Let’s Eat: Episode 12 Recap

OTL, -getsonmykneesandbows- I sincerely apologize for delaying this recap of episode twelve of ‘Let’s Eat.’ Over the past few weeks, I have become extremely lazy and unmotivated to write anything on this blog which explains why I haven’t been writing anything lately, but I’m back again and hopefully with more energy and motivation this time, so please forgive me. Episode 12 came out like two weeks ago, but then again, a recap for it is better late than never right? I don’t want to quite give up on this drama just yet; I still believe that ‘Let’s Eat’ has its charms and scenes that manages to put me in awe and this episode did just exactly that.

The episode starts out with Soo Kyung taking her dog Barassi on a walk. While being dragged by Barassi, she happens to find Dae Young outside riding Jin Yi’s bike who is being chased and nagged by Jin Yi. Soo Kyung grows a bit jealous watching them interact and hang out with each other, because she, as much as she would like to deny it, also likes Dae Young.


The owner from the dry cleaning shop appears out of no where and stands next to Soo Kyung and also joins in on observing Dae Young and Jin Yi play with each other. They both agree on how Dae Young and Jin Yi look compatible with each other because they’re both young and good looking / pretty.


Episode 12 is called “The Taste of Love…Bitter Sweet.” Oof, this episode seems like it’s going to be a real heart-breaker. I can sense it already x)


Soo Kyung has come to visit Jin Yi to visit Barassi, so together they all hang out in Jin Yi’s apartment. Jin Yi reveals that she’s planning to make chocolates for Dae Young for Valentine’s Day since he’s the person she loves. She plans to confess to him on Valentine’s Day, but still cannot forget about her rival. Soo Kyung stutters at the word ‘rival’ and thinks that Jin Yi is referring to Soo Kyung herself, but is relieved when it’s Lawyer Oh that Jin Yi is talking about. Jin Yi will keep on confessing to Dae Young even if he rejects her many times until he says yes. All the while, Soo Kyung can only think about her feelings towards Dae Young and how she also happens to like him. Jin Yi asks Soo Kyung to write ‘Dae Young <3s Jin Yi’ on one of the cookies to which Soo Kyung agrees to, but really inside of her she might have wanted to refuse. Acckk, poor Soo Kyung! 😦


Lawyer Kim is in a happy mood while writing a card to Soo Kyung at a chocolate store. Dae Young meets him there, because he’s planning to buy chocolates to his clients and also adds that he knows Lawyer Kim likes Soo Kyung. Dae Young starts listing all the instances where Lawyer Kim showed his love and support for Soo Kyung, such as pleading for her to return back to her job as the Chief Secretary and saving her some of the meat she badly yearned for when they ate last time at the restaurant. Lawyer Kim isn’t quick to deny it and actually acknowledges his feelings for Soo Kyung as well as Dae Young’s ability to notice something so small. But Dae Young gives all the credit to the card that is resting on the counter because the heart-shaped card started out with, “To Lee Soo Kyung…” LOL. Dae Young never fails to make me laugh.

Lawyer Kim explains his unrequited love story for Soo Kyung to Dae Young, stating, “It has been more than ten years this year.” When asked if he was planning to confess to her on Valentine’s Day, Lawyer Kim isn’t sure if he should because all these years he’s just been harassing her (may I add non-stop at that) and so she might not think nicely of him. Dae Young does his best to cheer Lawyer Kim up by stating that because Lawyer Kim took on Jin Yi’s father’s case, she thinks of him differently now which does cheer Lawyer Kim up (his frown switches to an automatic smile within like half a second. Hahaha).


That’s when Lawyer Kim and Dae Young lock hands with each other and give each other encouraging messages. (I love how Clazziquai’s ‘She Is’ is playing during this scene. Such a classic OST track and I love how it’s still being used to this day in Korean dramas. Ahhh, I miss ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ so much. I might go back to re-watch it, haha).

Jin Yi has come to the attorney office to see Lawyer Kim. She’s dressed up in some pretty pink clothes while holding some bags. Lawyer Oh exits out of her office to receive a package that was delivered for her. When she’s out of her office and in the lobby room, she sees Jin Yi and wonders why it was so loud to which Jin Yi fires back, “Today is the day I’m going to confess to Dae Young Oppa. I guess I was noisy because I was a little excited.” OOOOHHH, BURNEEDDDD. Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh argue over whose present and gift for Dae Young is better: Jin Yi’s self-made chocolate with a little bit of help from Soo Kyung or Lawyer Oh’s bought cake. Lawyer Oh freaks out when she discovers that Soo Kyung had helped Jin Yi with the chocolate when she was the one who first asked Soo Kyung to help her hook up with Dae Young. They both fight over Soo Kyung and how she promised to help the both of them out. Thankfully Lawyer Kim and Gyu-shik has returned in time to save uri Soo Kyung (who’s ready to explode and die any moment now).

When Lawyer Kim is reminded that Soo Kyung has started seeing Lawyer Kim in a different light because he’s helping Jin Yi out, he starts to treat Jin Yi nicely. He orders Gyu-shik to go buy some hot chocolate, because Jin Yi wanted some. LOL. While leaving to his office to speak with Jin Yi, Lawyer Kim gives Soo Kyung this creepy smile.


(no this is totally not creepy right you guys?!)

Dae Young receives a call from Lawyer Oh and is told that Lawyer Oh needs to give him something. But he makes up excuses that he’s busy so he can’t go see her. A few minutes later, Dae Young is exiting out of his apartment when he sees Hyun Gwang Suk (our Parcel service guy that Jin Yi befriended in the last episode) trying to get into Jin Yi’s apartment. Dae Young chases after Gwang Suk who ran away the moment Dae Young questioned him, but is unsuccessful as Dae Young beats him up and flips him and throws him to the ground within a time period of a second. (OMG. Stahp being so cool Goo Dae Young).


Dae Young demands for answers so Gwang Suk has no choice but to answer Dae Young. He explains that he’s the Parcel Service guy and had permission to get something inside of Jin Yi’s apartment since she isn’t home at that moment. Dae Young doesn’t believe him so easily so he calls Jin Yi himself, but quickly finds out that Gwang Suk is telling the truth! LOL. So Dae Young helps him up and apologizes for the rough beatings. Dae Young asks Gwang Suk if he maybe went to the wrong apartment and instead of Apartment 804 tried to get into Apartment 805 (Soo Kyung’s apartment), but Gwang Suk says that he has never done anything like that before…but he’s stuttering and looks pretty nervous saying that. Hmm, I smell something fishy. Just when Dae Young leaves to return to his business, we catch a glimpse of Gwang Suk putting on a straight face while fixing his hood. (What’s with the scary and eerie music playing in the background? It’s nine at night and I’m alone in the living room. This definitely isn’t the best time to be playing music like this).


Back at the attorney office, Gyu-shik reveals to Soo Kyung that he thinks Lawyer Kim has completely fallen in love with Jin Yi. Gyu-sik reveals his reasons as to why he thinks Lawyer Kim is in love with Jin Yi which leads Soo Kyung and Gyu-sik to get into a heated argument, because he says that it’s possible since Lawyer Kim is older than her despite the big age difference. Gyu-sik teases Soo Kyung for being able to memorize all the couples of older woman dating younger guys and assumes that she’s planning to meet a younger guy…but destroys her hopes when he says that guys like younger ladies (WOOT WOOT. THAT’S RIGHT. A proud Dongsaeng right here!).


Angry and irritated, Soo Kyung plans to go to the court. While walking over, she can’t stop thinking about what Gyu-sik said about guys liking younger girls…because that means that this might apply to Dae Young as well. She tries to meet up with Kyung Mi but is unsuccessful so she goes back to being lonely.

At Kyung Mi’s apartment, we hear from her two sons that they got many chocolates from multiple girls (cuz they popular and cute that’s why, haha). The youngest son is even tired with his popularity and sighs, “Man! This popularity.” while putting his finger to his chin. HAHAHA. Too cute.


The older brother can only look at his younger brother in anger and jealousy because he didn’t receive any chocolates for Valentine’s Day. When Kyung Mi is discussing about the chocolates with with her youngest son, the older brother knocks them over and marches away. The youngest son can only give this disappointed look:


(if I could GIF this, I would totally for you guys! This kid has adorbs written all over him).

At the attorney office, Lawyer Kim notices that Soo Kyung doesn’t seem like herself, so he calls Dae Young to ask if he knows any good restaurants with yummy food to hopefully cheer her up. Dae Young says that he knows one and will text Lawyer Kim the place. Meanwhile, at the dry cleaning shop Dae Young is located at, the owner suggests that he date Jin Yi since they make a pretty compatible couple, but he tries to make an excuse of not qualifying to date to dodge the owner’s suggestion.

Our four co-workers Lawyer Kim, Gyu-sik, Lawyer Oh, and Soo Kyung are all walking to the famous restaurant Dae Young recommended. While Lawyer Kim and Gyu-sik are walking together, Soo Kyung is conversing with Lawyer Oh who has asked Soo Kyung if she can go to her apartment so that she can deliver her cake to Dae Young. Soo Kyung will allow Lawyer Oh to have dinner at her apartment so that she can give Dae Young the cake she bought for him for Valentine’s Day even though at first she had originally refused his request.


At the restaurant, Gyu-sik is easily impressed and urges them all to sit down. Lawyer Kim tries to grab the empty seat next to Soo Kyung, but gets pushed by Lawyer Oh who sits in that empty seat instead. Hahaha.


Our four co-workers eat the delicious food (that actually looks really good!).

Once they finish eating, they head into the elevator to exit out of the restaurant. It has to be the worst day of Lawyer Kim’s life as just right when the elevator’s about to close, a man with his dog joins them in the elevator. Because Lawyer Kim is extremely afraid of dogs, he ends up crying for help and running out of the elevator once it has landed. LOL. It’s only until he’s 3,000 yards away from his co-workers that he’s realized just how bad of an image he put on in front of the girl he is trying to impress. LOLOL.

Dae Young is by himself in a restaurant when he is notified by Jin Yi that she has a gift for him. That’s when we see Lawyer Oh carrying her cake and revealing that she doesn’t need to go to Soo Kyung’s apartment anymore to give Dae Young her gift. Meanwhile, Lawyer Kim lies to Gyu-sik in a phone call that he’s at the court when really he’s inside of his car, debating as to whether he should confess to Soo Kyung or not. Since Lawyer Kim isn’t at the attorney office, he tells them that Gyu-sik and Soo Kyung can leave work early. Gyu-sik rushes over to Soo Kyung to see what she’s doing on her computer and discovers her browsing on Dae Young’s blog. That’s when he reminds her once again to just date, regardless of their age. She should meet someone and just date.

After buying some chocolate and riding on the bus back home, Soo Kyung receives a text from Jin Yi who would like some encouragement from Soo Kyung since she’s going to be confessing to Dae Young anytime soon. Soo Kyung, although a little heart-broken and jealous inside, listens to Jin Yi’s request and gives her a little encouraging message.


It doesn’t look too good for Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh who happen to be at the same place to meet up with Dae Young. They argue with each other again only to be stopped by Dae Young who knows that they’re both going to confess to him. But because he only sees them as a good sister and good friend, he doesn’t feel the same way towards them and so he expresses his wish to stop meeting each other if their feelings for him are sincere. The two ladies doesn’t want to stop seeing Dae Young so they lie about their gifts in order to gain his trust once again. Lol, these ladies are two funny.


The three of them decide to start things fresh and anew by eating at a famous restaurant managed by a foreigner…and that foreigner is none other than Sam Hammington. They don’t understand how a foreigner can manage such a famous restaurant which isn’t too well received by neither Sam or Dae Young themselves. Sam defends himself while Dae Young acknowledges his friend’s efforts to manage a successful restaurant. They continue holding a discussion, where Dae Young goes off on another rampage about the crab dish (the dish they’re going to eat). When he’s finished raging, he tells them to all dig in so they do.


When Sam leaves to perform his tasks as the owner of the restaurant, Dae Young reveals to the two ladies that he’s planning to come back to the restaurant again, but this time with Soo Kyung.

Soo Kyung arrives in the hallway of the apartment complex when she witnesses Dae Young drop Jin Yi off at her apartment door. He notices the bag of chocolates Soo Kyung is holding and assumes that it’s from Lawyer Kim. Soo Kyung just marches away into her apartment.

Lawyer Kim is driving in his car while listening to the radio. When this particular song plays, all the memories from when he attended the same college as Soo Kyung to their times together as co-workers at the attorney office resurfaces. This causes Lawyer Kim to become impatient and he decides that he’s going to confess to Soo Kyung.

At Soo Kyung’s apartment, she notices that her apartment has become fairly messy after she has finished taking a shower. She then notices Barassi who’s lying on the floor still and frozen because he ate some of the chocolate Soo Kyung bought for herself. Soo Kyung grabs her dog and holding him in her arms starts running outside to get some help. Luckily, at the same time that Soo Kyung is desperately running to save Barassi’s life, Lawyer Kim is waiting outside of the apartment building to meet up with Soo Kyung. They meet each other and decide to get Barassi to a veterinarian as soon as possible (Lawyer Kim to the rescue!).

Dae Young is throwing out his trash when he notices Soo Kyung’s apartment door unlocked and still opened! He enters her apartment to see the mess Barassi made untouched. He tries to contact Soo Kyung, but she ended up leaving her purse and cell phone in her apartment.

At the hospital, the veterinarian delivers some good news to Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim who are waiting anxiously for some news and updates on Barassi. It turns out that Barassi will be fine since the chocolates he ate wasn’t fully absorbed so he just needs to get some rest. Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim are relieved (and so am I) and sit down for a bit to process everything. While resting, Soo Kyung takes the time to give thanks to Lawyer Kim who took her to the hospital. She acknowledges how even though he doesn’t like dogs, he’s still willing to transport her and Barassi to the hospital. But then Soo Kyung doesn’t understand why Lawyer Kim pretended to act like he liked dogs and wanted to raise one when really he was afraid.


Lawyer Kim explains that he did all of that because he wanted to get closer to Soo Kyung…because he likes her. (ME: AAHHHHHHHH). It’s difficult for Soo Kyung to comprehend this because Lawyer Kim did harass and treat Soo Kyung badly so many times, but she is given a better understanding of Lawyer Kim’s feelings when he recalls confessing to her ten years back when they were in college as well. He says that because she rejected him, he wanted to get revenge which is why he acted so harsh and cold towards Soo Kyung all this time. Even through all of those hard times he’s put Soo Kyung through, Lawyer Kim has come to realizing that he can’t forget about Soo Kyung so easily. (OMGGG, MY HEART. This scene is so heart-breaking). The episode concludes with a frozen and shocked Soo Kyung who can’t believe what she just heard right now from Lawyer Kim.

My Thoughts:

Just when I thought the episode was getting boring, they decide to end the episode with this beautiful and touching scene. *wipestears* I absolutely love how sincere and smooth and unexpected Lawyer Kim’s confession came out to be. There wasn’t a need for a fancy restaurant, delicious food, roses, candles, flowers, etc., it was just them Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung in a natural environment and setting and honest feelings being told. I especially liked how natural everything felt. It was just the two of them and Lawyer Kim was extremely honest about his feelings towards Soo Kyung which was something that he struggled with as evident throughout this episode, but the fact that his confession came out so naturally and smoothly really amazes me. And although the whole way the confession was executed could be seen as kind of random (with Barassi eating the chocolate. Like Barassi is a very intelligent dog, he knows better than to eat chocolates), it doesn’t bother me one bit because the whole confession was just done so right. For once this time, it isn’t Dae Young that has come to the rescue, but Lawyer Kim, the guy that I’m pretty sure everyone viewer of ‘Let’s Eat’ hated and despised every time he appeared on screen (sometimes I feel like the drama is trying to make a joke out of his character, what with him crying like a little baby when around dogs and running out of that elevator like it’s attacking him), but when he’s not around dogs and he is himself, he’s such a down-to-earth guy and can actually be pretty cool, which I think we were able to see in this episode. I really liked Lawyer Kim in this episode (I have to admit, his confession was super super romantic and so simplistic which is why I really liked it. One of the best confessions in a Korean drama ever definitely. I love how the episode focused on his plans to confess to Soo Kyung and the preparations he was making in order to get everything right and to impress the girl he sincerely wants and likes, but in the end, he didn’t follow through with any of those plans and was able to still successfully confess. Granted, I’m a bit disappointed we saw this side of Lawyer Kim so late into the drama (all the nagging and harassing could have been shorter seriously. He was annoying in every episode up until like episode eleven because all he was doing was acting harsh towards Soo Kyung. I wish the drama hadn’t dragged out that for too long), but I think a change is better than no change and so I approve of this sweet and endearing side of Lawyer Kim (seriously who would have thought Lawyer Kim would act like this? Who would have ever imagined that he could be so soft-spoken and honest with his feelings?). I love that courage and confidence; he really did a great job with his confessions. Kudos to Lawyer Kim. I think it’s pretty obvious that Lawyer Kim isn’t going to end up with Soo Kyung as he’s the second male lead, but he definitely is a very interesting second male lead that I have rarely seen from all the other dramas I have watched. It’s rare to see our second male lead as the jerk and the mean one to our female lead since it’s usually our male lead who treats the female lead badly at first only to fall in love with the same girl later on so it was interesting seeing Lawyer Kim act this way towards Soo Kyung. Do I still think his revenge scheme and plan was immature and childish of him? Oh yeah, definitely. But was the waiting and confession worth it? You bet cha because the confession was just perfect timing.

I’m glad we ended the feud between Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh, because I was afraid it was going to drag out until the very last episode, but thankfully Dae Young is intelligent and aware of what was going on so he stopped it before it could go on any further (I love you Dae Young). This drama tends to drag out plots and storylines that aren’t necessary, but I’m glad the Jin Yi – Lawyer Oh fight only lasted a few episodes. I’m really curious about Dae Young and who he might have feelings for, because as of right now, it’s not obvious who he likes – if he does like anyone in the first place. Maybe he’s always so busy as an insurance salesman and puts his job as his first priority that he doesn’t have time to fall in love, but I think it would definitely be interesting to see him fall in love and how his confession towards that girl he loves will be like. I would really love to see that (;

A recap to episode 13 won’t be coming anytime soon. I have a test on Thursday so I’m going to spending my entire Wednesday studying for that. Maybe if I have time on Thursday night, I will recap episode 13, but don’t keep your hopes up. I apologize in advance.

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