King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 13 Recap


In this episode, Min Suk finds it harder and harder to hide his real identity, but does find it easier to realize his true passion thanks to his supportive and wonderful girlfriend who along the way discovers some pretty amazing things she didn’t know she was capable of doing. The couple continues to compliment one another in all the ways possible and witnessing this in this episode is why episode 13 was so enjoyable.

In addition, the OST track that many many many people have been asking for has finally finally been released! It’s called ‘Butterfly’ by Ciel so you can listen to it here! Such a beautiful beautiful OST track ❤


The episode starts out with Dad, who is at work, getting a surprise visit from President of COMFO. Although President tries to start a conversation by bringing up the topic of Dad adopting Lee Jung Soo’s (Min Suk’s biological dad) two sons and how he could have offered some help, Dad refuses to listen to President and both him and Grandpa kicks him out of the laundromat.

Director Lee Min Suk has finally returned to work and everyone from the Retail Team is excited to have him back! To make up for all of his absences, Min Suk gifts them with some presents. The rejoicing only lasts for a short amount of time before Assistant Manager Yoon reminds everyone to go back to work. While at her desk, Soo Young glances over at Min Suk’s office only to find him already staring at her through the blinds like a creep and blowing a kiss. Haha. They exchange some signs of affection for each other before returning to work.


As Min Suk’s secretary, Soo Young reveals to Min Suk while in his office his schedule for the day. But the only thing Min Suk can focus on is Soo Young and therefore sneaks a surprise kiss on her cheeks while she’s off-guard. However, Soo Young lets it be known that she’s disapproving of this. She tells him that until he graduates, they must maintain a noona-dongsaeng relationship since he’s…you know…underage. She also prevents any physical contact, kisses, and yes, even, small little pecks. Min Suk complains at the rules that Soo Young’s set when Team Leader Kim joins them in Min Suk’s office. When he sees Soo Young, he panics and plays his ‘Min-Suk-is-really-a-director’ game until Min Suk informs him that yes, Soo Young knows that Min Suk’s a fake so he doesn’t have to hide anything anymore. As if Team Leader Kim wasn’t enough, Managing Director Han also reunites with the three and he also finds out that Soo Young knows about Min Suk being a high schooler. So with that, Managing Director Han, Team Leader Kim, and Soo Young reach a consensus to always be loyal to Min Suk and to protect him at whatever cost.


Soo Young returns that evening after work to find a gloomy and tired Yoo Ah resting on her bed. She volunteers to treat Yoo Ah to her favorite fire-spicy chicken since Yoo Ah hasn’t eaten yet. After they finish eating, they have a small talk outside of the store where Yoo Ah reveals her thoughts on her and Min Suk saying, “Now that I think about it, it was me who followed him everywhere from the beginning. Min Suk never had any feelings for me. What a crazy girl I was…but maybe, I just needed someone like him. Because you know, I’m at that age. Some girls falls for teachers, some are after idols. I am eighteen years old now. The world is wide and its full of men. There must be a lot of men better than Min Suk.” After hearing her sister’s talk, Soo Young volunteers to get hit in the face by her sister (heyyyy, I bet she must have learned this from Min Suk. Haha), but Yoo Ah doesn’t punch her sister in the end (unlike Soo Young who really did punch Min Suk, lol). They end up forgiving each other and become the best of friends again.

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The next morning at COMFO, Min Suk gets scolded by Team Leader Kim for not knowing that he has an exam to take at school and a breakfast meeting to go on the same morning. However, Soo Young saves Min Suk by stating that she’ll come up with a plan so that Min Suk will be able to go to both. So while Min Suk is at his breakfast meeting with the CEO of COMFO and the board executives, Soo Young is at Hyung Suk’s apartment gathering Min Suk’s school uniform that he forgot to bring with him that morning to work. Right when the breakfast meeting ends, Min Suk jumps out of his chair and sprints out to exit the building. Along the way, he meets up with Soo Young who hands him his school uniform. He quickly changes into it and hurries to school. (Aww, it’s the same exact scene we saw in the beginning of episode one. How cuttteee!). Thanks to Soo Young, Min Suk makes it on time to school! (They make such a great team).

When class ends, Min Suk walks with his two best friends around the school. They happen to be joined by Yoo Ah so the three amigos all expect Yoo Ah to still have this unrequited love for Min Suk although she should already know that he likes her older sister. However, there’s a major plot twist as Yoo Ah then shows her interest in Tae Suk after she finishes talking with Min Suk. Since she had been told in the past that Tae Suk liked her, she finally considers it and has decided that she and Tae Suk will go out from now on (lolol). Tae Suk hesitantly chases after Yoo Ah to clarify the misunderstandings, haha.

Min Suk and Soo Young are on the elevator to head home together. Along the way, the elevator picks up Director Yoo so suddenly the atmosphere has turned cold and awkward. Min Suk gets jealous when Director Yoo displays some signs of concern towards Soo Young and tells him to just mind his own business by stating, “You are always precise and and picky about food. Why don’t you recommend something for us?” In response to this, Director Yoo argues, “I’m not picky about food, but I am picky about people.” OOOOOOOOHHHHHH MIN SUK GOT BURNED! Lol.

The couple stop by the convenience store in their neighborhood to buy an umbrella since it’s raining. Min Suk can’t get over how petty he was back in the elevator with Director Yoo and continues to grow annoyed by it. Soo Young teases her boyfriend by changing his contact name on her cell phone to ‘Super Petty High Schooler’ so Min Suk changes her contact name to ‘Popcorn Great Grandma’ and even suggests putting ‘Ancestor.’ OMG. I’M DYING HERE. While at the store, they encounter Grandpa so they all head back home together. How cuutttee.


(Soo Young’s face expression when Min Suk is willing to change her contact name to ‘Popcorn Great Grandma.’ LOLOL).

After putting Grandpa to sleep, it’s just Soo Young and Min Suk who’s left in his house. She pulls a surprise visit to his bedroom so he follows her to clean his messy bedroom up. While in his bedroom, Soo Young finds her moss resting on his desk so she goes to examine it along with Min Suk. While petting it, their fingers happen to make contact so they stop talking to the moss and goes their own separate ways. Min Suk goes to get them something to drink while Soo Young stays behind and finds a photo album in Min Suk’s room. Together, they go through the pictures of young Min Suk playing hockey and then have a bittersweet conversation about Min Suk having to quit hockey because of his injury. To lighten up the atmosphere, Soo Young expresses her interest in having one of the two nude pictures of Min Suk as a young infant, but Min Suk disapproves of this. So they fight to have the photo album but soon stop when Soo Young lands on top of Min Suk (awkwarrrrddddd…haha).  After getting up, Min Suk claims Soo Young to be lustful and runs out of his bedroom. Haha.


While walking together back home, Soo Young asks for Min Suk to help her become her workout trainer. Min Suk refuses to at first but becomes jealous when Soo Young states that she’ll just find her own personal trainer who she can possibly become close with so he eventually agrees to help her. Haha (and yes, once again, Soo Young forgets her moss).

After sending Soo Young home, the fact that Min Suk won’t get to play hockey any longer really gets to Min Suk so he takes down all the posters and pictures of anything hockey-related in his room into a box and throws it outside his house, but it isn’t too long until he returns to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Soo Young is in her house searching up some exercises that she can do now that Min Suk’s agreed to become her trainer.


Early the next morning, they join each other to go exercise and work out. While at the park, Soo Young starts off by doing some exercises alone but forces her boyfriend to join in along with her so together they do the stretching exercises that Soo Young found the night before. Soo Young’s so immersed in her stretching exercises she’s unaware that her sweater keeps going up and showing her stomach so Min Suk has to stand behind her to pull her sweater down so that her stomach won’t show. When she finds him standing behind her while holding onto her sweater, she reminds him that they can’t have any physical contact and still doesn’t know that he was behind her because he didn’t want her body to be exposed. After the little incident, they go back to doing some more exercises (omg they make the cutest couple evar).


They take a short water break before going back to work out. While on the break, they witness a man flipping over on the bar as if he was participating in the Olympics. Soo Young reveals to Min Suk the story of how she became scared of the bar and how it has become a trauma to her every time she sees one. She ends the conversation by suggesting they run and happens to spill the reason as to why she wants to work out so much along the way. She wants to make Min Suk’s shoulder recover. AWWWWWWW. *melts*

While at the laundromat, Dad receives a fruit basket and envelope of money sent by President of COMFO. Enraged, he goes to President’s office to return the fruit basket and money. Dad reminds President once again that he wishes to never see him again and for President to never intervene in his life again.

Director Yoo (and we too) find out that Lee Jung Soo, Min Suk’s dad, used to work with President of COMFO, but had troubles with his business because of the President. Therefore, that was why Min Suk’s dad killed himself and how Min Suk got adopted by Lee Jung Soo’s chauffeur who is none other than Dad. While analyzing the details, Director Yoo gets a text from Yoo Ah on the location and time to meet up.


Soo Young and Min Suk continue their work out session by running some laps later on that evening at Min Suk’s school. But Min Suk grows tired of Soo Young’s efforts to change things and expresses his wish for her to stop. “After my mom and dad all died and my only brother left me, do you know what I was thinking? Don’t hope for things I cannot change. Otherwise, I’ll end up getting hurt. I don’t ever have hopes on something that is impossible…so please stop trying.” Min Suk leaves after conveying his feelings leaving a surprised and hurt Soo Young behind.

Yoo Ah and Director Yoo end up meeting each other at the same restaurant they met up last time. They’re busily conversing to each other when Deok-hwan and Tae Suk finds them in the restaurant together. Alarmed and cautious, they barge into the restaurant to check up on Yoo Ah, but finds out that Director Yoo works at the same company as Soo Young so they have nothing to worry about. They apologize afterwards for causing a scene and the meeting ends just like that.


When returning home, Director Yoo spots Min Suk walking with his dad on the sidewalk which causes him to grow suspicious (NOOOO). He gets a phone call from his friend whose brother is investigating on Lee Hyung Suk and receives a FAX of Min Suk’s late father’s obituary with Lee Hyung Suk and Min Suk listed as family. DAMN IT.

That night, Min Suk tries to contact Soo Young, but is unsuccessful in doing so. So the next morning at work, he brings it up to talk about it. Soo Young explains that she slept early so she didn’t answer his phone call. In addition, she lies that she already has plans with someone during lunch so she can’t spend it with Min Suk.

Meanwhile, Director Yoo visits his father in his father’s office to talk about Lee Hyung Suk and Min Suk. When Director Yoo reveals that he finds it suspicious how Lee Hyung Suk chose to work at COMFO when he got offers from everywhere in Europe, his father shuts him off and ignores Director Yoo, not wanting his son to talk about anything related to Lee Jung Soo.

After observing the way Soo Young’s been behaving, Min Suk grows suspicious and believes she’s mad at him for yelling at her the night before. But when he asks if she’s mad at him, she denies it and states that she isn’t (so what could it be then?). However, before Min Suk can find out, he gets a call from COMFO President to meet up at lunch. So the two end up having lunch together and this is where Min Suk reveals to President about his family, mainly his father. President learns from Min Suk the cause of Min Suk’s biological father’s death and thinks about everything Min Suk has just told him.

Min Suk feels conflicted over Soo Young’s strange behavior so he talks about it with his two best friends. Deok-hwan feels as if the only solution to make Soo Young feel better is by getting intimate with her. Once the two gets intimate, Soo Young will forget everything, including why she’s mad at Min Suk, and they can make up. However, Min Suk doesn’t follow Deok-hwan’s advice, especially after listening to him last time during the Namiseom trip and getting into even more trouble. Lol. Min Suk receives a phone call from Soo Young to meet up at the park so he hurries over there (why do I have a feeling this won’t be good? My heart is beating so fast right now, lol).


When they reunite at the park, Soo Young shows Min Suk what she’s been up to the past few days and that’s when we witness Soo Young pull herself up on the bar and do a flip! It turns out that the reasons as to why she didn’t pick up his calls or join him for lunch was just so that she could go to the park and practice her flips on the bar. She continues to show him what she’s capable of doing until he approaches her and gives her a peck on the lips – twice.



Min Suk insists that he should at least be able to give Soo Young pecks on the lips, but she refuses to let him do that. “Grow faster,” she says in response to his request. Lololol. When Min Suk returns home, we find all the hockey-related posters and pictures hanging back up in his room.

The next morning at school while Min Suk’s hockey team are busy practicing and exercising, Min Suk communicates to his coach that he would like to start over again and play as a hockey player. With that, his coach welcomes him back onto the team and everyone on the hockey team rejoices over the great news.

Soo Young and Min Suk go shopping for Min Suk’s new hockey bag that evening. While at the cash register, the cashier assumes Soo Young’s Min Suk’s aunt which gets Soo Young offended. When Soo Young reveals that she’s not his aunt, the cashier goes on to guess Soo Young to be Min Suk’s Noona and even mom. Omg, I’m laughing so hard right now. Min Suk informs the cashier that Soo Young’s his girlfriend before leaving the store. How adorable.


Director Yoo gets a surprise visit from his friend’s younger brother (the one whose investigating on Hyung Suk I believe) who is also Director Yoo’s Hoobae. Since his friend knows Lee Hyung Suk and is quite close to him, they decide to go visit Hyung Suk since his friend hasn’t seen him in a while. So Director Yoo and his friend head over to Min Suk’s office, but meet Min Suk while walking over there. Min Suk’s reaction upon seeing Director Yoo’s hoobae is indifferent which causes the two men to grow confused and suspicious.

Min Suk changes back into his school uniform before entering the elevator. When the elevator arrives at its destination and opens its door, Min Suk finds himself standing across from Director Yoo in his school uniform. Director Yoo smirks as he sees Min Suk in his school uniform voicing, “So this was what you were trying to hide Director Lee Hyung Suk? Or shall I say, student Lee Min Suk?”


The episode ends with both guys standing across from each other, one in happiness and the other in shock.

My Thoughts:

DAMMNNNNN. This isn’t good.

Now the cat’s out of the bag and Director Yoo knows that Min Suk is really Min Suk and not Lee Hyung Suk.


It was going to happen sooner or later, but still there’s this feeling of panic and anxiety when you know that someone else other than Soo Young, Managing Director Han, or Team Leader Kim knows about Min Suk’s true identity. This can only mean that soon everyone’s going to find out about Min Suk and of course will put the four in risk and trouble. Wouldn’t it be so convenient and nice if everyone could just shut their mouths and go on with their daily lives? I wish.


I know that many might be concerned about Soo Young and Min Suk’s relationship because of the huge age difference and the fact that she could get in trouble for dating a minor and it’s not something that is easy nor should be ignored, but I do like how in this episode it tried to address the problem and come up with a solution. Soo Young suggested that they don’t have any physical contact with each other until he’s of legal age and old enough to do so. Of course this won’t solve everything, but in the meantime, it also won’t get the couple in any trouble so they’re safe for now. I guess the thing about Min Suk and Soo Young that makes me continue to support them is that they compliment each other so well. If one looks past the age difference and just focus in on them as a couple, they work really well with each other. This was especially evident in this episode when Soo Young was trying to get Min Suk to work out with her so that his shoulder could recover which would allow him to go back to doing what he loves best which is playing hockey. She’s so supportive of him and would go out of her own way (Soo Young never exercises but started doing so for Min Suk) to do things for her boyfriend. Although Min Suk wasn’t really fond of her efforts, I was impressed with Soo Young’s attempts because it just shows so much about her and her caring character. Watching her work out and exercise with Min Suk was so heart-warming and touching, because she just wants the best for her boyfriend. She knows how much of a burden not getting to play hockey is for Min Suk so she tries to come up with solutions to make it possible for him again. I mean, how can you not love Soo Young after knowing this?!


And the best thing about this is that along the way she learns about herself too and the fact that she too is capable of doing anything as long as she sets her mind to it. I love how she was able to discover her talent of flipping on the bar (which was something she was extremely afraid of doing at first). What started out as a simple workout for Soo Young so that she could prove to Min Suk that if he worked hard enough he could return to playing hockey turned out to be something so much more which had to do with conquering fears and climbing outside of your comfort zone. In the end, both Min Suk and Soo Young benefited in the situation. Soo Young was able to do something she never thought she would be able to accomplish and it was only when Min Suk witnessed this that he knew he could do the same thing too if he truly set his heart and mind to it which he did which is how he was able to join the hockey team again. They help each other out so much and that’s why I love this couple. That’s why I’m supportive of this couple. If it wasn’t for Min Suk’s constant whining and nagging at Soo Young to stop working out, she wouldn’t have practiced over and over again on the bar to prove to Min Suk what he’s capable of and wouldn’t have known what she too was capable of. If it wasn’t for Soo Young, Min Suk would have never realized the fact that if Soo Young can do something that she was extremely afraid of doing, then he can do the same and it was that mindset that allowed him to chase after his dreams again. They just work so well with each other and help motivate each other although they two might not be aware of it and that’s what I adore about them two. Forget the age difference, they help each other better and grow as individuals and the progress was clearly evident in this episode. That’s why I loved episode 13.


I’m happy that Yoo Ah is able to accept Soo Young and Min Suk’s relationship and not hold a grudge on either of them. That was one of my concerns about the drama – whether Yoo Ah would be able to accept things and leave it as it is or continue her one-sided love for Min Suk, but it truly is relieving to know that she’s moving on. It’s so nice to know that she was aware of how crazy she was about Min Suk because it’ll only motivate her to not do the same thing again with the next person she falls in love with. I love how mature she’s grown from finding out about Soo Young and Min Suk and the optimistic attitude she’s carrying with her. Sure, she’s hurt and it’s going to take some time to recover and move on, but by conveying to her sister that she forgives her and that there are many other men out there in the world that are better than Min Suk, it’ll help make her journey to self-discovery and recovery a bit easier and faster and will help her heart heal quicker. I would love for Yoo Ah to have a happy ending because she’s sacrificed some things she didn’t want to give up. She definitely deserves one.

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