King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 8 Recap


Who would have known that the word ‘OK’ could hold so much meaning and importance while dreams may not say much about one’s future? Episode 8 slows down a bit, allowing our two main leads to figure out and confront their feelings and emotions for each other. Although the drama’s momentum dies, the episode once again impresses with its sweet and squeal-worthy moments that ultimately brings our two main leads closer to one another.

The episode starts out with a small argument between Soo Young and Min Suk who scolds each other for things that they shouldn’t and should have done. When Soo Young asks why Min Suk didn’t reveal to her that it was Director Yoo that had fired her, he adds that he too didn’t know why he never told her. But then that all changes when he grabs Soo Young to give her a kiss on the lips.


After the short kiss, Min Suk explains to Soo Young his side of the story and the reasons as to why he did what he did. “I couldn’t tell you because you’d get hurt. Because I like you Jung Soo Young. I like you!” (Me right now: AHHHHH! HE SAID HE LIKED HER. HE SAID HE LIKED HER. WHAT AM I GONNA DO??!!?). “So don’t get hurt by that asshole. It pisses me off. Don’t accept his apology. Don’t ever eat with him. And don’t even bump into him on the streets, okay? Don’t ever let that bastard treat you rudely ever again, okay?” Min Suk’s speech get cuts off though when Soo Young runs away from him without saying a word. While escaping from Min Suk, one of her shoes falls off, but she continues to run. Min Suk, confused and disappointed that he didn’t even get to finish his speech, picks up Soo Young’s shoe that was left behind while watching Soo Young run away from him.

Soo Young continues to run even with a bare foot in fear that Min Suk will come chasing after her. However, she can’t afford to run any longer with only one shoe on so she calls her sister Yoo-Ah to get her some slippers. Yoo-Ah assumes by the way Soo Young is looking that Soo Young was chased by a pervert, but Soo Young denies that assumption and states that someone was coming after her, but it wasn’t a pervert. Haha. They head back home together, arm in arm. Aww.


Soo Young cannot stop thinking about Min Suk’s unexpected confession, even when she’s laying in her bed that night. The same thing goes for Min Suk who lies outside of his house thinking about his confession that didn’t go as well as planned. Meanwhile, Director Yoo is still sitting in his apartment, thinking about the confrontation by Soo Young (and how much truth everything she said to him holds, lol).

The next day at work, Soo Young enters Director Yoo’s office to give him a bag of all the things that he gave her before the confrontation ever happened. As if an unexpected visit from Soo Young wasn’t enough, Min Suk enters Director Yoo’s office a few seconds after to thank Director Yoo. Because Director Yoo was such a bastard, Min Suk was able to realize his feelings for Soo Young. He also warns Director Yoo to not hurt Soo Young or else he will not leave Director Yoo alone (OMG MIN SUK. STOP BEING SO COOL. I’m like melting right now watching him say that). Before Min Suk leaves, Director Yoo takes the chance to follow up on what his friend’s brother had investigated. His friend’s brother had found out that Hyung Suk was in Germany two weeks ago so Director Yoo asks Min Suk if he ever traveled to Germany during the last two weeks. Min Suk tells Director Yoo to just mind his own business though and also reminds him of his warning before leaving the office.


At the Retail Department office, Assistant Manager Park (I think it’s Park? Lol) hands Soo Young a folder containing information that Min Suk must read. Although she doesn’t want to meet Min Suk because of the kiss incident the evening before, she sneaks inside his office to drop the documents off. She’s relieved that he’s not in there when she enters, but he comes right when she’s about to leave (so close Soo Young, so close). To avoid talking about Min Suk’s confession, she shows him the folder that he must read, but Min Suk can only focus on his confession. He first hands Soo Young her shoe that fell off while she was running and then talks about his confession. When Soo Young hesitantly answers that she doesn’t like nor dislike Min Suk, he becomes flustered and expresses, “I am really being truthful. So stop crying over the wrong guy and come to me.” AAHHHHHH. MIN SUK. SEO IN GUK. WHOEVER YOU ARE. STOP IT. STAHP. MY HEART CAN’T TAKE ANY OF YOUR COOL, SMOOTH, BUT CHEESY LINES. omg. what is wrong with me. I’m sorry my readers. As you can tell, I’m going quite crazy right now. ANYTIME MIN SUK. ANYTIME.




(He looks so sexy right here. Ugh. *melts*)

The next morning, Min Suk gives Soo Young a morning call instead of her giving him a morning call to wake her up or else she will be late for work. He quickly forgives her for forgetting the morning call, but there’s one thing he cannot forget. He can’t forget about his confession and what her answer to him will be, so Min Suk pressures Soo Young to give him an answer, whether that’d be through the morning call or at work or through text message. He’s always asking her, “OK?” as if “You will give me an answer, OK?” Hahaha. But Soo Young avoids Min Suk’s question and doesn’t give him an answer. Too cute.

President of CEO and the two Managing Directors hold a meeting in President’s office to discuss about the new brochure they made for COMFO. While flipping through the employees’ profiles, he studies Director Yoo’s profile and realizes that his birthday had just passed over the weekend which is why Director Yoo had invited President to eat with him. He then orders his assistant to prepare a gift.  *GASP* Is President finally doing something nice for Director Yoo?!


(sexiest stare ever).

The Retail Department hold another meeting to discuss about the Y-Tower Remodeling project. The whole time during the meeting Min Suk can only stare at Soo Young who is sitting across the table from him, uncomfortably avoiding his eyes. The meeting soon comes to an end so Assistant Manager Yoon and Team Leader Kim go off to take care of their other priorities while everyone else stays. Since there are endless complaints about meetings and being hungry, they recommend playing a game where the loser then has to go buy snacks. After deciding on what snacks to eat, they play the game to determine who will go buy them. It’s great news for Min Suk and not-so-great news for Soo Young for they both in the end have to go buy the snacks while everyone else stays behind and pitches in money. Haha. Soo Young, you know you want to go with Min Suk! Don’t deny it! However, Soo Young opts out from going to buy the snacks by trading positions with Assistant Manager Park. Everyone else now feels bad for Min Suk who Soo Young backed out on so they all leave to go buy them instead, eventually leaving Soo Young and Min Suk alone with each other. In an effort to catch up with the other employees, Soo Young runs to go after them but she trips spraining her ankle.


She refuses to head home with Min Suk and refuses his help that he offers her even though she’s in pain because of her ankle. Min Suk who is fed up with the way that Soo Young has been treating him confronts her, “Am I that uncomfortable? You sprained your ankle while trying to get away from me. Am I that terrible?” Min Suk tries to get the answer that he had been dying waiting for in response to his confession from Soo Young, but it’s not so easy for her. “I cried over Director Yoo until yesterday. And you saw it all. I just can’t change my mind like flipping a coin. I shouldn’t. It’s not right. To be honest with you, I don’t get emotional that easily. Moreover, I already made up my mind. There’s no man in my life for the time being. Just keep on working hard. I would like to only focus on my secretarial work.” With that, Soo Young limps away from Min Suk to go to the bus station.

Although Soo Young had gone to the bus station to avoid riding the taxi with Min Suk, he stays persistent and meets her there. He pushes her to get into the taxi he was in since he knows it’s not safe for her to ride the bus while he waits at the bus station for the bus. Aw, he swapped places with her.

Yoo-Ah’s busy counting the money she’s earned from working at her part-time job, but finds herself short of a few hundred dollars to buy Min Suk some new skates. She then hears Soo Young groaning from the living room so she goes to check it out. While Yoo-Ah ices Soo Young’s sprained ankle, Soo Young explains to Yoo-Ah how Min Suk had confessed to her (she refers to Min Suk as her Director) and what happened between her and Director Yoo. In response to Min Suk’s confession, Yoo-Ah advises her sister to date him if she likes him and to not date him if she doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.


Min Suk’s hanging out with his two best friends at their restaurant when one of his friends grab Min Suk’s phone. Min Suk had never exit out of the text message between him and Soo Young so when his friend turns Min Suk’s phone on, he finds Min Suk’s text messages with a contact named ‘Popcorn Sister.’ They of course start to get suspicious over whoever this ‘Popcorn Unnie’ is, but Min Suk avoids their questions and suspicion and leaves to go exercise.

When Min Suk finishes running to relieve himself of his stress, he calms down and calls Soo Young. Yoo-Ah, who’s with Soo Young at the time that Min Suk calls, advises her sister to just tell Min Suk straight up that she doesn’t like him. Soo Young picks up Min Suk’s call and is about to repeat to him the answer of ‘no’ that she gave him, but he called her to confirm one thing with her. Can he be the one for Soo Young? Is he really not the one she wants? Since Soo Young doesn’t directly say yes, Min Suk realizes that she’s given him her answer and vows to never put her in anymore uncomfortable situations. Now that he knows how she feels towards him, Min Suk will try to make an effort to delete his feelings towards her. Noooo. But you can’t!


The next morning, Min Suk and Soo Young bumps into each other at work. However, his behavior has changed as he actually assigns Soo Young to do some work as his secretary and also stops her from doing anymore morning calls. Team Leader Kim joins them a few minutes later so Min Suk leaves Soo Young to talk with him. He informs Team Leader Kim that he has a 3-day training camp that he must attend or else he’ll get kicked out of the hockey team so Team Leader Kim has to come up with an excuse to cover up for Min Suk when he’s gone for those three days.

Soo Young notices that Min Suk’s been treating her differently. He who had usually ordered Soo Young to go buy him some hamburger now relies on another female employee to do that job. He who would call Soo Young to talk about other things other than work calls her to talk about his schedule and his meetings. He who would wait for Soo Young to finish with work so they could head home together leaves work without notifying her ahead of time.


Even Min Suk’s two best friends are attentive towards Min Suk’s strange and bizarre behavior, like how he overeats or pushes himself on a cart as a way of having some fun. Lol.

While walking back home, Soo Young grows disappointed that Min Suk didn’t tell her anything about him leaving early. But she soon becomes wary and cautious when she hears footsteps following her from behind. It turns out to be none other than Grandpa following Soo Young who he refers to as Pretty Unnie or Pretty Sister. Haha. They accompany each other in eating some ice cream outside of a convenience store where Soo Young then takes the time to vent to Grandpa about Min Suk. She’s still upset over how he never told her anything about leaving work first and left her to head back home by herself. It’s not only that that disturbs Soo Young. The fact that Min Suk seems to be fine even though she had rejected him bothers Soo Young. Grandpa agrees with Soo Young when she calls Min Suk mean and high-fives her, but then immediately asks her for another ice cream bar afterwards. Haha. Before she’s about to enter the convenience store, she spots Min Suk and his two friends playing with the cart on the road, causing her to grow frustrated at the sight of something so dangerous and risky. (Soo Young isn’t aware that it’s Min Suk who’s in the cart since she’s only seen him in a suit, not in his student uniform).

Min Suk finally reveals to his two friends about Soo Young or as they know her, Popcorn Sister. They become worried about him when they find out that she’s twenty-eight and that he’s only eighteen. They expose all the risks and things that can happen if Soo Young ends up liking Min Suk back, but Min Suk can’t concentrate at the moment. Although he pretends to be fine, really inside of him, he’s still heart-broken over the rejection.


In the next scene, we see Min Suk getting ready to bungee jump without a rope attached to him. While this is happening, we also hear Soo Young panicking and yelling at him to not jump. Despite her efforts to inform him on his situation, Min Suk jumps off the platform and down towards the water. Luckily, it’s all just a dream. The same reoccurring dream that Soo Young had been having the past few months, but instead of her being the main character that jumps without a rope, it’s Min Suk this time. (Wait! Doesn’t that mean that something bad’s going to happen to Min Suk since Soo Young’s dreams are an indication that something bad’s going to happen?!).

Min Suk’s busy packing his belongings at his house when he receives a phone call from Yoo-Ah who wants to meet up with him to give him some of the food that she’s prepared for him. Min Suk declines her offer though and goes back to packing in his bedroom. He’s accompanied by Father and Grandpa who hand him some red ginseng to help him with his stamina which they have noticed hasn’t been so good the past few days. Min Suk gratefully accepts it, but ends up giving some away to Grandpa who plans to give it to his Pretty Unnie. When Grandpa leaves the room, Min Suk checks up on the moss that he’s forgotten about the past few days and notices it’s withered appearance.

Yoo-Ah and her two friends meet up with the hockey team whose getting ready to depart to head to their training camp. She hands Min Suk a bowl of the snack she made specifically just for him before watching him enter the bus. When all the hockey players are on board, their coach dismisses the girls to leave, asking them if they think they’re S.E.S or something for always sticking together. HAHAHAHA.


Team Leader Kim informs everyone that Min Suk won’t be able to make it to work that day since he’s on a business trip in Japan (but really he has to go to his training camp). They don’t question Min Suk’s absence and go back to minding their own business. Meanwhile, Soo Young decides to look up some answers on her dream about the bungee jumping. While there are some answers that state that the person might get sick or get into an accident, Soo Young chooses to believe in the answers that state that her dream is just a meaningless dream.

Min Suk is ON FIRE at this training camp. He’s 30,000x’s as fast as the other players and 30,000x’s as energetic as the other players. You can’t blame him for being mad after getting rejected by a girl he genuinely and sincerely cared for.

Director Yoo reports to the Rehab Clinic after finding out that his mother has disappeared. He panics and goes on an urgent hunt to search for his mother.

Meanwhile, back at COMFO, Soo Young goes to Min Suk’s office to grab some documents and information. Just when she’s about to leave, she also takes with her two cups that were left in Min Suk’s office. She walks out of the office with a handful in her arms and accidentally drops one of the cups, causing it to shatter into pieces. This immediately causes her to think back on her dream and how one of the answers interpreted the dream to mean something bad, but she tries to remain optimistic and to not think too much into it. (I’m like scared at this point).

Soo Young starts to worry and panic when she finds out that there’s been an earthquake in Osaka which is where they were told Min Suk was staying at. She tries to call and contact Min Suk, but he’s too busy training at the camp he doesn’t have the time to check his cell phone.


Meanwhile back at training camp, Min Suk is still on fire, not showing any signs of exhaustion even though he had just finished running on a hectic and rigorous trail. He continues to move around when he accidentally trips and lands on his arm, groaning in pain afterwards. Uh-oh.

President of COMFO gets a visit from Director Yoo’s mother who had escaped the Rehab Clinic to meet President. President tries to get her to leave, especially since the building she’s standing on is the same place that Director Yoo works at. Director Yoo’s mother grows furious at the sound of Director Yoo’s name exiting President’s mouth and slaps him for saying such a name. She blames him for making her son miserable while she was stuck inside the Rehab Clinic. It’s not long before Director Yoo’s mother is dragged out of the office, but her son arrives just in time to save her and take her back to the clinic.


Soo Young still finds herself unsuccessful in contacting Min Suk to check up on him after hearing about the earthquake in Japan. However, when one of the other employees calls Min Suk, he picks up their call to reassure them that he’s fine. In a way, Min Suk is fine in that he’s not in Osaka so he’s not involved in any earthquake, but at the same time he’s not fine because he has broken his arm and now has to wear a cast. So to sum it up, Min Suk’s fine, but not fine. Haha.

Director Yoo marches into his dad’s office to confront him on his cruel treatment towards his mother. He utters, “You are consistent. Consistently caring for other people’s opinions, consistently selfish, and consistently hurting Mom. It’s been ten years. Couldn’t you be nicer to her? She gave up her life for your sake, Father.” But President remains stubborn and indifferent to what Director Yoo told him. Director Yoo leaves his father’s office feeling completely hopeless and defeated.


When Director Yoo returns home that afternoon, he examines the cake that Soo Young had bought for him for his birthday and is reminded of the message she wrote for him in the birthday card she gave him.

The first day of training camp has finally ended. While their coach lectures them on their upcoming game, Min Suk focuses his attention on the truck that’s parked near them. He sneaks to meet with the truck’s driver who is willing to take him to Seoul so that Min Suk can meet someone.


While walking back home, Soo Young blames her dream for causing her to worry about Min Suk so much. But then she stops walking, freezes, and comes face to face with her feelings. It’s not because of her dream that she was so concerned about Min Suk; it was because she liked him that she tried to contact him and check up on him. Upon this realization, she rides in a taxi to the airport to wait for Min Suk who should be returning from his flight from Osaka. She waits for him patiently while holding up a paper that reads, “O.K.” which is kind of like Soo Young and Min Suk’s word. Haha.


They finally get into contact with each other after many tries. Min Suk and Soo Young agree to meet in the neighborhood since Soo Young has something to tell Min Suk (and I’m pretty sure he has something to tell her too). After calling each other, they end up finding one another across the street so they run to the street light to meet up. Soo Young and Min Suk try to communicate, but the cars and vehicles passing by are too loud. (And the worst part is that Soo Young said ‘ok’ to Min Suk, but he didn’t hear her!).

When Min Suk disappears, Soo Young grows scared and fearful that something might have happened to Min Suk. But it turns out that Min Suk took a detour to get to the other side where Soo Young is standing (THANK GOD HE DIDN’T CROSS THE STREET WITH ALL THE BUSY CARS AND VEHICLES).


Min Suk gives a back hug to Soo Young when he reaches her, surprising not only Soo Young, but me and you and everyone else watching the episode. He admits, “I can’t give up like this. I have a killer fighting spirit.” That’s when Soo Young conveys her feelings and gives him her answer that he had been curious about the past few weeks. “Ok. I said ok, ” Soo Young voices.

She turns around and adds, “I like you Director. So my answer is…okay.” When she finishes, she closes her eyes and leans in towards Min Suk for a kiss, but accidentally bumps into Min Suk’s sprained arm which he pretends hurts. However, Min Suk’s just joking and to complete Soo Young’s request, he places his arm around her and kisses her like how she had wanted.

0820 0821

The episode ends with Soo Young and Min Suk kissing (YES FOR LIP ACTION!) while Soo Young speaks in a voice-over saying, “They were right. The dream was meaningless. And now I don’t depend on those meaningless dreams anymore. A professional modern woman full of responsibility and a sense of duty. A woman who just started to love. I am Jung Soo Young.”

My Thoughts:



*sigh* I did notice when I was recapping this episode that it was a bit slow and focused more on Min Suk trying to accept Soo Young’s decision which I’m not complaining about because by doing that it caused Soo Young to face her feelings towards Min Suk, but there were things in this episode that bothered me (yes surprising. I know!). I definitely did notice how Soo Young was able to change her mind so quickly from being in love with Director Yoo to suddenly choosing Min Suk. I mean, she went from Director Yoo to Min Suk within just one episode which is only a time span of a few days. She had stated in the beginning of the episode that she didn’t want any man in her life and that she just wanted to focus on her work as a secretary, but then somehow someway during the episode, she started to fall in love with Min Suk. I don’t know whether her words about not wanting any man in her life at that moment was just to cover up her real feelings that she had for Min Suk or whether she was really genuine about what she said, but I kind of wished we could have witnessed Soo Young’s journey to falling in love with Min Suk. I think it would have been really funny, cute, and enjoyable to see her act nervous around him and deny that she like him at first then see her really fall in love with him. Instead, we were just given a few minutes of her worrying for Min Suk then seeing them become a couple. I felt like we took a shortcut to get there when really we should have been given the chance to see Soo Young fall for Min Suk just like how we had gotten the chance to watch Min Suk fall for her.


I think the reason as to why this bothers me is because I don’t want Soo Young and Min Suk to become a couple so early into the drama. I’m taking into caution that Soo Young and Min Suk are already a couple and we’re only eight episodes out of sixteen (eighteen if the drama gets extended two episodes) which means that some things are gonna have to happen before we can see our two main leads remain as lovers. They’re already together quite early into the series and I’m especially worried about that, because then I feel like they are not going to get a happy ending and because usually the two main leads don’t become a couple until later on in the drama. I think the upcoming episodes are going to focus less on the romance and more on Min Suk’s job, Director Yoo’s investigation on Hyung Suk, and other issues that the drama has yet to address which I am not approving of because that means less Soo Young and Min Suk couple screen time (that’s the fun in this drama!). Why couldn’t Min Suk just really be Hyung Suk and really work at COMFO?! Why does he have to work undercover and pretend to be his brother? THIS SUCKS. Haha.


I love this drama and I think they’re doing many great things at this point, but maybe I’m too emotionally invested in Soo Young and Min Suk’s relationship right now at this point (that’s all we were given though) that I can feel myself losing interest when the drama focuses in on Hyung Suk, President and Director Yoo’s relationship, others finding out about Min Suk’s real identity, etc. I am curious as to what happened to Hyung Suk and I would love to see President and Director Yoo’s relationship improve, but I really hope that the drama doesn’t replace the romance by focusing on those issues. If possible, I wish it can balance both by giving us scenes of our two main leads as well as hints to reveal what happened to Hyung Suk and them other issues. I would hate to see less Soo Young and Min Suk and more President and Director Yoo (don’t hate me). Please King of High School, don’t make me disappointed and lose interest in you.


Although I would love to see Min Suk and Soo Young as lovers by the end of this drama, I think I would be content if they remained as friends and allies. They did start out as allies and friends after all, so it wouldn’t hurt me to watch them end as that. I guess I would be okay with it.


ANYWAYS. HERE’S A SPECIAL TREAT AND GIFT TO YOU KING OF HIGH SCHOOL LOVERS WHO’S BEEN FOLLOWING MY RECAPS. tvN uploaded on Youtube the kiss at the end of episode 8 so I’m gonna just put the video on here just in case you guys haven’t seen it yet (and because my screen caps don’t do the scene enough justice). ENJOY! :DD

Credit: tvN DRAMA @ youtube

8 responses to “King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 8 Recap”

    • Hello curlynoona,

      *sigh* I would love there to be a happy ending, but I am also taking into caution that we’re only eight episodes into the drama out of sixteen (eighteen if the drama gets extended two episodes) and our two main leads are already a couple. I have a feeling that the next few episodes are going to focus less on the romance and more on Min Suk and Director Yoo’s investigation on Hyung Suk and many more things that the drama has yet taken the time to address. I’m really rooting for Min Suk and Soo Young as a couple, but they’re already a couple pretty early into the drama series.

      I can only hope that they will maintain their relationship all the way through the very end, although there will be many obstacles and predicaments that are going to show up along the way which might potentially ruin their relationship (and break all of our hearts).

      Although it would kiiiillllll me to not see Min Suk and Soo Young end up with each other as lovers, I would be totally fine with them relying on each other as friends and allies.^^ (Gotta remain optimistic you know?).

      OMG. I wrote so much! I’m sorry! Haha. Thank you for taking the time to comment! 😀

      • I totally agree with everything you said! It just seems too early for them to get together and stay together… especially since we know that she finds out he’s in high school at some point. And he’s, what, 17 at the most? If the writers really wanted them together, they would have made him 18 or really close to 18…Even with a time skip their ages would be kinda extreme, unless it was, say, a five year time skip (which I don’t want at all!) But they’re just so perfect for each other. They both are kind of odd and too sweet to be in the environment they’re in.

  1. Hi Mary, Popcorn Sister – thanks for the recap! Oh my, this episode really made me feel so much for Min Suk. Hats off to Seo In Gook for his excellent acting. (He’s so much better than some other popular, award-winning actors.) I can really feel Min Suk’s heartaches. He doesn’t cry (which I kinda like) but vents it all out through physical activities. He really seems to be so in love with Soo Young already ya. Love the glances and the gazes he has for Soo Young. And I love his friends too, for being through this tough time with him.

    I saw an article that Seo In Gook hurt his shoulder for real, that’s why he’s in a cast. Hope he recovers fast.

    Love the backhug. Great that they kiss though I can’t say that I love the angle! Can’t see their lips, can’t really see Soo Young’s face! Blocked by Min Suk’s arm (& armpit!)

    • Hello wunderbar~~~

      Since you mentioned glances and gazes, I thought I should acknowledge the meeting scene in this episode where Min Suk just stares at Soo Young who’s sitting across the table from him. Like his gazes are just too damn sexy for me to handle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way he stares at Soo Young. It’s just so obvious he’s in love with her by the way he looks at her. AHHHH. *fan girl scream*

      i heard about his injury too. I hope he will recover as quickly as possible too. Poor Seo In Guk 😦

      And I got butterflies watching the back hug. Even with an arm cast on, he still hugged her from behind because he missed her so much which is the cutest thing ever. And about the kiss – I updated the post with a video that tvN uploaded on their Youtube channel of the kiss so now you can actually watch the whole kiss scene! I knew Seo In Guk could kiss better than he did in the last episode (I mean, look at his Reply 1997 kisses!) so seeing him kiss Lee Ha Na so passionately at the end of episode 8 made me oh so very happy. ^_^

      Thanks for commenting~~~

    • Yes, Mary, the way MS looks at SY – oh my, I so envy her. Thanks for that gaze-at-her-during-meeting screencap! When I rewatch any of the eps, I also will always see where his eyes go, haha! My heart beats for MS in this episode. Totally can feel his heartache. Like how he told his friends he knows about the age issue, that’s why he’s trying to get over it. But thank goodness he’s a fighter or else we won’t be getting that backhug & kiss scene!

      I have yet to check out Reply 1997 (am still contented with replaying High School King eps!). Are there many kiss scenes there? The one which you said is better than here, which ep is that, if you can remember? Heehee, maybe I’ll just check out the juicy bits first… you know, for comparison sake…heeehee

      Hmm, actually, I kinda feel slightly embarrassed for SY when she puckered her lips for a kiss. It’d be crap if he didn’t. When SY accidentally bumped into Min Suk’s sprained arm, I thought he was genuinely hurt. But now that you said he was joking, I re-watched it and I can’t seem to tell!

      On how Soo Young was able to change her mind so quickly from being in love with JW to suddenly choosing MS, from another perspective, she actually did have feelings for MS too, which she didn’t realize or acknowledge (starting slowly from the ep4 spy incident). Yes, she was in love with JW, but in ep7 she’s able to sort out her feelings quickly and tell him to his face that he’s a jerk. Then MS came along and confessed. And she was all awkward with him. (I know some people in real life are awkward with the people they are interested in. It’s like they don’t know how to behave in front of that person. Really.) Like what her sis said, if you like, you date; if not, no. But SY seemed to be feeling somewhere in the middle, and that’s because she had not acknowledged that she likes MS too. Until the bungee dream / earthquake thing. Also she started to miss his interactions with her. And maybe his hug and kiss had some effect on her. (You and I are already affected like this just by SEEING the hug and kiss; imagine how it would be if we could experience it…)

  2. @ curlynoona

    I am on the MS-SY ship so I really do want to end up together. I might be disappointed if they don’t end up together, but if the show is done nicely with all the loose ends tied up, it should be fine.

    There’s a K-drama Hello My Teacher starring Gong Yoo. He fell in love with his young teacher who’s actually getting engaged (something like that, I can’t quite remember). Even worse scenario than this High School King, right? To cut the story short, they really got married in the end. At least in here, even though MS is a student, he’s not in uniform but acting as SY’s boss, and he is rather matured and has good quallities. So I’m keeping the faith that MS and SY will be a couple at the end.

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