Her Lovely Heels: Episode 4 Recap

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been fairly busy these past few days because of volleyball and I will continue to be busy. I wasn’t feeling tired tonight so I decided to get at least one more episode done. I hope this will satisfy you guys until the next few days.

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Episode four starts out with Tae-soo standing there enraged and furious at the sight of Ji-hoo and Yunho together. He marches up to them and although Ji-hoo voices his name, he talks to Yunho. He tries to get an explanation of the current situation, but Yunho tells him to just mind his own business as Tae-soo has nothing to do with him and Ji-hoo. Ji-hoo breaks up the intense atmosphere by making an excuse for her and Tae-soo to go to the office. Tae-soo stops what he’s doing and grabs Ji-hoo’s wrist to start walking off, but Yunho isn’t one to give up so easily. He grabs Ji-hoo’s free wrist so now she has two guys pulling her. YIKES. What are you gonna do Ji-hoo?!


Tae-soo pulls onto Ji-hoo a bit stronger and causes Yunho’s grab on Ji-hoo to lessen and break. While walking together, Ji-hoo tries to explain to Tae-soo about Yunho, but he isn’t willing to listen. Just when she apologizes for causing some trouble, Tae-soo’s abrupt comment surprises her (and me): “Don’t cry…don’t cry in front of that man.” Tae-soo’s comment leaves the both of them at a loss of words so they stand there across from each other, staring into each other’s eyes, unable to glance anywhere else.


Ji-hoo is reminded of Yunho’s warning again to which he told her to not fall in love with Tae-soo as he’s a bad guy who doesn’t have any intentions of dating or showing Ji-hoo any interest back. She shakes it off quickly and excuses herself to leave even after Tae-soo volunteers to take her home.

When she gets home, Ji-hoo seems pale and sick, but is told that there’s a visitor outside waiting to meet her. Who could it be?

It turns out to be Tae-soo! (OMG. NO WAY). Tae-soo reveals to her how he was able to find her house then hands her some pills medicines to help her with her body ache. They bid farewell with each other so Ji-hoo heads back to her house, but Tae-soo calls her out first to tell her that he’s planning to take some pictures that weekend and invites her to go with him.


How could Ji-hoo reject this great opportunity to spend some time with her crush?! She ends up going with him to take some pictures and together they grow closer to each other. They also head to a restaurant afterwards to hang out and supposedly stayed up so late with each other that the next morning at a department meeting, they can’t help but yawn and yawn. Their dates are endless as they head out to an amusement park and ice skating rink afterwards.


They even head out to a sauna together where they dip their feet into eel-infested waters. The eels tingles Ji-hoo’s feet which causes her to squeal and accidentally place her hand on Tae-soo’s thigh. He looks up at her in surprise (but with a smile of course because he likes it) and Ji-hoo just blushes embarrassingly in response.

Ji-hoo and Tae-soo have obviously become more comfortable with each other as they text and call each other on a daily basis. When a phone call with Ji-hoo ends, Tae-soo takes out multiple pictures of Ji-hoo that he took of her and begins to study them. It seems like he’s planning to do something with them.

Ji-hoo gets a phone call from a girl named Heewoon (I’m assuming Yunho’s ex-girlfriend because Ji-hoo speaks harshly to her) who had called to ask about Yunho. Ji-hoo denies being with Yunho at the moment and so the phone conversation ends shortly. But just when the conversation ends, Ji-hoo hears a noise outside of her house. When she goes outside, she sees a drunk Yunho resting outside of her house.

In the next scene, we witness Tae-soo buying some kind of cake. Then we return to Ji-hoo and Yunho’s scene where they’re both located outside of Ji-hoo’s house. She tells him to get up, but he’s weak and hurt – he’s injured his hand. She runs inside her house, despite stepping on glasses of a broken vase, to get a first aid kit to take care of Yunho’s injury.


When she finishes bandaging his hand, he places his hand around hers and refuses to let go. The episode ends with Yunho complaining about life being difficult…how it’s just been so hard ever since he’s reunited with Ji-hoo and she refused to give him a second chance.

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