Her Lovely Heels: Episode 8 Recap

Ji-hoo continues to remain doubtful despite getting answers from Tae-soo herself. Will she ever learn to trust Tae-soo or will she always remain doubtful about this relationship she wants to invest herself in?

In the last episode, Ji-hoo and Tae-soo’s department had a gathering to celebrate their accomplishments. In the beginning of this episode, we witness their Team Manager who is drunk get into a taxi. Before he enters the vehicle, he congratulates Manager Im on her relationship with Tae-soo, still oblivious to the fact that they both don’t have anything at all.

As the employees head home one by one, they leave behind Manager Im, Tae-soo, Ji-hoo, and another male employee. He volunteers to take Ji-hoo home while Tae-soo can accompany Manager Im.


Tae-soo tries to clarify the misunderstanding to the male employee, but he refuses to believe Tae-soo. He urges to leave with Ji-hoo, but she refuses his request. Tae-soo does the same when Manager Im tries to get him to leave with her. Ji-hoo ends up leaving first, entering a taxi cab while Tae-soo follows shortly behind in another separate taxi cab. While in the vehicle, Ji-hoo gets a call from Tae-soo who asks to meet with her.

In the next scene, Tae-soo explains everything to Ji-hoo and is honest with her about his relationship with Manager Im. He reassures her that he will try his best to make things easy for her. Afterwards, he hands her her cup of tea and recommends that she drink it so that she’ll calm down. Awwh, so cute.


He apologizes for making things for her so to make it up, he asks her if she would like to go somewhere nice that weekend. Ji-hoo must have agreed to his suggestion as in the next scene, Ji-hoo is discussing about the upcoming date with her room mate Soo Young. All Ji-hoo can think about is how Manager Im might be angry because it was Ji-hoo that had interfered in her relationship with Tae-soo, not the other way around. Ji-hoo also becomes doubtful about Tae-soo possessing any feelings of affection towards her because he has never said it explicitly. But Ji-hoo’s best friend cheers her up by saying that she should be patient; it’s going to be difficult if everyone at the company knows that they’re dating so Ji-hoo should just wait.

Their date happens to be at a green house where they take pictures for the scholarship project that Tae-soo’s in charge of. While walking around, Ji-hoo asks Tae-soo what his favorite flowers are. While naming all his favorite flowers, he happens to say, “I like Ji-hoo too” which throws Ji-hoo off but he adds afterwards, “I like freesias” which sounds similar to Ji-hoo (that’s why she was alert and surprised).


After they finish taking pictures, they head out to a restaurant to grab some food. While at the restaurant, Ji-hoo notices Yunho who also notices her in return. His initial response is to go to Ji-hoo, but he holds himself back despite the strong urge. Tae-soo notices Ji-hoo’s change in behavior so he turns around to find Yunho staring at them. They then decide to leave the restaurant to head to another place. While in the car, Tae-soo recommends that they just go to his house so he can cook his famous Oh Tae-soo’s spaghetti dish. Mhmm, sounds yummy. Haha.


While Tae-soo’s cooking the spaghetti, Ji-hoo’s getting some fresh flowers and placing them inside a vase. Tae-soo watches Ji-hoo in admiration and awe and goes grab his camera to take creepy pictures of her while she’s busy fixing the flowers. But unlike the last few times, Ji-hoo notices Tae-soo taking pictures of her so he stops and goes sit next to her on the sofa. They converse for a bit before Tae-soo starts to pat Ji-hoo’s head delicately and also touch her hair. That’s when he starts leaning in towards her for a kiss and BAM, their lips get in contact.


Ji-hoo speaks in a voice over saying, “I imagined my first kiss with Tae-soo to be sweet like in those movies…” Then we witness a flashback of when Yunho broke up with Ji-hoo to which we hear Ji-hoo saying, “Like a first love, he will leave anyways” while Yunho walks away with his back turned towards Ji-hoo. We see Tae-soo and Ji-hoo kissing again and Ji-hoo thinking, “Isn’t it a kiss that will leave another scar?…when he said he liked me, was he really sincere?” Meanwhile, all of this is being said while Ji-hoo and Tae-soo continue to get at it x)


Ji-hoo begins to cry because she yearns to hear “those words” from Tae-soo first. That he is in fact sincere about liking her and wants to be with her. When Tae-soo notices Ji-hoo crying, he stops kissing her and apologizes for startling her. But all she can think about is whether he really likes her or not; she ends up asking, “Manager Oh, do you really like me? You did this (dinner, etc.) because you like me, right?”

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