Her Lovely Heels: Episode 6 Recap

This episode is a total shocker. Manager Im continues to remain as an obstacle to Ji-hoo and Tae-soo’s relationship. Will they be able to escape her grasp?

Episode six starts out with Manager Im and Tae-soo joining each other for dinner. She had just asked him to marry her, but because Tae-soo never replied back, she repeats again, “Tae-soo, I said I want to marry you.” She adds that she and Tae-soo know each other well, therefore she feels comfortable and secure with him. Tae-soo pushes Manager Im’s idea away and doesn’t plan to get married to her. “We’re not in this kind of relationship,” he states. Manager Im is willing to wait for Tae-soo if now is not the time.


He leaves the table and his cell phone which is still resting on the table. Manager Im sees it so she grabs it and runs after Tae-soo to give him the cell phone, but he has already driven away by the time she gets out of her house.

We see Ji-hoo still waiting outside of Tae-soo’s house for him. Tears are visible in her eyes as she holds tightly onto her cell phone, hoping for a response from Tae-soo. Meanwhile Tae-soo is driving in his car on his way back home thinking back on Manager Im’s proposal. He seems conflicted and confused as to what to do next.


Finally after many hours of waiting, Ji-hoo is approached by the man she was waiting for: Oh Tae-soo. They stare into each other’s alluring eyes, unable to speak any words for any words cannot describe the situation at the moment.


Tae-soo then grabs Ji-hoo’s hands and asks her how long she had been waiting since her hands feel frozen. He then scolds her for waiting for him in this cold weather, but she interrupts him because she has a lot to say. She articulates, “Yesterday what you said – the fact that you don’t like me as much as I do I know that too…so I understand I might get hurt. But still, I’m going to like you.” Once those words exit out of her mouth, Tae-soo stops staring at the ground and raises his head to get a glimpse of Ji-hoo’s weary face. She repeats, “Manager Oh, I like you.” Because Tae-soo is quiet, she bids farewell and walks away with her head drooped. That’s when Tae-soo stops her by calling out her name and walks towards her to give her a comfortable hug afterwards.


He apologizes and continues to embrace her in his arms. A few minutes later, Manager Im arrives at Tae-soo’s house and witnesses this astounding image. She, who had come to return Tae-soo’s phone back to him, can only clench the cell phone tightly in her hands in fury as she watches Tae-soo and Ji-hoo hug each other warmly.

Tae-soo returns to his apartment and along the way retrieves his cell phone. He checks it to find a text message from Manager Im saying: “Let’s be clear. I didn’t interfere between you and Jihoo. It was Jihoo who interfered between you and me.” Tae-soo gives this text message a thought.

The next day at work, Ji-hoo greets Manager Im and Tae-soo who are sitting together at Tae-soo’s desk. Ji-hoo observes Manager Im whispering into Tae-soo’s ear and grows a bit jealous.

It’s lunch time and these two employees gossip about how Tae-soo and Manager Im are dating. Of course, Ji-hoo is sitting near the two employees and overhears their conversation. One of the employees talk about how they always notice Tae-soo smiling whenever he’s around Manager Im and how even at gatherings and events, they’re always sticking with each other. Ji-hoo listens carefully and begins to grow suspicious as well. Just when the two employees leave, Manager Im joins Ji-hoo for lunch and ends up asking for Ji-hoo’s help on something.


The next scene is of Ji-hoo helping out Manager Im like how Manager Im had requested. While Manager Im is giving away more tasks for Ji-hoo to accomplish, all she can think about are the rumors. She forces herself to believe that they aren’t true, but her mind is soon about to change when Tae-soo interrupts the both of them and asks if there’s anything he can help with. But Manager Im isn’t willing to let him do anything so he walks away empty-handed. Manager Im and Ji-hoo continue to work until they notice that they have no internet connection. They end up going to Manager Im’s house to complete their work. When Ji-hoo’s finished with her papers, she gets prepared to leave, but suddenly Manager Im’s phone rings. She notifies a careless Manager Im so Ji-hoo volunteers to get her cell phone for her.

Ji-hoo enters Manager Im’s room to grab her cell phone, but stops to look around her room. While studying at all the Polaroid pictures taped onto Manager Im’s mirror, Ji-hoo sees mainly photos of Manager Im with Tae-soo. And eventually her eyes land on a picture of them kissing.


(wut in the world).

Ji-hoo is surprised and shocked to see the picture of Manager Im and Tae-soo kissing. She stands there in Manager Im’s room, frozen, suspicious, and confused.

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