King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 11 Recap


In this episode, Soo Young tries to accept the fact that she dated an 18-year old high schooler while Min Suk attempts to take things back to how it was like before. However, Min Suk realizes that it’s not as easy as it seems as Soo Young continues to remain stubborn and in disbelief while Director Yoo continues to interfere in their lives.


From where we left off in episode ten, Soo Young had visited Min Suk’s school campus to attend Yoo Ah’s parent meeting. Min Suk’s two best friends were successful in dragging her off the campus in fear that she will see and discover Min Suk, but Soo Young was gone for only so long as she returned to the school campus to gift the teachers some drinks. While walking back to the office with her drinks, that’s where she discovers Min Suk, in a student uniform. It’s not long before Yoo-Ah comes to join them, just as confused and perplexed as her sister to see Soo Young and Min Suk staring at each other.

When Soo Young sees Min Suk, she starts to reflect back on all the incidents where Min Suk was involved, including the time when Yoo Ah was at the hospital or all those times Min Suk would write notes to Soo Young and she would tease him for having such childish handwriting. It all makes sense to Soo Young now because Min Suk’s not an actual 28 year old Director, he’s an 18 year old high schooler. While Min Suk tries to catch up with Soo Young who had started to walk away, Min Suk’s two best friends Deok-hwan and Tae Suk who has witnessed this whole scene holds Yoo Ah back so that she doesn’t follow her sister and Min Suk.


Min Suk follows Soo Young all the way to COMFO and pleads for her to give him a chance to explain himself. Soo Young eventually gives Min Suk the chance and they sit down to talk. Min Suk explains to Soo Young that Lee Hyung Suk is his older brother and that he’s filling in for his older brother for the moment because something’s happened to him. Soo Young continues to remain in disbelief and astonishment.

Meanwhile back at school, Yoo Ah has just learned from Tae Suk and Deok-hwan that Min Suk had been dating her older sister Soo Young. She walks away infuriated and skeptical, refusing to believe that Min Suk was the ‘director’ that she would always hear her sister talk about. She won’t believe what they’re telling her unless she sees it with her own eyes. Yoo Ah claims that she liked Min Suk first, so therefore he is hers. When Yoo Ah is gone, Deok-hwan worries for Min Suk, but Tae Suk grows concerned for Yoo Ah (oohhhh, so is the drama building up another love line?).

Despite Soo Young questioning Min Suk on his age and name and whether he knew that Yoo Ah was her sister, Min Suk tries to prove to Soo Young that his love for her is what is more important. She has a hard time believing in him though and heads inside the COMFO building. She is still so affected by her discovery that even when her name gets called multiple times by Yoon-joo and her co-worker while she’s walking back into the building, she doesn’t budge until the very last second. Soo Young is so disturbed she doesn’t even realize that she almost got run over by a car. However, Director Yoo comes to swoop her before anything bad happens and saves her life.


When Soo Young arrives at the Retail Team’s office, Team Leader Kim asks her to put on the phone a guy from J.C. Globe that he needs to talk to. She does what he asks, but instead of calling the man from J.C. Globe, she dials down President of COMFO’s number instead so Team Leader Kim has to come up with an excuse as to why he called President. LOLOL. When the short conversation comes to an end, Team Leader Kim scolds Soo Young for dialing the wrong number and yells at her to leave. Soo Young walks away thinking she’s arrived at her desk when really she’s at Assistant Manager Park’s desk and sits down on his lap, totally unaware that she’s…sitting on his lap. Everyone else in the office can only watch this absurd scene in surprise and shock. Soo Young finally realizes that she’s not sitting on an empty chair, but on AM Park and quickly gets off. Once She catches sight of Min Suk who has also arrived at the office shortly, she exits.

Soo Young escapes to the balcony, conflicted over whether she should call Yoo Ah or not. However, she is joined by Assistant Manager Yoon who shows concern for Soo Young because of the strange behavior she’s been displaying. He lets her know that if she ever needs anyone to talk to, she can always go to him for help.

President of COMFO orders Managing Director of the Project Team to find Min Suk’s step father’s whereabouts and to also fire Soo Young from working as Min Suk’s secretary. He reasons that she witnessed the whole intense confrontation between President and Director Yoo when she wasn’t supposed to. In fear that she will spread rumors, President wants her to leave COMFO as soon as possible. (No, not again!).


Soo Young leaves by herself when work ends without notifying Min Suk and even ignores his phone calls. When she gets home, she tries to converse with Yoo Ah, but her younger sister is still angry over how she dated her Lee Hubby. Yoo Ah states that Soo Young was so old for Min Suk she could have been his grandmother. LOL. The sisters continue to throw insults and jabs at each other until they are so immersed in their argument over Min Suk that they get into a pillow fight. Hahaha. When the pillow fight comes to an end, Soo Young runs out of the house to escape from her sister.

Soo Young stays up that night waiting for Yoo Ah to return back home but when Yoo Ah doesn’t, she goes out to search for her sister. When Soo Young does find her sister, she sees Yoo Ah talking to two male students that are hitting on her. Soo Young interrupts their conversation because she thinks that her sister’s in danger and eventually scares the two students away.


Meanwhile, Min Suk unleashes all of his anger on his punching bag with Grandpa imitating Min Suk from behind (awww, so cute!). Min Suk replays Soo Young’s hurtful words in his head and feels troubled so he calls Soo Young to meet up. She surprisingly fulfills his request and they meet outside a few minutes later.

Min Suk starts the conversation by asking Soo Young to just disregard everything and to instead focus on him and his sincere feelings for her. However, Soo Young interrupts his speech and points out that he should be referring to her as Noona (older sister) since she is you know, 10 years older than him. HAHA. I love how she stopped him just to tell him that. When Min Suk expresses that he doesn’t understand why Soo Young’s behaving the way she is, she tries to make it clear to him her reasons for her behavior. “When you babbled, I was in a speech contest. When you started walking, I was running in a relay competition.” Haha, I love the comparisons. But Min Suk argues back, “Yes! I’m a damn high schooler. I am ten years younger than you. But so what? What’s wrong with that? Am I short on something?” Oof, stop it Min Suk. You’re killing me. Soo Young wishes to return home and tries to bid farewell with Min Suk, but he won’t let go so easily. He exposes his thoughts and thinks that Soo Young still has feelings for him; she’s avoiding him on purpose but she still likes him. But Soo Young asserts that she liked Min Suk when she thought he was the 28 year old Director from COMFO, Lee Hyung Suk – not the 18 year old high schooler Lee Min Suk. GAAHHH. This is too much for me. *dies*

The next morning, while Soo Young is preparing to go on a trip to Gangchon to visit her mother, Min Suk is at school and is visited by Yoo Ah who has come to give her Lee Hubby some snacks. His two friends take notice of Yoo Ah’s cheerful behavior and ponders over how she can act so normally like nothing’s wrong.

When Min Suk heads to work, he finds Soo Young absent, but none of the other Retail Team members knows where she is. He also gives approval for Han Sang-hee (the oldest of the female employees from the Retail Team) to send back the FAX that a company called Romanson from the United States sent them and to answer the FAX with an ‘okay.’ Little does Min Suk know that this will cause some trouble later on.


Min Suk rests in his office only to find a resignation letter from Soo Young laying on his desk (NOOOO!). He immediately calls Soo Young, but Soo Young ponders over whether she should answer it or not. She recalls the night before she met with Min Suk when she had been flipping through the pages of a scrapbook by Yoo Ah called ‘Making Lee Hubby the Best Player Project’, filled with pictures of Min Suk in both his school and hockey uniform. She was amazed and fascinated with the scrapbook, studying the pictures and writings carefully. We return to Soo Young who’s on the bus traveling to Gangchon who decides to ignore his phone call and even blocks Min Suk. She informs Yoo Ah that she’s going to stay in Gangchon with their mother for a few days so Yoo Ah should take care of herself.

Soo Young eventually arrives in Gangchon and greets her mom happily, but the only thing her mom is worried about is whether Soo Young was fired or not. LOL. Soo Young lies that she asked for a few days off for vacation just so she could spend some time with her mother.

Meanwhile back at COMFO, Min Suk says his own lies to Team Leader Kim to cover up for Soo Young’s absences. He lies that she had to take a few days off because of a family emergency so she won’t be at work the next few days. Team Leader Kim complains that Soo Young has the nerves to go on vacation when everyone else is busy working, but Min Suk defends Soo Young and straight out requests for Team Leader Kim to just allow and accept it. Before Min Suk leaves his own office to attend another meeting on the Y-Tower Remodeling Project, Team Leader Kim tries to get Min Suk to tell him what’s wrong with him, but Min Suk refuses to open up.


Before the meeting starts, both the Project and Retail Team talk about getting some ice coffee, but Min Suk is so annoyed and exhausted he requests that they just hurry up with the meeting. In response, all the other members throw away any thoughts of drinking ice coffee and adds comments like, “Oh right, I don’t drink ice coffee” or “caffeine isn’t good for you.” HAHAHA. It’s hilarious how quickly they changed their minds.

Yoo Ah finds Director Yoo waiting in the neighborhood near her house so they head out to a restaurant to talk. Before Yoo Ah encourages Director Yoo to talk to her sister again, she gives him the nickname ‘white rice cake’ since he’s as pale as a white rice cake. Hahaha, so cute. She quickly wishes for him to talk to her sister again and even reveals that she’s in Gangchon and that she’s liked him for two years in hopes that it will persuade him to make his move on Soo Young. “She’s in Gangchon for a few days so this is your chance!” Hahah. They bump knuckles and exchange phone numbers before Yoo Ah leaves, carrying with her the ten dollars that Director Yoo gave her so that she can actually get home.


While in Gangchon, Soo Young has so much free time she goes around interfering in board games between Grandpas that she doesn’t know or eating a little girl’s ice cream after taking a long walk. Hahaha.

In the next scene, we witness two Grandmas walking on the road while gossiping about Soo Young who’s sitting by herself not far away on a bench. They gossip, “That girl over there, isn’t she Soo Young, the daughter of the bungee jumping place? She’s been around for a few days, going everywhere in the village and causing trouble. How old is she to be doing that? How immature of her…she was never really bright through her childhood. Even her mother took her to the doctor thinking that she was slow.” The two Grandmas even call her a crazy woman because she’s sitting on a bench by herself. REALLY?! REALLY?! DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY SOO YOUNG LIKE THAT YOU TWO CRAZY WOMEN! Lol. Soo Young cries quietly to herself after having heard the harsh and cruel conversation between the two Grandmas. Aww, don’t cry Soo Young.

1110 1111

That day at work, Team Leader Kim comes running into the office waving around the FAX paper that the Romanson company from the US sent them. He becomes upset and angry over how they returned the FAX without getting the President’s approval first. Now they’re in big big trouble. To make up for the mistake, Managing Director Han, Team Leader Kim, and Min Suk all go to President’s office to apologize. There, even President of COMFO has been noticing Min Suk’s strange behavior and expresses his disappointment in Min Suk. The trio leave, Team Leader Kim and Managing Director Han in distress and worry, Min Suk poised and distracted.

Director Yoo is in his office accompanied by Managing Director of the Project Team who informs Director Yoo on President’s plan to quietly get rid of Soo Young because she saw an incident that could potentially ruin the company. Director Yoo also receives a text from Yoo Ah who tries to encourage him to visit Gangchon since Soo Young is still there (and obviously doing nothing. Haha).

Director Yoo visits his dad’s office to ask him to not fire Soo Young, because he likes her (yeah I know. He just revealed to his dad straight up that he likes Soo Young. CRAZZYYYY). He threatens to reveal about him being the President’s son and the identity of his mother to the public if President doesn’t follow through with Director Yoo’s request. Oooohhh. Now this is what I wanted to see from you earlier in the drama Director Yoo!


When Director Yoo leaves his dad’s office, he enters the same elevator as Min Suk. He warns Min Suk that since he and Soo Young are having some problems, he might try to get in contact with Soo Young again. *sigh*

Managing Director Han and Team Leader Kim discuss about Min Suk and what things they should do to get him to not get into anymore trouble. That’s when MD Han suggests that they should do something to please Min Suk so Team Leader Kim tries to cheer Min Suk up with some food and a USB drive containing some very exciting stuff (yeah, you know what I mean), but none of this excites Min Suk one bit. Team Leader Kim once again tries to get Min Suk to open up to him and suggests that he talk to him as if he was Min Suk’s uncle, so Min Suk starts off by saying, “Uncle, please leave. I want to be alone.” Ahahahaha.


Director Yoo eventually visits Soo Young in Gangchon with the help of Yoo Ah. After he arrives, he and Soo Young sit down to relax and have a talk, but they are soon interrupted by a call from the Rehab Center that Director Yoo’s mom is staying at. It turns out that she had cut herself and is being reported to the hospital so Director Yoo hurries to check up on his mom.

Meanwhile, Min Suk returns home after a day of work. He finds Grandpa playing with Soo Young’s moss that he’s worked so hard to take care of and yells loudly at Grandpa for touching it without his permission. Dad enters the scene to defend his dad and scolds Min Suk for talking rudely to Grandpa over a moss, but Min Suk states that the moss is important enough to him for him to yell at Grandpa. Aww, poor Grandpa. He’s just hiding behind Dad, scared and afraid. Annoyed and frustrated, Min Suk runs out of his house and starts heading towards Gangchon since he discovered from Assistant Manager Yoon that that was where Soo Young was staying at.

Director Yoo returns to Gangchon to visit Soo Young again after finishing his visit at the hospital. She encourages him to leave since it’s getting late, but he stalls time by hugging Soo Young.


At that exact moment that Soo Young and Director Yoo are hugging, Min Suk arrives to find them embracing each other. He grows even more jealous and mad when he witnesses Soo Young hugging Director Yoo back. Heart-broken, he turns around and drags his feet to walk away.

Soo Young pushes herself away from Director Yoo to end the hug. He reveals to Soo Young that since she’s left, he’s been so lonely and soon afterwards pleads for her to stay beside him. He even apologizes for acting so badly towards her. But Soo Young isn’t so easily moved or persuaded. She replies, “People’s feelings are so deceiving Director. Just a few months ago I was so thrilled and excited to see you even from a distance. And I took it as destiny on my own – I was really silly like that. I know it hasn’t been very long but in my heart, there is already someone there.” Director Yoo asks for Soo Young to give him another chance, but Soo Young isn’t willing to do so. She bids farewell with him and walks away only to be followed by Min Suk who drags Soo Young with him. They walk past Director Yoo, but Director Yoo breaks Min Suk’s hold on Soo Young’s wrist because of the obvious way she’s reluctant to follow Min Suk.


The episode ends with Min Suk and Director Yoo staring into each other’s eyes (brommannceeeee. just kidding) while Soo Young watches the two men that are in love with her refrain from conducting any physical contact onto each other.

My Thoughts:

I’m going to be honest here, it was painful and tough recapping this episode. So hard that it took me a long time to finish it. Not much happened in this episode so I had trouble following along and then recapping it was kind of worse. I just want to apologize for the late recap. It took me longer to upload this recap than usual, but I’ll be working on episode twelve today and get it up by no later than tonight.


This episode primarily focused on Soo Young’s reaction to finding out that the person she had thought was a 28 year old COMFO director Lee Hyung Suk was really an 18 year old high schooler named Lee Min Suk and that she had dated a guy that was the same age as her sister. I don’t blame her for reacting the way she had reacted nor do I blame Min Suk for wanting to go back to how it was like before he was discovered. They both had different reactions to Min Suk’s revealing and took it differently. At some point I did feel like Min Suk was trying to rush things on Soo Young. I understand that he doesn’t want her to think about his age or the fact that he’s barely in high school and she’s already graduated that like ten years before and that what does matter is his love for her. I understand that he wants to make it clear to her that everything else is insignificant and that what is significant are his feelings for her. But there were multiple times in this episode where I wish that he just give Soo Young some time. To Min Suk it might not be much to him, but to Soo Young it’s so much more. That’s why it heavily affected her and took her so long to accept it. She ignored and avoided Min Suk because she couldn’t believe that she had been dating a high schooler all along and really liked him as well. I’m glad that she was able to go on a getaway trip to get some time to herself and to clear all these suffocating thoughts on her mind, but I think a part of Soo Young still has feelings for Min Suk like how Min Suk stated, despite knowing about his age. Just like how Min Suk’s feelings for her are still sincere, I think Soo Young’s feelings for him still exist and I feel like she does want to go back to how things were like before too, but it’s just that she needs time to accept some things and learn to become comfortable with Min Suk, high schooler Min Suk.


I was glad that Soo Young was getting some time off, but her visit to Gangchon wasn’t all that good either and that made me so sad for Soo Young. Here she is, having resigned from her  job and going to Gangchon to visit her mom, but not being welcomed there. The conversation between the two Grandmas made me so mad because they’re judging her based on worthless rumors and if those rumors were true, they were in the past. Soo Young might not be the most brightest and intelligent person in the world; she might be clumsy and awkward around people, but deep inside she is a wonderful and hard-working person. There are so many charms about Soo Young once you get to know her and that’s why I understand why even a high schooler like Min Suk would go crazy about her. It broke my heart to watch her cry as she listened to the two Grandmas’ disgusting conversation about her. I hope she doesn’t take it to heart and instead comes to realizing that she is so worthwhile and amazing. She’s different and truly unique and I think that’s why we all love Soo Young. We got to watch her grow and mature and care for others. If there’s anything I learned in this episode, it would be that we shouldn’t judge people and based our opinions of others on rumors. There is always more to a person than we know.  We should all give everyone a deserving chance before forming our opinion and thought of them.


I was worried that Soo Young was going to return to Director Yoo in this episode because that was what it looked like in the preview for episode eleven, but seeing that she still rejected his feelings for her even after feeling conflicted about Min Suk reminded me again of why she’s my favorite female lead. I had thought that she was going to go back to him again when he pleaded her for another chance, but instead she gave him a response that indicated that she’s moved on and that she wishes to spend her time on the person that’s in her heart who obviously isn’t Director Yoo. It’s too bad Director Yoo didn’t use his chances wisely (two chances I might add) and instead used it to help benefit himself. He should have appreciated her more before she left and wished to never return again. Here’s to hoping that things don’t drag on for too long and that Soo Young recovers and returns to Min Suk soon. I really miss them.


On another note, it has been confirmed that King of High School will be extended by two episodes which I’m approving of because that can only mean one thing – more Min Suk and Soo Young! We all know how cute and adorable they can be together so hopefully with this two episode extension it will give us more time to watch them together, whether it’d be as a couple or allies. It wouldn’t hurt to watch Min Suk turn a few years older as well so Soo Young doesn’t have to keep being reminded that she had dated a high schooler. And we also certainly need more time to focus on other issues the drama has yet to address like what actually has happened to the real Lee Hyung Suk. I feel like the drama’s been neglecting that mystery for the longest time, but it’s a good thing that the drama doesn’t focus too heavily on that conflict too. Instead we’re given a young Lee Min Suk who is thrown into an unfamiliar world involving work and Noonas while trying to balance his life as a high school student and hockey player. The plot sounds ridiculous, but the execution is well done and the cast is so amazing and that’s why I really love this drama.


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