[UPDATED] Watch at your own risk: King of High School Episode 11 Previews! + Seo In Guk to sing an OST for the drama

I’m going crazy here after watching the preview to ‘King of High School Life Conduct”s episode eleven. I’m trying to be understanding right now and I don’t want to jump to conclusions too soon until I watch episode eleven itself, but by the looks of the preview, things don’t look so good which is making me kind of mad.

Although I can’t fully understand everything that’s occurring in the video, Min Suk tries to explain his side of the story to Soo Young, but is unsuccessful due to the fact that she’s still in disbelief after discovering her boyfriend’s identity. Meanwhile, we see Director Yoo save Soo Young from dying as he grabs her before she gets run over by a car and they dance their way towards safety. At the very end of the preview, she gets in the same car as Director Yoo which is seen by Min Suk.

Okay, so Soo Young is mad at Min Suk because he lied to her all this time and ignores him by involving herself with Director Yoo again. Ugh, the angst and drama has finally arrived. I wonder if the drama will find a way to include a few funny scenes of comedy, because after episode ten, all I can visualize are just very melodramatic scenes with Min Suk begging for forgiveness from Soo Young or Soo Young going back to Director Yoo. I’m gonna need some humor to balance out with the angst so hopefully the drama maintains its long streak of comedy and amusing jokes. Where is Grandpa when you need him?! Lol. I wonder how Min Suk is going to get Soo Young to forgive him and return to him. What things he’s gonna say to persuade Soo Young to not leave him and to stay. Things are definitely going to get interesting and heart-breaking from here on out.

Adding onto ‘King of High School Life Conduct’, it was confirmed by officials of CJ E&M that Seo In Guk will be participating in an OST track for the drama! YIPPEE! He’s doing a phenomenal job acting as Min Suk, it’s time Seo In Guk brings out his singing skills (he’s well-rounded like that ya know). Although it’s unknown as to when his solo OST track will be released, viewers can expect to hear it some time soon. I’m hoping that there will be a collaboration OST track between Lee Ha Na and Seo In Guk, because after watching this video, I am convinced that they would sound great together. She’s great at singing, he’s great at singing. They should just come together to sing!

Come on King of High School, don’t disappoint me now.

Source: lovely k @ youtube, tvN DRAMA @ youtube

7 responses to “[UPDATED] Watch at your own risk: King of High School Episode 11 Previews! + Seo In Guk to sing an OST for the drama”

  1. At first I’m okay with Soo Young, but after that preview, if it’s really what I assumed it to be, I’ll be so dissapointed with her character. She’s just keep going back and forth between Director Yoo and Min Seok. When she’s hurt by Min Seok, she goes to Director Yoo. When she knew he’s a jerk, she goes to Min Seok. After this revelation she goes to Director Yoo again, even after all he did to her?! I want her to be more independent and confident.

    On another note, I’m happy that Seo In Guk is always participate to sing an OST for most of his dramas. The guy is really talented.

    • Hello rania~

      I totally agree with you! Even after all that Director Yoo did to her and treated her, she’s gonna brush all of that off and just return to him. All the time that’s spent with Director Yoo, I rather she use to it to reflect on Min Suk and their relationship. I’m amazed at how easy it is for Soo Young to transition back and forth between the two guys. And here I thought Soo Young was totally over Director Yoo but nope, as soon as she finds out about Min Suk’s real identity, she goes back to Director Yoo. Woman needs to set things straight and decide who she wants. It’s getting quite annoying now and this makes me sad because I really enjoyed Soo Young as a character, but her indecisiveness to choose between Min Suk or Director Yoo is making me more and more upset with her :/

  2. UGH! My thoughts exactly! I think I’d be really disappointed if SY goes back to liking JW. MS likes her for who she is and was going to tell her his secret! I understand why people find MS x SY icky because of the age gap and calling it “illegal” (jailbait territory), but they never did anything illegal! Ughhh. Monday, pls come faster!

    • Hello yaya~

      HAHA. I LOVE your comment, especially about the illegal part (which is especially true!) And you know, they did have a chance to do any illegal stuff too (which Soo Young was prepared for), but they didn’t in the end.

      I’d be really disappointed with Soo Young if she went back to Director Yoo too. I thought she would have known better, especially with the way he treated her in the past, but it seems like she just forgot all about that. Even if she was mad at Min Suk and ignored him, she didn’t need to return to Director Yoo. Instead, she could have just been alone and man-less, something she stressed about in the beginning of the series. It’s quite fascinating how much she’s changed, from being a ‘I-don’t-need-a-man-‘ character to someone who’s dependent on guys now. Me no like this at all 😦

  3. Are we forgetting the fact that Min Suk is basically a high schooler while Soo Young is a full grown adult (at the very least 7 or 8 years older than Min Suk) which could practically result in an unhealthy/dysfunctional/immature relationship due to the age/maturity gap or are we not addressing this issue…?

    • Edit: 9 years! That’s almost decade!!!

      Wishing they’d just build up Min Suk and Soo Young’s sister with the remaining episodes…

    • They are the lead couple, so I’m assuming the writers have figured this out. I’m thinking they have to stay in a friendly level and not become too serious for a couple of years. After all, he is 18 in Korean traditional age. In international age he is only 17. That is squiky. She could go to jail.

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