Let’s Eat: Episode 13 Recap

So it’s finally here! Woot woot! I managed to finish two episodes in one week, so expect episode 14’s recap over the weekends. No matter what, I’ll sacrifice my time to do the recap for you guys. Now let’s get started! 😀


The episode starts out with Lawyer Kim dropping Soo Kyung off at her apartment and thankfully this time with a recovered Barassi. She’s about to return Lawyer Kim’s jacket back to him, but then he refuses it, saying that she should wear it because it’s cold. He adds that he hopes for a positive answer from her regarding whether she will accept his feelings or not (why is this already so sad?). Soo Kyung can only glance at Lawyer Kim hesitantly and uncertained.

When Soo Kyung arrives at the hallway of her apartment, she finds a panicked and concerned Dae Young holding a phone conversation with the police. If you recalled in the last episode, he found Soo Kyung’s apartment open and unlocked and on the inside messy and disorganized, so this is why he decided to call the police. Just when Dae Young scolds Soo Kyung, Lawyer Kim comes running in with a giftbag in his hand, interrupting the two neighbors’ conversation.


Lawyer Kim hands it over to Soo Kyung, but she hesitates at first to accept it. She eventually takes the bag then walks away without saying another word to either Dae Young or Lawyer Kim. When Soo Kyung enters her apartment, Lawyer Kim immediately thanks Dae Young because he was the one who encouraged Lawyer Kim to confess in which he was successfully able to do. They bid farewell to each other and go their own ways. Dae Young is seen walking back to his apartment when he feels like someone’s watching him. He turns around to check to see if anybody is there, but when he finds no one, he returns to his apartment room.


(omg, this is like my favorite screencap for this drama so far. Doojoon looks so freaking handsome. Omg, just stahp pls!)


Episode 13 is titled, “The Man Who Only Looked at Me.” Man? Which man? What are you talking about? Haha.

Soo Kyung is laying in her bed, conflicted over how she should respond to Lawyer Kim’s confession. She then remembers how Dae Young was scolding her harshly which causes her to get mad.

While in his apartment, Dae Young hears a loud and strange noise coming from Soo Kyung’s apartment so he heads over to her apartment to see what’s the matter. He finds out that she’s moving her bed so he helps her out. After successfully moving her bed like how she wanted, he asks for lots of chicken in return since he helped her out. Haha. So cute.


(I just had to screen cap this picture of Dae Young. He is too good-looking. BLAH. My fangirl heart can only take so much Doojoon Oppa. Lol).

Soo Kyung ends up listening to Dae Young and buys themselves some chicken. Soo Kyung notices that some of the chicken they bought are boneless so she ponders over whether it would have been better if they just ordered boneless chicken. But Dae Young isn’t too happy about that thought and goes off on his rampage about why chickens with bones are the best. Lol, here we go again 🙂

After they finish eating the chicken, Dae Young brings up Lawyer Kim’s confession to Soo Kyung. When she asks how he found out, he answers, “Well, I’m a fifth belt in Taekwondo, fourth belt in Hapkido, so I’m a tenth belt in noticing these things.” LOL. Dae Young, you never fail to impress me. Dae Young is happy for Soo Kyung and acknowledges Lawyer Kim’s great personality. Soo Kyung asks if Dae Young is honest and sincere about what he just said as if she doesn’t want him to say yes, but he says that he is honest about being happy for Soo Kyung because of Lawyer Kim’s confession. Gahhh, this is killing me. He thanks Soo Kyung for the chicken then leaves her apartment with the empty boxes to clean up. While cleaning up, Soo Kyung can only feel devastation thinking about what Dae Young just said and eventually becomes teary-eyed.


While expressing her sadness through tears, she gets a text message from Lawyer Kim asking her if she’s asleep. Ahhh, the irony. In the end, she doesn’t reply back to the messages and instead cries herself to sleep. Aww, poor Soo Kyung Noona.

We see Dae Young following Soo Kyung rapidly in some kind of wheat field. He tries to catch up with her, but stops when he witnesses Soo Kyung lock hand with Lawyer Kim then walks away with him. The random and confusing scene turns out to just be of Dae Young’s dream which is a big relief for him (and all of us).


Soo Kyung is getting ready to leave for work when she hears a loud Jin Yi yelling outside of her apartment door. Jin Yi delivers the news that Lawyer Kim is waiting outside of Soo Kyung’s apartment complex to take her to work. Before Soo Kyung can leave for work, she places her trust in Jin Yi to take care of Barassi while she’s gone.

Soo Kyung meets Lawyer Kim outside of the apartment complex and is willing to ride with him to work. When they get inside the car, Lawyer Kim hands her a bag full of a variety of breakfast meals since he wasn’t sure which one she would want to eat.


Lawyer Kim also brings up how he didn’t receive a reply from Soo Kyung, but she says that she went to sleep early so she couldn’t. He eventually pushes that topic to the side and together they eat the breakfast that was packed inside of the bag.

Back at the apartments, Jin Yi and Dae Young meet outside in the hallway. Dae Young notices that Jin Yi is hanging out with Barassi again for the day and because of what happened with him last night, he jokes that Barassi should get some insurance. When he asks whether Soo Kyung has already left for work, Jin Yi answers that she had already left with Lawyer Kim. This causes Dae Young to freeze at her response in jealousy and maybe even pain. They discuss about Lawyer Kim’s confession for a bit before heading together to take Barassi to visit the veterinarian again.

Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung arrive at their workplace safely, but Soo Kyung can’t seem to hold in her emotions of suffocation and frustration anymore, so she bluntly states that she needs to have a talk with Lawyer Kim.

They then head to a café shop and the atmosphere is just really awkward and uncomfortable. Soo Kyung begins the conversation after a few minutes of thinking and starts out with commending Lawyer Kim for being able to confess to her as confessing is never an easy thing to do. However, she continues that she can’t see herself dating Lawyer Kim as a man so he pleads for her to just give him a chance, even if it’s only for one day. Soo Kyung is reluctant to agree, but she eventually gives in to his request.

In the same café shop just a few feet away, you have Gyu-sik who’s struggling to hide himself from Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim. The man he’s having an interview with is unaware of Gyu-sik’s current situation and completely misunderstands Gyu-sik’s funny, random, and weird behavior.


(of all places in South Korea, they went to the same café shop. Haha, poor Gyu-sik).

When Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim leaves, Gyu-sik cannot believe that he was thinking that Lawyer Kim had a crush on Jin Yi all this time. He is utter disbelief. Lol.

Since Lawyer Oh was rejected by Dae Young, she goes from chasing after Dae Young back to Lawyer Kim. LOL. She tries to act kind to him like how she did towards Dae Young, but isn’t given a kind response from Lawyer Kim back.

Gyu-sik comes storming into the office and reveals to Lawyer Oh that Lawyer Kim likes Soo Kyung. Of course Lawyer Oh denies his assumption, but he tries to explain to her what he heard back at the café shop. He regrets not treating Soo Kyung as good as he could have, because if Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim ended up getting together, she would become his madame. This causes a change in Gyu-sik’s behavior towards Soo Kyung, because once he reaches this realization, he starts helping her out. Tsk tsk.

Lawyer Oh enters Lawyer Kim’s office and discusses with him about his confession towards Soo Kyung. Lawyer Kim asks that Lawyer Oh don’t make things uncomfortable for Soo Kyung since she hasn’t given a definite answer to his confession yet. He also adds about how he heard Lawyer Oh confess to Dae Young and wishes her the best of luck. Aww, too bad Dae Young didn’t feel the same way back. Dang, there’s rejection going on everywhere in this drama, isn’t there?! Lol.

Dae Young entertains himself in his apartment by watching the old clip of Soo Kyung snoring while she was in the hospital because of appenciditis when he receives a phone call from Jin Yi. When he tells her that he was watching the video, she suggests that he delete it because it might make Lawyer Kim angry. Dae Young at first is reluctant to delete it because he likes the video a lot but decides afterwards that he might, just for the sake of maintaining his friendship with Lawyer Kim. Dae Young and Jin Yi then decide to meet up for lunch while Jin Yi’s waiting for Barassi to finish at the hospital so Dae Young heads out of his apartment. Just when he turns the corner to enter the elevator, a man creeps out from a secret door hidden in the walls, but then is attacked by Dae Young who returned to beat the man up.


The man turns out to be the owner from the dry cleaning shop that Dae Young visits often. He was going around collecting clothes to do the laundry. Dae Young apologizes, but the owner is still feeling bitter about it.

Back at the attorney office, Lawyer Oh is mad about how Lawyer Kim doesn’t like her, but Soo Kyung instead, so she starts to punish Soo Kyung. She demands Soo Kyung to make copies for her, but Gyu-sik ruins her plan by volunteering to go make the copies again; he’s concerned that Soo Kyung might hurt herself in the process. That’s when Lawyer Kim exits out of his office and tells Soo Kyung to go with him to meet a client. They head out together to a restaurant which confuses Soo Kyung because she had been told that they were going to meet a client. But of course, Lawyer Kim lied about that just so they could enjoy lunch together – just the two of them.

Soo Kyung notices that there isn’t anyone else in the restaurant so she assumes that the place isn’t good – that’s why there aren’t any customers. But Lawyer Kim reassures her that this restaurant is great. His friend who is also a chef at the restaurant then greets Soo Kyung and introduces himself, but shortly leaves afterwards. Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim talk about a few minor things while waiting for the food to be cooked. Eventually the food arrives so they quickly dig in.


Having to have agreed on eating some lunch together, Jin Yi and Dae Young meet up. Since it’s undecided to which restaurant they’re eating at, they happen to walk past a restaurant that Jin Yi’s parents visited often. They then agree to eat there.

As Jin Yi and Dae Young enter the restaurant, they are told that the business hours are closed because someone rented the place out. That’s when Jin Yi notices Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim who are both busy eating with each other and happily greets them. She points out how Lawyer Kim managed to rent the restaurant out which surprises Soo Kyung because she had no clue or hint that it was Lawyer Kim that rented the restaurant. The four all eventually join one another for lunch.

While eating, Jin Yi conveys that she thinks Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung make a cute couple and even asks Dae Young if he agrees with her. Dae Young nods his head even though his thoughts might not exactly align with his actions. They all finish up eating so Dae Young takes out his cell phone to take a picture of the empty dishes to post up on his blog. He asks Soo Kyung if she would like to place her hand in the picture (since last time she noticed her hand was in one of the pictures and was completely spazzing over it), but she excuses herself to go use the restroom. While Jin Yi and Soo Kyung have gone to the restroom, Lawyer Kim asks Dae Young on his progress so far with Soo Kyung. Dae Young lies that he believes Soo Kyung has feelings for Lawyer Kim and explains the reasons as to why he believes that. This of course makes Lawyer Kim happy and content, because now he thinks he’s doing a great job so far.

In the restroom, Jin Yi and Soo Kyung congratulate each other for looking compatible with their partners (Jin Yi & Dae Young, Soo Kyung & Lawyer Kim). Jin Yi talks a bit about Dae Young and how it’s been a little bit more than four months since she’s started to like him. Soo Kyung can only look at Jin Yi while feeling guilty and a bit jealous inside.

Since the four of them have finished eating, they bid farewell and part ways. Dae Young and Jin Yi leave the restaurant together by walking when Jin Yi receives a phone call from our Parcel Service guy Gwang Suk who called Jin Yi to notify her of a package she got from her mom in America. However, he was told that he can’t enter people’s houses without permission so he suggests that he put it in the corridor fireplug since no one looks around there. When Jin Yi agrees to his suggestion, he hangs up and puts on a serious (and scary) face expression.

In the car, Soo Kyung notices that Lawyer Kim is behaving strangely so she asks him if he’s okay. He lies that he has indigestion so he pulls over so that Soo Kyung can care for him a bit. When she grabs his arm and starts massaging it, Lawyer Kim begins to spazz smile and feel all happy inside over how Soo Kyung is all over him.


While caring for Lawyer Kim, Soo Kyung receives a phone call from the brother of one of the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident victims who wishes to treat Soo Kyung out for lunch since she helped report a file against the criminal (I’m guessing this assault case is the same one where Soo Kyung blamed Dae Young as the criminal to the assault incidents). Soo Kyung isn’t sure if she wants to go eat out with them, but then Lawyer Kim encourages her to go.

When Soo Kyung arrives at her apartment, she finds Kyung Mi and her two sons inside, preparing her some food and cleaning her apartment (so cute!). Kyung Mi heard from her husband about how Lawyer Kim has a crush on Soo Kyung and how she could possibly become his lady so she has decided to celebrate this opportunity by cooking for Soo Kyung. But Soo Kyung disappoints her best friend by telling her that she doesn’t feel the same way towards Lawyer Kim like how he feels towards her. Kyung Mi is indeed disappointed and scolds Soo Kyung, but stubborn Soo Kyung isn’t willing to listen. She then orders Kyung Mi and her sons to leave as she has an appointment with the brother of of the victim she found attacked in the earlier episode.

Dae Young notices Soo Kyung leaving to go somewhere while he’s entering the apartment complex and even calls out her name, but she continues to go on about her business because she didn’t hear Dae Young. He doesn’t think too much into it.

In the hallway, he meets Jin Yi who’s picking up her box that Gwang Suk left in the corridor fireplug. They analyze the package and notices that it seems like someone has already opened it. They first suspect Gwang Suk, but then changes their mind as Gwang Suk seems like a really nice guy. So they head to the security office to keep investigating. There they find out that Soo Kyung’s mail has continously been missing too. Someone keeps touching everyone’s belongings. Hmm, weird.

Since Soo Kyung has an appointment with the brother of the victim, she calls Jin Yi to ask her if she can take care of Barassi for a little bit longer. Dae Young, who’s standing next to Jin Yi, is informed that Soo Kyung has gone to meet the brother. But then he realzies that something’s wrong – the victim of the attack he was accused of committing (but really didn’t) is the only child, so this ‘brother’ does not exist. UH-OH!!!


He tries to contact Soo Kyung, but is unsuccessful so Dae Young has no choice but to go out and try to find Soo Kyung (Dae Young to the rescue!). Meanwhile, Soo Kyung is at the location that the brother wanted to meet so she calls him. While looking around, the man that is supposedly the victim’s ‘brother’ is seen standing a few feet away from her while watching Soo Kyung search around for him. Ooh, pretty scary.

My Thoughts:

I fairly enjoyed this episode, although I did have many questions that evolved from watching it. Like how and when did Dae Young start developing feelings for Soo Kyung? It was pretty obvious in this episode that he was jealous every time he heard about Soo Kyung being with another man that wasn’t him, but what did Soo Kyung do exactly to capture his heart and cause him to start thinking of her in another way? I’m just confused, because in the past few episodes, we got to see Soo Kyung’s confrontation with her feelings towards Dae Young, but never a glimpse or hint of Dae Young’s so to see him start liking her is just random and sort of weird. If there was a backbone to the story, I would appreciate it very much. Something else I was confused about was the phone call from the supposed ‘brother.’ How exactly did he manage to get in contact with Soo Kyung if the victim that was assaulted never had a brother in the first place? This could only lead us down to one suspect who is the dry cleaning shop owner because he knows Soo Kyung while Gwang Suk doesn’t (or at least he doesn’t. Correct me on this if I’m wrong). I also hope the drama provides a background story on this.

Now we have multiple people that are suspected to be the criminal to the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents, so I’m glad that uri Dae Young isn’t the only one suspected anymore (not that the drama has been dragging that along. Thank goodness they stopped). But then again, we had a random Parcel Service guy added into the drama to seem like he could potentially be the one committing those incidents. Heck, this episode made it seem like even the dry clean shop owner could be the criminal behind all the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents. I wouldn’t even be too surprised if it did turn out to be him because dramas like to pull surprises at you and because the drama is making it way too obvious so far that it could be Gwang Suk. Once again, surprises, surprises, surprises.

I don’t know if you guys are watching the episode then reading my recaps or just reading my recaps, but there have been some scenes that I skipped and did not include in the recap. Usually they’re scenes of Lawyer Oh who I really do not like in all honesty. To put in simpler terms, she’s a selfish and very delusional person who thinks the world should revolve around her and thinks that by seducing guys (Dae Young and Lawyer Kim), they will like her back which is not true. And when they don’t like her back, she gets all mad and in this case acted fairly harshly to Soo Kyung, because Lawyer Kim liked her, NOT Lawyer Oh. Ugh, as you can see, I’m not too fond of Lawyer Oh, so please understand where I’m coming from. Also, we really don’t know much about Lawyer Oh or her background story, so that character depth isn’t there nor is there an emotional attachment to the character. But it’s okay even if I skip out on her scenes, they’re not important anyways. Haha. I hope you guys understand.

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