Let’s Eat: Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 is finally here! This episode was one of the cuter and lighter episodes, I fairly enjoyed it. I hope you will also with this recap~ Happy Monday everyone 😀

If any of you guys are curious about the OST tracks and would like to listen to them, here are a list of the OST tracks: (I really love all of them!)

OST Tracks:





Various Artists / Instrumentals:






Credits: Siryx Cerioli @ youtube, Bubblefeet Music @ youtube


The episode starts out with Soo Kyung (who looks great in her hair straightened) browsing on the ShikSha blog that is managed by Dae Young. She starts spazzing randomly so she tries to contact Dae Young (who lives next door) by calling and yelling at him. She calls him out to meet her.

Outside of their apartment hallway, Soo Kyung spazzes over how in one of the photos on his blog, her hand appeared in it which causes Soo Kyung to jump up and down in happiness. While smiling her butt off, Dae Young notices a stain near her lips so he wipes away the stain with his finger which causes Soo Kyung to freeze and for her eyes to widen in surprise.


Soo Kyung can feel her heart beating nervously while Dae Young just smirks as if it’s nothing.


Episode 11 is titled “People Not in Love Now, Everyone is Guilty.” (I’m going by the subtitles, not sure if it makes total sense, lol).

Soo Kyung is with her best friend Kyung Mi at a restaurant where she explains the whole story about Dae Young and his ShikSha blog to her. However, Kyung Mi interrupts Soo Kyung half way to ask this question that we have been wondering about for the past two episodes,


“Do you perhaps like…that man, Goo Dae Young?” Of course Soo Kyung jumps into denial and reassures Kyung Mi that it’s Mr. ShikSha she likes, NOT Goo Dae Young (is there a difference? Hehe). Kyung Mi knows her best friend too well as she says that Soo Kyung always starts off being a fan to all the guy she likes. Kyung Mi then provides a bunch of evidence by recalling all the guys that Kyung Mi liked, where she was their fan at first but then developed those feelings along the way. Kyung Mi retells all of this in concern for her friend, but Soo Kyung confidently replies that she knows what she’s doing since she’s a 34 year old grown woman. (Let’s see how well she does with that).


Soo Kyung meets Jin Yi at the trash and recyling center (haha, that’s my name for where ever they are) only to be confronted by a frustrated Jin Yi. She throws away her trash carelessly into the bins and states that there wouldn’t be a difference if she recycled properly because she’ll be the only one doing it. Soo Kyung brings out her ‘Chief Secretary’-ness inside of her and tells Jin Yi that she’s breaking the law if she doesn’t recycle properly, but before she could add on as to which law Jin Yi’s breaking, she lashes out complaining about the law and how it’s the laws that are holding her father back behind bars (oof, that was heart-breaking). Jin Yi starts breaking down at the thought of her father and is planning to live pestimistically from now on (NOOOO. YOU CAN’T JIN YI!!!).

We learn from Jin Yi that the attorney that is working for her father’s case has decided to back out on him so Jin Yi is mad and sad that no one’s there to defend her innocent father. Soo Kyung cheers Jin Yi up by stating that she’ll ask one of the attorneys at her work place to help her dad.

Jin Yi and the Parcel Service guy from the last episode meet again in the apartment lobby room. He has to go deliver the many boxes he’s carrying to different floor levels, but Jin Yi volunteers to help him. So together they go deliver! (seriously, they’re so cute together!).

At the attorney office, Soo Kyung and her co-workers have gathered. She asks Lawyer Kim if he would be willing to help Jin Yi on her father’s case to which he agrees to do so. This causes Lawyer Oh, Gyu-sik, and Soo Kyung to be surprised and a bit suspicious as to why he’s being so helpful.


Jin Yi and Dae Young meet each other in the apartment lobby room and have a friendly conversation with one another when Dae Young gets a phone call from Lawyer Oh (he doesn’t seem to happy about it). He lies that he’s busy with work, but once Lawyer Oh explains that her first cousin wants to get some insurance, he immediately changes his mind and asks Lawyer Oh where they should meet. Jin Yi wants to go with Dae Young as well since she needs to talk with Lawyer Kim about her father’s case anyway.

Lawyer Kim, Lawyer Oh, Gyu-sik, and Soo Kyung are all waiting at a restaurant for Dae Young and Jin Yi who are to join them. When they arrive, Soo Kyung turns her head to watch Dae Young enter (this scene is in slow-motion so it’s even funnier) and could feel her heart beating rapidly at the sight of Mr. ShikSha. She’s probably thinking to herself like, “Omo, what’s wrong with me?! Why am I feeling like this?!” Haha.


Gyu-sik catches Soo Kyung blushing so we assume that he’s talking about how she’s embarrassed because of Dae Young, but then he instead says, “Are you perhaps like that because you’re…excited to eat?!” HAHAHA. Good one Gyu-sik, good one. You almost got Soo Kyung and the rest of us right there.

They all exchange their greetings and immediately enter a conversation about food, where Gyu-sik explains his method and routine when it comes to eating: he eats something that’s salty, sweet, then back to salty, and then sweet again. Of course, Dae Young is Mr. ShikSha, the food expert, as he warns Gyu-sik to becareful since he’s torturing his stomach. LOL. And he goes off on his own methods about food and eating. That’s when he suggests that they all go grab their food so off they go!


At one point, Dae Young is approached by Lawyer Oh and then they two are joined by Jin Yi. This is…kind of awkward. So Dae Young leaves them two together stating that they’re gonna see each other more often so they should take this chance to get to know each other better. And then he leaves just like that. Haha.

The two ladies argue over who’s gonna get to date Dae Young first. Jin Yi explains that if Dae Young’s first love doesn’t return (if you remember, Dae Young told Jin Yi that he can’t forget about his first love which is why he isn’t ready to like Jin Yi back), she’s next in line to date him, but Lawyer Oh laughs it off and reveals the version of Dae Young’s first love that she was told which was: Dae Young’s first love died of a fatal disease (uh-oh, do you get where this is going? Someone’s gonna get in big trouble after getting caught red-handed). That’s when Soo Kyung enters their conversation for a brief moment to help them realize that they were both lied to by Dae Young. Haha. I love how it took an outsider to tell them what Dae Young had done to them. But Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh can careless if Dae Young lied to them; Jin Yi still likes Dae Young and Lawyer Oh states that her ideal type is a liar. LOLOL.

The next five minutes showcase all six of them happily eating their delicious food (not going to screen shot a picture. You guys can thank me later. Haha).


Lawyer Kim scolds Gyu-sik who has gone back to get some more food to not get too much for there are others are the buffet who also needs to eat. That’s when he tries to get Soo Kyung’s attention so that she can get some of the food that she had wanted but couldn’t get earlier because it had run out (aw, so kind). Soo Kyung mistakens Lawyer Kim’s signal as him wanting her to do something for him so she avoids him. He’s just trying to save you some meat Soo Kyung Unnie. Haha.

After they finish eating, Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh enter a heated debate and argument (haha, the rivallrrryyyyyy).

They head to a karaoke bar afterwards where Dae Young and Jin Yi are dancing to Troublemaker’s ‘Troublemaker’ (GET OFF OF HIM GURL. HE’S MINE).


(it was hard to get a good recap because there were too many shots that lasted for like half a second).

Lawyer Oh exits out of the bathroom only to find Jin Yi and Dae Young staring deeply into each other’s eyes (I can smell the jealousy from my house) so she splits them apart and volunteers to sing the second verse. Before she’s about to start, she makes sure to give Dae Young a wink which only causes him to be even more disgusted and enraged.

It’s Lawyer Kim’s turn to sing so he showcases his great singing skills while everyone else watches him in amazement. Dae Young sure is a ladies’s man as he’s surrounded by Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh…and Soo Kyung.


Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh battle each other out to capture Dae Young’s attention and love when they talk about Dae Young. Soo Kyung finds out that she and Dae Young are four years apart which freaks her out a bit. Afterwards, Dae Young leaves Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh alone to use the restroom.

Gyu-sik’s busy pouring all his emotions into his singing while Dae Young and Lawyer Kim talk about the blind date that Dae Young arranged for Lawyer Kim. Lawyer Kim states that he already had another girl on his mind and right after he finishes the sentence, he stares over at Soo Kyung.


Jin Yi passes out from all the drinking (she’s always the one to get drunk, lol) so Soo Kyung and Dae Young decide that it’s best to go home. Dae Young carries Jin Yi on his back which causes Lawyer Oh to grow jealous so it’s not long until he receives a phone call from Lawyer Oh who wants to have another drink with Dae Young (what’s wrong with this girl? Calm dowwwwnnn). But he rejects her request and ends the phone call. Soo Kyung, who has been holding the cell phone the whole time for Dae Young while he was speaking to Lawyer Oh, scolds him for being such an easy guy, always flirting and interacting with Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh even though he has no intentions of dating them (you tell him gurl!). He states that Lawyer Oh is like a friend to him and he only sees Jin Yi as a younger sister. Soo Kyung doesn’t understand Dae Young and leaves him hanging after planning to get home by taxi.

The next morning at the attorney office, Lawyer Kim is so busy creeping staring at Soo Kyung work that he has almost forgotten to go to the court for a case. When he and Gyu-sik leaves the attorney office, Soo Kyung gets irritated at all the staring Lawyer Kim has been doing on her. Lawyer Oh is then seen running up to Soo Kyung and asking for some help so that she and Dae Young can work out. She can’t stand knowing that her rival Jin Yi lives next door to Dae Young so she even plans to live in the same apartment complex as the three of them. Soo Kyung comes up with whatever excuses she can to change Lawyer Oh’s mind, but Lawyer Oh isn’t persuaded and relies on Soo Kyung for help.


(I’m sorry, I just had to).

The Parcel Service guy arrives at Jin Yi’s apartment door to deliver some boxes. He plans to leave right afterwards, but Jin Yi invites him to eat with her so they join each other for breakfast. He’s eating the Kimchi Stew very deliciously and can only compliment the meal until he stops abruptly. We learn that the stew reminds him of the stew his mom would make for him back in Busan so that’s why he suddenly stopped eating. We also find out that the reason as to why the Parcel Service guy is working at such a young age is because since his family’s business ran out of business since his father’s death, he had to get a job to support his mom and younger sister. “I can’t make them hungry,” he says as he talks about his mom and younger sister. Jin Yi notices the similarities between the two of them and points the similarities out: coming out and living alone also while earning money. Jin Yi and the Parcel Service guy whose name is Hyun Gwang Suk befriend each other and find out a little bit more about each other. (Okay, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be a couple by the end of this drama. It doesn’t bother me though because they’re both so adorable!).

Dae Young calls Soo Kyung to ask her if she would like to eat with him, but she rejects his request (WUT. OMG. NO WAY). She reasons that she has to work overtime so she can’t join him. That’s when Lawyer Kim approaches her (they’re both still at the attorney office) and asks her if she would like to eat dinner with him to which she approves (Wut is going on).


As they wait in the elevator together, Lawyer Kim is willing to let Soo Kyung decide what they should eat. She leaves it up to Lawyer Kim though so he suggests a restaurant that Mr. ShikSha recommended, but she doesn’t want to go there so they decide to just go to a restaurant nearby since they’re both starving. The elevator is taking forever so another conversation erupts, but this time it’s about Soo Kyung’s dog Barassi. Lawyer Kim brings up Barassi and compliments him endlessly which impresses Soo Kyung (that smile on her face though!). She assumes that he likes puppies since he’s talking about Barassi, but even though he says yes, his face says it all: no. HAHAHA.

Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung head over to a pet shop and takes a close look at all the dogs on sale. It’s pretty obvious Lawyer Kim doesn’t like dogs so it’s a nightmare for him to be in that pet shop. Lol, poor Lawyer Kim. He is unable to send Soo Kyung home since he doesn’t have his car with him so she has no choice but to take the bus. The bus arrives just in time so she hurries over to the bus with her high heels on while running on the slippery and icy side walk (not a great idea woman). While Soo Kyung catches up on the bus, Lawyer Kim asks Siri how to raise a dog.

Soo Kyung is seen walking on the sidewalk full of slippery ice when she loses her balance and slips. However, we then see another pair of shoes slide next to hers on the sidewalk and an arm used as support for her back. The person that saved Soo Kyung’s life is none other than our oh so amazing, Goo. Dae. Young. (seriously, how many times has he saved her?! LOL. He really wasn’t joking when he said he has saved her many times).


(omg, I would die if he saved me like that. SO COOL DAE YOUNG OPPAR). I love the background music that is also playing at this moment: “Cool Guy” by Eric Nam. It goes along so well with the scene! AAHHHH. /spazzes.


(I mean come on, look at this face. LOOK AT THIS FACE. THAT GAZE. Whose heart would not be beating rapidly at the sight of this beautiful face? I probably would have fainted already if I was Soo Kyung honestly).

Soo Kyung once again can feel her heart beating quickly at the sight of Dae Young who scolds Soo Kyung for not being careful. If it hadn’t been for him, she would have fallen and then wouldn’t have had insurance to help cover her expenses so it’s at times like these moments where her life is in extreme danger that she should have insurance. But even though Dae Young rambles on and on about insurance, Soo Kyung can only concentrate on Dae Young’s freaking amazing face and how good-looking he is. (I love how she’s just laying there in his arms while staring at his face). Dae Young volunteers to give Soo Kyung a piggy back ride (poor Dae Young. Two piggy back rides in one episode. His back must really hurt), but she rejects his offer. Soo Kyung takes another step when once again she’s close to falling over, but thank goodness for Dae Young’s fast reflexes (he probably got them from always playing soccer since Doojoon loves to play soccer) that he is able to catch Soo Kyung and save her life – again. This time, however, he’s facing her so their faces are thisclose to each other and thisclose from kissing.


Soo Kyung takes off her high heels and decides to run barefoot since the apartment building is right across the street, leaving behind a confused and puzzled Dae Young who wonders why Soo Kyung is avoiding him.

In the next scene, we see Lawyer Kim playing with a little puppy doll (LOL) since he’s trying to learn how to raise a dog. Too funny.

Soo Kyung and Barassi decide to go outside to get some air so when they arrive at the rooftop of the building, Dae Young is seen there cooking some ramen noodles. They sit next to each other while waiting for the ramen noodles to cook. Soo Kyung is uncomfortable sitting too close to Dae Young so she moves a bit, but he brings her back to her original position by putting his arm around her and scolds her to not move since it’ll only make the ramen noodles cook slower. Haha, too cute.



(A few days back)

Soo Kyung is seen in the apartment hallway walking to her door when Dae Young exits out of his. She suspects that someone has been trying to get into her apartment since she is unable to open her door. She quickly assumes it’s a thief or robber, but Dae Young thinks it might have been a drunk person who wasn’t aware that they were at the wrong apartment door (like how Jin Yi was like last time). That’s when he invites Soo Kyung to go eat since it won’t take another 20 to 30 minutes until the lock unlocks. As they’re leaving, the camera focuses in on the many footprints that are located outside of Soo Kyung’s apartment. Ooh, scary.

My Thoughts:

Here goes the usual denying again. We have seen this many times in a character where that person obviously is starting to develop some feelings for a person, but then continues to deny it because they don’t want to come face to face with reality and their true feelings. So seeing Soo Kyung act the way she does around Mr. ShikSha or Dae Young doesn’t surprise me. We see her starting to form a crush on Mr. ShikSha and is even beginning to idolize him, but I don’t want her to be idolizing Mr. ShikSha, I want her to get close to Goo Dae Young. I think it’s sad how she differentiates them because essentially Mr. ShikSha and Dae Young is  the same person. It’s one thing for Soo Kyung to start opening up to Dae Young because he manages her favorite food blog which is good, but then again I want her to stop thinking of Dae Young and Mr. ShikSha as two different people – this is the only thing that is keeping her connected to Dae Young and I don’t want it to continue to be that way nor for her to keep thinking of them separately. It must suck though for her to watch two other ladies also fight for Dae Young’s attention and love when she herself is starting to like him. EEK. Talk about some competition.

I would like for this whole rivalry between Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh to not drag out too long. Instead, I would like for Dae Young to be upfront about his feelings towards the both of them so that they both can accept his rejection and move on with their own lives. There’s only so much you can do with this rivalry between the two ladies and plus, Jin Yi is already starting to form her own relationship with the Parcel Service guy Hyun Gwang Suk so I would like to see how their friendship blossoms and grows, especially since they seem to have many things in common.

Lawyer Kim is slowly, slowly returning to the neutral area after being so annoying for more than half of the whole drama just torturing Soo Kyung and scolding her for every little single thing she did. I can see that he sincerely and genuinely would like to start things over with Soo Kyung again, which is why he goes out of his own comfort zone to learn to take care of a dog or to save food for just Soo Kyung alone. Too bad he was treating her so badly before because now Soo Kyung just takes every single one of his actions as something bad and negative when all he’s trying to do is convey and express his feelings. Tsk tsk tsk, who told you to act like such a jerk before? Now you’re suffering the consequences.

For just that little short moment when Jin Yi was crying about her father, I was sad with her as well. If you guys didn’t know, she’s my favorite character in this drama for so many reasons and I just want her to be happy. I hope that her father will be out of jail innocent and healthy so that he can reunite with his beautiful daughter. She’s been through a lot. Thankfully we have our neighbors there to help her out on her journey of living independently 🙂

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