Hello everyone~ I hope your Friday and Valentine’s Day went great…because mine did. Other than the fact that I couldn’t spend it with my husband, Yang Yoseob, my Valentine’s Day went well, because I got a gift from my friend and some treats, so overall, I’m pretty content about how this year went.

Anyways, I decided to write this thread to celebrate B.A.P.’s win on Music Bank! This is their second win, but first on a major music program. As a Baby since their debut, I’m extremely proud of B.A.P. and how far they have come! I honestly wasn’t too sure as to whether they were going to win or not with this album and comeback, but seeing that they have won I’m super happy and proud of them. They have certainly come a long way, continuously making comebacks in 2012 and 2013, then taking a well-deserved and needed break to record for this album. Maybe it was that 5-6 month hiatus they took that got B.A.P. to win since we weren’t seeing them every two months, so the anticipation for their comeback was even greater. I do think ‘First Sensibility’ is a pretty solid album; it’s not one without flaws, but it does serve as a great stepping stone for two year old B.A.P. who are always able to showcase versatility in their music and ‘First Sensibility’ is no exception. I’m happy for them once again and I hope they will win many more times in the future 🙂

Okay, so the next reason as to why I made this post was to compliment Bangtan Boys / BTS on their comeback ‘Boy in Luv.’ The MV wasn’t the best MV I have ever seen in my life, but their live performances are just so wonderful and amazing. I have probably watched almost every live performance of BTS’s debut song ‘No More Dream’ (no really, I was that obsessed and supportive of them that I watched every ‘No More Dream’ live performance) so compared to their debut live performances, the live performances for ‘Boy in Luv’ have really shown the boys’ improvement in stage presence and charisma.

If that doesn’t convince you that they’re great performers, then I don’t know what will, but DAMN! DAMN. That’s all I’ve got to say. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the song, the concept, the dance / choreography, but the live performances for ‘Boy in Luv’ have improved by so much! And I absolutely mean it. I don’t know. I have never felt this way about any group before. I have never explicitly stated or felt like a group’s live performances could improve, but these guys – Bangtan Boys – definitely proved me wrong. Credits definitely go to the members for being so hard-working and putting in all their effort to make the live performance perfect and flawless, but there’s just something that makes these live performances better than usual (now granted, BTS has always been great performers. However in ‘Boy in Luv’, the feel has upgraded to like the next level). Maybe I’m just being too biased, BUT STILL, the live performances are freaking amazing and flawless. Okay, I need to stop with this, because I’m just repeating myself and it’s not doing me or you the reader any good. Haha. But you guys get my point right?! I LOVE BANGTAN BOYS. AND ‘BOY IN LUV.’

So while I was browsing on Popgasa, I landed upon the lyrics to one of Bangtan Boys’s tracks on their newest album ‘Skool Luv Affair’, BTS Cypher PT.2 : Triptych.

I usually am not a big fan of BTS’s album tracks (I know, surprising), but this track is really something. I don’t necessarily like this song, but I like the lyrics and the members that participate in this song Rap Mon, Suga, and J-Hope. Their rapping in here is so fierce and intense and charismatic, it gives me the chills. I especially love the part at 4:19 – 4:25. WOO WOO WOO. DAMN IT. STAHP. WHOEVER IS RAPPING THAT PART. (I want to say Suga, but I’m not so sure because it kind of sounds like J-Hope). But regardless of whoever it is that’s rapping that part, you are so damn A-M-A-Z-I-N-G at rapping. I got goosebumps and chills from listening to that part. I couldn’t help but smile while reading the lyrics and listening to the rappers express their anger and fury with such power and intensity. I read that this song was dedicated to B-Free, an underground hip-pop rapper that actually dissed Suga and Rap Mon right in front of their faces, so I mean, judging from the lyrics, I’m not surprised if the boys decided to attack B-free back with this song (not that I’m complaining or anything because this track is absolutely genius). Anyways, bottom line is, you should definitely give the song a try. Good thing is that there are english subs provided so you can know what Rap Mon, Suga, and J-Hope are talking about! YAY! *claps*

Another thing that made my Valentine’s Day so much better and relieving was when I was browsing through the ‘Team B’ tag on Tumblr and discovered that Team B had made a special appearance on WINNER TV’s last episode. I saw a video of Donghyuk’s face which was the thumbnail to the Youtube video and right then started crying. After five months of waiting every single day with little to no updates, we finally get to see their beautiful faces again. All six members, still healthy, happy, and passionately chasing their dreams like how they did five months earlier in October. I know it sounds ridiculous that I cried when I watched the video and found new updates on Team B, but you guys just don’t understand. I got emotionally attached to these six boys and when they lost and got their dreams taken away from them and them taken away from me and thousands of other fans, it was absolutely the most heart-breaking and most difficult thing I had to endure in all of K-Pop last year. I had never had to watch a group I loved and support go back to training with little to no updates on them. It was a very difficult time for everyone and there was not one day that passed by that I didn’t think about Team B – because I loved them so much. But when I saw their faces in the video, I couldn’t stop smiling or crying. I waited so long – too long for this day, just to see their beautiful faces again, but the day came and so I can only be thankful. *sigh* It’s been hard, but we’re all hanging in there tightly…right B Golds and Team B fans?! (:

This is all that I have to say and express for tonight. I could have done the recap for the latest episode of ‘Let’s Eat’, but I decided to wait on that until maybe tomorrow or another day when I’m not busy studying for my exams. I’m exhausted right now and so I’m gonna go to sleep.

Bye you guys^^

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