Let’s Eat Episode 15 Recap

It’s the second to the last episode and misunderstandings are finally solved, confrontations are made, and honest feelings are confessed. Because although this episode wasn’t my favorite, I’m glad that we got many things out of the way…but then again not everything is solved – yet.

 The episode starts out with Dae Young and Soo Kyung eating together at a restaurant and Dae Young wanting to take a picture of a Soo Kyung who has some sauce on her mouth. However, she refuses to allow him to take an embarassing picture of her so that’s when he grabs her hand that’s blocking her mouth and leans in to – yes, kiss her (gasp). 


(I can hear the sound of every B2UTY’s heart breaking…including mines).

Soo Kyung walks back and forth in her apartment, pondering over the kiss. She believes Dae Young kissed him because he must have some interest in her or else he wouldn’t have kissed her. She seems optimistic and happy over the kiss and expresses this by talking to Barassi. But Barassi’s response isn’t so great which makes Soo Kyung doubtful and confused.

Dae Young in his apartment is also reflecting back upon the kiss and touches his sexy lips. Stahp it Doojoon. Touching your lips should be illegal.


He turns his head towards Soo Kyung’s apartment and glances at the wall that connects their apartment together. A satisfied and content smile forms on his face. >.<

Meanwhile, Jin Yi who happened to be there at that moment and witnessed her neighbors kiss each other, is seen in her apartment cutting and tearing up the gifts she got for her neighbors while crying. She lays her head down, hurt and heart-broken.


Episode 15 is called ‘Your Silence.’ This title can go so many ways and is opened to so many interpretations. Haha, I love it!

The next morning, Soo Kyung finds no response from Dae Young and grows confused over how he hasn’t said anything about their kiss yet. But when she discovers that Dae Young is waiting outside of her apartment door, she immediately smiles and thinks that he has come to talk about their kiss. She changes into nicer clothes before greeting him outside her apartment door. But it isn’t what she expected as Dae Young visited her just to give her back the container that she put the ox bone soup in before giving it to him in the last episode. When that’s all that Dae Young visited her for, they separate and return to their apartments – disappointed.

Soo Kyung and Dae Young meet that morning at the bus stop. Just when Dae Young is trying to make plans for the both of them, Soo Kyung interrupts by noticing the bus and quickly gets on it. She still fusses over Dae Young not mentioning anything about the kiss. (Then maybe you should Soo Kyung? Sounds like a good idea, eh?)

At the attorney office, Gyu-sik asks Soo Kyung about her and Lawyer Kim to which Soo Kyung answers that they were never in a relationship so he should stop asking about them. When Gyu-sik finally discovers the truth, he throws the towel he was cleaning with at Soo Kyung and tells her to start cleaning. HAHAHAHA. Now that he has found out Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung aren’t talking anymore, he can be at relief. (Previously he always thought they  had something for each other and realized that if Soo Kyung had become Lawyer Kim’s girlfriend or wife, he would have to respect her so he acted really kind to Soo Kyung, but now that Soo Kyung and Lawyer Kim don’t have anything to do with each other anymore, he doesn’t care for Soo Kyung anymore). LOL. Geez, thanks Gyu-sik.

Lawyer Kim and Oh enters the office together. Lawyer Kim is seen carrying two bags full of sandwiches and forbids Gyu-sik and Lawyer Oh to touch them for all of these sandwiches are only for Soo Kyung. He explicitly admits to Gyu-sik and Lawyer Oh that he harbors a crush on Soo Kyung which causes Soo Kyung to drag Lawyer Kim into his office to talk.


She reminds him again about how she feels towards him, but Lawyer Oh is determined to keep showing his love for Soo Kyung. He adds, “…I still can’t get over my feelings for you. If the feelings I had for 10 years could be folded in one day, that would be a lie. I am sorry if I make you feel burdened. But, I am not pestering you so that you can unconditionally accept my feelings. It’s just that so that if I end it, so that I won’t regret it later on, I want to try my best in all that I can do.” Aw, such a heartfelt confession. Plus points!

Dae Young and Jin Yi meet in the apartment lobby. He notices that her eyes are puffy and places his palm on her forehead to check to see if she’s sick or has a fever. That’s when she asks him if he knows that he’s the only one who worries and cares about her. She asks to get a cup of tea together in which Dae Young agrees.

At the shop, after eating some brownies, Dae Young plans to update his blog by taking a few pictures of the empty plate while voicing, “(She’ll) like it.” I’m guessing he’s referring to Soo Kyung. A few seconds later, Jin Yi hands Dae Young her gift: an arm holder that she personally made herself. He tries it on, but notices that the arm holder is blocking the message that Soo Kyung wrote on his cast. Jin Yi attacks back by saying, “So are you saying you won’t wear my arm holder because of Soo Kyung’s message?” Woah woah, calm down there, buddy. Dae Young will still continue to wear the arm holder since Jin Yi made it for him, but also wants to show the message. Jin Yi then says that since she gave him a present, for him to give her something as well. Right after he asks for what she wanted, she simply answers, “This” and leans in towards Dae Young to give him a kiss (I can hear B2UTY’s hearts shattering into pieces again…cr..a.c…kk. Crack. Crack. Crack).


Dae Young pushes her away and warns her that if she does something like this again, then he won’t see her ever again. (So I’m guessing just about anyone can kiss Dae Young now right? That means that I have a chance too right? Since I also have an unrequited love for him. Haha). All I know is that Jin Yi has some courage for sure.

Back at the attorney office, Soo Kyung browses on Dae Young’s blog and notices his updates of the pictures he took when he went out to eat with Jin Yi. Soo Kyung grows angry and assumes that yesterday (the day they kissed) means nothing to him.


In the next scene, we see Gwang Suk in Jin Yi’s apartment going through her belongings. (So HE was the one who was under Jin Yi’s bed. That was still creepy as heck. *shivers*). He hears Jin Yi entering her apartment so he goes to hide in her bedroom. As Jin Yi is taking a look at herself in the mirror and trying to find ways to improve her look, she suggests changing her clothes (NO, DON’T GO THERE. YOUR STALKER IS IN YOUR BEDROOM READY TO ATTACK YOU). Right when she’s about to enter her bedroom, she receives a call from her mother regarding her dad’s case with Attorney Kim so she walks out of her apartment. Gwang Suk exits out of her bedroom and repeats Jin Yi’s words, “Good news.”

Lawyer Kim tells Jin Yi that her dad might be able to receive probation. When she finds out that her dad can possibly be released, she thanks Lawyer Kim repeatedly then switches the subject to Soo Kyung. Jin Yi is absolutely on Lawyer Kim’s side who is thinking of picking up Soo Kyung everyday to take her to work. She reassures Lawyer Kim that she will talk about him to Soo Kyung all the time so that he can win her heart.

ImageHe leans forward to hold Jin Yi’s hand and to thank her for her efforts. That’s when Soo Kyung enters the office with some drinks which throws Lawyer Kim off. He jumps back into his couch, panicked, and asks for Soo Kyung to not misunderstand. Jin Yi interrupts, “Why would she misunderstand over us holding hands? It’s not like we kissed or anything.” OOOH, burnt! Lolol. Jin Yi exclaims that they should all head out for lunch.


(I notice that when I screen cap the meals, the meal I screen cap is always the same one as the one used to show the title of the episode. LOL).

While eating, Jin Yi fulfills her promise to Attorney Kim and begins the conversation by saying that he and Soo Kyung makes a compatible couple. Gyu-sik also agrees and adds his opinion about Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung. Of course Lawyer Kim is happy with what he’s hearing from them two.

Everyone but Lawyer Oh leaves first, leaving Lawyer Oh behind to finish her food by herself. When they have all left, she starts to cry. (I’m not sure whether it’s the heart-break she’s suffering from now that she knows Lawyer Kim likes Soo Kyung or whether it’s because of the fact that she revealed that she eats a lot which might have caused the other people to judge her. Could probably be both I’m guessing).


Soo Kyung and Jin Yi spend some time with each other at a coffee shop. Jin Yi brings up the kiss incident and reveals that she was actually there to witness the kiss. Soo Kyung is about to explain the situation, but Jin Yi interrupts and says that as long as she doesn’t like Dae Young, Jin Yi can forget everything. But when Soo Kyung doesn’t say anything back, Jin Yi grows mad and yells, “You have no reason to like Dae Young Oppa. Because I like Dae Young Oppa. You know about all my worries and heartbreak. When I confessed to Dae Young Oppa, you kept helping me out like a real sister. Right?…” Jin Yi looks straight into Soo Kyung’s eyes for reassurance and an answer, but Soo Kyung can only look away, conflicted and guilty. Jin Yi adds, “I’m not a little kid. Just because of the mood, because you get carried away by the mood, I know something like that can happen. I understand. Also, even for Oppa, that kiss…probably meant nothing at all either. He even kissed with me too.” This causes Soo Kyung to finally raise her head and look up at Jin Yi in total surprise. “So from now on, don’t create anything that you’ll be sorry to me for.” And with that, Jin Yi walks out of the shop.

Dae Young is exiting out of his apartment to go somewhere and along the way overhears the conversation between a sales agent and the person that is looking into moving in to Soo Kyung’s apartment. He questions if Soo Kyung is leaving her apartment and moving out so he goes to find her. Meanwhile, the woman that the sales agent is talking to thinks that she should have went to Apartment Room 905 since she’s moving in there, but since the person living in Room 905 is on a business trip, they had no choice but to look inside Soo Kyung’s apartment. It doesn’t matter anyway though because both apartment rooms have similar styles. LOL. This drama still manages to be funny at the most random times ever. (I just suddenly had this random thought. What if they looked into Jin Yi’s apartment? They would have discovered Gwang Suk! LOL). In the end, Soo Kyung isn’t actually moving out.

Jin Yi and Dae Young meet in the apartment complex. Dae Young asks Jin Yi if Soo Kyung’s moving out to which Jin Yi replies that it would make sense if she did since she did experience something similar to the ‘Don’t Ask’ incident. Attorney Kim can also be looking at new and safer places for her to stay at. Dae Young leaves and goes about his business while Jin Yi notices that he didn’t even congratulate her on her father, he just went straight into talking about Soo Kyung.

Jin Yi is sitting outside on the bench by herself when she is greeted by Gwang Suk who came to bid farewell with her one last time before returning to Busan to care for his sick mother.


Gwang Suk suggest that they go drink some tea since it’s cold, but Jin Yi would rather want some alcohol instead. (Someone’s feeling depressed. Haha).

Soo Kyung is walking home from work and constantly thinking about what Jin Yi told her. She’s obviously bothered over the idea that Dae Young also kissed Jin Yi, which might prove that Soo Kyung’s kiss with Dae Young meant nothing at all. While walking to the bus stop, Lawyer Kim stops his car and insists that Soo Kyung go with him so that he can take her home. He doesn’t care about how he’s holding back a line of cars with impatient drivers. He’s going to keep on insisting until Soo Kyung says yes. LOL, Lawyer Kim is hilarious. The things he would do for Soo Kyung.

Soo Kyung asks Lawyer Kim to drop her off after a few minutes of riding with him in the car. He asks her to eat dinner with him, but she denies his request, saying, “Just having refused your feelings I thought I was hurting you so I didn’t want to say this to you, but, actually…there’s someone I like.” Lawyer Kim watches her exit out of the car, in disbelief and sadness.

Dae Young is at a liquor store by himself (I’ll be more than happy to join you Oppa!). He takes a glance at the message that Soo Kyung wrote on his cast so he grabs his cell phone to contact Soo Kyung, but then stops halfway and tells himself that whether she moves out or not is none of her business. Before leaving the liquor store, Dae Young gets himself a triangle kimbap (kimbap wrapped in the shape of a triangle). He exits out of the store a few minutes earlier than Soo Kyung also happens to enter the same store a few minutes after. She also wants the same thing that Dae Young had grabbed: the triangle kimbap. What a coincidence, eh?

Soo Kyung returns to her apartment and while eating the triangle kimbap, recalls the moments when she first met Dae Young, all the way from when she first met him in the elevator where Barassi dug through his trash to all those constant times he always talked to her about getting insurance. We also see the scenes of when Dae Young counted all the times he was there for Soo Kyung and his serious confrontation with Soo Kyung who had accused him of being the criminal committing the ‘Don’t Ask’ assault incidents. 


Then we see a drunk Soo Kyung apologizing to Dae Young a countless number of times for reporting him when he was actually innocent. Haha. Aww, I remember this scene. Definitely one of the most touching scenes in this drama.


We also revisit the time when Soo Kyung discovered that Dae Young was Mr. ShikSha, in charge of Soo Kyung’s favorite blog ShikSha blog. And also the time when Dae Young saved Soo Kyung from falling onto the ground.


(Remember this scene? Kekeke).

Of course we can’t forget when Dae Young claimed Soo Kyung as his when he won the ‘Go Stop’ card game against her mother. Then comes the heart-breaking scenes of when Dae Young encouraged Soo Kyung to hook up with Lawyer Kim even though they both had feelings for each other. At the end of the night, they are both left thinking about each other and eating the triangle kimbap they both got.


(Such a beautiful scene. Both neighbors are in love with each other, but yet because of their confusing and ambiguous actions, they aren’t sure about the other person’s heart).

Gwang Suk and Jin Yi are a fancy restaurant eating dinner together. Gwang Suk asks Jin Yi about her father to which Jin Yi believes he’ll be released soon. But she starts to get suspicious because she doesn’t recall telling Gwang Suk about her father being in jail, but Gwang Suk says that she did, sometime way back then. She ends up telling Gwang Suk about how she saw Dae Young kiss Soo Kyung the other day, which is why she’s been looking sad lately. She describes this as the most difficult thing in her life, but Gwang Suk doesn’t understand why this issue is difficult for her. Jin Yi’s responds intelligently, “What is more difficult in this world than love?” I LOVE THAT QUOTE. MINE. MINE. MINE. Jin Yi defines the kiss incident as Dae Young just being confused, not that he actually liked Soo Kyung. Gwang Suk suggest that Jin Yi disappear to really test Dae Young’s feelings and what his feelings for Jin Yi are. Jin Yi doesn’t think the idea’s bad, so Gwang Suk volunteers to help Jin Yi disappear – without a trace. (Oh no, this isn’t good. No. No. No).

To get Dae Young off her mind, Soo Kyung cleans her apartment up. Dae Young hears Soo Kyung cleaning up her apartment and mistakens this to be her getting ready to move out. LOL.

They both exit out of their apartments at approximately the same time. Dae Young scolds Soo Kyung for trying to run away and acting like nothing happened at all after she kissed him. The reason as to why he never brought it up was because he thought Soo Kyung didn’t want him to so that’s why he never said anything. Because he never mentioned about the kiss, Soo Kyung asks Dae Young if the kiss meant anything to him. Heck, he even kissed Jin Yi! Dae Young wants to explain the situation, but then quickly transitions to the topic of Lawyer Kim finding Soo Kyung a new place to live in. But Soo Kyung explain that she’s not moving out; the sales agent had asked her if they could use her apartment to show the woman. Their argument is loud and fierce that a neighbor has to step out of his apartment to shut them up and ask them to take their love fight outside. That’s when Dae Young grabs Soo Kyung’s hands and together they walk out of the apartment complex. OMG. Did he just hold her hand?!

When they arrive outside, Dae Young finally, finally asks Soo Kyung what are her true and real feelings. Does she really like Lawyer Kim? Soo Kyung immediately says no and explains that they don’t have anything at all. Dae Young then forms a small smile on his face when Soo Kyung confirms her feelings for him.


Dae Young asks if Soo Kyung will ever let go of his hand to which she signals that she never will. They stand there looking at each other’s beautiful faces while holding hands.


The arm holder that Jin Yi made for Dae Young suddenly reminds Soo Kyung of Jin Yi and how they should tell Jin Yi the truth. Dae Young agrees and so they call Jin Yi.

Jin Yi is in the car with Gwang Suk. She’s excited to see Dae Young calling her, but then is reminded that she’s trying to test Dae Young’s feelings for her so she doesn’t answer his call. Gwang Suk ends up taking Jin Yi to the building that her father constructed as well as the one she visited with Dae Young earlier in the drama.

They enter the elevator together and finally stop at the level that Gwang Suk desired. When they step out, they are at the very top of the building.


Jin Yi thinks that since she was feeling sad, Gwang Suk brought her to her dad’s building to cheer her up, but Gwang Suk violently yells, “This is the building that MY dad built!” We find out that because of Jin Yi’s father, Gwang Suk’s dad committed suicide by jumping off the same exact building Jin Yi and Gwang Suk are standing on. Gwang Suk’s dad lost his life because of Jin Yi’s father, but her father might get released. Without paying for any of his crimes? At this point Jin Yi is near the edge of the building and close to falling off.

We see Kyung Mi enter Soo Kyung’s apartment to take care of Barassi. He wants some food so Kyung Mi believes it’s okay to give him anything. This makes Barassi angry and his version of his own rampage is seen with his constant and repeated barks. HAHAHAH. I love this. You can hear Dae Young’s voice over expressing Barassi’s thoughts and feelings. Omo, this is too cute. The episode ends with Barassi eating the food that Kyung Mi gave him. Haha. 

My Thoughts:

First was Soo Kyung missing. Now it’s Jin Yi. Oh great.

I don’t understand why Gwang Suk would take his anger out on Jin Yi. It’s not like she was the one who caused Gwang Suk’s father to die. If he was truly mad, he should fight for justice by confronting someone else or finding another way to get justice for his father’s death. Not Jin Yi. But then again, this is a Korean drama so anything is possible and people make the most irregular decisions ever. Sigh.

WHY DID IT TAKE SO FREAKING LONG FOR DAE YOUNG AND SOO KYUNG TO JUST ASK EACH OTHER ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS. Ugh. We went through like 4 episodes just to get to where we got by the end of episode 15. huehuehue. As much as I want to go along with this very sweet and cute relationship between uri neighbors, I’m sad that I can’t support them as much as I would like to. Just simply because we haven’t heard of Dae Young’s story. I noticed that all the scenes of Dae Young and Soo Kyung in the earlier episodes were shown from Soo Kyung’s perspective and point of view. Like I expressed in an earlier recap, Dae Young’s feelings for Soo Kyung were rather random because I didn’t know when he developed those feelings for her. The drama made him out to be a ladies’ man so to see him harboring a crush on Soo Kyung feels weird and random, so for that reason, I can’t fully invest in their relationship as much as I would like to. But I am glad that we got all the confusing feelings and thoughts out of the way, because now we can focus on Dae Young and Soo Kyung’s relationship and how they’re going to face all the obstacles that come their way – such as Jin Yi and Lawyer Kim who are both very persistent and stubborn.

My favorite scene in this episode would definitely have to be when we revisited all the moments between Dae Young and Soo Kyung. ACCCCKKKKKKKK. My heart was slowly breaking. I was suddenly reminded of the beginning of the drama and I could feel my heart literally aching. It’s been 15 weeks since ‘Let’s Eat’ has started airing and 10 weeks since I’ve been recapping this drama. It’s like going down memory lane and this makes me sad. I have this tendency to be very attached to dramas that I have watched all the way from the beginning to the very end, so when those old scenes appeared in this episode, I thought of how it was just like yesterday that I watched episode one of ‘Let’s Eat.’ It just goes to show that I’m not ready to let go of this drama yet. This always happens to me and I hate it, but I can’t help myself. WHY. WHY. WHYYYY.

Dae Young and Soo Kyung are so funny when they argue that they make such a great couple. That scene of them arguing outside in the apartment hallway was hilarious. I love how the little things and the big misunderstandings really get to them and make them all frustrated and bottled up inside that when they confront each other words are just flying out everywhere. Every couple needs to fight in every once in a while right? Hehe.

I do have to admit that the unrequited love plot did drag for a while and made me frustrated, especially because Soo Kyung and Dae Young had already given Lawyer Kim and Jin Yi their answers directly and clearly. I know that in the last episode, Lawyer Kim will find someone else to love and Jin Yi will be found, but I wanted them to stop when they first received the answers. It’s hard to move on, but no matter what you do, you will never be able to receive the same response from the other person.

This episode was actually the only episode that I didn’t dislike Lawyer Oh. We find out in this episode that she has a problem with her eating abilities and how she tends to overeat. Now that I think about it, the reason why she cried could rather be more because of the fact that everyone else teased her for overeating. Finally, fifteen episodes into the drama, we get to witness a new side of Lawyer Oh. Just like everyone else in the drama, she is dealing with her own problems and struggles in life and it was in this episode that we got to see how she dealt with that. I felt sad for her and I liked that feeling of feeling sympathy for her, just because this drama made Lawyer Oh out to be a delusional and crazy girl. To see this new side of her where I was able to sympathize with her was refreshing and interesting.

One more episode then we’re done. I’m really going to miss this drama when it’s done. I don’t want to let go of you yet ‘Let’s Eat.’ *gets ready to write my final thoughts for the final recap*

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  1. You wrote everything that I kept it on my mind xD it has been 3weeks since I got heartbreaking because of dujun~(I’m b2uty, you know well how I felt @.@)
    Seems like I can’t let this drama end soon, I would really really miss the food, handsome daeyoung, clueless jinyi, cutie gwangsuk, hilarious lawyer kim, and ofcourse the one and only… Barassi~ he grew up and now could speak LOL

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