King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 2 Recap


The second episode recap is finally here and in this episode, our male lead Min Suk finds difficulty in adjusting to his new schedule and workplace. He meets new people who he isn’t sure whether he should trust as an ally or disregard as an enemy. But it’s not to say that all of the employees he encounters at COMFO are evil, there are actually a few who takes great interest in him and especially one he seems to greatly fascinated by.


In episode two, Min Suk struggles choosing between getting on the bus to continue his life as a hockey player or to run out of the bus and fulfill the difficult task that his brother has asked of him. Conflicted, he stops on the stairs of the bus, but eventually exits from the bus and leaves the high school campus. He chooses to do what his brother Hyung Suk has asked of him which is to pretend to be Hyung Suk for now and work at the new company, Comfo, that has hired him. Careless of what his coach or Yoo-Ah is screaming, Min Suk eventually disappears from their sight.


He takes a taxi to his brother’s apartment that his brother lives in. Following his brother’s directions, he dolls up in a suit to prepare to go to work at Comfo as Lee Hyung Suk.

At Comfo, the team leader of the Retail Team, Team Leader Kim, discusses with his boss updates he received about Lee Hyung Suk. He reveals that he spoke on the phone with Hyung Suk and was told that since he wouldn’t be able to make it, he’ll send his younger brother Min Suk to fill in for him at the moment. The Boss doesn’t approve of this and is in total disbelief. Despite the solutions that Team Leader Kim offers, his boss yells at Team Leader Kim to contact Hyung Suk again and get him to come to work by that day.

Meanwhile, Min Suk arrives in the front of Comfo while talking to his brother on the phone who instructs him to go to the front desk and say that he’s there to meet Team Leader Kim. His brother hangs up on him after using a bunch of metaphors that Min Suk doesn’t understand to describe the work place. LOL.


Min Suk does what his brother told him to do and goes up to the front desk asking to meet Team Leader Kim. One of the employees from the Retail Department answers the phone call and responds saying that Team Leader Kim isn’t there at the moment and asks for Hyung Suk’s name. When they find out it’s Hyung Suk that wants to meet Team Leader Kim, they rush to the front desk because it’s their new Director that’s been hired. The female employees of course are happy that there’s a new face entering the workplace, but their conversation about Hyung Suk gets cut off when they notice that Soo Young isn’t at work yet.


That’s when we hear an over-voice by Soo Young explaining about a bungee jumping business her mother owns. Soo Young often has to bungee jump to get the attention of people when the business is slow and dead. In this scene, we witness Soo Young getting ready to bungee jump, but people from down below watching her yells at her as loud as possible that her rope is loose. However, Soo Young doesn’t hear any of their shouting and jumps regardless. We see her approaching the water at a very fast rate, but thankfully, it’s all just a daydream.

Soo Young is on the top of the Comfo building overlooking the whole city, questioning her life and the situation where she confessed to Director Yoo and everything that happened afterwards.


Meanwhile, Min Suk takes the elevator to get to the Retail Department’s office while the employees that answered the phone try to catch up with him. When Min Suk arrives at the office, everyone there welcomes him with a smile and greets him warmly. He introduces himself as Director Lee Hyung Suk and is bombarded with many strange questions from the female employees. Min Suk answers them with a witty attitude, but the laughing and fun comes to a stop when an older and more serious employee, Mr. Yoon, suggest that they stop playing around and get to work. The employees then invite him to go to his office so Min Suk rests in his office for a bit until he gets visitors from none other than the female employees. He and one of the female employees converse for a while until she leaves and he is left alone in his office again.


Director Yoo enters an elevator that is already occupied by the President of Comfo or his father and his father’s secretary. It’s an intense and heavy atmosphere in the elevator as a conversation ensues. The president takes his glasses off while yelling at his secretary and continues to wag it in the direction of Director Yoo’s face. Director Yoo is careful not to get hit by his father, but he becomes upset that his father wasn’t aware of the dangerous act he was doing.

When in his office, Director Yoo falls a bit dizzy and ill, but pretends to be fine. He is also informed that the new director, Lee Hyung Suk, has arrived at the company.


Team Leader Kim finds out that Hyung Suk has arrived at Comfo so he hurries over to Hyung Suk’s office. When he sees Min Suk, he believes it’s really Hyung Suk and greets him with a hug and smile, but Min Suk breaks his heart and reveals to him that it’s not Hyung Suk, but Min Suk who’s pretending to be Hyung Suk. Team Leader Kim suffers a breakdown when he learns this and panics not knowing what he should do about a high schooler pretending to be his brother. Min Suk reveals to Team Leader Kim that his brother told him to follow everything that Team Leader Kim tells him to do so Team Leader Kim can’t just ignore Min Suk or else they’re all gonna get in big big trouble. Meanwhile, all of the employees grow suspicious of what’s happening in Min Suk’s office and gather around to talk about the competition at Comfo. Since Director Yoo and Director Lee are newly hired directors at Comfo, they’re most likely going to be going against each other and competing against one another (ooh, I like this battle). They complain that determining the winner of this competition is even harder than when they studied in school. Haha.


Team Leader Kim contacts his boss, the Managing Director, to tell him about Min Suk who’s pretending to be Hyung Suk and is told to bring him in to meet the Managing Director himself.

While Team Leader Kim and Min Suk are heading to the Managing Director’s office, Soo Young returns from her short break on the rooftop of the COMFO building. She’s told that Director Hyung Suk has arrived at their company, but doesn’t seem to take any interest in Min Suk even though the female employees compliment him endlessly. She goes to water her plant (she does this every episode) before getting back to work.


The Managing Director studies Min Suk when they arrive at his office and cannot believe how similar and alike Min Suk looks to Hyung Suk. Although he notices their similarity in appearance and looks, he still isn’t accepting of the idea that Min Suk can play pretend and tells Team Leader Kim to send Min Suk back and to use the excuse that Hyung Suk has cancer so he can’t return to Korea. Just when they’re in the middle of brainstorming, President of COMFO enters Managing Director’s office unexpectedly to discuss about a project they’re working on. He takes notice of Min Suk who’s standing there quietly on the side and has Managing Director introduce Min Suk to President as Director Lee Hyung Suk. President is excited to meet who he thinks is Hyung Suk and even offers him a handshake. Haha. Team Leader Kim and Managing Director’s reactions are too funny.


They all meet in President’s office to get to know Min Suk better. President seems approving of Director Lee Hyung Suk and tells him that if there’s anything he needs or feels uncomfortable about to just tell the President himself. That’s when Min Suk takes the opportunity to put that to use as he admits that the situation he’s currently in makes him feel uncomfortable. LOL. Someone’s brave. President isn’t mad at Min Suk though; he actually acknowledges his honesty and invites Min Suk to a game of golf before allowing Min Suk to leave his office.

When Managing Director and Min Suk leave, they reunite with Team Leader Kim and all come to a consensus: they’re going to have Min Suk pretend to be Hyung Suk for the time being. Managing Director assigns Team Leader Kim to follow Min Suk’s every move while he warns Min Suk to not talk too much. Haha, let’s see how long that lasts.


Team Leader Kim and Min Suk walk back to the Retail Department, but along the way, Team Leader Kim has to explain to Min Suk how COMFO works for Min Suk is totally clueless about the company and its purpose. Haha. I love how Min Suk didn’t even bother doing any research about COMFO and just went right into pretending to be his brother. How funny. A few minutes later, they both go use the restroom which is where Min Suk takes the opportunity to check his cell phone. He notices that he’s received many missed phone calls (most of them by his stalker) so he calls his friend who tried to contact him. His friend who is also a hockey player updates Min Suk on what life has been after Min Suk ran away and it isn’t so good. His conversation with Min Suk gets interrupted though when their Sunbaenim on the hockey team comes to check up on them and Min Suk’s friend has no choice but to go back and pretend like he’s talking to his mother on the phone when really it’s Min Suk. Hahaha. Their Sunbae yells at them to stop playing around when he finds out that it’s Min Suk he was talking to on the phone.


Min Suk’s stalker and number one fan, Yoo-Ah, grows frustrated over the disappearance of Min Suk. She complains to her friends and asks them why Min Suk could be skipping practice. The only reason they could offer her is because he’s meeting a woman which of course pisses Yoo-Ah off.

Back at COMFO, Director Yoo encounters Min Suk and introduces himself to Min Suk. He then invites Min Suk to his office to have some coffee.

Meanwhile, Soo Young is still beating herself up over what happened the other day with Director Yoo and how she handled the rejection. She just can’t seem to get over how she reacted and what had happened.

In Director Yoo’s office, Min Suk and Director Yoo try to get to know each other a little bit better. While talking, Director Yoo feels like he’s heard Min Suk’s voice before (which is true because Min Suk was the one who called Director Yoo to pick up passed out Soo Young who was drunk that one night), but Min Suk quickly denies it.


He then changes the subject to the project that he heard Hyung Suk was working on back in Germany, but because it’s Min Suk that is sitting across from Director Yoo and not Hyung Suk, Min Suk doesn’t have a clue about what Director Yoo is talking about. Therefore, he avoids going into details about the project and rather speaks broadly about it even when Director Yoo asks for more details. Director Yoo tries to get him to talk about business and asks for his opinions on different topics, but because Min Suk is ignorant about many of these things, he doesn’t speak much about it. Haha, this is too hilarious. I love how Min Suk’s beating around the bush. While talking to Director Yoo, Min Suk receives a phone call from Team Leader Kim who tells him to leave Director Yoo’s office as soon as possible so Min Suk excuses himself while he has the chance. Just when Min Suk is right at the door, Soo Young enters from the outside with a document she has to deliver to Director Yoo. When Min Suk sees Soo Young, he immediately yells, “Popcorn!” as a reference to the scene in episode one when Soo Young gave Min Suk her bag of popcorn in exchange for his cell phone. The sudden shout confuses both Soo Young and Director Yoo, but Min Suk quickly escapes from the awkward situation by asking where they might sell popcorn at COMFO. HAHAHA.

When Min Suk finally leaves the office, he gets a lecture from Team Leader Kim who already warned him to stay put and to not go anywhere, but Min Suk doesn’t seem what the problem is. It’s quite obvious he’s adjusting quickly to this workplace.


Director Yoo questions Soo Young’s presence in his office as if she’s the only worker from the Retail Department, but she explains that since she’s a contractor and is the newest employee to be hired in that department, she can’t refuse what others order her to do. She leaves by reassuring him that she will try her best in everything.

Team Leader Kim gifts Min Suk a folder of his responsibilities and the names of the employees in the Retail Department and instructs him to familiarize himself with their faces and names. Min Suk of course comes up with an excuse to not have to do any of this, but Team Leader Kim gives him no other choice. Talking about employees, Min Suk peeks outside his office window to check up on them, but notices that the only person there is Soo Young. He refers back to the employee chart from the folder and looks up Soo Young’s resume. He finds out that she’s a contractor and college graduate and recalls the night where she was putting on a drunken fit to Director Yoo. He puts the pieces of the puzzle together as he finally realizes that it was Director Yoo he called that night to pick Soo Young up and that Soo Young is in love with Director Yoo.

He calls Soo Young into his office and assigns Soo Young her first task: to buy Min Suk a hamburger. She willingly accepts his request, but doesn’t leave immediately for she needs some money to buy that hamburger of course. But in the end leaves the office having to buy the hamburger with her own money through Min Suk’s intimidation. When she’s out of his sight, Min Suk cracks up knowing that Soo Young doesn’t remember Min Suk from that one night. While all of the other ladies are jealous of Soo Young for getting to spend some one-on-one time with Director Lee Hyung Suk, Soo Young drags her feet to buy the hamburger.

Soo Young returns with the hamburger a few minutes later and drops it off to Min Suk. She heads back towards the door expecting to leave right after she hands him the hamburger, but he holds her back. “I don’t like eating by myself. Why don’t you stay while I eat this?” OMG. TOO CUTE. Soo Young’s a contractor so it’s not like she can say no and leave Min Suk to eat alone. Hahaha, this is too funny. Soo Young stands there awkwardly while Min Suk enjoys his hamburger.


While eating, Min Suk brings up the topic about popcorn and asks her if she likes it to which Soo Young replies that she enjoys it a little. Haha. Min Suk’s so evil. He continues by telling her that she looks like someone who’ll be good at having a one-sided love which surprises Soo Young who denies that assumption. To thank her for getting him the hamburger, he offers her some gum and calls her ‘popcorn sister.’ OMG. TOO CUTE. Soo Young’s about ready to leave when Min Suk complains that he’s not quite finished eating his hamburger yet, so she has no choice but to stay with him. However, Min Suk lets her go and allows her to leave even when he’s not done eating yet. Once again after she’s gone, he laughs at how funny everything is. I’m like squealing over here. Isn’t anyone else doing that…or is it just me?

The first day of work is finally over. Min Suk recalls Team Leader Kim’s words as he exits out of the building: he must never be late to work and must check in to school then quickly get over to work in time. He questions what he’s doing with his life now that he’s accepted this difficult task of pretending to be his brother. While walking, he spots Soo Young who’s also leaving work and happens to refer to her as ‘popcorn.’ Such a cute nickname!


In the next scene, we see Soo Young talking to Yoo-Ah on the phone at the bus stop which then transitions over to Min Suk who’s also at the same bus stop talking to Yoo-Ah after Yoo-Ah ends her conversation with her sister. The bus arrives so Min Suk ends his conversation with Yoo-Ah and hurries to get a seat on the bus.


He ends up sitting a few seats behind Soo Young and observes her continually throughout the whole ride. When she stares outside the window, he stares outside the window. When she stares outside the window again, he stares at her instead. She falls asleep on the long bus ride and he notices that she has fallen asleep, but he ends up doing just that as well.


When bus finally arrives at Soo Young’s bus stop, she’s knocked out though so she’s unaware that she’s supposed to get off. Thankfully Min Suk is there to watch after Soo Young and stops the bus driver from continuing while throwing a piece of crumbled paper at Soo Young to wake her up. She successfully gets off at her stop while Min Suk continues to ride the bus until he gets to his stop. When he does, he changes into his school uniform again and goes to the dry cleaning shop that his father owns. He gets scolded by Father for running away from hockey practice, but Min Suk is careless. Even at home when Father informs Min Suk that his Coach and friends called, Min Suk doesn’t seem to care. Father becomes suspicious of Min Suk’s rebellious act and asks Min Suk if he heard from Hyung Suk by any chance to which Min Suk doesn’t deny. He makes up an excuse saying that his brother had some urgent business in Germany he needed to take care of so he couldn’t come to visit. Father gets upset that Hyung Suk didn’t even bother to make at least one phone call home, but Min Suk just gets annoyed and frustrated with Father’s behavior. When Min Suk leaves to his bedroom, Grandpa farts in the living room and is reminded to peel the skin of an orange before eating it. Haha. I love the scenes with Grandpa!


The next day at school, Min Suk gets a scolding from his Sunbae on the hockey team who yells at him for skipping practice the day before. He threatens to break every joint in Min Suk’s body if Min Suk even thinks about skipping practice again. Just when Min Suk’s Sunbae leaves, Yoo-Ah comes barging towards Min Suk, angry and infuriated over his whereabouts and why he skipped practice.

Min Suk arrives to work late that morning and it’s just his luck that he comes across the President of COMFO while trying to get to his office. Although the President’s secretary is unaccepting of his tardy, the President forgives Min Suk and puts the blame on them for making him return to work so soon. Phew, you got lucky there Min Suk.

When Min Suk arrives at the Retail Department’s office, everyone forgives him for being late and greets him warmly. He then notices Soo Young who’s watering her plant so he asks her about her plant and why she waters it. But Soo Young doesn’t have a reason as to why she waters her plant and just does it for the heck of it. Min Suk finds it strange and odd that Soo Young has three moss plants. LOL.

In his office, Min Suk’s busy exploring the new massage chair that’s been placed into his office, but gets a sudden visit by one of the female employees who brings him some cola. After handing him the cup of soda, she notices his cell phone which is similar to hers and grabs it to take a look at it. But Min Suk panics and immediately takes it back harshly. It turns out that his home screen picture is a photo of him and his two friends in their school uniforms which could cause him a lot of trouble so he changes the picture to something non-related to school. Phew, that was close again Lee Min Suk.


Back at school, Yoo-Ah grows frustrated over Min Suk’s disappearance again so she’s prepared in advance what she has to do to find his whereabouts. She’s installed a location tracker app onto her cell phone to track down Min Suk and plans to use it to find out what Min Suk has been up to. Talk about being a stalker. Lol.


Director Yoo discusses with the President’s secretary about Min Suk and just how much the President is satisfied with him. For Director Yoo’s good, President’s secretary advises Director Yoo to stay close to him, but Director Yoo reveals that he has no ambitions to do that. But it’s not ambition that the secretary is talking about; it’s about rights – the right to receive love from their parents and the right to inherit the company. This causes Director Yoo to think twice and reconsider what the secretary suggested.

Back in Min Suk’s office, one of the employees is giving a speech on a plans and projects that Min Suk has no understanding about. Words flow in from one ear and out from the other, but none of the things that the employee is saying makes any sense to Min Suk.


(LOL. Look at his face expression).

Min Suk tells the employee that he’ll consider everything that he was told and allows the employee to leave. He then calls Team Leader Kim to tell him that he has to go to school or else he’s going to get in big trouble. Team Leader Kim has no choice but to allow Min Suk to leave so he permits Min Suk to leave to go to school.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Ah utilizes her stalker app to discover the whereabouts of Min Suk and finds herself located in front of the COMFO building that her sister works at. When she arrives at the entrance doors, she finds herself standing across from a man that looks like Min Suk and goes chasing after him. Min Suk, surprised and taken aback at the sight of Yoo-Ah, runs back inside the building to escape Yoo-Ah. At this point, Yoo-Ah is determined to do whatever it takes to find her Lee Hubby so she enters the building to go search for Min Suk.


She catches up to him so Min Suk tries to escape from her sight using the stairs. Meanwhile, Soo Young who is still trying to avoid Director Yoo as frequently as possible happens to come across Director Yoo. Alarmed, she hides herself by entering a door that leads to the same stairways Min Suk is running through. She turns around and walks downstairs only to come across a panicked and sweaty Min Suk who tells her to hush and pushes her out the door.


Once they’re outside, Min Suk uses one hand to cover Soo Young’s mouth while his other hand holds onto the door knob of the door that Yoo-Ah is trying to open. Meanwhile, Director Yoo witnesses all of this happening nearby. Uh-oh.


My Thoughts:

I finished this episode feeling satisfied, content, and addicted and it’s rare that I have these feels, especially during the beginning of a drama when our characters are getting to know one another and the drama is barely starting to build itself. I think I enjoy this episode so much because our two leads, Min Suk and Soo Young, are so likable. Min Suk is such a hilarious and witty little guy it’s hard to not like him. Meanwhile, Soo Young is a respectful and hard-working woman who minds her own business (as seen when she waters her plant and doesn’t involve herself in any conversations) and is also so hilarious.


I’m quite excited to see Min Suk and Soo Young’s relationship blossom and develop. At this point in the drama, I would really like to see a romantic relationship evolve, but then I have to remind myself that Min Suk really isn’t a director and he’s just a high schooler while Soo Young has already graduated from college. The age difference does make me a bit worried, but I think their characters compliment each other so well. Min Suk’s more out-going and lazy, Soo Young’s more on the quiet side and follows orders willingly. It was so amusing watching Min Suk tease Soo Young for having a one-sided love and calling her popcorn sister and Soo Young not realizing that the man standing in front of her as the Director is the same person she met on the bus on that night she threw a drunken fit. My favorite scene in this drama and probably one of my most favorite scenes ever in a drama would have to be the bus scene where Min Suk was a stalker looking out for Soo Young. That scene is just too cute for words. Not to mention, the OST track playing during that scene just really made the scene even cuter and sweeter altogether. I love how Min Suk was staring at her from behind as if it wasn’t totally weird or anything and how he was the one who had to wake Soo Young up from her sleep so she could get home safely. I don’t know if I would call it ‘falling in love’ the way Min Suk cares for and watches out for Soo Young, but I don’t think he’s aware of how much he likes to surround himself with her. Every chance he gets, he always has to converse with Soo Young and interact with her somehow and I really like the way he’s opening up to Soo Young. He is a bit more out-going and friendly so it doesn’t surprise me that he’s the one doing all the work in forming their relationship right now, but I think it is adorable how he tries to please her and get her to open up. I’m excited to witness their relationship evolve and grow. It’s going to be a great journey~


Speaking about romantic relationships, I’m actually quite confused as to whether Director Yoo will join Min Suk and Soo Young to form a love triangle. As we have already seen from the first episode, he didn’t have any feelings for Soo Young (but then again, that was because he didn’t even know her all that well yet) and wants to avoid Soo Young just as much as she wants to avoid him so I wonder if there will be a love triangle in this drama. I will be fine if there wasn’t a love triangle (more Min Suk and Soo Young being cute with each other for me), but as a love triangle are usually one of the main points in a drama, I was expecting there to be one. Maybe somehow, Director Yoo will begin to see Soo Young in a different light in the future and give her another chance. When that time comes though she’ll probably be falling for Min Suk already though.


The risks with Min Suk pretending to be his brother is just getting crazier and crazier. The President of COMFO is so kind and warm towards Min Suk I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen when he finds out that it’s not Hyung Suk but Min Suk that he’s been so nice towards. I see Director Yoo being the first to suspicion Min Suk and to question his identity since they’re both directors and Director Yoo feels threatened by Min Suk. Omg. Just thinking about Father and his reaction to when he discovers that Min Suk has been acting as Hyung Suk – it’s going to be so heart-breaking. He’s going to be so disappointed. Ugh, this is killing me just thinking about it.


I found a video the other day of the bus scene in this episode that I absolutely cannot stop spazzing and squealing over. Check for yourself the scene I’m going crazy over and whether you’re smiling just as hard as I am or not. Hehe.

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