King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 10 Recap


*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* Episode ten provides viewers with lots of laughter, lots and lots of comedy, and lots of smile. But all of that combined can never outweigh the excessive amount of obstacles and problems that are to come for our main couple.

From where we left off in episode nine, Director Yoo was on Min Suk’s laptop checking his e-mails. When Director Yoo finds nothing that will be helpful to his investigation, he plans to leave, but stops when he discovers an e-mail sent by Min Suk’s older brother Hyung Suk. Right when he’s about to open the e-mail, he discovers Team Leader Kim walking past Min Suk’s office so he quickly hides under the desk. However, Director Yoo is too tall and is found in Min Suk’s office by Team Leader Kim who had entered the office in suspicion. Director Yoo lies that he lost his cell phone in Min Suk’s office when he dropped off some documents concerning the Y-Tower Remodeling to Min Suk the day before so he came to Min Suk’s office to search for it. He pretends to have found his cell phone before leaving the office with Team Leader Kim. (TEAM LEADER KIM TO THE RESCUE!).


While Min Suk and Soo Young are eating breakfast together, he receives on his cell phone the e-mail his brother sent. “Min Suk, it’s me. Hyung, ” the e-mail reads. “I’m doing good. You must hate me a lot. I am really sorry to burden you with too much. Min Suk. The end is near. Hang in there just a little more. From Hyung, who cherishes you the most.” Luckily, Min Suk reads it before Director Yoo does and deletes it before Director Yoo can even think of opening it on Min Suk’s laptop to read it. (Min Suk, you don’t know how much I love you right now).

When our two main leads finish eating breakfast, they decide to get a tarot reading. Unlike Soo Young’s who meticulous and careful about which card to pick, Min Suk remains uninterested and carelessly picks out his card. The woman conducting the tarot reading interprets the card SooYoung picked and explains, “The current situation for you two is just like beautiful spring days. Exciting and happy.” Okay, okay, everything seems good so far. But then when she moves onto the card that Min Suk picked, it doesn’t seem so good. The drawing on Min Suk’s card is of a wall which the woman interprets as a barrier between Min Suk and Soo Young. She adds that between the two of them, someone has a secret or problem that can cause an even bigger conflict between the couple. Just admit it Min Suk, just admit it already. There’s no way you’re going to escape.


Although the tarot reading does bother them a bit, the couple pretends that it’s nothing big and brushes it off. While walking back to Soo Young’s house, they both come across Min Suk’s two best friends who greets Min Suk as Hyung Suk Hyung since Soo Young’s standing right there in front of them. Lol.

The four of them have some lunch together at a nearby restaurant. When asked on how they all became so close, Min Suk lies that his two best friends, Deok-hwan and Tae-suk, are his friend’s brothers who idolizes him and wishes to become like Lee Hyung Suk. LOL. I can’t stop laughing. Before leaving, Deok-hwan gives the couple his blessings and hopes that they will be able to withstand all the trouble and surprises that are to come their way. OMG. My stomach hurts from laughing too much. Deok-hwan is too funny but hey, what he said is true!

When Min Suk sends Soo Young home, he reunites with his two friends somewhere far far away (just kidding, they’re in front of Min Suk’s house). Min Suk makes it clear to his friends that he did not sleep with Soo Young at all before going off to talk about his girlfriend with his friends. They reveal their impressions on her and describes her as someone who seems like she came from outer space. “But that’s the charm that Secretary Jung possesses!” Min Suk exclaims in response. Yes Min Suk! That is exactly it! She’s different from other girls, that’s why she’s attractive. Tae-suk suddenly brings Yoo-Ah into the conversation and what Min Suk’s going to do about her, but Min Suk and Deok-hwan remain bitter about Yoo-Ah. Deok-hwan encourages Min Suk to do whatever he wants and to fall in love with whoever he wants since he only lives once anyway (#YOLO).


Dad comes outside to take out the trash only to find the three amigos hanging out in front of the house. He yells at Min Suk for not returning home the night before. To make up for his wrongdoing, Min Suk volunteers to throw the trash away for Dad. Yoo-Ah is also questioning Soo Young where she was the night before, but Soo Young reassures her that nothing happened. She goes off spazzing about her boyfriend who she calls Director and his two friends she met earlier that afternoon. Yoo-Ah notices that Soo Young’s boyfriend is similar to her Lee Hubby (because they are) so she goes off talking about Min Suk. LOL. I love how they’re both talking about the same person, but they don’t know it yet. This is so amusing.

Min Suk and Soo Young leave the office (separately of course) to have some lunch together while the rest of the team stays behind. Dae-han, AKA the-guy-that-is-always-getting-ignored, garners enough courage to ask his crush, Yoon-joo, to have lunch with him. Sadly, she declines and leaves with her two other co-workers to have some lunch with. Everyone, but Assistant Manager Yoon and Team Leader Kim, has left for lunch, causing Team Leader Kim to question why no one asked him to have lunch with them. Lolol.

Dae-han and Assistant Manager Park appear at the same restaurant Min Suk and Soo Young are eating at (and are sitting at the table right next to theirs too) so they quickly sneak their way out of the restaurant to not get caught. While they sneak their way out, Assistant Manager Park brings up Yoon-joo and his admiration for her. Dae-han belittles Yoon-joo to make her sound unattractive so that Assistant Manager Park will choose another woman to go after, but Assistant Manager Park is too persistent and only has eyes for Yoon-joo. He’s almost thisclose to killing Dae-han when Dae-han recommends another employee from the same Retail Team. Um, sorry to say this Assistant Manager Park, but Yoon-joo is Dae-han’s. Haha.



Soo Young and Min Suk end up eating some hotdogs while walking together on the sidewalk after having successfully exited out of the restaurant. They continually hip bump each other until Soo Young hip bump Min Suk so hard he falls to the ground and lands on his knees and hands (LOLOLOLOLOLOL).



At COMFO, Min Suk meets Team Leader Kim in the restroom. After getting annoyed with Team Leader Kim’s countless of questions on who and where he ate lunch with, Min Suk informs Team Leader Kim that he will be late to the opening party the President wants everyone to go to the next day because of an exam he has to take at school.

Project and Retail Team come together for another meeting on their collaboration project, the Y-Tower Remodeling. Soo Young is also in the conference room handing out papers when Director Yoo purposely assigns her to buy everyone some ice coffee to piss Min Suk off. She does what she is told even though she’s Min Suk’s secretary and goes off to buy them ice coffee. She returns with the ice coffee and after passing them out, sits in a seat next to Team Leader Kim. However, before she can even sit, Director Yoo suggests that she leave the meeting for there isn’t a need for her to be there. Although Min Suk defends his girlfriend, she volunteers to leave so that she won’t be a burden to everyone at the meeting.


When the meeting ends, Min Suk catches up with Director Yoo and argues with him. Angry with the way that Director Yoo treated Soo Young during the meeting, Min Suk raises his arm in the air to punch Director Yoo, but Soo Young comes swooping in to stop Min Suk from doing so (this reminds me of ‘Heirs.’ LOL). Soo Young manages to drag Min Suk away from Director Yoo.

Min Suk receives a text message from Tae-suk saying that the Coach wants the team to gather and meet up so after discussing about it with Team Leader Kim and coming up with an excuse to present to the others, he leaves. Just a few short minutes after he leaves, he texts Soo Young to meet up at the park that evening at 8. Meanwhile, Assistant Manager Park is flirting with Yoon-joo so Dae-han, who can’t stand watching this happen right in front of his eyes, joins in along with them. He starts laughing at the video that Assistant Manager Park was about to show Yoon-joo, but Assistant Manager Park points out that he hadn’t even started playing the video yet. LOLOLOL. Later on that afternoon when work ends, Assistant Manager Park invites Yoon-joo to go watch a movie with him, but Dae-han interferes and expresses his wish to go watch the movie with Assistant Manager Park instead. “Yoon-joo can just go watch a movie by herself, ” he explains before leaving arm in arm with Assistant Manager Park. Hahaha.

While walking out of the COMFO building, Managing Director Han of the Retail Team comes across Jung Joo Soo Young so just like how he did the last time, he orders her to give a brochure to President. And just like the last time, he ignores Soo Young when she tries to correct him on her name. Haha.


Director Yoo visits his father to update him on his mother’s current state, but his father pays no attention. After so many unsuccessful attempts to get his dad to visit his mother, Director Yoo resorts to his last option – his knees. Director Yoo gets on his knees in front of his father and pleads for him to visit his mother just once. An intense and extreme argument goes on between dad and son, but they are soon interrupted by Soo Young who’s come to drop off the brochure that Managing Director Han assigned her to do. She immediately leaves after putting it down, feeling sorry for having interrupt such a serious moment.

Once outside of the COMFO building, Soo Young witnesses a car accident that takes place nearby. When she hurries to the accident, she finds out that one of the people involved in the accident is Director Yoo. He steps out of his vehicle to negotiate with the other driver in the car he hit, but grows nauseous and sick when he notices a few broken pieces of red glass lying on the ground near his car (I’m assuming from the head lights). He takes some time alone to cool off and calm down, but is approached by a concerned and worried Soo Young. Although Director Yoo tries to drive home, Soo Young won’t permit him since he’s still unstable. Even though Director Yoo yelled at her to leave him alone and to go away, she ends up driving him home since he’s still unstable and heavily affected by what he saw earlier.


It’s 8 P.M. which is the time that Min Suk and Soo Young had agreed to meet up at the park. However, Min Suk finds himself alone when he gets there.

Meanwhile, Soo Young manages to successfully drop Director Yoo off at his apartment. She hands him the keys to his car then walks away afterwards. However, Director Yoo holds her back by asking her, “Why do you keep appearing before me?” Soo Young explains that she helped Director Yoo out because he was not fit to drive, especially in the state that he was in at the time. She turns around once more to walk away, but he pleads for her to not go and to stay with him even if it’s just for a short moment. Right at that moment, she receives a phone call from Min Suk, but she doesn’t answer his call. However, she does tell Director Yoo that she has plans so she has to leave. She attempts to walk away again, but this time instead of words, Director Yoo holds Soo Young back through actions – a kiss.



Soo Young eventually arrives at the park where Min Suk’s been waiting for over an hour. She lies that she met up with a friend that she hadn’t seen in a long time and that she didn’t hear her phone ringing so she apologizes. Min Suk also notices Soo Young’s torn purse, but Soo Young reassures him that she can always fix. To focus the attention elsewhere, she suggest that they go eat.

Meanwhile, Assistant Manager Park (I’m just gonna call him AM Park from now on, lol) and Dae-han are in the movie theaters watching a very funny movie that everyone except Dae-han seems to love. AM Park notices Dae-han’s bland behavior so he asks him why Dae-han is acting so strangely. That’s when he realizes that Dae-han has a crush and this realization starts to freak him out. “Do you…do you like me?!” LOLOL. Dae-han’s just like, no! I don’t like you. Why would I like you?! Haha. Dae-han lies that he doesn’t like Yoon-joo either and once again criticizes Yoon-joo to make her sound unattractive. He even goes off naming other women that AM Park can hook up with, but it’s of no use. AM Park only wants Yoon-joo.


After bidding farewell with Soo Young, Min Suk hurries to Tae-suk’s house to check up on Deok-hwan who is supposedly suffering from a high fever. When he arrives at Tae-suk’s house (which is also a restaurant), he finds Tae-suk, Deok-hwan (who’s fine by the way), and Yoo-Ah gathered there to throw Min Suk a celebratory party for all the goals he scored in their past few games. She hands him a box with the skates she worked part-time for as her gift for Min Suk. It’s not until his two best friends reveal to him that she worked part-time just so she could make enough money to buy him the skates that he takes a look into the box and falls in love with the skates Yoo-Ah bought for him.

Min Suk walks Yoo-Ah home while carrying with him the box of skates she got for him. Before they bid farewell, Min Suk encourages Yoo-Ah to take the skates and return it, but stubborn Yoo-Ah refuses too. As if that wasn’t hurtful enough, he informs Yoo-Ah that he already has someone he likes so she should stop trying to impress Min Suk and to win his heart. Yoo-Ah takes his indirect rejection as a joke and walks away empty-handed. Meanwhile, Soo Young reflects back on the kissing incident with Director Yoo that happened earlier that evening while getting ready to go to bed.

The next morning at work, Soo Young and Director Yoo coincidentally ride in the same elevator. However, because of the kissing incident the night before, Soo Young is uncomfortable around Director Yoo and immediately walks out of the elevator, leaving him in the elevator alone (yes Soo Young! YES!).


Yoon-joo gangs up on Dae-han after hearing from AM Park all that Dae-han said about her. As she’s yelling at Dae-han about all the negative things he said about her, he immediately shuts her up by kissing her and confessing afterwards that he likes her. Instead of being bothered and annoyed, Yoon-joo is delighted and kisses Dae-han back. (this drama really does not hold back on kissing scenes. but i’m not complaining).

While Team Leader Kim picks Min Suk up at his school, Soo Young is back at COMFO still working. After receiving directions on where the grand opening party is going to take place at, she gets ready to head to the party. However, she is approached by Director Yoo who offers Soo Young a ride there. She declines his offer and hurries to the party by herself.

At the grand opening party, President of CEO introduces Min Suk to another very important person. Since Soo Young is there with Min Suk too, he ends up greeting Soo Young as well. President of CEO drags Min Suk with him to meet other executives while Soo Young steps outside to answer a call from Yoo-Ah. Meanwhile, Director Yoo is just downing like 5 cups of champagne all in a row. Woah woah, calm down there Jin-woo.


Min Suk reunites with his girlfriend out in the hallway and stresses that they should hurry back inside before all the yummy food runs out (LOL. I love how that’s all they’re worried about). However, they come across Director Yoo who approaches them with some questions. He asks Soo Young about her purse and offers to get her a new one if her purse broke since he was the reason as to why she dropped it. She avoids answering his question and walks towards the door, but Director Yoo stops them. He apologizes for being rude the day of the kissing incident, purposely trying to annoy Min Suk even more. Min Suk gets fed up and punches Director Yoo in the face. He gets fed up and chases after Min Suk to punch him in the face. So they throw a few punches here and there in front of everybody, including the President. Damn, this isn’t good.

Soo Young applies some medicine on Min Suk’s face to heal his injuries. But his injuries are the last thing he’s worried about. He asks Soo Young why she didn’t tell him about what happened that night that she was with Director Yoo. It’s not like he would have misunderstood and got mad at her or anything, because he’s not like that. But Soo Young explains that she just didn’t want him to get mad and was also worried that something bad might happen to him. She also takes blame for what happened earlier at the opening. She refers back to what the tarot reading interpreter had stated, “Between lovers there shouldn’t be any trivial secrets. Those little things create misunderstandings and break trust.” Therefore, Soo Young promises to never keep a secret from Min Suk again. They pinky promise, but Min Suk doesn’t speak a single word while Soo Young makes her promise. Instead, he blankly stares at her with an apologetic heart, reminded that he himself is holding a secret from his girlfriend, which is why he can’t make the same promise back to her. Ugh, this is so so so heart-breaking. I just wanna cry.

1016 1017

Director Yoo treats himself to some drinks that night in the bar and almost causes another fight.

Meanwhile, Min Suk can’t stop pondering over Soo Young’s promise and all the things that his two best friends warned him about, such as what’s going to happen once Soo Young finds out that Min Suk’s really just an eighteen year old high schooler. Because this bothers him, he calls Soo Young to meet up with him.

The couple ends up having some beer with one another. After Soo Young, who’s quite drunk at this point, finishes with her constant babbling and chattering, Min Suk speaks up. Although it took him several days to figure out whether or not he wanted to talk to Soo Young about this, he decided that he would because it would be the best for the both of them. He starts off by saying, “Remember what I said before? About how everything you see is not true? Having secrets between us…it’s not you Soo Young, in fact it’s me.” However before Min Suk can go on, Soo Young knocks out from all the excessive amounts of beer she drank so Min Suk has no choice but to reveal to her everything another time.


The next morning while eating breakfast, Min Suk reminds his father about the school meeting he must attend that day (to which I forgot to mention, Yoo-Ah and Soo Young will be there too) before leaving to head to school. Grandpa once again calls Min Suk ‘Director’ while watching Min Suk leave the house. He gets corrected by Dad that Min Suk’s going to high school, not work, but Grandpa states that Min Suk’s going to work, not school. Nooooo.

Because Min Suk has to attend the parent meeting with his dad, he won’t be able to make it to work. He calls Team Leader Kim just so TM Kim’s aware of this and hangs up right after, not even taking the time to listen to Team Leader Kim’s complaints and lectures. Meanwhile, Soo Young notifies Team Leader Kim that she also has a school meeting to go to and gets permission to leave. Uh-oh. Team Leader Kim strolls his way to the coffee room only to find Dae-han and Yoon-joo in there. Yoon-joo immediately walks out while Dae-han stays behind and lies that they were just making coffee (Sure. Sure you guys were just making coffee. More like making out. Haha).


Soo Young and Min Suk talk to each other on the phone, unaware that they’re both on the same school campus. YIKES. They’re even walking right next to each other. YIKES AGAIN. But luckily they’re separated by windows (thank God). When Yoo-Ah’s parent meeting ends, she suggests showing Soo Young who her Lee Hubby is, but Soo Young declines the offer – she has to get back to work as soon as possible.

While exiting out of the campus, she meets Deok-hwan and Tae-suk along the way. They of course panic at the sight of Soo Young and escort her out towards the front of the school as quick as possible. Once she’s gone, they go back to school and call Min Suk to tell him about how they just saw Soo Young. Min Suk has a hard time trying to comprehend what his two best friends are telling him, but it doesn’t take him very long to finally understand what they’re talking about for right at that exact moment, with just a slight turn to the left, Min Suk finds himself standing across from his girlfriend who has also noticed him. But this time Min Suk isn’t in his suit – he’s in his student uniform. And what’s even worse is Yoo-Ah comes joining Min Suk while calling out her nickname for him, “Lee Hubby.”


But Min Suk and Soo Young can only focus on each other; Soo Young blankly and confusingly staring at Min Suk while Min Suk stares back at her in anguish and misery.


My Thoughts:

It’s begun everyone. It has finally begun. I’ve learned my lesson to not recap this drama late at night into the next morning because then I can’t scream and yell out as loud and as much as I want. I especially needed to express all my anger and sadness after the end of this episode, but I had to refrain myself from doing so because I finished recapping this at 12:30 in the morning. *sigh* I just feel so bland and dull right now. I’m preparing myself for lots of heart-break, lots of pain, lots of anguish, lots of torture, lots of sadness, lots and lots of suffering and heart-ache, and last but not least, lots and lots and lots of tears.


I am just so sad. I knew there was a reason as to why the episode started out with many funny scenes that made my stomach hurt from laughing so much. It was only to prepare us for the heart-breaking and agonizing scenes that were to come later on in the episode, especially the ending scene. There were already many hints offered in this episode that foreshadowed Min Suk and Soo Young’s uncertain and shaky future such as with the tarot cards or how Deok-hwan gave the couple his blessings and hoped that they would be able to withstand all the conflicts that were to come their way. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised, sad, and hurt that Soo Young found out about Min Suk’s real identity, because it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I can’t help but be sad and hurt. We spent the last ten hours watching them interact and spend such valuable time with each other, as allies and as a couple, so when I watched the ending scene for this episode, I just wanted to cry. It could be over for the couple that we all grew into loving and supporting (am I just too emotional right now? Lol). I don’t know how they’re going to overcome this problem, but it’s definitely not going to be easy. It’s not going to be easy for Soo Young to accept that she’s been dating a 18 year old high schooler and it’s not going to be easy for Min Suk who is possibly going to lose the one woman he sincerely and truthfully loves and it’s not going to be easy for Yoo-Ah who has to find out that the man her sister is dating is the same man she’s in love with by being at school. We all knew this was going to happen eventually, but it still hurts so so much to actually see it happen. When it actually does happen.


I honestly in the first few episodes disliked Yoo-Ah. I thought she was insignificant and annoying, especially with her infatuation and obsession with Min Suk, but in the last few episodes, she’s really proved to be a better person than I thought she was. It started when she discovered that Soo Young was unemployed and then extended to when she worked a part-time job just so she could make money to buy her Lee Hubby some skates. Although she’s rough on the outside and has difficulty in expressing herself, her actions prove otherwise. After watching this episode, I commend her efforts for working countless numbers of hours and days just so she could afford the expensive skates for Min Suk. It wasn’t easy and came at some expense, but she was determined to help Min Suk out by buying him new skates so he wouldn’t have to suffer and play with his old worn-out ones. In the first few episodes, we just saw her constantly bother Min Suk and pester him and force him to do things with her, but here, she tries to earn his love instead of  pressuring him to hang out with her when he doesn’t want to. Yoo-Ah has grown quite a bit, as a sister and as a friend, so I wonder if she’s going to be understanding when she finds out that her sister was in love with the same man she was in love with. I wonder if she’s going to continue showing growth and maturity or if she’s going to go back to being the same person she was in episode one. Here’s to hoping that she is patient and understanding and forgives both Min Suk and Soo Young and hopefully moves on.


I sometimes wish that Director Yoo would only focus on bettering his relationship with his father and his father’s relationship with his mother. Instead of going off and sneaking into people’s offices and going on their laptops and hiring people to investigate on others, I wish his sole focus would be to just concentrate on his parents. I think that’s the only time we pity and sympathize for him anyways – when he plays the pitiful son who only wants to see his parents together again, happy with each other (or at least I do). I know for sure that all those times he bothered Soo Young, the incident where he kissed her, all those times he tried to ruin Soo Young and Min Suk’s relationship – it just made me loathe him even more than I did before. In all honesty, I couldn’t stand him in this episode. I wish he would just realize that although he’s in love with Soo Young, she already loves someone else and that it’s obviously not him so he should just move on. He continued to pester her in this episode and annoy her at every chance given, it was the most frustrating and infuriating thing to watch. She used to be in love with you Jin-woo, but that was of course before you ever showed her the two different sides of you. I’m pretty sure Director Yoo knows himself too, that Soo Young only loves Min Suk, so I don’t understand the point in continuing to chase after her when she already has a lover. Please, for your own good, just let it all go and move on.


I did enjoy watching Dae-han be jealous of AM Park and capture Yoon-joo’s attention. The scenes involving them three were more of the light-hearted scenes in this episode which I really appreciated and needed, lol. It was so funny when Dae-han joined them in on watching the video or when Dae-han wanted to go watch the movie with AM Park only so that Yoon-joo wouldn’t have to and then really in the end didn’t even want to go or didn’t even enjoy it. I’m glad that he got the girl he wanted in the end, because Dae-han and Yoon-joo do share some history together. She was the person that expressed interest in hearing him sing and play his guitar when the Project and Retail Team went to their workshop site a few episodes ago. It was then that I knew the drama was setting them up for a love line, but I was happy with that because I wanted to focus on another couple other than our main. It’s refreshing and hilarious to see them together and also try to hide their relationship like how Min Suk and Soo Young are. I hope that one day if it’s possible they’ll all be able to publicly display affections to their lovers and not have to hide anything.


So Soo Young finds out that Min Suk is in high school and this is only the beginning but it’s already so painful. No one else knows that Min Suk is Hyung Suk, none of the Retail Team members (except for Team Leader Kim but he knew from the very beginning), not the President, not even Dad. Although it’s going to kill me to see everyone’s reaction to finding out the truth, I think the most heart-breaking one will be Dad’s. I can’t even imagine what he’s going to do when he finds out that Min Suk had been pretending to be Hyung Suk all this time, especially since he constantly relied on Min Suk to contact Hyung Suk. Why? Why did Min Suk have to pretend to be his brother? I have never felt so sad before about a drama. How is this all gonna end on a good note with a happy ending? Will that even be possible? King of High School, I don’t know how it’s gonna be like from here on out, but I’m hoping that even if Min Suk and Soo Young don’t stay as a couple, that they remain allies and friends, just like how they started out. I’m not asking for too much…right?


3 responses to “King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 10 Recap”

  1. Wow wow wow! Another super speedy recap from you! Thank you, thank you! I’m wondering how long did it take for you to do each recap?

    MS wore Mickey Mouse watch! The dummy had a change of clothes – from light green/turquoise to red!

    MS’s besties are fabulous, especially Deok-Hwan!

    I’m surprised that YJ & DH were actually making out in the office pantry! So daring!

    If MS wasn’t taken by surprise by SY’s appearance, he could have just pretended he’s really MS the high school student and not Lee Hyung Suk.

    • No, THANK YOU for commenting wunderbar (:

      And I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode after recapping episode nine, so I immediately started to recap and watch episode 10. There’s no such thing as waiting for ‘King of High School’ when the next episode is already out with english subs! Haha.

      And generally, it takes me about 4 hours for each episode. But if the episode’s a bit more entertaining and enjoyable, it’ll take me about 3 hours. I’m still a beginner at recaps, so it differs for everyone obviously, but for me, it usually takes a long time. Everyone goes at their own pace~

      I also noticed that the dummy was wearing different color clothing! HAHA. FINALLY. And I still think it’s funny how the teacher hasn’t found out yet about Min Suk sneaking out of the classroom. He’s been doing that for quite a while now.

      I was surprised too! Yoon-joo and Dae-han can’t keep themselves away from each other. Very very daring. But it’s hilarious how they try to hide their relationship from others, especially Team Leader Kim.

      I’m hoping that’s what Min Suk does in the next episode (episode ten didn’t show a preview, darnnit!), but the drama does have to start revealing Min Suk to everyone soon and that he’s not Hyung Suk, but Min Suk so as much as I would love for Min Suk to just lie that the person Soo Young saw at school was Min Suk and not Hyung Suk, I want the downfall to occur so that once everyone does find out about Min Suk, we can watch the aftermath and everyone’s slow recovery and hopefully get a happy ending. I’m sorry if that sounded confusing, lol. I just want a happy ending for everyone, especially for our Allies Couple 🙂

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