King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 5 Recap


In this episode, instead of relationships and friendships forming like how it was the last few episodes, intense rivalry and enemies are created. With the departure of Soo Young from COMFO, Min Suk tries to find the person behind her firing, leading him to embark on a journey inside and outside of the COMFO building to find out who’s the person who wanted her cut and to check up on the victim to see how she’s dwelling after the devastating news.


In the last episode, Soo Young is told by Team Leader Kim that her contract with COMFO will not be renewed. Devastated and heart-broken, she drags her feet out of the office and to a balcony where she eats a hamburger to satisfy her depression. Min Suk finds her sitting by herself and tries to cheer her up, but it doesn’t work. Soo Young remains sad and confused internally even though she puts on a fake smile.


Having witnessed Soo Young’s sorrowful and heart-breaking reaction to the news, Min Suk goes to talk with Team Leader Kim to see if there is anything they can do about the contract. He’s so furious and enraged he barges into the CEO’s office where Team Leader Kim is and starts shouting at Team Leader Kim even though the CEO is sitting there puzzled and attentively. Team Leader Kim pushes Min Suk out of the office though since he doesn’t want the President to worry and makes Min Suk wait outside. When Team Leader Kim finishes meeting with the President, he drags Min Suk out onto a balcony to discuss with him Soo Young’s contract.


Although all Team Leader Kim can yell at Min Suk for is rushing into the President’s office, all Min Suk can focus on is Team Leader Kim’s ability to fire Soo Young. He points out the difference in the way they treated Soo Young with such kindness and warmth then the difference in how easy it was to let her go after two years as a contractor. Team Leader Kim articulates that he can’t do anything about it and walks away, leaving behind an infuriated and raging Min Suk who screams and shouts loudly on the balcony.

Min Suk returns to the Retail Department’s office to find Soo Young gone. He finds out that she’s packed all her belongings and has left so he runs out go find her. However, he’s unable to find her so he goes back to the office wretched and gloomy. Min Suk does spot the moss that Soo Young has been watering and caring for so he hangs onto it for the time being, knowing that this is the only thing that will give him the opportunity to meet up with her again.

Meanwhile, Soo Young exits out of the workplace she’s called her second home the past two years. A voice-over by Soo Young lets us in on what she thinks about herself and the significance of the dreams she continually has. She states, “I, with no particular talents, have one useless talent. A predicting dream…a talent of foretelling future through dreams. As soon as I think there is nowhere to fall and I hit rock bottom, dreams always tell me in advance.” We are given a flashback of when Soo Young was just a high schooler and repeatedly calling out for her dad who ignores her and continues to walk away from her. We come to finding out that her dad ends up passing away and at the funeral dedicated to her dad, Soo Young and Yoo-Ah mourn over their late father with their mother. “You thought it was the bottom?” Soo Young continues in her voice-over. “Your bad luck exists on basement 1, basement 2, and much more. The dream this time, unfortunately, came true.” The dream that Soo Young continually had where she bungee jumped without a rope tied onto her was a foreshadow to her losing her job at COMFO. Wow.

Min Suk is unable to contact Soo Young about her moss so he hangs onto it for the time being.

Even though Soo Young is unemployed, she tries to remain optimistic about the situation. She believes that she will find another job in no time. “It’s just one moment,” she reassures herself. “A moment.”

Back in Min Suk’s office, he awaits Soo Young’s phone call back impatiently. When he receives a call, he immediately checks his cell phone hoping it’s Soo Young but turns disappointed when it’s the telephone in his office that is ringing. He’s informed that the President wants to meet up with him.


In the next scene, Min Suk is joined by Director Yoo in the President’s office who gives them the opportunity of working with one another to remodel a tower that needs some remodeling. President makes them gather their team and to come together to ensure that the project goes successfully.


In the elevator, Min Suk brings up the topic of renewing contracts and asks Director Yoo if the Project Team (the team that Director Yoo is in charge of) renewed their contractor’s contract to which Director Yoo says that they did. Min Suk can’t seem to accept the fact that Soo Young couldn’t renew her contract and is bummed out knowing that he can’t do anything about it. He relays to Director Yoo the news which doesn’t surprise or interest Director Yoo and when he gets tired of hearing Min Suk rant, he tells Min Suk that he’ll contact Min Suk first if he finds anyone looking for an employee. With that, he leaves the elevator.


Work is done for the day so Min Suk departures from the COMFO building only to find his two best friends, dressed up in Hyung Suk’s suits, waiting for him outside. They are then joined by the three female employees from the Retail Department who suggest that they all go have some dinner together since they haven’t eaten yet. Of course, the two best friends are eager to go while Min Suk hesitates on going too, but he eventually joins them.


At the restaurant, the three ladies try to get to know Min Suk’s two best friends better so they ask them what they do for a living. Since they don’t want to expose the fact that in reality they are just high schoolers, one friend pretends he’s the CEO of a luxurious and expensive Chinese restaurant (when really he’s just in charge of delivering the food) while the other claims he owns a fitness center (when really it’s just hockey practice at school, haha). The whole time at dinner Min Suk can only think about Soo Young though and how he hasn’t received a phone call from her yet.

When Min Suk gets home, he finds Grandpa playing with his hockey puck that can be awfully dangerous. Grandpa mistakens it to be one of his choco-pies that he really really loves and runs away with it. Meanwhile, Min Suk who’s left alone in his room focuses on Soo Young’s moss or broccoli as he calls it that he brought home and waters it so it won’t die. Aw, so sweet.

The next morning, Soo Young scolds Yoo-Ah for reading some comic books instead of resting after having finished her surgery. Yoo-Ah tells her to leave her alone and to just get ready for work, but what Yoo-Ah doesn’t know yet is that Soo Young is unemployed now. Still, to prevent Yoo-Ah from worrying and finding out, she heads out as if she’s going to work when really she’s not.


Back at COMFO, the Retail Team is debating as to whether they should or should not attend a bicycling contest that the CEO is hosting that weekend. They at first decide that they won’t go, but when Min Suk expresses interest in going, they all change their minds and has plans to attend the bike riding contest. Haha. The power of Director Lee Min Hyung Suk.


Meanwhile, Soo Young embarks on a job hunt to find herself a job. She first looks through the newspapers, but becomes frustrated when there isn’t anything that she can apply to. She munches on her ramen noodles to ease her anger only to be disrupted by a hungry man who yearns for the ramen noodles that Soo Young is eating. This hungry man turns out to be none other than Grandpa! (my reaction: OMG! AAHHHHH! IT’S GRANDPA! HAHA). Soo Young gives him her ramen noodles to eat which he finishes so in exchange for the ramen noodles, he gives her not money, but Min Suk’s hockey puck that he stole from Min Suk, as a sign of gratitude for the noodles. Hahaha. Seriously, this drama is too cute.

Grandpa, who continually calls Soo Young “pretty unni”, struggles to find his home so she assists him in hopes that maybe she can find his house with him. However, her hopes diminish when Grandpa points up to the sky stating that his house is located up there (hahahaha). Luckily though, Father finds Grandpa with Soo Young near his dry cleaning shop and brings Grandpa back, remembering to thank Soo Young (AKA pretty unnie) for helping Grandpa out before they leave. Aww.


Min Suk rests outside on the balcony for a bit to relieve himself when he overhears two employees gossiping about Soo Young’s contract not being renewed and how Director Yoo’s was indirectly involve in firing Soo Young. This infuriates Min Suk who hears all of this so he heads to Director Yoo’s office to yell at him.

The atmosphere is intense as Min Suk confronts Director Yoo and reveals that he knows Director Yoo was the person who told the General Affairs Team Leader to fire Soo Young. Director Yoo denies the accusation though, but Min Suk is persistent and remains furious at Director Yoo, even accusing him of being a back stabber. He continually questions Director Yoo then stops when he finds out that it was Director Yoo who persuaded the General Affairs Team Leader to get rid of Soo Young when Director Yoo asks, “What’s the big deal of letting a contractor go?” Min Suk reveals that Soo Young is an important person to him so he won’t let something like this go so easily.

Soo Young doesn’t seem to be doing so well on her job hunt. She finds a coffee shop that is hiring, but is rejected because of her age. Damn, that must suck.

Since Director Yoo’s Project Team and Min Suk’s Retail Team are collaborating to work on the remodeling of a tower, they hold a meeting to discuss on plans and concepts. Before entering the room, Team Leader Kim warns Min Suk to stay calm and respectful, but we should all know how that works by now right? Aha.


The meeting begins and everyone except for Min Suk is in a good mood. Director Yoo leads the meeting by introducing one of his ideas which Min Suk rudely attacks, confusing and surprising everyone in the room. He even goes as far as to accuse Director Yoo of being a selfish coward so Team Leader Kim steps in to lighten up the heavy atmosphere. He reassures everyone that Min Suk likes making earnest jokes and tries to stuff a cookie inside of Min Suk’s mouth to shut him up but he ends up being the one whose mouth gets stuffed as Min Suk stuffs the cookie in Team Leader Kim’s mouth and goes back to expanding stepping on Director Yoo’s idea.


(LOL. Look at Min Suk’s face expression while he’s stuffing the cookie into Team Leader Kim’s mouth. He’s just like, “Don’t bother me right now.”)

While Min Suk calls Director Yoo cowardly, Director Yoo accuses Min Suk of thinking unprofessionally and being childish. OOOH. SHOTS FIRED. They exchange harsh and cruel words towards each other, making the rest of the team members from both teams uncomfortable and worried.

When the meeting ends, Team Leader Kim goes to lecture Min Suk again. Min Suk, who is in an even badder mood, thinks of all the things he could have said against Director Yoo and wishes that he would have commented, “How did you become so successful in Korea with such a shitty attitude?” LOLOLOLOL. He returns inside the building to change so that he can head off to hockey practice. When inside, he runs to enter the same elevator that Director Yoo is in, but Director Yoo quickly presses the button to close the elevator doors. Min Suk doesn’t make it in time and starts cursing at the elevator once he finds out that Director Yoo pressed the button on purpose. Haha. Omg, he has some anger issues.

At hockey practice, Min Suk is still in a bad mood and unleashes his anger out on his friend and coach. He ends up running away (RUN FORREST MIN SUK RUN!) to his neighborhood where he calls Soo Young since she never called him. They really are destined to be together though for right when he calls her, he sees her wandering on the streets nearby. It’s their first meeting since Soo Young’s left COMFO and she feels uncomfortable. He asks her how she’s doing to which she answers that she’s been eating well, sleeping well, and pooping well. HAHA. She reveals to Min Suk that she’s gotten a job, but won’t go into full details on where and what she works as. Since she has to leave for work, she quickly bids farewell and leaves Min Suk behind.



Soo Young’s new job ends up being a cashier at a convenience store. Min Suk follows her to her new workplace and stays at the store to eat some ramen noodles while she continues to work. When a customer grows angry at Soo Young and ends up slapping her, Min Suk goes to save Soo Young. He eventually gets the customer to apologize and leave the store, but Soo Young isn’t too grateful. She asks Min Suk to leave the convenience store immediately afterwards as she feels like he’s a burden and distraction to her.

Back at Soo Young’s apartment, Yoo-Ah notices the box of Soo Young’s belongings that she brought home on the day that she was told her contract would not be renewed. Yoo-Ah realizes what this implies and calls the Retail Department’s office to receive a confirmation on whether Soo Young has been fired or not in which she finds out that Soo Young has been fired.


Min Suk waits for Soo Young outside of the convenience store and invites her to a beer session with him, but she declines. While walking home together, Min Suk notes Soo Young’s dejected behavior so to cheer her up, he disappears to grab a motorbike that he borrowed from his friend’s restaurant. He guarantees that it will change her mood once she gets on it in which she predicts it won’t, but once she rides on the motorbike with him, Soo Young’s mood does change. She becomes very elated and cheerful while on the motorbike because of the fresh breeze blowing past her face and because she uses this opportunity to let out all of her suffocating feelings. After she and Min Suk take turns cursing, Soo Young confesses to Min Suk that she thinks he’s cute (ooh la la). In return, Min Suk takes his turn to confess and admits that he thinks Soo Young’s…dumb (hahaha).


The ride comes to an end, but Soo Young can’t seem to get enough of the motorbike so she tries riding it by herself. However, Soo Young is too clumsy and falls down from the motorbike, landing on top of Min Suk who rescues her. While getting back up, she elbows Min Suk’s abs stomach, causing Min Suk to belt out in excruciating pain. He eventually gets up, but asks her, “Why did you push down on my stomach? I couldn’t breathe.” OMG. HAHAHAHA. He quickly changes the subject to Soo Young though and asks if she’s okay. Awwww. He’s hurt, but is only worried about Soo Young.


They end up pushing the motorbike since Min Suk’s in too much pain to ride it and Soo Young is better off not riding it. While pushing the motorbike, Soo Young reveals her thoughts on Min Suk and confess that he’s different. He’s not all entirely evil like the other directors who abuse their position, but isn’t all that good either. Min Suk cuts Soo Young off though for he has to return the motorbike. So much for caring about Soo Young.

When Soo Young gets home, she notices that the house is awfully clean and that all the chores, including the dishes and laundry, has been completed. Soo Young believes Yoo-Ah’s up to something for she cleaned the whole house, but what she doesn’t know is that Yoo-Ah is aware that Soo Young has lost her job at COMFO and that she just wants to help her sister out somehow.


Later on that night, Yoo-Ah watches her sister sleeping saying, “You could have just told me you got fired. Where did you go all day?My idiot.” Awww. SISTERLY LOVE. She hugs her sister tight before falling asleep.

The next morning, Min Suk finds his grandpa playing around with Soo Young’s moss. Grandpa complains that he wants to give it to his ‘pretty unnie’ (AKA Soo Young), but Min Suk reveals that the moss belongs to someone else and that he won’t be able to give it to ‘pretty unnie’, whoever this ‘pretty unnie’ that Grandpa keeps talking about is. LOL. I love how they’re both referring to the same person, but they don’t even know it.

While Min Suk takes care of Soo Young’s moss, Soo Young takes care of Min Suk’s hockey puck that Grandpa gave her (this is the cutest thing ever. They both have each other’s most cherished items).


Yoo-Ah hurries for Soo Young to eat some breakfast, but Soo Young holds her younger sister back to get her to admit what wrong she committed. When her sister leaves without giving her an answer, Soo Young assumes that her sister made an appointment to get plastic surgery. HAHAHA.

It’s the weekends which means the bicycling contest that the President of COMFO is hosting. All those who signed up to go arrive at the destination and try to please the President by showering him with compliments. Before the race starts, the President reveals that he aims to get at least 3rd place (which means, let President get 3rd place).



Fast forward a few minutes later and the race begins! As expected, the first two people leading the race is Min Suk and Director Yoo who are still on bad terms. They get a little competitive, but Min Suk eventually outruns Director Yoo and ends up winning the race followed by Director Yoo who finishes second. In third place is an employee from the Retail Team, NOT the CEO like how he had wished for, which disappoints and pisses everyone off, including the CEO himself. Hahaha.

After the race, they all celebrate and hang out at a company dinner where Min Suk and the Retail Team is awarded $1,000 since Min Suk won the race. They converse for a while while Min Suk and Director Yoo go use the restroom. In the restroom, Min Suk still brings up how Director Yoo was involved in firing Soo Young which confuses Director Yoo. “Why on earth are you mad about firing one petty contractor? I wonder so much about that.” Min Suk’s just like, “Oh hell no! What did you just say? A petty contractor?”. Director Yoo adds, “I don’t know what kind of trick she played on you, but washing your emotions over a contractor, isn’t it a bit ridiculous?” Min Suk, who’s had enough, ends up punching Director Yoo who punches back. So while everyone back at the table (who are all drunk I might add) are happily singing, laughing, and having fun, Director Yoo and Min Suk are busy fighting each other…in the bathroom. (It seems as if the absence of Soo Young doesn’t affect them one bit as they all continue to have a great time with one another. *sigh* this scene is seriously breaking my heart).

Soo Young’s working at the convenience store getting monitored by her boss who watches her every move continually, but it’s not just her boss that is watching her. From outside, Min Suk also watches Soo Young working busily. It’s obvious it pains him to see Soo Young working in a convenience store, especially since he first met her as a COMFO worker.


The next morning at COMFO, Min Suk is seen walking to the meeting room where he has yet another meeting with the Project and Retail Team about the remodeling of the Y-Tower when an employee runs past him and calls out his secretary’s name to catch up with her. Upon hearing the word “secretary”, Min Suk grows alarmed and excited and runs all the way to Soo Young’s workplace to drag her and bring her back to COMFO.

Min Suk and Soo Young both enter the meeting room startling and confusing both teams. Min Suk remains careless about what they think and feel at the moment though for he announces to everyone there that from that moment on, Soo Young will be his…secretary.


My Thoughts:

I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW IT. I knew Soo Young would be his secretary. The very very beginning of episode one was bound to be confusing and puzzling, but it’s only until the end of episode five that you finally grasp the situation and understand what’s going on. If you don’t remember, in the beginning scenes of episode one, Soo Young is seen working with Min Suk and helping him out and this is because she was his secretary. So in a way, the beginning of episode one foreshadowed Soo Young’s future. Doesn’t it all make sense now?


I’m excited to see Soo Young as Min Suk’s secretary. Now she’s going to stick by his side 24/7, okay maybe not 24/7, but for most of the time at work which can only mean one thing – more interactions and bonding. YAY! They aren’t allies for nothing too you know? Knowing Soo Young, she might struggle at first, but will eventually get the hang of it and become the best secretary ever. Also, it occurred to me. Since she’s going to be Min Suk’s secretary, doesn’t Min Suk have to let Soo Young in on the fact that he’s not really Director Lee Hyung Suk, but a high schooler? WOW. THIS IS GETTING INTERESTING.


I can’t tell you how great it feels to watch this episode focus on Min Suk being the one to stand up for Soo Young and investigating her contract case. I’m pretty sure none of the other employees were willing to because they just simply don’t care. It’s obvious that even though Soo Young has been working at COMFO for 2 years as a contractor, none of the other team members really considered her their acquaintance or co-worker because she was on a much lower level and because it’s uncomfortable to interact with her as she’s an introvert so watching this episode where it focused on Min Suk caring for his friend and fighting for justice really made me appreciate Min Suk so much more. I like how he doesn’t abuse his position as Director, like Soo Young acknowledges herself, and fights for what he believes in. Maybe it’s because he’s still young and doesn’t have the experience to know what a Director really does and involve themselves around that he doesn’t abuse it, but I think that’s the great thing about Min Suk. He wants everyone to be on equal levels and terms and when his ally and friend, Popcorn Sister, gets punished unequally, he goes to help her out. Min Suk’s like those people that can be annoying and nosy always wanting to be all up in your business and everything, but it’s only because they care and love you.


It was SO SO SO nice to finally see scenes of Yoo-Ah that doesn’t revolve around Min Suk and her infatuation with him. It was seriously so refreshing to see her do something else instead of complain and ponder over what he could be doing. Through this episode, I came to appreciating her character so much more. She’s not a bad kid after all (she wasn’t one to begin with, but she was very one dimensional) and seeing her help her sister out as much as she could was something we really needed from Yoo-Ah honestly. It’s even better how she did all the chores and cleaning even though she had just finished with a surgery. It just goes to show how much Yoo-Ah loves her sister which we all know Yoo-Ah sometimes have trouble conveying and expressing. I really hope we get to see more sides of kind Yoo-Ah in the future episodes because then I won’t despise her character so much and will continue to see her in a positive light.


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how caring and concerned Min Suk is towards Soo Young. Although that was what he did for the majority of the episode, it wasn’t at all boring and really cute. You can tell that he places his friendship with Soo Young pretty high up on his priorities list and really treasures their allies relationship. I wouldn’t mind more caring and thoughtful Min Suk, considering that’s the thing about him that makes him different and cute. His genuine feelings and sincerity towards not only Soo Young but everyone else at COMFO is what I personally believe makes him a memorable male lead and probably one of my favorites from any Korean drama. Ever. Way to go Min Suk. I’m cheering you on from the sidelines (but never as as loud and crazy as Yoo-Ah of course).

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