Throw Back Thursday: Lee Soo Young – Grace

Last week I posted about Lee Hyori’s ‘Anystar’ and talked a bit about Lee Jun Ki. Soooo it seems like this week Lee Jun Ki will be appearing again for my Throw Back Thursday this week centers around another female solo artist. And it’s not Lee Hyori, BoA, or Son Dam Bi – it’s Lee Soo Young.

I remember her most for her two songs and great music videos: ‘Grace’ which starred Lee Jun Ki and ‘La La La’ – one of the most memorable songs from her for me at least. After I had finished watching all the parts to ‘Grace’, I kept on searching it up to see if it was a Korean drama or movie because the fangirl inside of me really wanted it to be one or thought it was one, but when I found out that it was just a music video, I was so heart-broken. The music video was so refreshing and new to me, I couldn’t stop watching it.

(Grace part 2)

As I expressed last week with Lee Hyori’s ‘Anystar’, once again, I wish there were more music videos like ‘Grace’ and ‘La La La.’ The music videos have an interesting drama storyline that stars talented actors & actresses sung by an amazing singer who definitely deserves more recognition. Nowadays, if there is a drama version of a music video, it’ll be of a couple looking back at their past and then flashbacks of the couple spending time with each other appears on the screen and that’s all you get. I want something like Lee Hyori’s ‘Anystar’ or Lee Soo Young’s ‘Grace’ where there was some depth in the conflicts and real acting from wonderful actors and actresses. Obviously, times have changed so it’s not like I can do anything about these drama music videos anymore, but that’s why I’m posting these Throw Back Thursdays, to remind all of us of what was good back then and how much have changed. I do enjoy what fans are given to this day; if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be into K-Pop right now, but there’s just something about these music videos released a few years ago that will forever have a place in my heart.

(Grace, part 3)

Check out all 3 parts to Lee Soo Young’s ‘Grace’ starring Lee Jun Ki and the music video to ‘La La La’ and tell me what you think about it! 😀

(La La La MV)

Credits: bobosaur @ youtube ; yuuna89 @ youtube

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