads for Kyung Mi to stay behind and eat dinner with her since she’s lonely and doesn’t have anyone to eat with. Kyung Mi is reluctant at first but eventually decides to accompany her friend.


At a street vendor, Soo Kyung explains to Kyung Mi about all the things that Lawyer Kim has been making her do, such as shopping with him, returning the suit, then having to retrieve it again. At first Kyung Mi is enraged and mad at Lawyer Kim’s ridiculousness but then stops halfway and starts crying. She cries, “He (Lawyer Kim) is even like that to you. How bad would he be to my husband?” When Soo Kyung realizes that Kyung Mi was crying over her husband and not Soo Kyung, Soo Kyung gets disappointed and reveals that she’s thinking about quitting the firm. She refuses to apologize to Lawyer Kim as well. Finally the food arrives so they both dig in and eat (awww, best friends for life!).


While eating, Kyung Mi receives a call from her husband that he can’t get inside the house since Kyung Mi’s parents went to take the kids out to eat so they locked the whole house. Kyung Mi has no choice but to go open the door for her husband since she and her mother-in-law are the only ones that have the key to the house. She tells Soo Kyung to not go anywhere though since there’s still a lot of food left and for her to just wait.


(ugh, he’s so good-looking).

Dae Young is inside his apartment playing his games like usual when Jin Yi comes to pay a visit. She gives him a gift that she had hand-made herself to cheer him up since she heard about how he was falsely accused of being the culprit. She doesn’t blame Soo Kyung though, she blames the track suit he wore since it was similar to what the criminal that commits the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents wore so she ended up making Dae Young a new track suit! (awww, how cute!).

When Kyung Mi gets to her house, she finds her husband dressed up in a dress with a rose in his mouth (LOL). He tries to seduce Kyung Mi but it doesn’t work because she thinks he’s up to something. It turns out that he’s acting so weirdly because he ate an eel’s tail when he went with Dae Young, Lawyer Kim, and Lawyer Oh earlier that day for lunch. (it’s rumored to give men stamina. Hahaha).


Soo Kyung is joined by Jin Yi at the restaurant instead of Kyung Mi since Kyung Mi can’t seem to come anymore. Jin Yi suggests inviting Dae Young, but Soo Kyung gets irritated and reveals that she’s been trying to avoid him. Jin Yi states that she knows the reason as to why Soo Kyung is avoiding Dae Young, but says that she doesn’t hate Soo Kyung for accusing Dae Young, she hates Dae Young instead because on the day he was released from the police station, he went out to go eat with her, hiding everything from uri Jin Yi.

Dae Young visits the dry cleaning shop for his laundry and while there finds the owner wearing his track suit, but of course, because Dae Young looks good in everything (and he knows it too), he criticizes the owner’s look in the track suit. Just when he’s about to get beat by the owner for speaking disrespectfully, he gets a call from Jin Yi to help rescue her. We find him at the same restaurant that Jin Yi and Soo Kyung are eating at with Soo Kyung who is drunk yelling out loud for Kyung Mi. Jin Yi, being the kind person that she is, has to endure Soo Kyung’s loud and obnoxious complaints for Kyung Mi while waiting for Dae Young to arrive. When he does arrive, he permits Jin Yi to leave since it’s getting late while he’ll stay behind with Soo Kyung since they have some things to work out.


With just the two of them, they have a one-on-one conversation. Although a bit wasted, Soo Kyung speaks honestly to Dae Young, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t like this when I was younger. I trusted people too much, I used to live even without locking my doors. If my friends asked me to lend them money, I lent it without any suspicions. But after working at an attorney’s firm, I keep getting more suspicious and after I got divorced and I began living alone I couldn’t trust people…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for suspecting you.” Then because she’s drunk, she goes off saying a thousand ‘I’m sorry’s and sorry for saying sorry. Even when Dae Young is carrying her back to the apartment, she continues to apologize. Haha, so funny and sweet.


While Dae Young is carrying Soo Kyung back to the apartments, Lawyer Kim is waiting outside of the apartment complexes and happens to see Dae Young carrying Soo Kyung on her back while she’s drunk. All he can do is just stare at them both in disbelief and disappointment.

My Thoughts:

I had mixed feelings about this episode in particular which sort of changed my perception on the drama. Since the very beginning of the drama, I never really posted anything about Lawyer Kim and how I felt about him simply just because I didn’t care about him enough and he didn’t really play a big role, but it was in this episode that I finally discovered how I felt about Lawyer Kim. And I have to say, I dislike Lawyer Kim. He’s actually kinda immature. I mean, he’s going to scold and make Soo Kyung do so many things for him just to get revenge on something that happened how many years ago? He’s mad at Soo Kyung because she didn’t recognize him on the day of the job interview, but how hard exactly did he try to make himself stand out? From all that we’ve seen so far in the flashbacks during their college days, all he ever did was watch her from afar and admire her secretly to himself. He did give her that hair accessory but ran away shortly afterwards. No girl who is popular is going to remember a guy that is a total nerd. It just doesn’t work that way, which is why I understand why Soo Kyung didn’t remember Lawyer Kim at all. His reason to torture Soo Kyung and treat her badly the way he does is to get revenge and to make himself feel better since she didn’t return his feelings, but it’s such a petty and dumb reason. You’re an adult now, you have a job that pays, you are busy with your own things – why pull someone down to make yourself feel better? I just don’t get it. Watching Lawyer Kim constantly picking at Soo Kyung and telling her to go do this and that was at first something that I wasn’t concerned about (I actually didn’t think too much into it), but seeing that it has still continued seven episodes into the drama and each episode getting more and more severe and harsh, it’s just so tiring. It gets old now. I want something new. I don’t wanna watch Lawyer Kim complain about being on the show, complaining about Soo Kyung, blaming Soo Kyung, etc. I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t make a difference. I mean, if there is another reason as to why he’s acting so cold and harsh towards Soo Kyung, I really hope the drama sets up for that pretty soon because I’m getting pretty annoyed of Lawyer Kim and his dumb ways of thinking and acting. In fact, I wish Lawyer Kim had a legitimate and better reason for acting so meanly towards Soo Kyung. There’s only so much you can take. But at the same time, Lawyer Kim getting revenge has not created any love triangle in this drama (which I just barely realized right now – there’s really no love triangle between Dae Young, Soo Kyung, and Lawyer Kim! OMG. YAY!). But still, I wish for him to stop and move on from the past. Please. For the sake of the drama.

Although Lawyer Kim (and to an extent Lawyer Oh who is wwaayyy too delusional btw) are the main reasons as to why this drama can be frustrating to watch sometimes, everybody else in the drama makes up for Lawyer Kim and Lawyer Oh’s obnoxiousness. Episode 7 had many heart-warming and touching hi-lights, including the honest confession from Soo Kyung to Dae Young where we learned a bit more about her and why she reported him, Jin Yi accompanying Soo Kyung while she was alone, Kyung Mi crying while thinking about her husband the way he could possibly be treated (which is such a shocker since Kyung Mi’s always complaining about her husband, family,  in-laws, etc. It’s just one of those things where on the outside you appear to look cold and act mean, but inside of you, you do care about them and worry for them), Soo Kyung repairing Dae Young’s trophy, Jin Yi making a new track suit for Dae Young, etc. Progress was made in this episode and I like that a lot. I’m glad that we especially got to know a bit more about Soo Kyung and her life growing up and what kind of person she was like before she started closing herself from people. I love how we learn about Soo Kyung from Soo Kyung herself. It’s not from Kyung Mi this time like how it’s been the last few episodes; these details are coming from Soo Kyung’s mouth and I appreciate that because one, it shows that Soo Kyung is sincere about her apology and two, she’s opening up. Whether or not she knows it, she’s revealing a bit about herself to Dae Young which we know she’s hesitant to do, but even if it’s because she’s drunk and she’s unaware of what she’s talking about, she’s still spilling some beans and I like that. I really like Kyung Mi. I think she does so much for her family and for people around her. She has to balance the mom life but also serves as a friend to Soo Kyung who’s often very lonely and stressed. There are many things in her life that she has to take care of and worry about, but she always makes sure there’s time for not only Soo Kyung, but for herself as well which I find very smart and admirable.

I look forward to episode 8. I’m irritated by Lawyer Kim (and Lawyer Oh) so I hope we get less of them and more of the other characters! I also hope there won’t be any love triangles. But let’s see how episode 8 will turn out like. Please don’t disappoint me show!

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