King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 6 Recap


Episode six proves to viewers (especially me) why this drama should be watched, reviewed, and loved by many people. Soo Young adjusts to her new life as Min Suk’s secretary while Min Suk continues to carry out his responsibility as the Director. By now working with one another, Soo Young and Min Suk bring their whole ally relationship to another level as they go to different lengths to stay on the same page and to communicate successfully with each other. While all of this is unravelling right in front of our eyes, the episode consistently delivers heart-warming and touching scenes, combined with pleasing music, that reminds us why we’re still watching this drama to this day and why I am falling in love with it more and more as each episode passes by.


From where we left off in episode five, Min Suk announces to everyone in the Project and Retail Team that Soo Young will be his secretary. This surprises everyone who didn’t expect Soo Young of all people to be Min Suk’s secretary, but he explains that as a Director, he can do pretty much anything he wants, like hiring a new employee for example. Soo Young, feeling uncomfortable, excuses herself out of the room only to be chased by Min Suk. She feels like Min Suk should have asked her first before making that grand announcement to the employees, but because he didn’t, she isn’t certain as to whether she wants to be his secretary or not. She’s not sure if she is willing to listen to Min Suk tell her what to do and let Min Suk take advantage of her. No matter what Min Suk says, Soo Young isn’t welcoming the idea of being his secretary. “I worked my butt off for 2 years and just got fired like that. However, that’s just a part of life. As I live, things can be worse than that and I can fall further down. But people like you won’t show up and help me out whenever that happens. I’ll just let it happen.” She thanks Min Suk though for trying to help an ally out and leaves him.


Team Leader Kim yells at Min Suk again for not listening to him, but Min Suk reveals that it’s get tiring after a while constantly being told what to do by Team Leader Kim. When Team Leader Kim questions Min Suk what he was thinking when he introduced Soo Young as his secretary and criticizes Min Suk for being a bad director (when he really isn’t even one in the first place), Min Suk states that he quits being a director. He undresses and walks out of the restroom, but is held back by Team Leader Kim who’s willing to stop lecturing him. While Min Suk and Team Leader Kim talk, Director Yoo, who’s standing outside of the men’s restroom, overhears their conversation and grows suspicious. Uh-oh.

Director Yoo reflects back on the conversation he heard between Min Suk and Director Yoo and questions what Min Suk’s up to that he can’t get caught doing. He phones a friend whose brother is an investigator and first asks him to dish out the latest and most recent news on Lee Hyung Suk. His friend states that Hyung Suk was seen at a symposium just two weeks ago, but doesn’t know too much about it, so Director Yoo asks his friend if his brother could figure out the rest in which his friend’s brother will. YIKES. If it was just two weeks ago, then that means that it occurred after Min Suk came to COMFO. Director Yoo’s getting his revenge!


While walking back to his office, Director Yoo gets a phone call from the rehab center that his mother is staying at. He promises to visit his mother soon who I assume isn’t doing so good then hangs up to enter the elevator. It’s just great timing though for he happens to enter the same elevator as his father. He takes the chance to update his father on his mother and states that she isn’t doing so well and that her seizures has gotten quite serious, but his father’s response gets cut off when two employees join them in the elevator. DAMN YOU EMPLOYEES. Haha. Just kidding.

Soo Young gets fired again, but this time at her new job in the convenience store. Now that she’s jobless once again, she contacts the other places she applied to only to find out that they didn’t accept her. Soo Young receives a call from her mother who states that she’s in front of COMFO, unaware that her daughter doesn’t work there anymore.


She meets up with her mother (and another lady) and together they enter the building. While walking inside the building, she sees the three ladies from the Retail Team walking towards them, but Soo Young manages to hide from them. When they’re out of her sight, Soo Young waits at the elevator with her mother relieved that the 3 ladies didn’t see her, but while waiting at the elevator, she comes across someone else – Min Suk. She introduces her mother to Min Suk then introduces Min Suk to her mother. Min Suk comes to noticing the employee pass that Soo Young is wearing.


The four of them sit outside and talk while enjoying a few drinks. Soo Young’s mother points out the differences between her and her daughter and feels lucky to have a filial and supportive daughter. She then switches her attention to Min Suk who she points out looks very young. Her mother and mother’s sister automatically assumes he’s part of the royal family (LOL), but Soo Young has to explain to the two ladies that he studied abroad and is also very talented. Soo Young’s mother is worried about her daughter not working, so she encourages Soo Young to go back to work or else she’s going to get fired (the irony). They bid farewell at the entrance of the building, leaving Soo Young and Min Suk together.


They decide to hang out together for a bit outside of a convenience store. There, Min Suk and Soo Young bring up the whole “Soo Young is my secretary” fiasco where Min Suk apologizes for hurting her feelings. However, Soo Young forgives Min Suk and acknowledges that he’s just trying to help his ally out. “It’s not just because you’re an ally,” Min Suk objects. “I really thought it would be nice to have a secretary.” Uh-huh, yep, sure Min Suk. Sure you think it would be nice to have a secretary. Haha. While Min Suk goes on explaining the reasons as to why he would like a secretary, his two best friends witness him talking to Soo Young. They slowly creep up on Min Suk who’s still busy trying to persuade Soo Young to become his secretary so they start making some weird noises to get Min Suk’s attention. When the couple finally notices the two friends who’s squatting near their table, Min Suk excuses himself to join them, but doesn’t forget the pine nuts that he was given from Soo Young’s mother as a gift.

Soo Young arrives home to find Yoo-Ah sewing a torn-up shirt so she recommends that they just buy her another shirt, but Yoo-Ah objects to her sister’s suggestion and tells her to not worry and to just find a way to survive. Soo Young becomes suspicious at Yoo-Ah’s comment and asks her if she perhaps found out, but Yoo-Ah pretends like she doesn’t know what her sister is talking about and reminds her sister to seat the kimchi fried rice she made before running into her bedroom. Aw, she just doesn’t want Soo Young to worry. Soo Young cries at the sight of the kimchi fried rice because it can only mean one thing – Yoo-Ah does know about her getting fired. Later on that night while Yoo-Ah is sleeping, Soo Young takes the time to talk to her and acknowledge the fact that her younger sister has grown up a little. Aww. SISTERLY LOVE. She studies the shirt that Yoo-Ah was trying to sew together and comes to her senses.

The next morning, Min Suk receives a phone call from Soo Young who has called to give him a ‘morning call.’ It turns out that Soo Young is starting anew by accepting Min Suk’s request to be his secretary. “For Yoo-Ah, for my mom, and most of all, for myself, from today, I, Jung Soo Young, will run again. That’s right. From today, I’m a secretary working directly for the director.” While Soo Young is stating all of this in a voice-over, we see her researching up the job of a secretary on the internet, familiarizing herself with the things that a secretary might have to do. “In order to pay back the kindness the Director showed me, I need to do my best. And now I am not a weak contractor. With a strong sense of responsibility and full of passion for my duties, I am a professional secretary of the Director. A cool, modern woman. Jung Joo – oh wait, no, Jung Soo Young.” HAHAHA. She almost got her name wrong. Jung Soo Young, you are too adorable.

She returns to the Retail Department office, dressed more confidently and modernly and without her glasses on, as the new secretary for Director Lee Min Suk. When Team Leader Kim welcomes her back to the team stating that they are all a family, Min Suk gives Team Leader Kim this look (because he knows just how false that statement is, haha).


Her new desk is now closer to Min Suk’s office and everyone refers to her as ‘Secretary Jung’ instead of Jung Soo Young now that she’s a secretary and not a contractor (woot woot! Go Soo Young!).

One of the very first tasks she’s given is to confirm and inform Min Suk on his schedule so she does exactly as he orders. She reads off his schedule to him as they’re walking and heading somewhere together. Min Suk stops though when he notices Soo Young’s nervousness and anxiety and advises her on how to improve. When he’s finished scolding her, he points out that they have arrived in front of the men’s restroom so Soo Young can now stop following her. Haha. Well, it’s not like she hasn’t been inside of a men’s restroom before. *WINK WINK* Meanwhile, Director Yoo notices the new and improved Soo Young and begins to see her in a different way.

He takes the chance to show his interest in her a few minutes later when he meets her at a vending machine. Soo Young is still the nervous and awkward person she was before and hesitates upon seeing Director Yoo, but he acts differently towards her this time. He treats her to a drink and acknowledges her position as Min Suk’s secretary now. He takes this chance to apologize to her for making her feel uncomfortable so to make it up, he invites her to have dinner with him as a token of his apology. Although Soo Young kindly declines, he names the restaurant and time that they’ll meet up and hopes to see Soo Young there.

Back at the Retail Team office, one of the female employees gets a phone call telling her to remind Min Suk about a meeting he has to attend that evening. The female employee of course is still mad over Soo Young being the new secretary and leaves a note on Soo Young’s desk to remind Min Suk, but it falls onto the ground so Soo Young doesn’t see it. Soo Young is also still too excited over her dinner date that night with Director Yoo that she can’t concentrate correctly.

Yoo-Ah threatens to beat Min Suk’s two best friends up if they don’t reveal to her what Min Suk’s been up to lately. To cover for Min Suk, they lie that he’s been working part-time at a delivery place who delivers a variety of things to support his family, which explains why he’s been leaving constantly – so that he can go do his job. Yoo-Ah walks away furious and enraged after finding out about Min Suk’s recent activity and seems to be heading somewhere.


Back at COMFO, Min Suk reveals his plans for the evening to the team before leaving the office. When Team Leader Kim finds out that Min Suk left, he starts to panic because a meeting that was originally scheduled another day had been moved to that night and Min Suk doesn’t know this. Soo Young finally finds the note that the female employee left on her desk about the re-scheduled meeting when the female employee speaks up, but it’s too late. Min Suk has already left the office and they can’t contract him through phone. This leaves Soo Young no choice, but to try to catch up with Min Suk. When she runs outside of the building, she finds Min Suk barely entering a taxi, but he doesn’t hear her no matter how many times she calls out his name.


But Soo Young doesn’t give up and ends up driving a delivery mobility scooter to catch up to Min Suk. She follows the taxi he’s in closely and carefully and manages to call out the license number of the taxi using the loud speaker system on the scooter while she’s still driving the scooter (#LIKEABOSS). It takes a few tries until Min Suk finally hears her and notices her driving on a scooter while wearing her blouse and ripped skirt. When he witnesses this amazing and shocking observation, he falls into utter disbelief (and I think we all pretty much are too). Soo Young parks the scooter in front of the taxi, causing the taxi to stop and yells at Min Suk to hurry up and get on the scooter. There’s not enough time to explain anything to Min Suk, so he does what she says (haha, I like how it’s her telling him what to do when it should be the other way around) and gets on the scooter with her.


(Min Suk’s face expression when he sees Soo Young on the scooter. OMG, I died while watching this scene. Too funny).

Back at COMFO, Managing Director and Team Leader Kim panic over the disappearance of Min Suk. They aren’t too sure as to whether he’s going to make it back in time or not and this is killing them because he sort of needs to be there at the meeting scheduled for that evening. Just when they think things can’t get worse, the two men see President walking out to exit the building. But don’t be scared, Secretary Jung is here! She and Min Suk arrives just in time to join Team Leader Kim and Managing Director and together the four greet President as he comes out of the building.




When Soo Young returns to her desk, she finally remembers about the dinner date she was supposed to have with Director Yoo! She runs over to the restaurant and meets Director Yoo outside who was leaving the restaurant. She explains why she was gone for so long and to make up for missing out on the dinner date, Soo Young volunteers to treat Director Yoo to dinner. Since the time is late and Director Yoo doesn’t want to go back inside the restaurant, he thinks it’s best to just have dinner in his apartment. So he and Soo Young buys some groceries at the grocery store then head inside his apartment to cook dinner.


Soo Young heads out to the kitchen to help Director Yoo cook after she fixes her hair and clothes in the restroom. Cooking turns out to be a great time for her for she gets to converse with Director Yoo and also touch his hand when he tries to help her determine the amount of spaghetti to cook. They talk about the kinds of music they listen to to which Soo Young admits that she enjoys listening to K-Pop the most (me and Soo Young can become great friends), but she adds that she does enjoy all kinds of music. Director Yoo shows Soo Young the type of music he listens to and plays on his sound system one of his favorite songs. While listening to the track, he speaks, “I was very lonely as a child. As you might know, my family was a little different from others. My father who I seldom saw was too scary. My mom loved classical music so I had to listen along. But I eventually got to like it too. When I feel down I listen to this alone and cheer up.” Soo Young and Director Yoo continue to listen to the classical music that reminds Director Yoo of his mother.

The dinner date eventually ends and Director Yoo drops Soo Young off at her apartment. Before she leaves, he hands her a gift that he got for her for getting a new job. She’s about ready to leave when Yoo-Ah joins them. Soo Young introduces them to each other before Director Yoo drives off. Yoo-Ah teases Soo Young about the gift and thinks that Director Yoo gave Soo Young the gift because he likes her, but Soo Young thinks otherwise.


The next morning while having breakfast, Father suggests Min Suk call his brother to tell him that Father wants to send some ingredients for him to eat with, but is unable to because he doesn’t know where Hyung Suk lives. Min Suk lies to Father that Hyung Suk’s moved houses and promises to call Hyung Suk later. Later on while sending Min Suk off to school, Father tells Min Suk that he’s been having weird dreams lately and even has indigestion. He feels like something’s wrong with Hyung Suk, but Min Suk tells him to not worry. When he leaves the house, he tries to contact his brother, but as expected, his brother doesn’t pick up.

Min Suk is now an expert at leaving school to get to work while his friends are experts at covering for him. When Min Suk gets to work, he witnesses Soo Young talking and walking with Director Yoo which confuses him. He stalks them from behind and watches them carefully.



Director Yoo gives Soo Young back her watch that she accidentally left in his bathroom the night before.

Min Suk confronts Director Yoo and demands answers as to why he’s been acting so kindly towards Soo Young. Director Yoo admits that Soo Young is funny and charming as a woman which angers Min Suk even more. “Don’t you think you’re overreacting though?” Director Yoo voices. “Soo Young is your secretary, not your girl.” OH. DAMN. SHOTS ARE FIRED. AGAIN.

That morning at the Retail Department office, the team all take the time to applause and commend Soo Young’s efforts to bring Min Suk to the significant meeting. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Soo Young and her courage and persistence. While everyone’s complimenting Soo Young, Min Suk stands by his office door still bothered and disturbed about Soo Young and Director Yoo meeting each other. He calls Soo Young into his office to talk with her after finally being fed up.

Min Suk can’t get himself to tell Soo Young what he needs to say, so he makes her leave his office. He feels conflicted on whether he should tell Soo Young or not that it was Director Yoo who fired her since he doesn’t want to make her sad again and because she’s beginning to renew her relationship with Director Yoo and he doesn’t want to ruin that. Ugh, #thestruggle.


Soo Young’s busy organizing Min Suk’s schedule on her desk when she receives a message from Min Suk on her computer. She thinks he has something for her to do, but finds out that he’s just messaging her because he’s bored (more like he’s jealous, haha). She’s not too excited to respond to Min Suk’s messages, but when she receives a message on her computer from Director Yoo who sends her the audio to the classical music they listened to together the night before, she grows happy and content. She’s so invested into the music that she doesn’t even hear the phone on her desk ringing and has to be notified by Assistant Manager Yoon that the phone is ringing. Haha. She also thanks Director Yoo for the music by messaging him, but really, sent it to Min Suk instead who received the message that was supposed to be for Director Yoo. Haha.

Since Soo Young isn’t replying back to Min Suk through message, he calls her to tell her what he needs to say. He asks her if she’s suspicious about the way Director Yoo’s suddenly changed and in the way he’s treating her and thinks about whether or not he actually has interest in her or not, but Soo Young remains clueless as to what Min Suk is talking about. She hurries into Min Suk’s office to confront him and asks her boss to not look out for her anymore. She doesn’t listen to Min Suk’s words and advice, even though he did reveal that it was Director Yoo who fired her, and wishes for Min Suk to not worry about her anymore. Soo Young also asks about her moss which Min Suk claims he threw away, upsetting Soo Young so she runs out of the office.


Although it’s hard for Min Suk to accept, he claims that he won’t care for Soo Young anymore while Soo Young starts to think negatively about Min Suk. She notices his change in behavior and accuses him of being a psychopath. LOL.

Min Suk heads to hockey practice, but he’s still upset over the issue with Soo Young he ends up fighting his Sunbae. Whether it’s his coach or his two best friends, everyone annoys Min Suk, making him feel aggravated and even angrier. He even yells at Yoo-Ah who meets up with them after hockey practice for trying to force him to do something he already said he didn’t want to do. Yoo-Ah gets hurt and heart-broken after getting yelled at by the one man she has always tried to please. Oof, that must hurt.


While walking around the neighborhood, Min Suk spots Director Yoo dropping Soo Young off at her apartment and grows irritated at the sight of them together. He walks away exasperated, but goes back to find Soo Young.

When he finds Soo Young, he calls her while walking up to her from behind. He asks her a series of questions in which she answers them willingly without any suspicion. But she’s taken by surprise when she finds Min Suk standing right next to her the next minute.

Once reunited, he asks her if she can help him with what he plans to do next. It will only take 10 seconds he promises. Before Soo Young can answer and react, Min Suk pulls her towards him and places his arms around her, giving her a hug that he much needed.


The hug lasts for more than ten seconds, but Min Suk is careless and re-adjusts his hold onto Soo Young to make it even tighter. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to let go and it’s obvious that he, Lee Min Suk, is in love with Jung Soo Young.

My Thoughts:


If I don’t recap next week’s episodes it’s probably because I might be dead by then. Haha, just kidding. No, but seriously, this drama is so so good. WHERE DO I EVEN START?! UGGHHH. WAE. WAEEEEEEE.


I love the way Soo Young reacted to getting fired. She was devastated and obviously in pain, but she didn’t let firing get in the way of doing things. She didn’t let it hold her back and instead made it become her motivation. She went right into searching for a new job, despite how difficult it was, because she knew that she had people relying and depending on her. She’s appreciative and thankful towards what she has and doesn’t yearn to have more. Her realistic attitude and ability to accept things the way they are makes her a complex and interesting character. I find that really intriguing about her.


Moving on to even better things, the scene in this episode that made me realize I loved, and not liked or enjoyed, this drama was when Soo Young drove on the scooter to get to Min Suk. In the earlier episode, she wasn’t so great with riding a scooter, but she brushed that fear aside and rode a scooter courageously just so she could inform Min Suk about his meeting. It’s obvious that she takes her new job as secretary very seriously (because in a way it’s a second chance) and because she cares for Min Suk and doesn’t want him to get into any trouble for not attending an important meeting. She’s so fierce and she doesn’t even have that external appearance that screams fierce. I mean, how many ladies are willing to ride a scooter on multiple busy streets and risk their lives just to catch up with their boss? Soo Young is so courageous and crazy sometimes, but she nonetheless is amazing. It impresses me when she does things like what she did in this episode, because the drama first introduced her as someone everyone underestimated and as someone who wasn’t capable of such things, but she’s really proved everyone wrong throughout the drama. Riding the scooter, standing up for Assistant Manager Yoon, delivering the necklace he bought for his daughter to his daughter at the airport, finding a job as soon as she got fired at COMFO. I mean come on, how you can NOT support Soo Young? It’s just not possible.


Another thing that many people might pass on in this drama (that I admit I didn’t really notice until the last few episodes) is the music that plays in the drama. You know how there’s those dramas that never plays music at the right time or plays music in the background during scenes where music shouldn’t be playing? ‘King of High School’ is different though because not only is the music great, but they are played at the right moment and during the necessary scenes it really makes the whole drama a lot better. And I’m not just talking about OST tracks, but the instrumentals as well with no vocals. OMG. The songs are so so good. I especially love the sad scenes in this drama because they’re accompanied by sad instrumental tracks which establishes the mood and lets the audience realize just how melancholy and sorrowful the situation is. Then on the other hand, there are those scenes like the scooter scene in this episode where the situation isn’t necessarily so sad or happy, but the music playing in the background leaves you invested and addicted. Great timing and great music! I wouldn’t expect anything less from ‘King of High School.’


I’m really curious as to what Director Yoo has up his sleeves. He who disliked Soo Young when she was still a contractor is now treating her so nicely it’s weird and makes me suspicious. I’m worried for Soo Young just like Min Suk is, because a part of me wants to think that yes, maybe, after her transformation, he became more attracted to her, but another part of me thinks that he’s just playing with her so that he can make Min Suk’s life even more miserable than it already is. Maybe using Soo Young is his way of revenge. He could be testing Min Suk by using Soo Young to see if she’s Min Suk’s weakness in which she is. Whatever it is, Director Yoo is still on my bad side because of what he put Soo Young through before she became Secretary Jung. But damn, he really glowed in this episode though I’m not gonna lie about that. He especially looked good in this episode. Maybe it was because he was really nice towards Soo Young so it made him look good. Lol.


Honestly, I’m scared to watch and recap the future episodes, just because I’m scared that I’m going to be disappointed with an episode or that I’m going to start falling out of love with the drama. Up to episode six, the drama has been consistently delivering in every aspect and I’m afraid that if the drama slows down and becomes dull or bland in the future episodes that I’m not going to like it as much and not want to watch it anymore which I would absolutely hate to see happen. King of High School has done such a great and wonderful job setting up its character and story line so early into the drama, I was impressed and intrigued from the very beginning. It’s hard for Korean Dramas to maintain that consistency and impression and it’s rare that that ever happens, so I really hope that King of High School doesn’t go in that route and will keep giving us the laughs and tears and smiles that it’s been giving us ever since episode one. Episode six made me realize that I am emotionally invested into King of High School and that I am all in for this drama. It would suck to see the drama go down from here, because it started out so great. I’m not claiming that the drama will, but I wouldn’t be surprised either if things do start to slow down and drag or if there are any filler episodes. I’m really content with how the drama is turning out so far though and I can only hope and wish that it will continue to do so until the very end. I haven’t felt this excited about a drama in a very long time and I haven’t loved a drama as much as I love King of High School in a long time also. Oh King of High School, the things you do to me. *sigh*

8 responses to “King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 6 Recap”

  1. I’m surprised no one has left a comment yet. I just want to say that I truly enjoy your recaps for each episodes and your two cents about the overall episodes. Keep it up! This drama is so addicting so far, and I’m glad that you are enjoying the drama as well.

    • Thank you for being the first to comment! 😀

      It’s relieving to know that you enjoy my recap! It motivates me to work even harder in the future, hehe. Thank you for taking the time to comment once again! (:

  2. Oh my, I just found this site coz I was searching high and low for this drama’s recaps! Thank you! I’ve rewatched ep3-6 many times and I still like to hear other people’s thoughts on this drama.

    THIS DRAMA WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME TOO! 90% of my brains are filled with all the good scenes from the drama…haha
    Most of your thoughts are my sentiments indeed too, especially your last paragraph! High 5!

    • Hello wunderbar~

      I’m glad to know that someone else feels the same way that I do about the drama too! I really love love this drama I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

      I can’t stop replaying the scene where Soo Young rode on the scooter to catch up with Min Suk. The music playing during the scene was so perfect as well~~~

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • Hi Mary! I’m glad I stuck to the show – after watching ep1, I thought I’d give it up coz I didn’t quite fancy a number of things there. The momentum picked up from ep3 onwards when the MS-SY interactions were just becoming so fabulous!

        BTW, if I recall correctly, while SY was on the scooter in ep6, she yelled something like 2, 4, 6, 8 at the MS’s cab. But when I looked closely, 2468 wasn’t the cab’s plate number. Then what could it be then… do you know?

        What I like about this scooter scene was at the end of it when they reached the office, MS was actually the one “driving” the scooter with SY holding an umbrella, and later he grabbed her shoes from the scooter and placed them on the ground. So gentlemanly! Awwwwwww (Why on earth was she barefooted anyway while riding with him? Hmm)

      • ~ To Wunderbar and Mary ~

        The scene that I can’t absolute stop replying is the ending scene where MS hugged SY then hugged her tighter (swoon!). I also like the scene where SY asked when MS will give back her moss and MS lied and said he threw it away, and SY came out his office upset saying “Moss” lol.

        Yea I was confused when SY yelled “2,4,6,8” at MS’s cab when that wasn’t the cab’s license plate number, so I took SY’s yelling as if she was testing the microphone like how people say ” mic test 1,2,3.”

        I completely agree with wunderbar, MS and SY interactions are fabulous, which is why I shipped them romantically. I know that she is older than him and stuff, but I truly feel that they are good for each other. Do yall feel the same way?

        Seriously, this drama is driving me crazy! Can’t wait for episode 7 to come out, Monday needs to come quicker!

  3. Mary I do hope that more people will comment on your recaps soon because you are doing such a fabulous job so far! 🙂

    I’m glad that I was your first commentator!

  4. Does someone know how the instumental parts are called? The last scene in episode 10 for example. thanq sooo much ^^ daebaak

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