King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 3 Recap


In episode 3, Min Suk starts to get the gist of being a hockey player and director of a major company at the same time, but what he doesn’t quite easily understand is the heart of the person he’s easily fascinated by. Thankfully though, this confusion allows all loose ends to be tied and a new relationship that was possibly destined to be to be formed.

In the beginning of episode 3, Min Suk is trying to prevent Soo Young from talking while holding onto the doorknob of the door that his stalker Yoo-Ah is trying to open from the other side. However the pulling and banging from Yoo-Ah comes to a complete stop so Min Suk opens the door to check to see why it’s so quiet. Unlike what we the audience would expect to find, it’s not Yoo-Ah but instead a random employee who enters the door from the other side and walks out to the lounge, scaring both Min Suk and Soo Young. Phew, that was close.


Min Suk tries to explain to Soo Young why he was running so crazily, but he can’t explain to her in words the fear he was going through because he’s out of breath and because…it’s complicated. Haha.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Ah gets dragged out by a security guard who yells at her for entering the building without permission. Tsk tsk tsk.


Back at the hockey stadium, there’s a hockey game scheduled, but star player and ace Min Suk isn’t there. Everyone, including the referees, wait for Min Suk impatiently and angrily while his two friends try to contact him. Meanwhile, Min Suk’s sprinting as fast as his legs can take him to the hockey stadium, but it’s too late. His team had already played against their opponents and lost 1-4 before Min Suk could come and save the day.


The team gets punished once again for Min Suk’s wrongdoing, but this time more severely than the last few times we witnessed their punishment. Their bewildered coach lectures and yells at them again, but warns them this time that they absolutely cannot miss out on any practices since the national preliminary competition starts the next week. He forwards this specifically to Min Suk who’s been skipping out on their latest practices and games. Once their coach leaves the locker room, Min Suk’s Sunbae punches him right in the face and gives him one last warning to take hockey seriously or else he’s really going to knock Min Suk out. Ugh, it pains me to see Min Suk get hurt like this.


Later on that night, Min Suk hangs out with his two friends at their restaurant that they’ve been managing. His two friends try to get Min Suk to spill out what he’s been up to, but Min Suk refuses to let them in on his secret. He leaves the restaurant leaving his two friends trying to figure out why Min Suk’s been behaving the way he is.

Min Suk arrives at his father’s dry cleaning shop with an injured lip. He tells his father that it’s from hockey practice which lessens his father’s concern. He then is informed that his brother, Hyung Suk, has sent in money to pay for his school fees, surprising Min Suk because that can only mean one thing – his brother’s alive. When in his bedroom, Min Suk stares at a picture he has of his brother placed in a picture frame and sets it down, mad that his brother has put him in this difficult situation. But Min Suk cannot stay mad at his brother for long for he sets the picture frame back up again and confesses that he would like his brother to come back as soon as possible. *wipes a tear*

In the next scene, there’s a hockey game going on and Min Suk scores for the team, proving that he isn’t the hockey team’s ace for nothing. But instead of the cheers and screams he usually receives from the audience, he finds himself getting criticized and disapproved by the audience for unknown reasons. Confused, Min Suk studies himself only to find himself wearing a suit and not a hockey jersey like how he is supposed to. He panics when he sees himself in a suit while in the hockey stadium and cannot comprehend what is going on.


But luckily it was all just a nightmare and Father and Grandpa comes barging into his room yelling at him to get up to get ready for school. When at school and the teacher finishes taking attendance, Min Suk jumps out of the window to get ready to go to work. His two friends notices how he jumped out of the window, but they’re too confused and surprised to go after him.

Min Suk seems to be getting a hang of his life as a high school student and Director as he learns to keep track of his time and when to return to school and when to return back to work. He goes back to school only when it involves anything that has to do with hockey, but then quickly rushes back to work to prevent any suspicion from forming. By the end of the day, Min Suk is worn out and so exhausted he passes out before he can even enter his bedroom. Haha.


The next morning, Soo Young rushes to get on the elevator so she won’t be tardy to work, but stops when she notices Director Yoo standing at the elevator she plans to get on. Because she’ s still embarrassed over what happened on that night she put on a drunken fit, she can’t seem to confront Director Yoo face on and avoids him at every opportunity she gets. She hides behind a wall and debates as to whether she should just be brave and join him or take the stairs. She tells herself to just act natural because she’s a “cool, modern woman” and ends up walking out from behind the wall towards the elevator door that Director Yoo is standing in front of. When she stands next to him, she tries to make the situation not awkward by starting a conversation with him that he has no interest in. Seeing that he’s careless about the topic she’s talking about, she then brings up the incident the other day where Min Suk was covering Soo Young’s mouth while holding tightly onto the doorknob (the end of episode 2). She clarifies the incident and wishes that he wouldn’t misunderstand, but Director Yoo attacks, “I’d have to be interested in order for there to be a misunderstanding.” OH HAIL NO. THIS GUY. It’s okay Soo Young, you don’t need him. You already have Min Suk. Haha.


The elevator opens so they both enter, but then they’re joined by the one and only Min Suk. He stands in between the awkward pair and greets them to make the atmosphere less intense. Director Yoo compliments Min Suk on his tie to which he blushes, “I shouldn’t look good all the time.” HAHAHA. Oh Min Suk, you know yourself too well. Director Yoo leaves Min Suk and Soo Young behind as he leaves to go to his office. When he leaves, Min Suk compliments Director Yoo on his face and then realizes that he was in the elevator with both Director Yoo and Soo Young. If he had realized earlier, he would have taken the stairs to leave them both alone. Soo Young is clueless about what Min Suk’s referring to, but he continues to expand on his statement by stating, “But I’m disappointed. I’m a director too.” AWWWWW. He wants the same attention that Soo Young gave to Director Yoo to be given to him too. Kekeke. Soo Young tries to persuade Min Suk to believe that she doesn’t have a one-sided love towards Director Yoo anymore and that it’s nothing like he thinks, but Min Suk’s stubborn personality makes him think otherwise.

They enter the Retail Department office together raising heads, but goes their own separate ways. Min Suk is walking towards his office, but is told by one of the employees that a conference call from Singapore has come for Min Suk. Team Leader Kim overhears this and rescues Min Suk by answering the call for Min Suk instead while Min Suk heads to his office. A few minutes later, Team Leader Kim visits Min Suk to advise him to not answer or reply to anything concerning work and business; Team Leader Kim will take care of all of that. Min Suk, although disapproving of the idea of not being able to voice his opinion, abides by the rules and also relays to Team Leader Kim that he won’t be able to come to work that Wednesday for he has a hockey game. Team Leader Kim permits him to go to his game, but he must come back to work immediately after he finishes. Before leaving, he also unwillingly hands Min Suk the company card that all Directors are given as a source of money. He warns Min Suk to only use it when necessary, but it’s Min Suk he’s giving this card to and we all know how he is. Haha.

Only use the card when it’s necessary Team Leader Kim says, but in the next scene, Min Suk and the Retail Department are at a company dinner that Min Suk is willing to treat using his company card. He encourages his team members to eat as much as they want while glaring at Team Leader Kim as if he’s mocking him. Hahaha. While everyone’s eating, Team Leader Kim quietly mumbles to Min Suk to stay quiet later on when he’s at the management meeting with all the other executives and the President of COMFO, but Min Suk purposely acts like he doesn’t understand what Team Leader Kim is saying, so angry Team Leader Kim yells out for Min Suk to just stay put at the management meeting which arouses everyone about the table’s attention. Embarrassed, Team Leader Kim quickly changes the subject to prevent everyone from staring at him weirdly.


Min Suk’s two friends freely walk on the school campus since there isn’t any hockey practice and relish over how nice the weather is. While walking, they come across Yoo-Ah who happily walks arm in arm with them and takes them out to a Korean BBQ restaurant, sweetly getting whatever they want and request for. When they finish eating, Min Suk’s two friends knows that something is up; there must be a reason as to why Yoo-Ah acted so kind towards them and treated them out to a delicious meal. That’s when Yoo-Ah assigns Min Suk’s two best friends to  watch after Min Suk and find out what he’s been up to. She gives them three days to stalk him before reporting to her what Min Suk has been busy doing lately.

Back at COMFO, Director Yoo presents at the management meeting on the project he’s been working on in front of the board executives and the President of COMFO. When he finishes, the President asks for any opinions and thoughts to which Min Suk suddenly comments, “Wow. This stuff is awesome” without thinking that the room is dead silent and that everyone could hear him. After hearing this, the President asks Min Suk for his opinion so Min Suk has no choice but to say something about Director Yoo’s project. When he voices his opinion, the President seems to be in favor of it so he makes Min Suk in charge of the project that Director Yoo was originally assigned to. Others in the room object to this idea, but Director Yoo himself welcomes it. So Min Suk has to represent COMFO and now put on a great presentation of a bid that will determine COMFO’s future. No pressure Min Suk. Haha.


When the meeting ends, Min Suk can’t seem to comprehend what the board executives mean when they refer to ‘PT’ and assumes that they’re talking about the kind of PT where it’s a physical training, even doing a few jumping jacks to illustrate his assumption, but little does he know, he isn’t even close. Haha.

Although Director Yoo had encouraged Min Suk to take on the job of presenting the project he was originally in charge of, back in his office, he grows mad and infuriated for losing to Min Suk. Meanwhile, in Min Suk’s office, Team Leader Kim and Managing Director are bewildered at what kind of problem they landed themselves in. Min Suk still can’t figure out what ‘PT’ means so Team Leader Kim has to explain to him that he’s now in charge of presenting a presentation as a representative of COMFO. As if things couldn’t get worse, the same day that Min Suk has to present is also the same day that he has his hockey game which he absolutely cannot miss. However, they solve this problem by letting Min Suk attend his hockey game where he will play then once he finishes his game, he will go present his presentation since it doesn’t start until the early afternoon. Managing Director relies on Team Leader Kim to help Min Suk with his presentation, but Team Leader Kim is also a busy man and none of the other employees want to finish the PowerPoint, so the only person left that will be willing to finish it and help Min Suk out with the PowerPoint is none other than our fabulous, Jung Soo Young. (YES YES YES!).


She finishes a rough draft of the PowerPoint and gives it to Min Suk so that he can recite it. She gets a bit too comfortable and sits down in an empty chair in his office, but immediately bounces back up when Min Suk points out that he didn’t let her sit down yet. HAHAHA. He eventually allows her to sit down in which she does and instructs Min Suk to just recite the PowerPoint while she checks his timing. While she’s saying all of this, Min Suk plays with the laser he was given and flashes it at Soo Young’s face. Soo Young notices this and tries to dodge the red spot, but isn’t fast enough for Min Suk (omg, so lame ahaha). She reveals her future plans, but has to stop when Min Suk complains that his head hurts already and wishes to take a break. Haha, he didn’t even start reciting and he already wants a break. Oh boy.

A few minutes later, Min Suk starts to recite the PowerPoint while Soo Young checks on his timing, but he can’t even pronounce some of the words correctly which frustrates and tires him out. So he orders Soo Young to go buy themselves some hamburger since he doesn’t want to continue anymore. After they finish eating and taking a short break, Min Suk goes back to reciting again, but instead of being hungry, he’s tired this time so he goes up on the rooftop of the building to do some stretching exercises. He finds himself doing these exercises alone while Soo Young stands there looking around so he tries to get her to do it with him too, but she refuses to at first. However, it isn’t until he questions why she’s not obeying him especially since she’s just a subordinate that she follows his orders and stretches with him. Even though Soo Young complains that it’s tiring and hard, she does it because she has no other choice. Haha, poor Soo Young.


They decide to head back inside the building so that they can go back home, but Min Suk finds the doors locked. He panics and communicates to Soo Young what’s occurred which gets her worried. She tries opening the door herself, but is unable to open it so she starts pounding on the door for someone to come open it. Meanwhile, Min Suk starts talking about how he’s seen these kind of things happen in dramas. Whenever a couple gets locked outside like this, they usually get close overnight and then…but before he could continue on, Soo Young is just going crazy trying to get someone to come open the door. It’s not too long until Min Suk stops playing his prank on Soo Young and pushes the door open. It turns out that they weren’t locked all along. All you had to do was push the door, not pull it. Soo Young silently curses in her head once she realizes the fool she’s made out of herself. Haha. They are too cute together.


When they exit out of the building, Soo Young plans to go home alone, but is told that she and Min Suk reside in the same neighborhood. Min Suk gets excited at the thought of getting to go home together with Soo Young from now on while Soo Young can only wish she were dead and nonexistent. She hates anything that has to do with Min Suk, but can’t avoid him either. They ride in the same taxi home for a while until Soo Young wishes to get off even before they arrive at her stop. She reunites with her sister and takes out all her frustration and anger on Yoo-Ah even though it’s Min Suk that’s causing it. Lol. Soo Young totally loves spending time with Min Suk. /sarcasm

Min Suk changes back into his school uniform like how he does every time he gets out of work and walks back home, but he comes across Soo Young and Yoo-Ah who has just exit out of a convenience store and is walking towards his way. He double checks to see if it’s Soo Young and when it really is her, he sprints to go hide behind a wall, afraid to get caught by both Soo Young and Yoo-Ah. When they’re finally gone, Min Suk suddenly feels a hand hit his head from behind so he turns around to find his Grandpa there. Min Suk can only focus on Soo Young though and realizes that it might not be such a good idea to be living in the same neighborhood as ‘Popcorn’ – it’s actually really dangerous. Speaking of dangerous, Grandpa starts to repeat the word “dangerous” in English multiple times and catches the attention of Min Suk who realizes that Grandpa is speaking in English. Haha, omg, too cute. Min Suk suggest that they go home now that they’ve gotten some fresh air, but when Grandpa refuses to go, he has to persuade his grandpa that he’ll buy him chocolate to get him to go home. Seriously, too adorbs.

The next morning, Min Suk successfully recites his PowerPoint under a good amount of time so to celebrate, he does his signature move. He notices that Soo Young isn’t doing it along with him too though so he makes her do his signature move before she can go on to tell him the plans for the day of his presentation which is already on the next day. She hands him an entrance pass that he must bring with him so that he can enter the PT site. When she finishes telling him what he needs to prepare for on the day of the presentation, he suggests that they both go home together since it’s time to head back home, but Team Leader Kim interrupts Min Suk’s plans and forces him to stay behind to present the presentation in front of him, allowing Soo Young to leave and escape from Min Suk.

It’s not long until Soo Young’s ordered to do something else. Managing Director asks Soo Young to get the package that has been delivered for him and to drop it off in his office once she obtains it. She follows his orders willingly, but before leaving to go get the package, she tries to correct him on getting her name right. “It’s not Jung Joo Young, it’s Jung Soo Young.” Haha. Managing Director has already left and doesn’t hear anything that Soo Young has said though.

She successfully gets the package and drops it off in Managing Director’s office, but because it’s bigger than he’s expected, he tells her to put it in his car. Soo Young once again tries to correct Managing Director on her name, but he ignores her like how he did the last time. Some people will never learn, haha.

Work finally ends so Min Suk exits out of the building, but is offered a ride home by Director Yoo so he accepts Director Yoo’s offer and goes with him. While in the car, Min Suk brings up how he basically stole Director Yoo’s project that was originally for him, but Director Yoo reassures him that he is fine and to not worry. While they’re driving, they spot Soo Young walking on the sidewalk, so Min Suk has Director Yoo pull over and drags Soo Young to join them since Soo Young and Min Suk lives in the same neighborhood anyway. It’s obvious that he’s still trying to hook Soo Young and Director Yoo up and doesn’t know that they are trying to avoid one another at the moment. He seats Soo Young in the passenger seat and is about to enter the backseat when he pretends that he has an appointment with someone else so he leaves the two awkward pair in the car with each other.


It sure is awkward in the car and things only get worse. Soo Young makes it obvious that she smells badly by constantly smelling her shirt and making an odd face expression afterwards as a reaction to the smell. This makes Director Yoo feel very uncomfortable, but what he sees next is even worse for him and both Soo Young. While driving, they almost crash into a person so Director Yoo abruptly and quickly steps onto the brakes to stop the car. While he jerked forward and hit his steering well, Soo Young grabbed onto the handles located near the top of the car, exposing her wet and sweaty armpits. She eventually gets off before she even arrives in her neighborhood, embarrassed and flustered.

That’s when we hear an over voice from Soo Young who talks about her favorite movie ‘Serendipity’ and why it’s such a memorable movie for her. “I like a movie titled ‘Serendipity.’ Two years ago, I went to a small theater that played that movie and saw him for the first time. Through an unrealistic coincidence, the main characters meet in clandestine manner. I must have still been young for I dreamed of such love.” We then see Soo Young crying in an empty theater over the movie ‘Serendipity’ that is playing on the big screen. She assumes she’s alone in the small theater until she looks around the theater to find herself accompanied by Director Yoo who is also in the same theater as Soo Young and crying over how beautiful the movie is (this was two years back).


Fast forward two years later and Soo Young reunites with Director Yoo at COMFO. She reveals that it felt like destiny, reuniting with Director Yoo and meeting him again two years later.

“But I learned today. I wanted to fool myself to believe that it was destiny. Perhaps it was an ominous destiny,” Soo Young reveals as she walks alone on the street after the embarrassing incident that happened back in the car. She feels heart-broken and devastated to find out that maybe she and Director Yoo weren’t meant to be.

Maybe it wasn’t her destiny to be with Director Yoo, but maybe that’s because it’s her destiny to be with Min Suk for she runs into Min Suk a few minutes later. All Min Suk can ask about is the car ride though which Soo Young obviously does not want to talk or even think about. He continues to blabber about Director Yoo and the possibility that they can get together, but stops chatting when he notices Soo Young’s external appearance which isn’t so good. She looks exhausted and annoyed and pale. When he takes notice of her appearance, she stops holding in her frustration and confesses, “Do you see me now? How I look?” The atmosphere turns heavy and serious as Soo Young reveals her true and honest thoughts to her higher-up Director, Min Suk. “I clearly told you to not play jokes on me…it’s true I liked him myself. I professed my love and got rejected. But Director, what do you know?” At this point, Soo Young starts to break down and form tears in her eyes, but she continually sniffs to keep the tears from falling. “He’s very uncomfortable around me. He hates bumping into me at work…even if you’re a director, I don’t think you have the right to make fun of a subordinate.” Her voice slowly trembles and breaks as she speaks that last phrase. Before leaving, Soo Young reminds him to not be late the next day for the presentation. She walks away discouraged and ignores Min Suk even when he calls her name.


When Soo Young gets home, she finishes up some chores and washes the bathroom mirror. She looks at her reflection in the mirror, but grows insecure so she goes back to washing it because she’s tired of seeing her reflection.

Min Suk arrives home, feeling guilty over what he did today so he heads straight to his bedroom even though Grandpa had stayed up to wait for Min Suk so they could play some Cat’s Cradle together. But Grandpa isn’t the type to give up easily (as we witnessed when he refused to give up his chocolate in episode one, haha) so Min Suk decides to play a round of Cat’s Cradle with his Grandpa. While playing the game, Min Suk confides in his Grandpa and expresses his feelings of guilt and shame to his Grandpa saying, “I think I made a mistake with someone today. It’s not like I did it on purpose, but it bothers me. I just feel bad…” He goes on to complain about how he has to do a presentation the next day and also has a hockey game as well. “All of a sudden, my life became so complicated, ” Min Suk articulates. Grandpa’s random but adorable laugh cheers Min Suk up a little though and they finish their game of Cat’s Cradle. Aw, how cute.


It’s the start of the National Preliminary Competition and Min Suk’s heavily active in the significant hockey game.  Things seem to be going fine during the hockey game until one of the referees gets knocked out by the hockey puck so the game is put on a hold for the time being to take care of the referee. This delays the time which is bad for Min Suk who needs to be at the PT site by 1 P.M. He’s not the only person panicking for so is Managing Director and Team Leader Kim who are already at the PT site stressing out over how there’s only twenty minutes left and Min Suk is no where to be seen. Luckily though, the injured referee returns to the game recovered and the game continues from where it left off. When Min Suk manages to score allowing his team to win the game, he immediately runs out of the stadium to get to the building where he’s going to present.

Meanwhile, chaos and commotion erupts from the COMFO team for Min Suk still hasn’t arrived yet even though the presentations have begun. Luckily, COMFO doesn’t have to present until later on in the meeting, but Managing Director, Team Leader Kim, and Soo Young are still stressing out nonetheless. Min Suk struggles to get to the PT site in time so the COMFO team has to resort to Director Yoo who’s also there at the meeting since he’s the only one who knows about the project. Right when Director Yoo is about to go present, Min Suk comes barging in on a cart and runs up to the front of the stage, arriving just in time to present.


Sighs of relief exits from the COMFO team, but for the rest of the people in that room, they’re confused and shocked at such a sight. However, Min Suk uses his entrance into the room as an attention grabber and manages to relate it somehow to his presentation on the new bid proposed by COMFO. Unlike the other presenters, Min Suk is different and unique. He’s energetic, loud, enthusiastic, and very active up on the stage, proudly presenting to the audience all that he practiced and recited with Soo Young, but in an even more improved and better manner with great stage presence and impressive presenting skills. When he finishes presenting, everyone is obviously persuaded and impressed and this is evident when the Retail Department is informed later on that evening that their bid has been chosen. Everyone rejoices and Min Suk is hailed as the hero. They all celebrate by holding a company dinner later on that night to commemorate the success that Min Suk achieved.

When the company dinner ends, Soo Young and Min Suk walk home together since they live in the same neighborhood. Min Suk gives Soo Young 90% of the credit since she was the one who did finish the PowerPoint and helped him recite the presentation. After giving where credits due, Min Suk apologizes to Soo Young for what he did yesterday with the whole forcing Soo Young to ride in the car with Director Yoo. Eve though Soo Young insists that they just let it go and move on, Min Suk believes that Soo Young hasn’t really forgiven him yet so Min Suk lets her punch him in the face. This will be the only way they will both be able to move on. To Soo Young and Min Suk’s surprise, she ends up punching him in the face pretty hard which throws Min Suk off. He didn’t expect her to punch him so hard. HAHA. It’s called girl power Lee Min Suk. Haha.

The couple spends the evening having a few drinks and conversing with one another at a playground nearby. She invites him to drink with her, but Min Suk makes up an excuse to not have to (he’s still in high school so it’s illegalllll). Soo Young eventually gets drunk after drinking like five beer cans straight so her inner thoughts and self are exposed. Unaware of what she’s saying, she admits that Min Suk is annoying which of course offends the high schooler.


Min Suk lets it go though since they’re now “allies” and even opens up to the idea of being friends to which Soo Young is willing to be. YAY! She goes on to complain about Director Yoo and all the BS that he put her through. The one phrase that especially sticks to her is how he asked her if she was the only one working from the Retail Department, meaning that he didn’t want to see her around anymore. She puts on yet another drunken fit which tires and annoys Min Suk out. Haha, poor Min Suk.

The next day at school, Min Suk leaves right after his teacher takes attendance, but this time his two best friends follow him since Yoo-Ah’s assigned them the task of checking up on Min Suk to see what’s up. They’re able to follow him into the building and sneak up on him while Min Suk waits for the elevator. When Min Suk notices his two friends at his workplace, he panics, but he grows even more worried when he sees Director Yoo and the President’s secretary walking towards him from the opposite direction who also seems to be taking notice of two high school students talking to a man that looks like Min Suk. Horrified and anxious, Min Suk tries to think of a solution to escape the dangerous situation.


Hurry Min Suk! Do something! Hurry!

My Thoughts:

It was hard trying to determine which episode was my favorite after I finished watching all 3 episodes, because they were all so so good. There was content and quality in each episode it was hard to choose which one I enjoyed the most. The thing I liked about this episode though was that our leads were given the opportunity to bond and further their relationship when it didn’t seem possible at first. What was supposed to be just a few days of tiring work came out to be something so much more for Min Suk and Soo Young, it kind of seemed like Destiny was on their side. Haha.


I really liked how there was a back-story to Soo Young and Director Yoo’s relationship. It was surprising to know that Soo Young already knew who Director Yoo was and it would be her second time seeing him at COMFO. It just made everything so much more logical. I mean yes, at first sight, everyone would have a crush on Director Yoo because I mean, look at him! He’s gorgeous! Haha. But if there hadn’t been a back-story and the drama had went on with the whole confession thing where Soo Young had only known Director Yoo for a day but already expressed her feelings of interest in him, it would have been very weird and…weird. The back-story allowed us to understand from Soo Young’s point of view why she confessed to him so quickly when Director Yoo himself only knew Soo Young’s name. At least now Soo Young doesn’t look so funny for trying to get at him so quick. It was because she saw him two years ago and has been liking him ever since. The background story was really nice and refreshing. Plus, an emotional and sensitive Director Yoo?! YES PLEASE!


I loved how what was just a big and grand project that would determine COMFO’s future became something so much more for our two leads and allowed them to become allies and even friends. The drama is able to revolve Min Suk and Soo Young’s lives around work and their responsibilities at COMFO, but then at the same time, make these responsibilities become opportunities for them to become much closer. I’m glad to see this, because I wouldn’t want it any other way honestly. I like how they’re bonding through work and not by coincidentally seeing one another outside of COMFO,  because then their work ethics are revealed and how even though it’s good to have fun, there are priorities they have to take care of. It’s even funnier how Min Suk wasn’t originally supposed to present the bid which the drama originally made sound bad and crazy, but then the presentation turned out to be something great and worthwhile for our leads. They got closer and learned a lot about one another which is always great in the end.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the confrontation between Soo Young and Min Suk (it kind of reminded me of the confrontation between Soo Kyung and Dae Young in ‘Let’s Eat’ which was one of the high-lights of the drama for me). I love how she was brave enough to tell him straight up how exhausted and fed up she was with his jokes about Director Yoo. Soo Young did put up with his playfulness for a quite while now and even when she tried to explain to him that it isn’t what he thinks it was, Min Suk refused to listen and hear Soo Young out. I’m glad to see Soo Young express herself because she’s usually just very quiet and obedient so to see this side of her is so refreshing. I think it’s even better how she’s saying these thoughts to her boss who has more power and authority than her, but she does it anyway. She doesn’t let the power that Min Suk has as a Director affect her and get in the way of what she yearns to do. I hope to see more of this side of Soo Young where she just lets it all go and says what needs to be said. If she had not stood up for herself and continued to play along with Min Suk, who knows what other kind of tricks and jokes Min Suk would be pulling up his sleeves, so I’m glad that Soo Young told the truth and made Min Suk come to his senses. You go girl! I’m rooting for you!


In the other recap, I posted about how much I loved and admired Grandpa and how all of his scenes are gold and really lifts up the heavy atmosphere. In this episode, he provides a heart-warming scene when he plays a game of Cat’s Cradle with Min Suk which is just what Min Suk exactly needed to let out all of his suffocating thoughts and emotions. It was great seeing Min Suk bond with Grandpa and tell him his problems, because it just shows the comfortable relationship that they have with each other. Min Suk doesn’t seem like the person to let people in on how he’s feeling, or if he does, one would have thought that Grandpa would have been like the last person Min Suk would have talked to, but he allowed Grandpa in on his secret of living two lives which really proved just how Min Suk relies on his Grandpa for comfort and relaxation. It was so cute how Grandpa waited up all night for Min Suk just so they could play Cat’s Cradle. Grandpa is seriously way too cute and I’m really glad he’s in this drama.

And by the way, the signature move / pose that I’ve been talking about in this recap is this pose right here.


Min Suk loves making this pose every time something great happens to him so you often see him pose like this, but a few times in this episode Soo Young finds herself doing it too without even thinking twice about it. Too cute too cute.


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