Her Lovely Heels: Episode 10 (and final) Recap

So it’s the final episode to this cute and bubbly Korean drama ‘Her Lovely Heels.’ Although it’s not a favorite of mines (and at times rather made me very irritated and sigh many ‘urgghhsss’ and ‘ugghhsss’), I still enjoyed this drama nonetheless mainly for the visuals. The final episode, as expected, was a bit longer than the others ending altogether within a total of 19 minutes. I’m still not a big fan of Hong Jong-hyun nor Han Seung Yeon, but they didn’t do terrible in this drama which I appreciate – a lot.

Also, I wanna thank yubisubs.blogspot.sg for subbing the drama with english subs! She did a wonderful job and it was through her subs that I was able to do recaps for this drama, so thank her at her website if you can and give her your support! 😀


In the last episode, we ended with Manager Im planting a kiss onto Tae-soo in his own house. Or at least that’s what I thought I saw during the scene, but this episode shows Tae-soo dodging her kiss (yay!). While that is happening in Tae-soo’s house, Ji-hoo’s on her way to his house. She hurriedly texts him an explanation for the text message she sent him earlier which stated that they should break up while in the taxi cab (okay, that’s great. So she actually didn’t keep running after all) saying that it was just a mistake.

Back at Tae-soo’s house, he’s preparing some tea (or some kind of drink) for Manager Im while she waits on his couch. She happens to see the text message that Ji-hoo sent and calls out Tae-soo’s name so that he could know about Ji-hoo’s text, but when he doesn’t respond to Manager Im, she picks up his phone to check out the continuous text messages that are pouring in from Ji-hoo. They read, “I realized how hard it is to be loved as much as you love the person.” This leaves Manager Im to reflect back upon herself which is why when Tae-soo goes to join her on the couch she responds, “I am never going to fall in love again. My heart keeps breaking and I keep getting older. I’m scared.” Tae-soo reassures Manager Im that she will find someone good for her. So that’s when she asks Tae-soo: “Is Ji-hoo a good person for you?” Tae-soo isn’t worried if Ji-hoo is good enough for him; he’s worried if he’s good enough for her. 


Manager Im reveals her thoughts on love and its many complications. And it is in this scene for the first time that we get to see another side of Manager Im. (it would be in the last episode. Urgh). Manager Im bids Tae-soo farewell before leaving his house, but Tae-soo follows after her, volunteering to take her home. When they both arrive outside of his house, Ji-hoo also happens to arrive at his house at the same exact time so now all three of them are outside of Tae-soo’s residence. Ji-hoo witnesses Manager Im near Tae-soo’s car and what seems to be Tae-soo walking to the driver’s side of the vehicle so she grows confused and misunderstands the current situation.


Manager Im then walks up to Ji-hoo to express her thoughts,”Why do you think so much? Ji-hoo, you just have to love more. After all, it’s not like you don’t love each other.” PREACH GURL. PREACH. After Manager Im finishes speaking the truth, she walks away to leave Ji-hoo and Tae-soo behind.

Ji-hoo approaches Tae-soo and asks in fear if this is the end to their relationship, but Tae-soo doesn’t want it to end. He speaks, “Who says this is the end of the relationship? I have no intentions of breaking up with you.” They continue to argue about the purposes and intent of each other’s actions and it is in this scene where the problems and misunderstandings that arose are cleared. Ji-hoo continues to tell Tae-soo a million more times that she likes him (okay, we get it), even more so than she did in the beginning. So then she asks Tae-soo if he does as well: “Do you like me?” Tae-soo is hesitant and does not respond right away. His eyes are focused on the ground as he contemplates on how to answer the question.


After a few seconds, Tae-soo takes one step closer to Ji-hoo and wipes her tears. He then answers,”Ji-hoo, you’re really a fool. The other day when you asked me what I liked about you, I thought about it. Why do I like her? Is it because Ji-hoo likes me? There were many reasons. She hit me with a shoe and didn’t know what to do. She was drunk and confessed to me and was embarassed afterwards. She asked me why I like her while crying. Ji-hoo who likes me…was the reason. But that’s not how it is anymore. I just like you. Without any reason, just because I like you. I like you.”

Ji-hoo grows a bit emotional when she finally hears the words she’s been dying to hear for for the past 2 million years or so and then is embraced in Tae-soo’s warm arms. He apologizes for not having realized her concerns earlier and with this, Ji-hoo’s tears and pain turns into a smile.


In the next scene, we see Ji-hoo and Tae-soo on the same bed (WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH THERE. MY EYES. WOAH WUT IS THIS. WASN’T THIS DRAMA SUPPOSED TO BE FULL OF INNOCENCE AND CUTENESS AND WUT. I JUST CAN’T PROCESS ALL OF THIS IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW) where Tae-soo is creeping at Ji-hoo while she sleeps. Tae-soo is shirtless while Ji-hoo only has a thin tank top on (idk why i added this detail lolol). She wakes up to find him staring at her and instead of being creeped out, she scoots closer to him and they embrace one another in bed. (Can i get an awwwww?)


After the bed scene, we hear Ji-hoo’s voice over while we see Ji-hoo standing across from Tae-soo in front of his car. She speaks, “From the porch to the gate, there are 10 steps. I opened the door and like a lie, he was standing there. The sky is still there, the wind is passing by softly, the time we’re together holding hands. The person I like likes me back. A day like a miracle is starting.” Then we see Tae-soo giving Ji-hoo a light peck on the lips on the roof of their work building, just spending some quality time with each other.


They happen to be in the same elevator with Manager Im and two other employees, but continue to show their love for each other as they hold hands in the elevator. Ji-hoo is a bit hesitant at first, but Tae-soo fights for her hand so she gives in and they end up holding hands. (aww, how sweet).

It is soon night time and the lovely couple is texting each other. They make some plans including where to meet up for Ji-hoo’s birthday. Tae-soo asks that they meet up where they first met the next day to which Tae-soo gets mad when Ji-hoo questions his request. Hehe. Too cute. He then asks her, “Do you miss me?” AWWWW. THEY’RE TOO SQUISHY. STAHP IT U TWO.

In the next scene, we see Ji-hoo at a restaurant with her best friend Soo Young. She can’t seem to remember when she first met Tae-soo so she asks her friend in hopes that maybe she might know. Soo Young brings up the shoe store to which Ji-hoo doesn’t think it’s possible since that was a bit too early and he might not have remembered, but we see Ji-hoo go to the shoe store anyways to check.

When she arrives upon the door step, she finds a rose hanging on the door. She then interprets this as a sign to enter the shoe store so she enters and discovers a wall full of pictures frames of Ji-hoo along with other decorative accessories.


We then hear Tae-soo’s voice over while the drama focuses in on Ji-hoo’s reaction to his surprise. On another side of the store, there are is one pair of heels and another peel of Tae-soo’s shoes – which were the two shoes that they both wore when they almost broke up a few weeks ago. Then in another section, we see the shoes Ji-hoo and Tae-soo wore on the night of their very first kiss (where you know, they were really into it). Finally, the person we’ve been waiting for, the oh so handsome Tae-soo, comes walking out of some hidden place and towards his girlfriend so cutely and timidly. He holds in his hands the most memorable heels to him yet: the ones that Ji-hoo hit Tae-soo’s face with. LOL.


He pulls it out and shows it to Ji-hoo saying, “There are many beautiful shoes in this world…but for me the most beautiful shoes are the ones that walked towards Oh Tae-soo. I love you Ji-hoo.” UGGHHH, Just kill me now already.

He puts on his most favorite heels in the world on Ji-hoo’s feet like how he did when they first met in the same exact store. That’s when we return to the scene when they first met and Tae-soo speaking in a voice over saying, “I met Ji-hoo for the first time at the shoe store. By coincidence, she came into my world. She mistook me as a sales assistant. I thought it was an unbelievable fate.” So basically Tae-soo didn’t work there; he was working on one of his projects that Ji-hoo helped him later on with as the photographer. Tae-soo takes pictures of Ji-hoo #likeacreep while she’s busy shopping for shoes. Like the very first scene in the very first episode, Tae-soo helps Ji-hoo put on her heels, but blushes afterwards. He states, “Who knows whether our first meeting may or may not be a coincidence, but if I hadn’t met this girl who is wearing high heels and loving for the first time, my heart which didn’t believe in love would still be cold as ice wouldn’t it?”


We return to the present scene where Tae-soo continues to express himself through a voice over, “Ji-hoo was clumsy but if it wasn’t because of her pure love, would I believe in love again?” He ends his thoughts with a “Thank you Ji-hoo.”

The episode ends with the couple walking together with each other side by side in the snow, looking content and happy and obviously very cute. They share one last kiss before the episode comes to an end.


My Final Thoughts:

Gaaahhhh, this drama was good in many ways (I would love to say great, but I sadly can’t), but at the same time it had so much potential to be and do so much more. I think the main problem for me was the fact that Ji-hoo wanted to hear Tae-soo explicitly tell her the words “I like you”; she wanted him to say those words out of his mouth so they can enter her ears from one to the other, but that’s what made me frustrated and annoyed. Many times throughout the drama, she expressed that desire to Tae-soo and questioned him many times whether his feelings for her were sincere and genuine and even though he would do many things to try to prove his feelings (such as taking care of her injury on her foot or cooking for her and spending time with her), she still remained doubtful. And this was such a huge problem for me because I think there are many ways one can express their gratitude, support, and love without having to actually say “I like you” or “I love you.” It was as if Ji-hoo was rushing Tae-soo to say those words when he wasn’t prepared or when he didn’t want to, because he had already done many other things to show that he cared for her. What more does Ji-hoo want really? Shoot, if I have a guy cooking for me and looking out for me so that I don’t get hurt from my ex-boyfriend again or helping me from a hang over because I got too drunk the night before I do not remember what I was doing, I would learn to realize that he’s caring for me and probably has the same feelings for me as well. The drama focused way too much on Ji-hoo’s doubts and dissatisfaction along the way that it didn’t develop on the other plot I wished the drama could have focused on which was revealing their relationship to the company. I think trying to hide their relationship to the company would have made for a better plot just because Tae-soo in the beginning episodes clearly stated that he doesn’t date any girls working in the same company as him so then for him to go off dating Ji-hoo who works in the same company as him – it would have been nice to see what everyone else’s reaction to that was and the obstacles that it would pose on Ji-hoo and Tae-soo, as although they work in the same department, are on two totally different levels of positions and authority. As much as I commend Ji-hoo for going through with her feelings and repeating to Tae-soo how many times she likes him and having the courage to suck it up and tell him how she truly feels, she was a bit annoying and I wished she could have just given Tae-soo some time and for her to stop over-reacting. Tae-soo also confuses me a little because in this episode he finally realized why he liked Ji-hoo when she asked him the other night at his house when they had their first kiss why he liked her. And this confuses me because before they kissed, they had already been dating…so you’re telling me you have been meeting and hanging out and dating a girl for reasons you weren’t aware about but just did? It just doesn’t add up in the end and that’s what makes me mad and sad.

‘Her Lovely Heels’ started off really good and cheesy, but then started going down from there. I’m sad that I didn’t like it as much in the end as I did in the beginning episodes (it had been so long since I was so excited for a drama), but it’s not to say that this drama is totally horrible and should never be watched. No, this drama was cute and adorable and bubbly and had all those great moments in between – don’t misunderstand. I still liked this drama, but it could have gone so many other routes but it chose not to which upsets me. But the drama has ended and although with not a bang, it ended off on a good note with our main couple happily in like and love. I guess that’s good enough.

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  1. I just finished watching this – it is such a lovely dovey cheezee to the max kind and because I didn’t need sleepness nights to finish this entire 10 eps – it was wonderful and light. I totally get the writer’s POV on Ji-hoo’s doubts over wanting Tae-Soo to get the words ‘I like you’ out from his oh so cute lips. Not everyone’s take on love is the same and I am so much like Tae-Soo; I may do so many ‘sweet’ and ‘caring’ things for another person but I am just that type of person – it would have no bearings on how much I actually like ‘like’ that person. So putting myself in Ji-hoo’s shoes, I would definitely want the person I like to say those words to me so that there’s no grey areas in the impending relationship.

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