Let’s Eat: Episode 14 Recap

The episode starts out with Soo Kyung putting on her jacket to go outside to meet with the brother of the ‘victim’ to the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents she reported. While going out, Dae Young witnesses her exiting the apartment complex and calls out her name, but receives no response in return. He assumes that she’s going on another date which kills him a little bit inside (aww, it’s okay Dae Young, you have me).

 Soo Kyung goes to the dry cleaning shop to get a stain on her jacket removed. While handing Soo Kyung the sheet for her to fill out, the owner gives her a suspicious look before the camera focuses in on Soo Kyung again.


Soo Kyung is busy filling out the paper when she receives a phone call from the ‘Brother.’ (I’m going to refer to him from now on as the ‘Brother’ because well…he calls himself from the brother of the victim so I thought I should call him that as well. I hope you guys don’t mind).


Episode 14’s title is called ‘She Has Disappeared.’ Uh-oh, this isn’t good. 😦

 Soo Kyung explains her situation to Jin Yi on the phone while waiting outside for the Brother. She gives him a phone call, but is unaware that he is actually standing behind her a few feet away…and watching her (accckkk, Soo Kyung, get out of there already! Before it’s too late).


The brother ends up walking closer and closer to Soo Kyung, then pats her on the shoulders for her to turn around. We get a glimpse of this ‘Brother’ who gives off an innocent and kind impression off the bat.


Back at the security office where Jin Yi and Dae Young are, Dae Young is trying to call Soo Kyung (whose cell phone is almost out of battery btw), but can’t seem to reach her so he decides that he has to go out to find her.

Soo Kyung asks the brother where his sister is in which he responds that she’s in the car and has not fully recovered yet. He then leads her to his car and while doing so notices a video camera on a street light so he quickly puts on his hat to not get caught. Soo Kyung, all the while, is oblivious to any of this strange and suspicious behavior as the guy is walking behind her.


Dae Young rushes over to the police station to report Soo Kyung’s kidnapping. The police officer (who is played by Jung Eun-Pyo who is best known for his role in The Moon Embracing the Sun. Hehe) is alert and tries to process the situation after being given a rushed explanation by Dae Young. After talking it over, the police officer concludes that there isn’t any evidence that this is a kidnapping case so he decides to not help out. This leaves Dae Young no choice but to find Soo Kyung all by himself (I will help you Dae Young Oppa!).

 When Dae Young is outside of the police station and panicking, he recalls when he saw Soo Kyung carrying Lawyer Kim’s outfit with her so he immediately calls Lawyer Kim. Lawyer Kim insists that Soo Kyung is probably meeting with the Brother right now, but doesn’t know where they could be meeting. Lawyer Kim is in utter disbelief when Dae Young tells him that this ‘Brother’ is not really the victim’s brother, he was the ‘Don’t Ask’ assailant.

 The next place that Dae Young stops at is the dry cleaning shop where Soo Kyung visited to drop off Lawyer Kim’s jacket. The owner then recalls Soo Kyung mentioning a place near the café alley past a three way intersection to which Dae Young automatically runs out of the shop to go there (woot woot, go Dae Young!)


The Brother and Soo Kyung are walking side by side at this dark alley in a neighborhood. The Brother then brings up the topic about how Soo Kyung said she saw the ‘Don’t Ask’ assailant’s face last time, but she states that she didn’t see his face clearly. The Brother then asks Soo Kyung if she’s seen him somewhere before, but Soo Kyung can’t remember. He then reveals that he wanted to meet her – something whicih Soo Kyung doesn’t understand. That’s when he pulls out the trophy that he often attacks his victims with and shows it to Soo Kyung who starts running for her life once she sees it.

She however reaches a dead end and is slowly getting approached by the Brother who states, “I like this kind of expression…astonishment, dread, fear…I tell you that a very charming scent comes from a woman with this kind of expression.” Uhhh, creepy much? Lol. He states that because of people like Soo Kyung, he can’t continue to do the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents so he has to get rid of her in order to continue to attack. So the Brother finally reaches Soo Kyung and right when he raises his arm with the trophy in his hand to attack, the drama suddenly focuses in on Dae Young who has fallen over and injured after almost running into a guy with a motorcyle. He refuses to go to to the hospital and arrives at the place that Soo Kyung and the Brother met at earlier. However, he’s a bit too late as police cars and ambulances are parked at the location. Dae Young notices a body being strolled into the ambulance and assumes that Soo Kyung has been attacked.


He runs over to the body and calls out ‘Nuna’ repeatedly (why do I feel tear drops falling down my face) but then hears his name being called. So he turns around and finds Soo Kyung standing there, safe and sound (breathes out a sigh of relief). Dae Young immediately runs over to her and the first thing he does is give her a big and warm hug, relieved over how she is safe and not hurt.


Soo Kyung explains to Dae Young how there was a dead corpse in the Brother’s car, but all he can focus on (with that puppy look he’s giving her) is how she’s safe and safe and safe.


(needed to screen shot this beautiful angle and look on Dae Young’s face. Too beautiful).

They stand across from each other in silence for a few seconds until an investigator commends Soo Kyung for being calm and brave. Because of her ability to be courageous, they were able to capture the assailant to the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents. Dae Young is confused and demands for an explanation.

In the car on the way back home, we learn that Soo Kyung purposely went out to meet the culprit so that the police officers could catch him. So she was basically set up as the bait. Soo Kyung knew that something strange and odd was up so she contacted the police station and they worked together to capture the criminal committing these ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents (finally). Dae Young scolds Soo Kyung for doing something so dangerous, but is taken aback when Soo Kyung confesses that she wanted to capture the criminal because she felt bad for Dae Young – for reporting him to be the suspect when he was innocent in the end. Because of the guilt she had over that, she wanted to catch the criminal so that he would forgive her for what she did back then. After she’s finished explaining herself, she notices the blood running from Dae Young’s arm and so they transport him to a hospital to be taken care of.

Dae Young asks Soo Kyung to write, “The happy life companion for you, the insurance planner, Goo Dae Young” on his cast so that he won’t have to hand out business cards and so people can just read his cast (haha, so cute). Soo Kyung abides to his request and writes on his cast what Dae Young had asked for. So. Cute.


They are both walking out together when Lawyer Kim comes storming into the hospital. Dae Young walks away after a few seconds of standing with the two leaving Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung behind to talk to each other. Just then, Jin Yi comes entering the hospital to find Dae Young in a cast. They talk for a few minutes before deciding to go eat so Soo Kyung leaves Lawyer Kim to join her two neighbors as well.

As the three neighbors talk with one another in the restaurant, Jin Yi commends Soo Kyung for doing something so courageous. She simply states that she needs to eat something delicious to calm herself down then complains about eating at a restaurant where you have to cook the meat over a coal briquette because it takes too long. No no no Soo Kyung, you shouldn’t have done that. You guys already know what’s up. Dae Young complains and goes off on yet another rampage.

The trio starts digging in to the delicious meat that is cooked over the coal brisquette. After they finish eating, they listen in on the news report on the TV that the criminal committing the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents have been caught (all thanks to Soo Kyung). The criminal who is called Mr. Choi was angry because he couldn’t find a job despite attending a prestigious university so he went murdering people (LOL). The trophy he attacked the single woman with was a trophy he got in the Economics Olympiad. This explains the mystery behind the footprints in the apartment hallway as well as Soo Kyung’s mails continously disappearing. YAY. Mystery solved!

Lawyer Kim is at a bar all by himself, heart-broken over Soo Kyung. He recalls the conversation he had with Soo Kyung in the car about meeting with the Brother. He goes back to drinking and being lonely.

Soo Kyung has returned to her apartment and lays on her bed to sleep when an image of the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incident’s assailant’s face resurfaces in her mind. 


(because this totally isn’t scary or anything right you guys?)

She wakes up from the terrible nightmare and finds comfort in Barassi who she holds onto tightly. Soo Kyung then gets a text message from Dae Young who assumes that Soo Kyung isn’t sleeping because he can’t hear the sound of her loud snoring (LOL).  Dae Young himself can’t fall asleep either and when he doesn’t reply to Soo Kyung’s text, she thinks that he’s in deep deep pain so she gets all worried and texts him a billion more questions. Dae Young stares at the wall behind him (which is Soo Kyung’s apartment) annoyed at the many questions Soo Kyung’s texting him and ends up calling her to tell her that he can only text with one hand since his other arm is bandaged. They continue to have a conversation with each other on the phone that night. (Can I get an ‘awwww’? Haha).

Kyung Mi visits Soo Kyung to scold her for what she did with the capturing of the criminal. We find out that Soo Kyung hasn’t told her mother yet in fear that her mother will kill her (as if almost getting killed by the criminal wasn’t enough, Soo Kyung’s mother might kill her too. Haha).


In the end, Soo Kyung was just really worried about her best friend Soo Kyung and the possibility that something bad could have happened to her because she was being too courageous. She starts crying which surprises Soo Kyung (and me), but eventually is hugged by Soo Kyung (aww, friendship hug!)

While eating breakfast, Kyung Mi suggest that Soo Kyung leave her apartment since she doesn’t know when the assailant will be released from prison and what he will do to Soo Kyung after. Soo Kyung is reluctant to leave her apartment to which she has become attached to. Even Kyung Mi’s youngest son doesn’t want Soo Kyung to leave because then that means that he won’t be able to visit her anymore (or really Jin Yi he means, haha). The thought of getting to play at Jin Yi’s house excites them so the two sons heads over to her apartment to play.

Soo Kyung returns to work and is bombarded with compliments from Gyu-sik who applauds her act of courage and bravery. When he’s finished commending her, Lawyer Kim exits out of his office looking tired and exhausted, leaving all the workers to assume that he was working over night.


Dae Young walks out of his apartment to go somewhere when he noticed something outside of his apartment door. So he moonwalks (not really) back to his apartment door and finds a bag containing some oxbone soup from Soo Kyung that Kyung Mi made for Soo Kyung when she visited her best friend.

It’s lunch time so Soo Kyung invites Lawyer Kim to eat with her, Gyu-sik, and Lawyer Oh but he kindly denies her request and uses the excuses that he has an appointment to not go. The three co-workers go to the same restaurant that Soo Kyung visited in the very first episode with her blind date (aww, brings back so many memories) and like how it was in the first episode, there is a long line. Gyu-sik still thinks that Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung has something for each other, but what he doesn’t understand is that Soo Kyung never had any feelings for him in the first place.

When the three return to the attorney office with their lunch, they find Lawyer Kim with his own lunch. Gyu-sik is kind enough to sacrifice his lunch plate and give it to Lawyer Kim so that he can eat it with Soo Kyung in his office. However, Lawyer Kim isn’t willing to and makes up the excuse that he has to look at some documents while eating (so if I’m not good enough at explaining the situation, Lawyer Kim is trying to push himself away from Soo Kyung. Hence, denying her request to join them for lunch and saying that he has documents to look at so he can’t eat lunch with her like how Gyu-sik recommended).

Jin Yi is busy making a decorated cast for Dae Young when her door bell rings. She assumes it’s Gwang Suk so she calls out his name, but is surprised to find another Parcel Service guy there instead. We find out that Gwang Suk had quit his job, because he was having some family problems back at home (AWWWW. NOOOOO. URI GWANG SUKIE). Jin Yi is affected by this sad news and wishes that Gwang Suk would have notified her first before quitting (I wished so too Jin Yi).

At the attorney office, Lawyer Kim tells the three workers that he has a trial to go to so he won’t be able to return to the office for the whole day. Right when he leaves, Soo Kyung follows him. Gyu-sik can only watch in awe as he thinks that they’re making up excuses just so they could spend time with each other (but that obviously isn’t the case). Gyu-sik is brought to his senses when Lawyer Oh tells him that it’s obvious Lawyer Kim doesn’t like Soo Kyung anymore, hence him avoiding her every single time.


(do you guys notice how they’re like in the middle of the street? LOL. Get out of there! You guys are gonna get run over!)

Lawyer Kim is approached by Soo Kyung who asks for a chance to talk. They then head over to a café shop to discuss Lawyer Kim’s strange behavior. Soo Kyung first wonders why he’s been avoiding her to which Lawyer Kim reveals that he’s ashamed to see Soo Kyung. He feels guilty for encouraging Soo Kyung to go meet the ‘Brother’ of the victim when something very dangerous could have happened to her. He then realizes why he had a one-sided love for Soo Kyung for ten years and nothing more, because this is all he can amount up to. He never had more than enough courage to do something more. Soo Kyung brings up the time back in college when he gave her the hair pin. Him as the nerd with the glasses who handed her a hair pin only to run away afterwards. Lawyer Kim is surprised that Soo Kyung remembered a detail like this that occurred so many years back.


Soo Kyung revealed that she couldn’t recognize Lawyer Kim, because his physical appearance changed drastically – he looked and became cooler. Soo Kyung also explains the reason as to why Kyung Mi was wearing the hair pin Lawyer Kim gave her as a present and it was because Kyung Mi’s hair kept on falling while she was studying so the hair pin was used to make her hair stay firmly. Soo Kyung thanks Lawyer Kim for the hair pin and for confessing to her. Because of him, she has realized that she is a person that can still be loved by someone. She adds, “After getting divorced, I was beat down by life. I, who was depressed, was able to love myself in a long while. So that is why even more so I should tell you more accurately…I’ll answer you now. Lawyer Kim as a man I don’t think I can meet you like that…”

Dae Young visits the dry clean shop to ask the owner to clean his shirt that had blood stains on it. He suspects Dae Young being in an arm cast having something to do with Soo Kyung and when he is told that Dae Young went to go rescue her out of his own free will, he assumes Dae Young of liking Soo Kyung. Dae Young believes he’s just spouting out non-sense, but the owner remains stubborn and sticks to his beliefs. He also makes Dae Young carry Lawyer Kim’s jacket that Soo Kyung turned in yesterday so that he can give it to her. Dae Young: “Like it wasn’t enough you talked non-sense, now you even make a patient who can only use one arm run errands?” HAHAHA.

Dae Young gives Soo Kyung the jacket and lies that it must have been because he was carrying the heavy jacket with his arm that his arm is now starting to hurt. This causes Soo Kyung to talk about a restaurant Dae Young suggested so they agree to invite Jin Yi before heading out to the restaurant. But Jin Yi is busy doing her own things so she, for the first time, denies their request to go out and eat. Jin Yi is at a store preparing gifts for her neighbors (aww, so nice of her).

Since Jin Yi had denied their request, it’s just Dae Young and Soo Kyung who are eating out together. Meanwhile, Jin Yi is in her apartment preparing the gifts that she got for her neighbors. When she leaves her apartment, a freaking hand sticks out from under her freaking bed (IS THIS A HORROR MOVIE OR SOMETHING?! WHY ARE THERE LIKE 150903493493 MURDERERS AIMING TO KILL PEOPLE IN THIS DRAMA. JUST STAHP IT ALREADY. THANK GOODNESS I’M RECAPPING THIS IN THE AFTERNOON. OTL). 



Soo Kyung is panicking after eating the spicy chicken. Her face is all red so Dae Young wants to take a picture of it for memories, but she won’t let him. She uses her hands to cover the lower half of her face, but with Dae Young’s powerful force, he is able to get a hold of her hands and now their faces are thisclose to each other. So because their faces are like thisclose to each other, Dae Young takes the chance to kiss Soo Kyung on the lips.


Jin Yi happens to also be in the same place as them and witnesses this moment. The episode ends with a surprised and very shocked (and hurt and jealous) Jin Yi feeling her heart break into a million pieces as she watches the guy she likes and the woman she confides and trusts kiss each other (girrlll you got better things to worry about, like how there’s a freaking person hiding under your bed ready to kill you).

My Thoughts:

Hmm, for the most part, this episode made me happy. But there are some things that I am not so fond of.

Starting with the good news, I like how we wrapped up the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents. Like I expressed in an earlier recap, I didn’t like this mystery because it dragged and often presented a darker side that I felt was too much of a difference from the happy and cheerful vibe this drama created, so I’m glad we got that out of the way. I knew that Soo Kyung was too smart to just meet with a random guy. I’m relieved, but happy at the same time that Soo Kyung knew something suspicious was up so she decided to go the smart way and contact the police station. If the drama had actually made her go meet the Brother because she believed that the victim did have a brother, I would have been so mad because this character change and shift would have been so random. But because Soo Kyung teamed up with the police because she knew things weren’t right, I was happy and glad she continued to remain smart (come on, she’s a Chief Secretary).

Something that has been bothering me about the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents is how no one ever tried to do something about it. You had women whose lives were being murdered and killed and yet nothing was ever done about this. It just makes me flustered and puzzled. Or if there was investigation being run, I wish the drama could have been more explicit about this. Why is it only now that the criminal has been captured when he should have so many months ago? Urgh.

So Jin Yi has noticed her Unnie who she loves and admires kissing the guy he likes? Why do I forsee her ignoring and acting harshly to Soo Kyung in the future? Why do I see her friendship with Soo Kyung worsen in the future episodes? Ugh, Jin Yi’s one-sided love for Dae Young was supposed to be over when Dae Young had already told both Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh that he only saw them as a younger sister and friend and nothing more so why is Jin Yi still pursuing after him? He will never like her; she will always remain as his younger sister. Why doesn’t she understand that? I’m just mad because all this time she and Soo Kyung have always been on good terms then now the drama decides to pull this bullshit on us the last two episodes. You just know that Jin Yi and Soo Kyung’s friendship will eventually be repaired, but it’s going to be rushed. I rather just have Jin Yi be mature and grown up and accept the fact that Dae Young doesn’t like her (like how he actually told her he didn’t) and just move on, but because she didn’t, she’s going to dislike Soo Kyung for being the girl Dae Young likes or at least got to kiss, grow jealous, and the road back to repairing this friendship will be rushed and that’s something I would HATE to see. HATE. HATE. HATE. I hate things that are rushed in K-drama Land, lol. At least Lawyer Oh has gotten over Dae Young. LOL.

This drama is just going to the dark and evil side isn’t it? First was the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents, then now someone else is trying to get Jin Yi killed. I’m assuming you guys haven’t watched the preview to episode 15, but Gwang Suk makes his appearance once again and it doesn’t look too good. I wasn’t so surprised in the first place though. The drama placed him in for a purpose and so in the next episode, it seems like we’ll be given an explanation to his purpose in the drama.

Another thing I did like about this drama was Soo Kyung’s direct and honest conversation with Lawyer Kim. The fact that she brought up the small details and memories of events that happened ten years ago says a lot about her and I commend her for that. She never forgot about Lawyer Kim handing her the hair pin and was instead thankful to have been given that present. She was also thankful for his confession, so she acknowledged his confession (that’s a total surprise. How many times do we see characters do that in korean dramas? Not a lot I tell you!). I love how sincere and comfortable she is to talk about his confession like it doesn’t bother her. She’s not awkward with Lawyer Kim; she genuinely wants to talk things out with him and that is what she did in this episode. To talk to him and reject him kindly is what makes Soo Kyung such an awesome character. She didn’t avoid him in fear that things would get awkward between her and Lawyer Kim. She spoke up and expressed her thoughts about him so that he would stop getting hurt and so that she would stop feeling so guilty. There you go Soo Kyung, you have definitely come a long way 🙂

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