King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 9 Recap


YEEEEEEEE. EPISODE 9 IS HERE with english subs. Our two main leads are finally together after countless episodes of a one-sided love and chases and OK’s. It’s great to see Min Suk and Soo Young looking so happy together, but just thinking about all of the obstacles and predicaments that are going to erupt when everyone finds out that the person they have known as Hyung Suk really isn’t Hyung Suk makes me sad and anxious and nervous. Many things are going to go downhill from here on out and that can include our lovely couple as well 😥

At the end of episode eight, not only did we witness Min Suk give Soo Young the most endearing and affectionate back hug ever (even with a cast on) and the two main leads confess their feelings to each other. We also got the fortunate chance to watch Min Suk and Soo Young share a very oh so passionate kiss with each other that made all of our hearts flutter (and my stomach swarm with butterflies).



(OMG. THAT KISS. OMG. THAT LOOK. excuse me while i go squeal in the corner of my room really quick. haha).

The kiss comes to an abrupt end when Min Suk takes off his cast, causing his past-crush-now-girlfriend Soo Young to worry. However, he reassures her that he’s fine before leaning in to steal another kiss from her. Awww, so cute.

They walk together back home while holding hands (ALREADY?! LOL. Just kidding). Min Suk expresses that it’s nice to have a sprained arm, because then it causes Soo Young to worry about him which he really enjoys. However, she doesn’t think being injured is anything he should feel happy about at all and hits Min Suk’s chest which causes him to groan “ow ow owwwww.” What’s even cuter is when Soo Young checks up on her boyfriend in concern because he won’t stop groaning, but gets a kiss on the forehead by Min Suk who had lied to be in pain just so he could give her that forehead kiss. Min Suk giggles like a little kid after successfully planting a kiss on her forehead causing our couple to both grow shy and embarrassed. PLEASE YOU GUYS. STOP BEING SO CUTE. THIS ISN’T GOOD FOR MY HEALTH.


When they arrive at the intersection near Soo Young’s house, she encourages him to leave first, but Min Suk isn’t willing to leave until he watches Soo Young head towards her house first. So they have this very adorable and funny bickering on who leaves first. Soo Young then puts forth a new idea: on the count of three, they’ll both leave at the same time. However, the plan doesn’t work as Min Suk’s feet stays glued onto the ground while Soo Young really motions towards her house (awww he just wants to make sure his girlfriend gets home safely. kekeke). After a happy farewell, Soo Young skips home while Min Suk receives a phone call from his coach. Uh-oh. “Oh shit.” (that was what Min Suk literally said when he got the phone call, hahaha. I was surprised myself too).

Min Suk gets punished for sneaking out of the training camp without informing his Sunbae or his coach. After suffering the consequences, Min Suk is accompanied by his two best friends who try to help Min Suk walk, but Min Suk is too tired and weak to do so. Although the three amigos are struggling outside, it’s not all that bad as they end up sharing a few laughs that night as Min Suk exclaims that he loves his best friends and even kisses them on the cheeks. Someone’s very much in love eh? Hehe.

Min Suk and Soo Young just cannot stop getting enough of each other. They call each other that night where Min Suk recommends that they go on a date after they finish with work on Monday. Of course Soo Young is up for the plan and they agree to go on a date, although it’s not decided where to yet. Yoo-Ah is in the bedroom with Soo Young while she’s talking to Min Suk, but of course doesn’t know that the director her older sister is in love with is Min Suk, the guy she loves (why did they have to be sisters? But then again, that makes things so much more interesting. Lol). Yoo-Ah also texts Min Suk to ask him about his day, but he doesn’t reply back because he’s too busy talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

It’s not long until Min Suk’s two best friends find out about Min Suk’s relationship with Soo Young. They discuss with him the danger he’s putting him and Soo Young in once Soo Young finds out who Min Suk really is, but Min Suk makes it clear that he’s going to live in the moment and just focus on loving Soo Young. His two friends then tease him after for kissing Soo Young and they altogether ponder over what Min Suk’s next move on Soo Young is going to be. Ooh la la.

0905 0906

Being with Soo Young could not have made uri Min Suk any happier. He eats his breakfast wholeheartedly and even hugs Dad and Grandpa before leaving the house (where Grandpa yells ‘Bye Director’ loudly in front of Dad. Phew, thank goodness Dad didn’t catch on to what Grandpa was saying). Soo Young is busy getting ready for work and grows excited over what to wear and what purse to bring. Meanwhile, Yoo-Ah is watching her sister explode with happiness and knows that it’s her boyfriend that’s making her happy so she expresses her wish to see Soo Young’s boyfriend soon (uh-oh).

Min Suk and Soo Young are walking to work together when they almost get caught by the three female employees from the Retail Department. They immediately break apart upon hearing the high-pitched voices and go back to pretending to be Director and Secretary. The ladies notice that Soo Young is dressing nicely and even wearing perfume so they all become suspicious of her, but Soo Young pretends to get offended and walks off. Hehe.

When in the Retail Department office, Soo Young, who’s at her desk, and Min Suk, who’s in his office, communicate through the windows to meet up later on outside on the balcony.

President of COMFO discusses with the Managing Director of the Project Team (I’ve mistakened him to be President’s secretary all this time, but he’s not. Lol. Sorry!) about how he saw a man that looked similar to Min Suk’s step father who used to be a chauffeur for a man named Lee Jung Soo (can someone kindly explain to me who this Lee Jung Soo is? I have an idea as to who I think he is, but I don’t want to say it on here and then get it wrong and then get embarrassed, lol).


Soo Young and Min Suk are eating outside on the balcony when Soo Young expresses her wish to go on a getaway trip. Because Min Suk loooveessss his girlfriend sooooo much, he states that he’ll plan their getaway trip so she doesn’t have to worry about anything at all. While the couple are busy laughing with each other, Assistant Manager Park and I’m-always-ignored employee Dae-han arrive on the same balcony. Soo Young hurries back inside the office so that Assistant Manager Park and Dae-han doesn’t become suspicious seeing our couple together.

When they reunite inside of the building, Min Suk tries to hold hands with Soo Young, but she refuses to. “I’m a modern woman who can draw a line between public and private matters, ” Soo Young explains. So although they’re not walking hand in hand, they skip together to their office, unaware that they’re being watched by Director Yoo. Later on, Director Yoo meets Soo Young in the hallway and brings up her relationship with Min Suk. When asked if she likes Min Suk, Soo Young truthfully and sincerely answers, “Yes, I do. At least he is not like someone who is different inside out.” OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH. BUUURRNNEEEDDD. (*stops video to run around the house*).


Assistant Manager Park treats the team out for lunch in celebration of his birthday (LOL @ how he has to treat even though it’s his birthday. Poor Assistant Manager Park). While eating, the team agrees to go mountain-climbing that weekend, but since Soo Young and Min Suk has plans of their own that weekend too, they both make up excuses to opt out of the mountain-climbing.

While Soo Young is hiding in one of the restroom stalls, she overhears her two female employees who are also in the same restroom discuss about how odd and strange Min Suk has been acting the past few days. They assume that he has been seeing someone to which Soo Young mouths while in the stall, “Me! It’s me! I said it’s me! Me!” Hahaha. So cute and funny. One of the employees then share to her co-worker the story of her and her ex-boyfriend and how when they went on their getaway trip, he made them miss the bus on purpose so that he could spend some more time with her. Because he was successful in stalling time, they were able to begin their “history.” Her co-worker adds that all guys have a goal when they plan getaway trips which causes Soo Young to get paranoid since Min Suk had volunteered to plan their trip. The female employee furthers, “If he doesn’t touch me on a trip like that, then that means that he’s not sexually attracted to me.” When Soo Young leaves the restroom, she can’t help but ponder over what the two female employees were talking about. She happens to meet her boyfriend who’s walking towards the restroom too. He stops her to update her on the place they’re going to for their trip and even points out that they can ride by train to get there. Soo Young just nods her head in response and walks away nervously.


Soo Young is bothered so much that she goes on the internet to ask for help and answers. Random netizens comment on her post and states that her boyfriend does have other intentions for their trip and that Soo Young should go buy herself some lingerie that night. OMMMGGGGG. She chuckles nervously to avoid the weird stares coming from her employees and peeks over at Min Suk’s office only to find Min Suk already staring back at her through his window and forming the shape of a heart with his fingers. Hahaha, so cheeeeeeeesy.

Min Suk reviews the e-mail that he received from his coach about the upcoming teams they’re going to play against. However, when Director Yoo shows up in his office unexpectedly, he immediately slams his laptop screen down to shut it off in fear that Director Yoo might see it. Director Yoo had visited Min Suk to update him on the Y-Tower Mall Remodeling Project and their next meeting. He becomes suspicious of Min Suk’s strange behavior before leaving his office. Back in his office, Director Yoo speaks with the Managing Director for the Project Team about his investigation on Lee Hyung Suk and how he’s determined to find out what Hyung Suk is up to (which is really Min Suk).

Min Suk and Soo Young walk home together after work. After getting him to leave, she sneaks to a store that sells lingerie so that she can buy herself some before the day of the trip. Meanwhile, Min Suk’s hanging out with his two friends who cannot stop talking about Min Suk and Soo Young’s getaway trip. They assume that Min Suk’s going to lie about missing the ferry to stall time on purpose so that he can spend more time with Soo Young and then make his move on her, but Min Suk denies all of the assumptions. When his two friends enact a scene they predict will happen between Soo Young and Min Suk which includes kissing and lots of skinship, Min Suk just stares at them blankly while questioning, “Are you guys going to live like that forever?” OMG. HAHAHA. (His friend ends up answering yes too. Lololol).


Director Yoo and Team Leader Kim have a drink with one another at a restaurant. When Team Leader Kim gets drunk, Director Yoo takes the chance to ask him some questions on Hyung Suk in hopes that Team Leader Kim’s answers will help Director Yoo on his investigation. Team Leader Kim at first talks about what kind of person older brother Hyung Suk was and how Hyung Suk treated him when they both went to the same high school, but stops when he realizes the dangerous situation he’s putting himself in. He beats around the bush and changes the subject of real Hyung Suk to fake Hyung Suk (AKA Min Suk) so that he doesn’t have to answer Director Yoo’s questions. YOU TALK TOO MUCH TEAM LEADER KIM.

While sleeping, Soo Young fantasizes about what the day of the trip will be like and what will happen on the trip. In her dreams, we see a feisty Min Suk try to capture the attention of a nervous and jumpy Soo Young. He pushes her up against the window and teases her before finally kissing her and – (they didn’t show the next part but I’m assuming plopping onto the bed and…yeah. You know what happens next, LOL. it’s so awkward recapping this). Soo Young screams and twitches every time she awakens from her dreams and cannot stop chuckling about all the kind of things that can happen the next day.


Soo Young and Min Suk meet up the next morning in the neighborhood and hurry to catch a ride on the ferry. They arrive at the location of their getaway trip (Namiseom) and spend the whole day together eating, walking, running through the fields, and taking couple selcas. While taking a stroll, they almost get caught by Assistant Manager Park who is also at Namiseom. Luckily, he doesn’t see them and walks away from the couple who are hiding behind a statue.


(LOL @ Seo In Guk holding the umbrella and purse while wearing his backpack. Hahaha. Such a funny image).


(I couldn’t watch Min Suk and Soo Young spend time with each other and NOT screen cap their adorable hug. Look at them! THEY’RE SOOOO CUTE! *squeals*).

While walking in the forest, they notice the row of pensions that are all lined up next to each other. Soo Young thinks that Min Suk must be up to something, especially since it’s almost time for them to get back on the ferry to leave. Her suspicion is even stronger when Min Suk claims to have lost his cell phone! Soo Young believes that he’s stalling time on purpose so that they can miss the ferry and spend the night together in a pension, but her assumption turns out to be wrong when Min Suk finds his cell phone and they make it in time to get on the ferry (aww, she got her hopes up for nothing, haha).

Disappointed, Soo Young grows mad at Min Suk and either ignores him or speaks rudely to him the whole ride back home. Min Suk becomes confused and calls his friend for help and advice on what he should do to make Soo Young feel better. With the help of his friend, Min Suk comes to his senses and apologizes to Soo Young. Soo Young thinks that maybe Min Suk had realized his faults, but what Min Suk apologizes for is the total opposite of what she had expected. “When we took a picture in Namiseom, I pulled myself back and that made your face look big.” LOLOL. Soo Young remains upset with Min Suk and walks away from him, but he pulls her back only to make the bag she was carrying drop to the ground. Min Suk looks into the fallen bag and finds the lingerie outfit that Soo Young had bought for herself in it (talk about secondhand embarrassment). When Min Suk sees the lingerie, he finally realizes what Soo Young thought would happen on their getaway trip and continually repeats, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!” Haha. Soo Young of course defends herself saying, “Perhaps…no one knows what will ever happen. Tomorrow…something can happen to us so I was just ready. People said that when going to a place like this (Namiseom), men and women are thinking about the same thing (sex). Otherwise the guy is not even a man. That he’s not looking at you as a woman.” That’s when Soo Young questions Min Suk and what his thoughts and opinions of her are. Does she seem like a woman to him? What is Soo Young to him? Is she not attractive? Does he even like her? She walks away dispirited and disappointed, but he catches up to her to reaffirm his love for Soo Young. “You know how much I like you. Don’t ever doubt that okay? I’m crazy about you Soo Young. Really crazy.” This cheers Soo Young up and they head to an ice skating rink together where Min Suk teaches Soo Young how to skate (since ya know, he is a hockey player. haha).


After the couple has enough of ice skating, they sit down for a while to talk and to get to know each other better. They bring up Min Suk’s older brother Lee Hyung Suk who Soo Young wants to meet and Soo Young’s father who passed away in a car accident when she was only in high school and discuss how they were as high school students (which is awkward for Min Suk because he is still in high school lolol).

Fast forward a few hours later and our couple wakes up from a few hours of sleeping. While they eat some breakfast together, Director Yoo has come to COMFO on a Sunday morning to check up on some things. He secretly sneaks inside Min Suk’s office and goes on his laptop (OH NO YOU DIDN’T!). He checks Min Suk’s e-mails to hopefully discover some things, including the e-mail sent from Min Suk’s coach talking about the upcoming teams Min Suk’s hockey team are going to play against, but Director Yoo shrugs it off as Min Suk just having interest in playing some hockey. Just when Director Yoo is about to leave, Min Suk’s e-mail notification goes off so Director Yoo checks to see who the new e-mail message is from.

It turns out to be from Min Suk’s older brother Hyung Suk. The beginning of the message reads, “Am I too late? It’s Hyung.”

The episode ends with our couple eating breakfast together and Director Yoo being conflicted over whether or not he should open the e-mail to read it.

My Thoughts:

OMG. I don’t even know where to start.


After re-reading this recap, I’m not sure if I made myself clear enough or not on why Soo Young was mad and upset with Min Suk and why she had bought the lingerie (wait, do any of my recaps make any sense? lol). Soo Young was a bit naive and believed in what she heard and read about the whole getaway trip and how guys have a goal or intention when going on these kind of trips. She misunderstood Min Suk and thought that he would stall time so that they miss the ferry ride and spend a night together and you know, get some things done, but because he didn’t, Soo Young grew disappointed because then that could only mean one thing – that he didn’t see her as a woman. Throughout the trip, Soo Young continually thought of what her co-worker said about how if a man doesn’t touch a woman while on a trip, then that means that he’s not sexually attracted to the girl. Soo Young really believed in that so when Min Suk and Soo Young returned to the ferry, she thought that Min Suk didn’t like her or wasn’t attracted to her, hence her questioning him if he even likes her or how he feels or thinks about her. I hope that I was able to clarify any confusion or misunderstandings. It took me a while myself before I came to understanding why Soo Young was mad and upset with Min Suk. Haha. But I’m slow like that so yeah, lol.


I’m not so fond of how Soo Young came about to questioning Min Suk’s love for her, but I do love that she doubted his feelings and affection for her. I think in a relationship one is bound to feel uncertain about the relationship and their partner and if their love is sincere and genuine or if they’re with you for other purposes, so when Soo Young questioned Min Suk’s love and he firmly stated the reasons as to why he loved her, it made me feel so happy because it proved that his feels for her are sincere. He’s not with her because of her body or face, but because of her personality. He’s learned to accept her for who she is and loves her for everything that she is. We’re able to understand how Min Suk feels about Soo Young (not that I had ever doubted it in the first place) and just how much he loves her through this episode. Although not much happened, I loved seeing Min Suk reassure Soo Young that he does love her and that he is attracted to her and that he’s crazy about her. It makes their relationship even more raw and authentic and causes Soo Young and Min Suk to trust each other even more.


I was burning with anger and rage when Director Yoo sneaked into Min Suk’s office to go on Min Suk’s laptop. That is absolutely rude and disrespectful. I stated before that he was on my bad side, but him going on a laptop that isn’t even his and one that he did not even receive any permission to go on makes me despise him so bad. Everything he’s doing at this point is for his own good and advantages. Why can’t he just leave Min Suk alone? Ugh. It pains me to watch Director Yoo get closer and closer to finding out more and more about Min Suk and Hyung Suk and Min Suk really not being Hyung Suk but Min Suk. Lol. Because when that does happen, it’s only going to make things worse.


Focusing on the more positive things in this episode, I never really spoke about them and this topic, but I really really admire Min Suk’s friendship with his two best friends, Deok-hwan and Tae-suk. They are always there for Min Suk and have done so much for him. They came up with excuses to cover up for Min Suk when their teacher or Yoo-Ah became suspicious, they’ve been constantly replacing Min Suk’s desk with a dummy every time Min Suk sneaks out to head to work, they remind him of upcoming hockey games so that he (and the rest of the team) doesn’t get into any trouble, and in this episode, they help Min Suk out, whether it’d be helping Min Suk come to terms about his relationship with Soo Young or helping him at the training camp after he got punished. I also like that although they presented to Min Suk all the possible things that can happen once Soo Young finds out who Min Suk really is, they don’t pressure Min Suk into breaking up with her, but instead, respects Min Suk’s decisions and goes along with the plan and jokes about Min Suk’s relationship with him. I would love to have friends like Deok-hwan and Tae-suk who are caring, generous, hard-working, and very funny. Although they can be annoying at times, it’s only because they care for Min Suk and want the best for him that they bother and pester Min Suk. It’s been entertaining watching the three amigos every time they spent time with one another the past nine episodes and I would love to see more of that in the upcoming episodes. Because even if the drama grows intense and suspenseful once Min Suk’s identity is discovered by everybody, I know that the scenes of Min Suk and his two friends can always lighten up the drama a bit by providing us laughter and smiles.

3 responses to “King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 9 Recap”

  1. Thank you, Mary, for this recap! You’re awesome!

    I haven’t had the chance to replay this episode and I missed out a few things like the “Oh Shit”, and the Gramps calling out “Bye Director”.

    I think Lee Jung Soo is likely to be MS’s dad. He must be some sort of a big shot then coz he had a chauffeur, huh?

    Love the pictures that you selected – especially MS with umbrella and that hug! What you wrote – my sentiments indeed!

    Wow, ep 10 with Eng subs are out already now!

    • It’s wunderbar~~~

      NO YOU’RE AWESOME FOR ALWAYS COMMENTING ON MY RECAPS. Thanks by the way for doing so 🙂

      I also thought that Lee Jung Soo was Min Suk’s father, but I wasn’t so sure. I even went back to go re-watch the scene in episode one where Min Suk talked about his father, but I don’t think he ever mentioned his father’s name so that didn’t help much. :/

      And I’m going to recap episode ten right now so hopefully I’ll get it up by tomorrow! 😀

  2. Hi, sorry but am just a bit desperate, and crazy for that song on ep 7 and it was played at the end of ep 9, too. maybe there are some koreans who could find out the title and artist of that song for us? thanks! nice recaps, btw.. 😉

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