King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 1 Recap


So in a recent post, I wrote about how wonderful and great of a drama “King of High School Life Conduct” starring Seo In Guk and Lee Hana was and how I might start recapping it since I love it so much. I was able to catch up and finish all four episodes out so far and I have to confess, this drama is so darn good! It’s so addicting and funny and heart-warming altogether. I haven’t felt this excited and great about a drama in such a long time and if I did, the drama couldn’t manage to maintain its consistency which is why I might have fell out of love with it, but four episodes in and “King of High School” still delivers. I can only hope that it’ll continue to deliver and by the looks of it, it seems like things will only get better in the future episodes. Because I really love this drama, I’m planning on recapping it so that you guys will come to enjoying this drama just as much as I do! I’m excited to start my third recapping project on a drama that I love so let’s get started shall we?!

For those who are unfamiliar with the plot, ‘King of High School Life Conduct’ follows the life of high school student and hockey player Lee Min Suk (played by Seo In Guk) “who is forced to take his brother, Lee Hyung Suk’s, place as the director for a major company” because of his brother’s sudden disappearance. At work, he encounters Jung Soo Young (played by Lee Ha Na) who is a contractor at the company and Yoo Jin Woo (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) who is another director at the same company as Lee Hyung Suk while at school, Min Suk is stalked and pestered by Soo Young’s younger sister Yoo Ah (played by Lee Yeol-eum). Ultimately ‘King of High School’ aims to showcase Min Suk try to balance out his life as a high school student, busy hockey player, and director which isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Haha.

You can watch this drama on (great website by the way! Just found out about it the other day and I love it!). Credits to for the subtitles and screen caps~

Episode one starts out with a bunch of men, executives, and secretaries waiting at a helicopter landing for a helicopter that is set to arrive soon. When the helicopter finally arrives and sets itself down, our protagonist and male lead Lee Min Suk (played by Seo In Guk) posing as his older brother Lee Hyung Suk exits out of the helicopter and is warmly greeted by everyone else there for being able to deal with a contract in Singapore successfully.


His secretary, Jung Soo Young (played by Lee Ha Na) informs him about how the President of the company they work at, Comfo, is waiting for him back at the company so they hurry to go meet him. When they get there, the President praises Hyung Suk for dealing with the contract successfully and for making their Singapore Project Comfo has been working on go through successfully. But the praise comes to an end as Soo Young whispers to Min Suk that he has to go to school for his exam that’s taking place in a few minutes.


(I just had to screen shot this! I MEAN, LOOK AT HIM. HE IS SO HOT! *blushes*)

Min Suk quickly changes into his school uniform and runs out of the company to get to school in time to take his exam while Soo Young informs him of the subjects that will be on his exam and gives him a few advices herself. Before he disappears out of her sight, she reminds him to come back at two that day for a meeting.

In the next scene, there is a serious and intense hockey game going on. Although Min Suk’s team is losing at first, Min Suk utilizes his amazing hockey skills and scores for his team, allowing them to catch up with their opponents tying the score at 3-3. Before the final round continues, the team has a short group meeting which is where the coach warns Min Suk to calm himself and to not fight anyone from the other team since he’ll be the target that the opponents are aiming for. Min Suk reassures his coach that he only fought when he was younger and that he won’t allow that to happen. All the while, his number one fan, Jung Yoo-Ah (Lee Yeol-eum) continues to cheer him on from the stands by yelling for him and exclaiming the nickname she made for him ‘Lee Hubby’! Haha, too cute.

Meanwhile, our female lead Jung Soo Young is walking to the hockey stadium to bring her sister Yoo-Ah back to school after getting a call from her sister’s homeroom teacher that Yoo-Ah left school to go watch the hockey game. Soo Young is disappointed and frustrated that she has to skip out on lunch just to drag her sister back to school. Haha. I would be mad too.


Fast forward to the final round of the hockey game and Min Suk and one of the players from the other team breaks out into a fight. HAHA. So much for saying you wouldn’t fight huh? The game ends once the fight is broken off, but everyone, especially Yoo-Ah, is pissed about what had happened. She yells at the referees over the injustice she witnessed between Min Suk and the player he got into a fight with, but is interrupted by the calling of her older sister Soo Young who’s at the hockey stadium to take her back to school.

Yoo-Ah is stubborn though because she refuses to go back to school. She ignores the reason as to why Soo Young came to get her and can only focus on getting to see her Min Suk Hubby. While Soo Young is dragging Yoo-Ah in the hallway, two of Min Suk’s friends are dragging Min Suk on the other side of the hallway as well. Min Suk is still infuriated over how he was treated by the other player and yearns to get his revenge and justice, but his two friends are holding him back from doing so. So in this hallway, you have Soo Young dragging Yoo-Ah and Min Suk’s two friends dragging Min Suk. Doesn’t the situation look so happy and great?! HAHA. Soo Young notices Min Suk’s crazy and wild anger and asks her sister to reconsider Min Suk. LOLOLOL.


As a result of the fight that occurred during the match, Min Suk’s hockey team is severely punished. They return to the locker room and receive a harsh and cruel lecture from the coach although it was just Min Suk that got into a fight. Before leaving, the coach also asks Min Suk about Yoo-Ah and immediately assumes she’s his girlfriend, but Min Suk quickly denies it, commenting, “She’s more of like…a stalker.” LOL.

Back at school, Yoo-Ah searches for her Lee Hubby while her Lee Hubby and his two friends hang out at a table outside. Yoo-Ah eventually finds them and joins them because she has to be everywhere her Lee Hubby is. They talk for a while until Min Suk is fed up with Yoo-Ah and walks away with his two friends. Poor Yoo-Ah. Don’t you get it? Min Suk isn’t interested in you. Haha.

Once Min Suk is out of Yoo-Ah’s reach, he and his two friends hang out and talk for a while. While they’re talking about women, Min Suk receives a phone call from his dad who calls him to inform him about his older brother Lee Hyung Suk and how he’s planning to return home. Since it’s been about eight years since his brother’s been living in Germany and hasn’t been home, Min Suk is quite taken aback and surprised, but nonetheless welcomed to the idea. He reveals to his friends the similarity in appearance between him and his brother and how they totally look like each other, but his friends point out the difference in their personalities, with Min Suk’s brother Hyung Suk known for being a genius and Min Suk – well, Min Suk being known for being Min Suk. Haha. Min Suk also points out that his brother was scouted by a famous company in South Korea called Comfo (which would serve to be a really significant place later on in the drama).

At Comfo, Soo Young overhears the other ladies in her department talk about the new Director that was hired at their workplace. His name is Yoo Jin Woo (Lee Soo Hyuk), but the employees there refer to him as Director Yoo. The ladies continue to gossip about him and his great looks which arouses Soo Young’s curiosity and interest even more.

It’s time to get off of work so the three ladies that Soo Young works with leaves to head back home except for Soo Young who stays behind to check up on some things. Just when she’s about finished and ready to leave, she receives a phone call from Director Yoo who asks her to bring him an important document. Of course she accepts his request and becomes excited at the thought of finally getting to see and meet this Director Yoo that everyone’s been talking about.


When she gets to Director Yoo’s office, she hands him the document like how he had asked. But she doesn’t leave immediately for Director Yoo becomes familiar with Soo Young’s name and assumes that she was kissing someone passionately because of the red marking that is smeared on her face. Soo Young quickly denies the accusation though and states that she was in a hurry while putting on some lipstick and also adds that she’s single at the moment (she would! HAHAHA). Before she leaves, Director Yoo reminds Soo Young of the dinner party that her department, the Retail Team, is having with his department the next night and hopes she’ll come.

Back at Min Suk’s house, Min Suk discusses with his father about Hyung Suk’s sudden return back home. Since Hyung Suk’s supposed to return that night, Min Suk’s father prepares a meal for his return.


The conversation is interrupted by Grandpa though who Min Suk’s father has to constantly scold so that he can stop eating so quickly. Grandpa also gets scolded for almost eating the raw fish that Min Suk’s father is cutting, but that doesn’t stop Grandpa for he ends up stealing some and running away with them to eat it. Haha. Grandpa is just way too cute!


Meanwhile, a man is seen arriving at the airport to pick up Min Suk’s brother Hyung Suk. While everyone else aboard on a plane has returned safely, Hyung Suk is nowhere to be seen. It’s strange considering that Hyung Suk’s suitcase is at the airport going through a check-up.

Soo Young is busy reading a book on dating now that she’s fallen in love with Director Yoo. She picks up on the small details a man might convey if they are interested in you so she keeps these details in mind. She talks with Yoo-Ah a bit before going back to the bathroom to wash her hair since she’s not satisfied with how her hair turned out. Meanwhile, Yoo-Ah becomes frustrated over how Min Suk isn’t answering her phone calls.


That’s when we return to Min Suk’s house and witness him, his father, and Grandpa waiting for Hyung Suk. It’s been a few hours since he was supposed to be home, but he hasn’t returned yet. This disappoints Father and makes him concerned about Hyung Suk so Min Suk goes to have a talk with him. He asks Father why he bothered even raising two kids that aren’t even his and criticizes his dad for being too kind, but Father defends himself and criticizes Min Suk. The conversation comes to an abrupt end though when they notice that Grandpa has disappeared. So they go on a scavenger hunt to find Grandpa late at night.


It turns out that Grandpa had stolen chocolate from a convenience store nearby and won’t pay for it so he gets into an argument with the owner. Min Suk comes in time to rescue Grandpa and pays for the chocolate instead. Now that he’s gotten his chocolate, Grandpa is happy and content and walks back home with Min Suk while eating it deliciously. He reveals that he bought the chocolate because he wanted to give it to Hyung Suk since Hyung Suk likes eating chocolate. Aww, how cute. They reunite with Father and return home safely. Min Suk follows them from behind when he sees a taxi park right in front of their house. He focuses on the person exiting out of the car hoping it’ll be Hyung Suk, but grows disappointed when it turns out to be a random drunk guy.

The next day at school, the hockey team is outside exercising and practicing, but their practice is interrupted by the constant screams and shouts from Yoo-Ah and her two friends who keep themselves busy by watching the hockey team exercise. They of course are careless about what others think and continue to show their support by continually yelling and exclaiming.


Yoo-Ah takes the opportunity to spazz about Min Suk and explains that she likes him so much because he’s sexy, athletic, and because of his kind eyes. HAHAHA. That’s like totally me talking about Yoseob or Jimin. Her two other friends also enter the conversation and compliment the guy that they have eyes for. Haha, they’re totally calling dibs.

Back at Comfo, Director Yoo returns from a meeting located outside of the company building. When he enters the building, he encounters the President of Comfo who also happens to be his father. The President doesn’t look too pleased with Director Yoo though and walks away despite his secretary complimenting Director Yoo for handling a project successfully.

In the Retail Department, the same man that went to the airport to go pick up Hyung Suk talks to his boss about the disappearance of Hyung Suk and where he could possibly be. His boss simply tells him though that no matter what it takes, he must find Hyung Suk and get him to work the next day since the President of Comfo wishes to meet Hyung Suk as soon as possible.

It’s time for the company dinner so the ladies in the Retail Department are getting ready for the dinner. They all happen to reunite in the bathroom to put on their make-up and perfume to impress Director Yoo who will also be at the dinner. Hahaha. Too funny.

At the restaurant, the ladies complain and whine while waiting for Director Yoo. When Soo Young arrives, she notices the absence of Director Yoo and also grows disappointed, but the disappointment disappears when Director Yoo shows up to the dinner a few minutes late. Of course the ladies aren’t mad at him and everyone welcomes him with a smile and attention. Unlike the ladies were expecting, Director Yoo sits at another table far from them and lands himself a seat across from Soo Young. Because he continually acts kind to Soo Young, Soo Young thinks of his acts as his way of showing interest in Soo Young and grows excited at the idea that Director Yoo might like her.


She follows him to the men’s restroom and courageously and shamelessly enters it to talk to Director Yoo, totally ignoring the fact that it’s the men’s restroom. She confesses that she likes him, but his response to her confession is the opposite of what she had expected. Director Yoo doesn’t feel the same way towards Soo Young and in the nicest way possible rejects her feelings. Ugh. Talk about one-sided love and rejection. Oof, that gotta hurt.

Heart-broken and devastated, Soo Young gets drunk at a convenience store and goes crazy over the rejection. While waiting at the bus stop for the bus, she calls Director Yoo and apologizes over what had happened back in the men’s restroom. When she gets on the bus, she goes back to calling him again after he hung up on her the first time. While calling Director Yoo, the bus makes a stop and Min Suk enters the bus. He happens to stand right next to Soo Young who is still trying to get a hold of Director Yoo to explain herself and her side of the story.


She is immediately directed towards voice message every time she calls Director Yoo so she goes off apologizing and explaining herself through the voice message. While she’s doing all of this, Min Suk can’t help but listen to Soo Young and laughs at her constant yapping. When her cell phone battery runs out, she even asks Min Suk if she can borrow his cell phone. HAHA. Damn, she really must want to talk to Director Yoo huh? Haha. In exchange for Min Suk letting her use his phone, Soo Young hands Min Suk the bag of popcorn she bought for herself as a gift. She finally arrives at her stop and exits out of the bus carrying Min Suk’s phone, but is followed by a concern and worried Min Suk who wants his cell phone that he let Soo Young borrowed back.

When he retrieves his cell phone, he prepares to leave Soo Young who is knocked out on the sidewalk, but then hesitates because he feels that it’s too dangerous to be leaving her alone like this, so he watches after her for a while. He ends up calling Director Yoo to go pick up Soo Young or else no one will, so Director Yoo has no choice but to go get Soo Young before she gets into any danger. He ends up arriving at the scene with a passed out Soo Young mumbling strange and odd words. Haha, too funny and cute.

Min Suk arrives home to find a visitor, but it’s not his brother that has come to visit, it’s the man that waited for Hyung Suk at the airport – Team Leader Kim. He points out the similarity in appearance between Min Suk and Hyung Suk and is fascinated at how much they look alike, but also notices that Min Suk doesn’t look anything at all like his father to which Min Suk grows mad and throws his bag down. Team Leader Kim excuses himself and leaves after the display of anger by Min Suk. Father conveys that he doesn’t feel too good about the situation and is about to report it to the police when Min Suk stops him and tells him to just be patient. “Hyung isn’t a kid, “he adds.


Later on in the night, Min Suk receives a phone call from his brother Hyung Suk who has a special request for his younger brother. He pleads for his brother to pretend to be him and for the meantime work at Comfo because he’s in trouble. Min Suk of course is confused and refuses to do what his brother asks at first, but when his brother acknowledges that Min Suk is the only blood relative that looks exactly like him, Min Suk reflects back on a past childhood memory that makes him think twice.


In the flashback, young Min Suk is physically abused by his father who complains about his inconsequential existence. His father had become fed up with the way Min Suk was living life uselessly every day and was stressed with money issues so he drove away in a car and eventually committed suicide a few days later by crashing into a river with the car. At Min Suk’s father’s funeral, Min Suk’s mother faints and also passes away so just like that, Min Suk lost both of his parents. The only family member he had left was Hyung Suk, but even then, Hyung Suk left Min Suk to go study overseas.

We return to the present where Min Suk is on the phone with his brother in his bedroom. Min Suk refuses to accept his brother’s request after all that he’s been through in the past, but Hyung Suk continues to plead and beg his brother.

The next morning, Soo Young wakes up to find herself in an unfamiliar house that isn’t hers. It takes her a few minutes to realize that she’s in Director Yoo’s house and when she realizes this, she grows surprised and panics. But when the doorbell to the house rings and it’s the President of Comfo that has come to visit, Soo Young goes into hiding so that she won’t be discovered. Director Yoo returns to the house after exercising a few minutes later and keeps his dad busy so that Soo Young is able to escape the house successfully.


That morning at work, Director Yoo calls Soo Young into his office to talk about the conversation between him and his father while she was hiding in his house. He requests that she not tell anyone about what she heard, but Soo Young already knows her boundaries and limits. She reassures Director Yoo that she’ll keep it a secret and when he attacks her statement, she responds, “Director Yoo, you’ve never been in a one-sided love. Even if the feeling is one-sided, you don’t start disliking someone right away. There’s no reason to expose the weakness of someone I used to like.” OOOOOH, such a great comeback! Haha.


At school, Min Suk doesn’t seem to be in such a good mood and didn’t get much sleep either. While walking to the bus with his hockey team for a game, he gets a phone call from Hyung Suk. At the very moment that he’s getting on the bus, he hesitates and stops because what his brother requested of him continues to bother him and at the very last minute he runs out of the bus and climbs over the school gates to escape. He’s decided to go through with his brother’s request and act as his brother for the time being and work at Comfo.

My Thoughts:

I think the first episode does a great job of setting up and introducing our four leads. We learn and discover what kind of person each character is and what they occupy themselves with, with Min Suk revolving his life around hockey, Soo Young with work, Yoo-Ah with Min Suk, and Director Yoo with work too. I especially love Min Suk just because he’s such a strong and brave person. Having lost both of his parents at a young age and being left behind by his only brother, it must not have been an easy thing for him to accept but he endured and has grown up to be a handsome and athletic guy. Sure, there are things about him that is off-putting such as his inability to control his horrendous anger or his lack of interest in school, but if one was to consider his childhood and upbringing, he’s actually a pretty good kid. In addition, I love his relationship with his stepfather and Grandpa. As they were the only people there for him when he had no one else, it makes me happy to see them all so close with one another even if their relationships aren’t the smoothest all the time.


I love Soo Young already from the very first episode. I feel like in a way she’s relatable to many. She’s hard-working, caring, and kind. But she also has those traits of insecurity and being a hopeless romantic that led her to her own heart-break. I especially loved how Soo Young handled the rejection from Director Yoo in this episode. She was dreaded and upset over being denied by Director Yoo and this kind of implies that she isn’t the most familiar with love and how relationships work. She didn’t walk away fine and all smiley after Director Yoo rejected her, she cried and tried to contact Director Yoo to apologize for what she did. I don’t think we get to see many scenes like this in a drama (or at least I haven’t), so watching Soo Young’s reaction and the aftereffect it had on her was just so refreshing really. I know that it might be hard to understand the point I’m trying to make right now, but I just loved the whole scene where she was drunk and butt-hurt over the rejection. I mean, this allowed our two leads to finally meet each other face to face and to actually interact with each other which is always good! Rejection isn’t an easy thing to accept and get over and that was shown by Soo Young who I feel like many can relate to (or at least I can). The best thing about this whole thing was that Soo Young apologized afterwards to Director Yoo herself for what happened even though she was embarrassed to death. Go Jung Soo Young! I’m rooting for you 🙂


In my other post about ‘King of High School’, I wrote about how I felt like the drama can do without Yoo-Ah who plays Min Suk’s number one fan and stalker. At this point in the drama, I don’t think she plays a significant role in this drama yet unless she later on becomes the bridge that connects Min Suk and Soo Young although I don’t see that happening because she’s obsessed and infatuated with Min Suk. It’s hard to determine what purpose Yoo-Ah has in this drama, but I hope it’ll have to do with bringing Min Suk and Soo Young together and possibly giving them a chance to get to know each other better.


Although there are many great characters in this drama (I seriously commend Father for raising two kids that aren’t his biological sons *claps), my favorite would have to be Grandpa. He is just the most adorable thing ever. The way he overeats and runs away with the raw fish or was not willing to give up the chocolate candy is seriously so so cute. He also suffers from dementia so this might explain why he acts the way he does, but I love him so much. At the times when the drama can become a bit serious and heavy, Grandpa is always there to lighten and lift up the mood so I’m thankful that he’s in this drama. He’s seriously the high light in ‘King of High School.’

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