King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 4 Recap


Episode four doesn’t have much going for it, but it still nonetheless allows more relationships to be formed and developed and our leads to recognize that maybe they aren’t allies for nothing. If there was anything to take out of this episode, it would be the idea that you can’t always judge someone based on their looks alone and that even when you think you’re alone and like the whole world is against you, there will always be someone supporting you, whether that’d be your family, friend, or in this case, your co-worker.


From where we left on in episode three, Min Suk panics as he gets caught by his two best friends for being at COMFO and being partially seen by Director Yoo and President’s Secretary who witnesses all of this happening. Min Suk covers his face to hide from Director Yoo and pushes his two friends out of the building to talk to them. When they disappear, Min Suk has no choice but to explain to his friends why he’s at COMFO dressed up in a dandy suit. He starts off by saying that he has to pretend to act like his brother, but that’s all he can say for now for he has to head back to work. When the word “work” exits out of Min Suk’s mouth, his two friends get confused and cannot believe he has just said that word, but Min Suk has no time for playing around. He has a management meeting he must attend so he leaves his two friends behind.

Min Suk ends up running up the stairs to get to his office while back at the Retail Department’s office, Soo Young gets scolded by one of the Assistant Managers for always being late to work. However, the scolding comes to an abrupt end when Min Suk comes hurrying into the office. Everyone turns their attention to Min Suk and recommends that he get a secretary to take his morning calls since he’s always so busy and isn’t always able to make it in the morning. One of the other Assistant Managers, Assistant Manager Yoon, breaks the team up by reminding everyone to go back to work and to always arrive to work on time. Min Suk walks towards his office, but turns around to go talk to Soo Young. He shows her the bite marks she gave him on his hand the night before (since she was drunk), but she avoids him by walking away to go get some copy paper. Haha.


While walking back to the Retail Department after getting some copy paper, Soo Young ponders over her regrets and wishes that she can just turn back time. She’s reminded of how she bit Min Suk’s hand the night before and wishes that she can turn back time so that that incident didn’t occur. She’s about to enter the elevator that she had been waiting for to open, but rushes into another elevator when she finds out that the elevator she had been waiting for is already occupied by Min Suk. Things just aren’t going right for her that morning as she ends up in the same elevator as Director Yoo and spits at him the powder from the donut she stuffed in her mouth before running into the elevator.


Soo Young has a hard time accepting her past, but she realizes that no matter what she does, she can never turn back time (and neither can we).

The management meeting between all the executives and the President of COMFO is going smoothly until the ‘Kakao Talk’ notification sound from someone’s cell phone starts ringing in the room. At first, everyone except for Min Suk checks their cell phone to see if the sound is coming from them, but when they realize that it’s not, they all look at Min Suk who is the only one who hasn’t checked his cell phone. It turns out that it is Min Suk’s cell phone that is emitting the sound because of his best friend who’s trying to contact him through the messenger app. Min Suk talks and curses while reading his friend’s annoying messages, interrupting Director Yoo’s presentation. Frustrated and annoyed, the CEO of COMFO asks Min Suk on his thoughts on Director Yoo’s project and just like how he did the last episode, Min Suk manages to escape any problems by voicing his opinion which the President finds highly impressive and agrees to.

Back at the Retail Department office, Manager Assistant Yoon notices the starvation and hunger that Soo Young is suffering through, so he buys her a chocolate bar and tells her to eat it. She thanks him and then switches the subject to his daughter who’s leaving the next day to study abroad. She points out that their father-daughter relationship must have improved since she’s going to be leaving soon. She also reminds him to take his high blood pressure medication, showing her care and concern for Manager Assistant Yoon. When he leaves to return to his desk, Soo Young receives a strange phone call asking to speak with Director Lee Hyung Suk, but when Soo Young reveals that he’s not at his office at the moment, the person on the other line suddenly hangs up without revealing their identity. Suspicious, suspicious.

Soo Young leaves a sticky note on Min Suk’s desk explaining about the suspicious phone call, but Min Suk doesn’t seem to care about the phone call at all but more about Soo Young and how she told him using a sticky note instead of actually telling him face to face. Haha. So to reply back to her, he writes on a sticky note that he has received her message and sticks it on the computer at her desk. She reads the sticky note and teases Min Suk for his awful handwriting, but stops when she notices Min Suk staring at her from his office window. She pretends to be working and picks up the phone, unaware that she’s holding it wrong. Hahaha. TOO CUTE!


At the restaurant that Min Suk’s two best friends own and has been managing, he explains to them that he’s replacing his brother as the Director for now which his two friends cannot believe. They accuse him of being a traitor and lush out their anger on him since they had to find out about his secret themselves.


The only way Min Suk can make it up to his two best friends is by treating them out to whatever they want, so he shows them the company card that he was given and reveals to them its most finest details and abilities. With that, the three amigos all go on a shopping spree and uses the card to pay for all of their stuff. Meanwhile, Yoo-Ah gets impatient and angry over her ignored calls that Min Suk’s two best friends aren’t answering.


Min Suk invites his friends to his brother’s luxurious and neat apartment that Min Suk visits from time to time. While chilling with his friends, Min Suk receives a phone call from an unknown number and answers it to find out that the person calling him is the Vice President of COMFO’s rival company, Sehwa. They meet up in a restaurant where the VP expresses his wish for Min Suk / Director Lee Hyung Suk to work at Sehwa. He then decides that in order for Min Suk to be persuaded and to change his mind, he has to serve Min Suk (and his two friends who tagged along lol) a “full course.” *WINK WINK*

He ends up bringing them to a karaoke bar (which if you didn’t know is also provided with service from women). The VP heads in first while the three amigos stay behind to debate whether they should enter the karaoke bar or not. While Min Suk feels guilty and uncertain as to whether he should enter or not, his two friends quickly run inside the building. “There will never be another day like this. Let’s go get crazy,” his friend explains. This leaves Min Suk no choice but to go inside as well (even though he doesn’t want to).

When they’re inside, each friend gets a girl and some drinks to occupy them. The friends ends up drinking while Min Suk refuses to drink and rather slips a cube of ice in his mouth instead. Hahaha. Min Suk seems to be having so much fun he’s unaware that an employee at COMFO that was just walking by their room happened to look inside and see him hanging out with the VP of COMFO’s rival company, Sehwa. Uh-oh.


Min Suk’s two best friends wake up to find themselves laying naked on Min Suk’s bed the next morning. Min Suk enters his room to tell them what happened the night before at the karaoke bar since his two friends were obviously too drunk to remember anything. In the flashback, Min Suk’s two best friends are assisted to a taxi. Right when Min Suk is about to enter the taxi to join his two friends, the VP of Sehwa tries his best to persuade Min Suk to change his mind by claiming that he’ll double Min Suk’s salary if he works for Sehwa. Min Suk nicely denies the VP’s request and quickly enters the taxi to leave.

While eating breakfast, Father yells at the three amigos for coming home late and drunk. He threatens them that if they come home again like how they did the night before, he won’t be so nice on them. Meanwhile, Grandpa who’s playing with the guest’s shoes by sticking his hand in them and waving them around gets scolded by Father who tells him to not put his hands in the shoes. Haha. So so cute. Min Suk mentions for them to hurry because he has to go to work soon (which his two friends point out is still such a foreign word for them haha), but when Grandpa hears Min Suk mention the word ‘work’ and starts repeating it, the three amigos makes loud and weird noises to overpower Grandpa so that Father doesn’t hear anything that he’s saying (Father at this point still doesn’t know that Min Suk is pretending to be his brother). Such a funny scene.


When they get to school, Yoo-Ah bugs Min Suk to go watch a movie with her since he didn’t the last time she invited him. Stubborn Min Suk refuses to go watch a movie with Yoo-Ah, but gives in when his two friends give him the signal that their teacher is coming. With that, he forces himself to say that he’ll go with Yoo-Ah to the movies then jumps out of the window as fast as he can to not get caught. His two friends look out for him by placing a dummy in Min Suk’s desk to make it seem like it’s Min Suk when really it’s not (and it’s even funnier because the dummy doesn’t even have a student uniform on, it’s wearing a blue sweater which makes it stand out even more. haha).

Min Suk and Soo Young must have been destined to be together for when Soo Young misses the bus that she takes to work, she encounters Min Suk in a taxi who happens to see Soo Young on the sidewalk trying to grab a taxi. He has the driver pull the taxi to the side and invites Soo Young to get in the taxi with him, but she walks away right when she sees that it’s Min Suk. Haha. She eventually gets on a bus even though Min Suk continually warns her that it’s the wrong bus and that it won’t take her to COMFO.

Soo Young arrives to work late, but pretends that she had to stop by the supply room earlier to grab some stuff. She’s not smart enough for Assistant Manager Park though who tries to make her confess to being late. Luckily, Assistant Manager Yoon is there to save and support Soo Young. He tells Assistant Manager Park (the man that’s been all up on Soo Young’s butt lately about being late) that Soo Young had actually arrived the earliest out of everyone and was busy preparing everyone’s coffee. Aw, how nice of Assistant Manager Yoon.

He helps carry the box that Soo Young was carrying into the coffee room where Soo Young joins him. She thanks him for rescuing her and then turns her attention to the necklace that Assistant Manager Yoon has bought for her daughter as a goodbye gift. Since his daughter’s leaving that night, Assistant Manager Yoon plans to head straight to the airport after work.


Back at the Retail Department office, one of the employees discovers an online article about Sehwa doing the same exact project that COMFO had originally planned to do. The news spreads rapidly throughout COMFO and pretty soon every employee is informed about Sehwa’s plans to do the same exact project that COMFO is planning to do.

The President of COMFO, his secretary, Director Yoo,  Managing Director, and the same man that had seen Min Suk hanging out with the VP of Sehwa back at the karaoke bar all hold an emergency meeting to discuss the important matter. President continually yells at and blames Director Yoo for what happened with Sehwa, but the karaoke bar man (I’m gonna call him that for now) reveals that he did witness Min Suk hanging out with the VP of Sehwa that one night. President of COMFO tries to not jump to any conclusions at the moment and assigns Director Yoo in charge of finding out who was the one who leaked and shared the idea to Sehwa.

President’s harsh words towards Director Yoo gets him working right away to find the person behind all of this.

While Director Yoo’s working to find the suspect, Min Suk goes on with his daily life at COMFO normally until he realizes the weird stares he keeps getting from employees. Because of the night that Min Suk spent hanging out with the VP of Sehwa at the karaoke bar, many people have come to suspecting Min Suk to be behind all of the commotion and chaos. Min Suk isn’t aware of this, but he is starting to notice the weird face expressions and reactions of the employees that come across him.


Even his own team members start to suspicion him. Everyone except for his ally and friend, Jung Soo Young. She tries to defend him, but Assistant Manager Yoon interrupts everyone (like how he always does) and reminds them to get back to work. When they go back to minding their own business, Min Suk enters the office and finds it odd how none of the employees are giving him any of their attention like how they used to in the past. He meets up with Soo Young on the balcony to discuss with her what’s with everyone’s strange behavior. Soo Young breaks it to him that everyone’s accusing him of being a spy which Min Suk just doesn’t seem to understand. He grows angry and mad over this.

Team Leader Kim secretly talks to Min Suk in Min Suk’s office to confirm whether or not Min Suk really met with VP of Sehwa or not. Min Suk admits that he did, but he didn’t spread or share any information about COMFO’s project with the VP. He even refused his offer to work with Sehwa there is no way he’s a spy. Team Leader Kim foreshadows the end of his and Managing Director’s career and grows agitated over Min Suk’s actions.

Back at Director Yoo’s investigation, one of the men working with him reveals that there are traces of someone from the Retail Team downloading a confidential report. That’s when we see Assistant Manager Yoon’s belongings get packed and carried away by Director Yoo’s investigation team, excluding the necklace that he bought for his daughter which is laying on the ground. They bring him to the office that Director Yoo is working in and interrogates Assistant Manager Yoon. They try to get him to open up and confess that he did it, but Assistant Manager denies it every time because he really didn’t commit the crime.


The rest of the Retail Team members reveal their thoughts on Assistant Manager Yoon and had always felt like there was something fishy and mysterious about him. While Min Suk ponders over Assistant Manager Yoon and Soo Young is cleaning his desk, the rest of the members speak wrongly and badly about Assistant Manager Yoon.

Courageous Soo Young unleashes again as she’s finally had enough of the gossiping and stands up for Assistant Manager Yoon. She attacks their assumptions and opinions about him and reiterates that nothing is confirmed yet, so whatever they’re saying about Assistant Manager Yoon being greedy with money isn’t true. Meanwhile, Min Suk watches Soo Young defend Assistant Manager Yoon at a distance and is easily amused by her courage. She marches out of the office offended and disturbed.


Min Suk follows Soo Young to the balcony to comfort her. He acknowledges her hot-tempered attitude and even comfortably calls her “popcorn sister” as if he’s been saying it for a long time now. She is reminded of how he needs to go to the airport to wish his daughter good-bye before she leaves to study abroad, but because of what happened, it doesn’t seem possible. Min Suk notices the bag of medication Soo Young’s holding in her hand and finds out that Soo Young needs to give it to Assistant Manager Yoon so that he can take the medication.

Assistant Manager Yoon becomes fed up with the interrogation and walks towards the door to exit, but Director Yoo holds him back by threatening to sue him since he has evidence that Assistant Manager Yoon committed the crime. Careless, Assistant Manager Yoon walks out of the room and into the hallway but is stopped when Director Yoo pushes him against the wall. Min Suk comes just in time to save Assistant Manager Yoon and grabs onto Director Yoo’s arm that was on Assistant Manager Yoon’s body.


(is it just me or is it getting hot in here?! *fans thyself*)

Assistant Manager Yoon volunteers to head back inside the investigation room so that the arguing between Director Yoo and Min Suk will cease. But Min Suk won’t allow Assistant Manager Yoon to go back alone; he also volunteers as tribute to join Assistant Manager Yoon and to be investigated since people have accused him of being a spy also. The investigation begins again, but Assistant Manager Yoon can only check the time and worry about getting out of there as soon as possible to meet up with his daughter at the airport. Meanwhile, Soo Young paces back and forth in the Retail Department’s office pondering over what to do with the gift that Assistant Manager Yoon bought for his daughter.

President of COMFO is informed that the person suspected of being the hacker is Assistant Manager Yoon which confuses him because Assistant Manager Yoon was one of the starting members at COMFO – there is no way he would betray COMFO. While the President and his crew walk to the investigation room, we learn through a news report that a digital mercenary hacker group called ‘Iceberg’ has been arrested. Woooowwww (they were the ones who hacked the system and shared information with Sehwa).

The investigation is still going strong in the investigation room, but comes to an abrupt stop when the President and his crew comes to visit. He questions Director Yoo on his investigation to which Director Yoo feels confident about Assistant Manager Yoon being the suspect since he’s got evidence to prove it. However, one of the men on the investigation room suddenly interrupts the conversation to reveal that he got a call from the police who called to tell him that they have found the hackers, meaning that it wasn’t Assistant Manager Yoon all along like how Director Yoo had thought.

Assistant Manager Yoon rushes out of the room and is followed by Min Suk. He suggests that Assistant Manager Yoon go to the airport, but it’s already too late. His daughter should have already left to catch her flight (this is so sad). They exit the building together only to be reunited with Soo Young who returned to the building after doing something. When she finds out that Assistant Manager Yoon had been cleared and that it was professional hackers who did the hacking, they suggest going back home, but Assistant Manager Yoon has a different plan in mind: “should we go out for some beer?”.


Meanwhile, Yoo-Ah is waiting at the movie theater for Min Suk who promised to go watch a movie with her. Even though she’s hungry and starving, she holds herself back because she believes that Min Suk will join her anytime soon.

We learn a little bit more about Assistant Manager Yoon through the beer session he has with his two co-workers Soo Young and Min Suk. We find out that he always sets his work as his first priority which doesn’t give him the chance to be the greatest father ever. He placed his loyalty and trust in the company, but after what he endured through that day, he’s puzzled as to why he is so loyal towards the company. He believes that no one in society is on your side forever (as he experienced today), but Min Suk disagrees with his statement, “Once an ally, always an ally.” OMG. HE’S MAKING A REFERENCE ABOUT HIM AND SOO YOUNG. Assistant Manager Yoon receives a notification on his phone of a picture of his daughter wearing the necklace that he bought for her. Turns out that Soo Young had went to the airport to give it to her since his father was unable to (AWWW HOW NICE).


Director Yoo goes through another round of yelling and lecturing from his father, the President of COMFO, who’s disappointed in him in being unable to determine who the hacker was or for blaming an innocent employee that did no wrong. Director Yoo grows frustrated though and talks back to his father, “Are you that unsatisfied with me?” to which his father admits that yes, he is unsatisfied with Director Yoo’s existence. *jaw drops* Director Yoo leaves the office and heads for home, but along the way, happens to drive past the beer restaurant that Soo Young, Min Suk, and Assistant Manager Yoon are hanging out at and notice them.

Min Suk opens up to Assistant Manager Yoon and Soo Young on his family. He reveals that the father he lives with isn’t his real father, but Min Suk does think of him as a father in his mind. The same goes for Grandpa who also isn’t Min Suk’s biological Grandpa. While Min Suk is busy explaining about his life, Soo Young observes Min Suk from the side and slowly recalls the epic scene where he saved Assistant Manager Yoon and confronted Director Yoo back in the hallway. She smiles shyly at the thought of Min Suk standing up for Assistant Manager Yoon and glances at Min Suk multiple times timidly which causes Min Suk to think that there’s something on his face. Haha. Yes Min Suk, there’s something on your face. Good-looking is on your face! HAHAHA. No one’s laughing? Just me? Okay. Sorry. I know it wasn’t funny. Just continue on with the recap.

Min Suk checks his cell phone to find a message sent by his stalker (AKA Yoo-Ah) so he heads straight to the movie theaters after barely remembering that he promised to go watch a movie with her. Of course Soo Young becomes a bit sad when Min Suk leaves the table and checks behind her to see if Min Suk is still visible or not. Awww.


Min Suk arrives at the movie theaters to find Yoo-Ah still waiting there even though it’s been hours. Since he didn’t contact her, Yoo-Ah continued to wait since she wasn’t sure whether Min Suk was just running late or whether he wasn’t coming at all. For making her wait, he buys her some food at a street vendor, but notices that her head is burning hot. Although Yoo-Ah denies it at first, it’s evident she’s not feeling well as she faints right after. Min Suk ends up taking her to the nearest hospital and calls Soo Young ,who Yoo-Ah has as ‘Sister’ on her cell phone, to come to the hospital.


Min Suk waits nervously outside of the ER while criticizing Yoo-Ah for pretending to be okay when she obviously wasn’t. Soo Young hurries to the hospital and when she arrives, she is told by the nurse that Yoo-Ah’s surgery has just been finished successfully and that Yoo-Ah is recovering. Soo Young walks over to the same bench that Min Suk was sitting at earlier and sits down to calm herself now that she knows her younger sister is alright. She notices a piece of paper with writing on it resting on the bench so she reads it: “To Yoo-Ah’s sister, something came up and I have to go. Yoo-Ah’s surgery went well.” Soo Young chuckles after reading the note written by Min Suk (she doesn’t know that the note is written by Min Suk though. She doesn’t even know it’s Min Suk that called her to report to the hospital) and is just relieved that her younger sister is going to be okay. Soo Young goes back to studying the handwriting and notices that it looks pretty familiar. *WINK WINK*

It turns out that Min Suk left the hospital to go find his Grandpa who has once again escaped the house. Haha. You are way too cute Grandpa.

Soo Young dreams again of her jumping off the bungee jumping location without a rope tied onto her. She thinks it’s strange how she continues to have this dream as if it’s a predictor of some sort. While walking to work, she reassures her mom that she will pay for Yoo-Ah’s hospital bills and for her mom to not worry.

When Soo Young arrives at the Retail Department office, she gets called by Team Leader Kim who has some news for Soo Young. Unfortunately, it’s bad news as Team Leader Kim reveals that they will be unable to renew Soo Young’s contract. The smile visible on Soo Young’s face slowly vanishes and turns into a frown as she drags her feet out of the office. Min Suk’s notices Soo Young’s strange behavior and also finds out that her contract won’t be renewed. He goes to search for her and discovers her having some alone time on the balcony. To take her mind off of the fact that her contract won’t be renewed, she eats the hamburger that she often buys for Min Suk in hopes that it’ll help her be happy for the time being.


My Thoughts:

In a way, I did feel like this episode was a filler episode with the whole random investigation on a hacker which didn’t really serve a purpose to the drama overall other than that it did allow misunderstandings to be clarified and friendships to be formed. The episode didn’t impress me as much as the three other episodes did (episode 4 felt slower), but it did leave me satisfy and content.


I honestly at first did find Assistant Manager Yoon to be really annoying for always being so strict and serious on the Retail Team and for reminding them consistently to finish their work. But by the end of this episode, it all made sense as to why he acted the way he did and that’s because he has always placed work above everything else, including his family, so it’s logical as to why he keeps on telling the members to go to work and to get to work on time. I admit that I saw him in a different light once I was aware of his priorities and now I actually like him. Even though his loyalty to work and COMFO might make him look obnoxious and bothersome, he still cares for others like his daughter and his co-workers, making him a warm-hearted and kind person in the end.


I don’t really have an opinion on Director Yoo yet (and maybe that’s because I don’t care for him much), but I feel like I should feel sorry for him. The drama is sort of setting him up to be a character who the audience should feel sympathetic towards because he’s always getting mentally and emotionally abused by his father no matter how hard he tries to make his father proud. It’s like no matter what he does, it will never be enough and I think this bad treatment by his father partially contributes to his anxiety attacks and his sometimes uncontrollable behavior and even his cold personality. I know that it’s hard for him to just ignore the fact that his dad is unsatisfied with his existence because every child wants to impress their parent, but I hope he finds his position and realize that he doesn’t need his dad to feel satisfied with himself. He will be just fine in the end, with or without his dad’s support.


In this episode, I kind of got the sense that Soo Young is slowly starting to see Min Suk in a different perspective and maybe actually start to develop feelings for him, especially after what she witnessed with him standing up for Assistant Manager Yoon and confronting Director Yoo (which I have to even admit was really heroic and hot no wonder Soo Young is starting to like him). I mean, during the beer session, she did look at him with lovey dovey eyes (like the way you would look at your crush) so it makes me think that she might be developing feelings for him which I have no problem with because I think they would make such a cute couple (they already are cute together), but then again, Min Suk is just a high schooler and I just can’t ignore that whenever I think about Soo Young and Min Suk’s relationship. In a way, it kind of bothers me when I think about it. How nice would it have been if Min Suk was a just little bit older. *sigh*


I might not feel sympathetic for Director Yoo (yet), but I do feel sympathetic for Soo Young. I mean, she just works so hard (not to say that Director Yoo doesn’t but he is at more of an advantage with being the whole Director and CEO’s son) and is so caring and always tries her best to please everyone. She stands up for those others bad-mouth and pretends to act like she’s okay just so others won’t worry about her. She doesn’t deserve to suffer like this and try to find new ways to support her and her sister. I would have thought that through her great work ethics, she would have continued to work at COMFO but I guess life really isn’t fair for anyone and that anything is possible. Poor Soo Young. I hope everything will work out for her which I think will in the end. She is our female lead after all and they mostly come out on top eventually. 🙂


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