An appreciation post for my ultimate bias group, BEAST / B2ST~

My favorite K-Pop group in all of K-Pop, B2ST / BEAST, won #1 on KBS’s Music Bank on its July 4’s episode. The day that they won also happens to be the same day that BEAST’s very own leader Yoon Doojoon’s was born! Doojoon was born on July 4, 1989 so I guess you can say that BEAST’s win on Music Bank is Doojoon’s birthday gift. Hehe.

I’m super proud of the boys for putting on such great and energetic live performances despite the difficult and complicated choreography that is by far their hardest choreography yet for any of their title tracks. Every time I watch them perform, I am just amazed at how flawless they are and this is only through my laptop screen. I can’t even imagine how I’ll react when I see them live at concert one day. Lol. Recently, MBC’s Music Core announced that they will be banning any lip syncing on their music program and that the performers will have to sing live. To some groups, this might seem like a concern, but since I stan B2ST, I’m not worried at all about their live performances because I know they are capable of pulling off live performances. And plus, even my husband Yoseob stated that he hates lip syncing. Haha. In addition, on last week’s Music Core and Inkigayo, my boys slayed by achieving the maximum amount of points that can be earned (AKA a PERFECT score), with my boys getting the maximum 10,000 points on Music Core and 11,000 points on Inkigayo. Do you know how proud I am as a B2UTY of nearly 4 and a half years? I really did choose the right group to stan and the best fandom to join.^^




As you can see, these pictures provide proof that BEAST achieved a perfect score on last week’s episode of Inkigayo with 11,000 points. SLAYING EVERYONE SINCE 2009. (Love San E’s reaction too. Hahaha).



These two pictures here support BEAST’s win on Music Core where they achieved a maximum score of 10,000 points. They are now ranked first among all the winners on Music Core with the most amount of points and the only group being able to have gotten a perfect score.

Of course their win would not have been possible without the support of many loyal and amazing B2UTIES. I’m so proud to be in this fandom. To all my B2UTY sisters and brothers, I just want to give you guys a shout-out and say that I love you guys! Let’s continue to support our boys in the future~


(B2UTIES prepared this for BEAST at this year’s Dream Concert. OMGAHHHH. Look at how beautiful this is).

Below are just a few more GIFs of the amazing grey ocean of an amazing fandom I am proud to say I am a part of. B2UTIES and B2ST forever!

PROUD thisismyfandom



July 4th is also BEAST’s very own leader and oldest member Doojoon’s birthday so I just wanna take the time to celebrate his birthday and tell him how much I love him. In the beginning of BEAST’s debut, he had to miss out on some of BEAST’s promotions to promote BEAST by going on different shows. Although he was absent in some of BEAST’s activities at a time where it was the most crucial for BEAST because they had just debuted, were only a few months ago, and were trying to get their name out there, he missed promotional activities and schedules with BEAST just so he could promote their group by going on shows. Despite all of this, Doojoon was able to get BEAST’s name out there eventually with his great work ethics, respectful and humble personality, and funny variety skills. He’s now even one of the more well-known and popular members in the group.



I have to admit that there was a point where I didn’t see Doojoon as a great leader or I questioned his leadership abilities, but I have come to realizing that Doojoon many of the times just doesn’t explicitly show his leadership skills, but the group members do depend and rely on him a lot. There are many instances where Doojoon cares for the members and treats them as if they’re his brothers from another mother. Last year when baby Dongwoon got his hand burnt by fire at a concert BEAST held last year, Doojoon was the first one to notice and care for him. I was so touched seeing that it made me realize that Doojoon is a great leader, but it’s just that he’s not the type to boast about his role or position in the group. Most of the time he likes to stay in the back and just watch over his members quietly, always putting them first and before him. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t easy having to lead a group with five other members who all were known as rejects and failures in the beginning of their debut. He had a lot weight on his shoulders and he probably felt really stressful and pressured to lead them well so that BEAST would not fail and become successful. Fast forward four years and look at where they are now. BEAST has now risen to become one of the most talented and well-known groups in K-Pop when they were mocked as the ‘Recycled Group’ back when they first debuted. My boys have come a long way and part of it was because of Doojoon’s leadership and hard work.


I had the honor of watching and recapping ‘Let’s Eat’ where our very own Doojoon played the male lead Goo Dae Young. He was praised and acknowledged by many for his natural acting skills and I have to add that he did a great job in the drama. It wasn’t easy either because he was carrying the drama as the male lead, but Doojoon, to the very end, continued to portray Dae Young in such a comfortable and genuine way the drama was able to end on a good note. Good job Doojoon! You’re one of the better idol actors~~~


I can only hope that BEAST will stay together for a very long time and that Doojoon will continue to care for the members and lead them well. He has done a great job at that the past four years I know he will be able to keep doing it the next few years. I’m glad that he’s in BEAST, because it definitely would not be the same without him (or any of the other members). Happy Birthday once again Yoon Doo Joon. You were born on this day to become a great person and you have indeed because you have changed, saved, and inspired the lives of many people around the world. Thank you for existing ❤



I will be ending this BEAST appreciation post with a few GIFs of the boys acting all silly and weird. I sometimes wonder why I stan these boys, but I know that in the end, they make me happy and that it’s all worth it. BEAST and B2UTIES forever! <3333




(credit: beastdw @ tumblr, dyodaisy @ tumblr, jang-hyunseung-addict @ tumblr, junsenpai @ tumblr, kkeutt @ tumblr, kneelbeforemistressphil @ tumblr, ihaveathingforbeast @ tumblr, ohmyleader @ tumblr)


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