What Mary Thinks: f(x)’s 3rd album ‘Red Light’ & WINNER’s 6th (and final?) teaser movie

f(x)’s 3rd full-length album ‘Red Light’ was just released a few hours ago and thanks to MarbleTeethMusic Chart at youtube who provided audio videos of all 11 songs, I got the chance to listen to the whole album. I had watched the MV to ‘Red Light’, but I never wrote anything about it because there wasn’t a lot to say about the MV except that the members looked absolutely beautiful and stunning. The visuals were all there in the MV (especially my Luna), but the song ‘Red Light’ just didn’t do it for me. I was puzzled and confused the whole time while I was watching the MV, because I wasn’t sure as to how ‘Red Light’ was supposed to sound like, but I do know that I’m not a big fan of the title track. In fact, I have to admit that it’s my least favorite f(x) title track and that’s disappointing, because I’ve liked ALL of their past title tracks, but I’m just not feeling ‘Red Light’ (which means therefore, I will not watch any of their live performances. sorrynotsorry). Thankfully though, there are other songs on the album that makes up for ‘Red Light.’ After giving the album a try, the songs that stuck out to me included ‘MILK’ which I already heard a short teaser of before the album and MV was released which is why I like it, ‘All Night’, ‘Dracula’, and ‘Paper Heart.’ If I had to choose a favorite though, it would have to be ‘Paper Heart’ which I find so endearing and lovely. Their vocals are just so calm and enchanting in that song, it’s a great song to end the album (I have to say the same thing about ‘Ending Page’ which was the last track on f(x)’s last album ‘Pink Tape’ which I really liked as well). As for ‘Red Light’ overall as an album, I think it’s a decent album. There are tracks on there that’s just not my cup of tea, but there are other tracks on there that I really like and that I’m gonna be listening to for the next few weeks (which is the same reaction that I’ve gotten from listening to all of their other albums). Does ‘Red Light’ top their last album ‘Pink Tape?’ I think this is up to the person personally to decide this, but I personally prefer ‘Pink Tape’ over ‘Red Light.’ I especially loved ‘Shadow’ and ‘Airplane’ from ‘Pink Tape’ which I still am listening to to this day despite the songs being almost a year old. I can’t tell you how many times and for how long I listened to those two songs, lol. I’m just glad that f(x) is back and that they came back with a full-length album. I really missed these girls (:

On to WINNER who YG’s planning to have debut on August 1 (I WOULD LOVE TO BELIEVE THIS, BUT THEN AGAIN I SHOULDN’T HAVE MY HOPES UP TOO HIGH BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH YG LOVES TO POSTPONE AND DELAY STUFF), they released their last and final teaser movie on July 6, which this time stars all five members. It doesn’t contain much except shots of the group walking and posing together and individual shots where the members either stare off or into the camera. I already voiced my opinion and thoughts on WINNER and their anticipated debut in another thread a few days ago, but I really am stoked for their debut. It’s been a while since we’ve heard and seen from them so it feels great to know that their debut is ALMOST here (or at least we hope). I have a feeling that WINNER’s debut album is going to sound absolutely delightful and refreshing and will provide a nice change to all the monotonous and tedious music that’s been released by different groups these days. Here’s to hoping that August 1 arrives here as fast as possible and that YG doesn’t delay their debut. Please YG. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO US. (I just barely remembered right now that I’m gonna be gone from August 1 – August 3 which means little to no K-Pop updates for me for 3 days which means no WINNER. Wow, isn’t this just great timing? Haha. Mannnn, you already know that I’m gonna be struggling for those 3 days).

Credits: WINNER @ youtube, MarbleTeethMusic Chart @ youtube

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