King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 14 Recap


This episode focuses more on COMFO and the decisions that will determine the company’s future, but as boring and dull as this sounds, episode 14 pulls a few surprises and plot twists on us, some that are risky and some that are definitely exciting.

From where we left off in episode 13, Director Yoo discovers Min Suk in his school uniform on the elevator at COMFO. We then find out that Director Yoo had been following Min Suk’s every move all along and checking up on him, whether that’d be when Min Suk got home from work or him spending some time with Deok-hwan and Tae Suk. Director Yoo questions Min Suk’s motives and intentions, but leaves without getting any answers from Min Suk for he knows that Min Suk won’t be able to continue this fraud for much longer anyways. Min Suk chases after Director Yoo to talk, but it is already too late.


Min Suk calls an emergency meeting with his loyal team consisting of Soo Young, Team Leader Kim, and Managing Director Han. He reveals to them that Director Yoo has find out Min Suk’s true identity so they all start to freak out and panic. They ponder over whether Director Yoo is going to reveal this right away or wait for the perfect chance to do so. Team Leader Kim takes into consideration the idea that if Director Yoo does tell President of COMFO the truth about Min Suk, that their only choice is to write their resignation letters which gets everyone else even more agitated. Haha.

While driving back home, Team Leader Kim conveys his thoughts to Managing Director Han that he’s a bit suspicious of Soo Young who continues to protect Min Suk’s identity. He feels as if there’s something going on between them. But his speculation is quickly brushed off by Managing Director Han who states that Soo Young won’t fall in love with a high schooler. But right at that moment, they spot Min Suk and Soo Young walking together while holding hands towards a motel to which they both start to freak out. Lolol.


Min Suk is uncertain as to what he should do to prevent Director Yoo from revealing his identity. Should he just beg? And what about his older brother Hyung Suk? How much longer will Min Suk have to pretend to be him? Min Suk grows frustrated and annoyed, but he does feel thankful to have his girlfriend by his side supporting him. He lays his head on her shoulder after expressing gratitude, but almost falls when Soo Young shifts position to prevent the physical contact. “No physical contact!” she yells before walking away. Haha. Gotta love them.

The next morning at COMFO, Team Loyalty, Min Suk, President of COMFO, and Director Yoo all enter the same elevator. Director Yoo teases them a bit and starts talking about Min Suk’s age and how good it must be to be young. President of COMFO doesn’t think too much about what Director Yoo is trying to convey, but the rest of the Loyalty Team is scared to death that Director Yoo is going to reveal Min Suk’s secret. Overwhelmed and infuriated, Min Suk chases Director Yoo into his office and encourages him to just spill the news, but Director Yoo has no intentions of doing so for then it wouldn’t be too fun. Director Yoo continues to make fun of Min Suk for his age as evident when he tells Min Suk that he has some games on his laptop that he can play or when he reminds Min Suk to speak formally to him. Oof, all the shade.


Director Yoo exits out of his office to head somewhere only to be interrupted by an unsettled Soo Young who has chased after him to ask him to do her a favor: to please not expose Min Suk’s true identity. Director Yoo learns from Soo Young that she already knows that Min Suk’s a high schooler which confuses him even more. Why is Soo Young in love with a high school student? But Soo Young answers that she fell in love with him before she knew so it’s not like she could have forced herself to stop loving him after she discovered his secret. She pleads for him to not tell anyone anything, but Director Yoo can’t promise Soo Young anything.

President of COMFO yells at all the executives in a meeting over some projects that they are all having a disagreement with. Conflicted, he asks Min Suk on his opinion on the issue, but Director Yoo saves a panicked and confused Min Suk by interrupting and giving his opinion so that Min Suk won’t have to say anything.

It’s time to go home so everyone in the Retail Team heads home except for Soo Young and Min Suk. Min Suk asks Soo Young to join him for dinner, but she refuses to and lies that she has to meet up with her mother who has made a surprise visit. Min Suk leaves without feeling too butt-hurt and without knowing that the real reason Soo Young can’t go with Min Suk is because she had received a text from Director Yoo asking to meet.

While walking back home, Dae-han and Yoon-joo notice Soo Young and Director Yoo in the same car driving somewhere. They grow a bit suspicious and also comment that the couple seems like a bit weird combination, but Yoon Joo feels as if that would be the same thing people would say about them two too. Haha.


Director Yoo and Soo Young goes to visit Director Yoo’s mother in the hospital again since she had requested to meet Soo Young once more. To thank her for the red bean porridge last time, Director Yoo’s mother hands Soo Young a gift that Soo Young is reluctant to accept but does in the end. Director Yoo’s mom encourages her son to take Soo Young out to dinner so they leave to go dine at a restaurant.

When at the restaurant, Soo Young brings up the topic of Min Suk again, but Director Yoo wishes to not talk about him at dinner. So they eat and eat until Soo Young receives a text from her boyfriend who wonders where she is. She texts him back before continuing to stuff herself with some food. Director Yoo pretends that he has to make a call to someone so he heads out of the restaurant to do so, but once he gets outside, he observes Soo Young through the window quietly.


(Ok, I have to admit, although I’m not so fond of Director Yoo right now, the way he stares at Soo Young is the sexiest thing ever).

Soo Young falls asleep in Director Yoo’s car on the ride back home so he stops by the road to let her get her rest. He stares at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in the world while in the car. But to not interrupt her sleep, he steps outside of his vehicle and paces back and forth on the street while sneaking glances at Soo Young every once in a while to check up on her.


The next morning at work, Min Suk joins his Retail Team members in the lobby who are discussing about the new collaboration that COMFO is going to be involved with. Because of this new collaboration, there will be new COMFO branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China so new Team Leaders will need to be recruited. They move on to talk about Soo Young and Director Yoo who Dae-han and Yoon Joo spotted together the day before. Min Suk leaves the crew right when he hears this while the rest stays behind to talk about Soo Young and Director Yoo. But then they start growing suspicious of Dae-han and Yoon Joo who were the only ones who witnessed Director Yoo and Soo Young together. Yoon Joo lies that they just happened to bump into each other, but Dae-han declares out loud in front of everyone that he loves Yoon Joo and that they’re seeing each other. Yoon Joo adds that Dae-han’s a good kisser which is why she chose to date him. Hahahaha.

Min Suk confronts Soo Young on the whole ‘I’m-meeting-my-mom’ thing and reveals that he knows she met up with Director Yoo. When asked on what her intentions were, she states that the most important thing was to keep Director Yoo quiet so Min Suk realizes that they met up because of him. Upset, Min Suk marches out of his office and to the President’s office to reveal everything, but is stopped by Team Leader Kim and Soo Young and later on Managing Director Han who are trying their best to hold him back. They bring him out onto the balcony to talk, but Min Suk is too annoyed and frustrated to discuss anything. Soo Young attempts to get Min Suk to calm down by doing some aegyo, but this just makes Min Suk even angrier. He asks for a hug as that’s the only way he’ll calm down, but Soo Young just runs away. Haha. No physical contact Min Suk. Remember?!


Director Yoo leaves work early after falling sick and ill (uh-oh, what’s happening to him?). He takes a few pills to help relieve himself before laying down to rest.

Soo Young finally opens the gift that Director Yoo’s mom had given her and finds a necklace laying in the box. She meets up with Director Yoo outside of his apartment building to return the gift, but finds herself trying to catch Director Yoo from falling who can’t seem to find his balance. They rush to the hospital where we find out that Director Yoo had taken too many pills because of insomnia. Worse yet, he took them while drinking alcohol so that’s a biiiiiggg no-no. The doctor advises Soo Young on what she should do to help him recover quickly before leaving. Min Suk meets them at the hospital to help Soo Young out and together the three of them arrive at Director Yoo’s apartment safely. Min Suk grows jealous when Soo Young attempts to cook Director Yoo some porridge so he volunteers to do it since he doesn’t want to see his Soo Young do it.


Yoo Ah, Deok-hwan, and Tae Suk are all eating at Tae Suk’s restaurant. When Deok-hwan leaves to go use the restroom Tae Suk and Yoo Ah are left alone. It turns out that Yoo Ah is still struggling to move on and to accept things. Tears begin to form in her eyes so Tae Suk tries to comfort her by patting her on the head and motivating her with words. Aww, how sweet.

Soo Young leaves Director Yoo’s apartment to head back home to take care of Yoo Ah so Min Suk volunteers to stay with Director Yoo. He changes into Director Yoo’s clothes that he finds are too long and big for him and also massages Director Yoo as the doctor had advised. He ends up sleeping with Director Yoo that night. Hehe.



The next morning, after Director Yoo discovers that he had slept with Min Suk overnight, they both join each other for breakfast. Director Yoo leaves for a short while to do something so Min Suk is all by himself in the kitchen eating the porridge he made the night before. However, when Director Yoo’s phone starts ringing, he answers it only to hear President of COMFO yelling at who he believes is his son for requesting to see some financial records. He asks if this is his revenge for deserting his mom and how he could do such a thing to his own father which confuses and surprises Min Suk even more. Director Yoo returns to take his phone away from Min Suk and speaks to his dad on the phone.

Director Yoo is aware that Min Suk was on the phone with his dad so they reach a compromise: Min Suk won’t reveal Director Yoo’s secret if he doesn’t reveal Min Suk’s secret. It’s as simple as that. Of course he relays the message to his loyal team who are very curious as to what the deal between them was, but Min Suk isn’t willing to expose any details.


While having lunch together, Min Suk learns that Soo Young had already known that Director Yoo is the President’s son. But how did she know? It must have been because she had a close relationship with Director Yoo, that’s how. So Min Suk warns Soo Young to never see him again or else he’s going to punish her by giving her a peck on the head. Hehe.

The Retail Team members are all discussing about the collaboration between COMFO and Pavo Asia (another company) and how one or two members from each team will be recruited to be the new team leaders. They start mumbling words in different languages and even recites prayers in English at the thought of traveling to Asia. Omg. I died when one of the female employees was like, “Our father, who art in Heaven.” Lolol.

President of COMFO is having dinner with some of his acquaintances when they bring up the rumors and gossip that are spreading like fire about President and how he has an extramarital son who’s working at COMFO. Uh-oh.


President goes to visit Director Yoo at his apartment and requests for Director Yoo and his mom to leave. He’ll give them all the money they need as long as they leave and never return. Director Yoo doesn’t give a direct answer back, but considers upon his father’s request.

Soo Young receives a phone call from Director Yoo who requests to meet outside of her house. He’s in desperate need of someone to talk to, especially after listening to his father rant about his miserable life and being asked to leave, so he asks to meet up with Soo Young to talk. Soo Young has no choice but to do so as Director Yoo states that he won’t leave until he sees Soo Young.

Meanwhile, Min Suk is concerned for his father because of the pouring rain so he heads to the laundromat to drop off an umbrella. He overhears Grandpa talking to Hyung Suk on the phone, but Min Suk doesn’t think too much into it and simply thinks that Grandpa’s just talking to himself on the phone (why do I have a feeling it really is Hyung Suk that Grandpa’s talking to? Lol).


Soo Young sends Yoo Ah out to give Director Yoo an umbrella, but he walks away when he sees Yoo Ah and not the person he had wanted to see. He’s soaking wet and drenched all over because of the rain, but he continues to walk carelessly while reflecting on past memories of him and Soo Young.

Team Leader Kim gets a call informing him that COMFO and Pavo Asia would like to have a meeting with Min Suk so he discusses about it with Managing Director Han and has no choice but to accompany Min Suk at the meeting.

President of COMFO and representative from Pavo sign the contract to collaborate while Min Suk and Team Leader Kim heads over to the meeting location. Team Leader Kim nags at Min Suk all the way until they get to the hotel room where they find out that Team Leader Kim can’t enter the room. So Team Leader Kim has to wait outside the hotel room while Min Suk enters by himself.

It’s not long before he finds the CEO of PAVO Asia in the room, sitting and staring outside the window. Min Suk introduces himself as Director Lee Hyung Suk of COMFO, but is referred to as Min Suk by the CEO of Pavo because the CEO of Pavo he’s currently meeting with is none other than his Hyung, Lee Hyung Suk.


My Thoughts:


That glimpse of Lee Hyung Suk we’ve been all yearning (or was it only me? Lol) has finally arrived and wow, is it surprising. So we find out that Min Suk’s older brother is the CEO of Pavo Asia which is the company that collaborated with COMFO where Min Suk is working at. Isn’t this great? We find out what Hyung Suk has been up to and is aware that there might be many more chances for the two brothers to see each other from now on.


I’m glad that the drama has finally touched upon Lee Hyung Suk’s whereabouts because I was afraid it was going to drag on the plot until the very last two episodes which it didn’t so I’m happy that the drama has finally started to uncover some details for us. I’m really excited to see where the drama heads on from here, but the thing I’m most anticipating is why Hyung Suk had left so soon and have Min Suk fill in for him. I’m hoping it’s a reasonable excuse and not just some BS because Min Suk’s had to put up with a lot and do many things while his brother was away. I’m just glad to see them reunited and I’m also really curious as to what Hyung Suk is like. If he’s cold like how others have described him to be, it’s going to be hilarious and fun watching him interact with Min Suk who’s so out-going and annoying and loud.

I noticed that this episode spent a lot more time focusing on COMFO and there’s nothing necessarily bad about that. It’s just that it does get a bit boring (well for me at least) when the talk about the company goes on for too long so I’m hoping that the drama will be able to balance those bits of work with romance and comedy like how it was able to earlier in the drama. I’ve seen a few dramas where towards the end of the drama it started to concentrate less on the romance and that made me sad because a part of me watches a drama for the romance. It’s unpredictable right now as to how things are going to conclude for Min Suk and Soo Young. I have a really bad feeling that they will separate because either one of them will get recruited to work in one of the new branches in Asia so that means a possible break-up but I’m really hoping that that doesn’t happen. They’ve already gone through enough and I don’t want to see them have to go through any more troubles.


Although I know the drama has started to pick up on the angst and pain, I still do enjoy the drama. Maybe not as much as I did back when it first started to air, but I still find myself laughing like there’s no tomorrow at certain scenes. I love how there’s the loyal team who vows to protect Min Suk at whatever cost. They’re all so different in character, but when it comes to Min Suk, they all unite and have the same goal. There was also a small glimpse of some bromance between Director Yoo and Min Suk in this episode which I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. For the past thirteen hours, all we’ve seen was of them arguing and fighting and bickering it was about time we witnessed some bonding (and what’s a better way than to sleep on the same bed overnight?!).


Another thing I was quite relieved about was Min Suk finding out that Director Yoo is President’s step son. Now he has a secret that Director Yoo doesn’t want anyone to know so Min Suk doesn’t have to feel threatened anymore which I admit I was happy about because Min Suk’s not at a disadvantage anymore. I also loved how the episode gave us an insight on Yoo Ah’s feelings and state after finding out about Soo Young and Min Suk. She clearly hasn’t moved on yet and hasn’t fully recovered which I really like because it’s just so realistic. If Yoo Ah had already moved on, I would have been kind of disappointed because she did harbor a crush on Min Suk for the longest time. To see her in pain and anguish is not something pretty and definitely not something I would want to experience myself, but it does prove that she’s human at least and that she has feelings too. It’s relieving to also know that she can rely on Tae Suk and Deok-hwan (but mainly Tae Suk) to be there for her as she’s been hanging out with them ever since she found out about Min Suk and Soo Young. And like I mentioned in an earlier recap, I wouldn’t mind seeing Tae Suk and Yoo Ah become more than friends by the end of the drama. Their small and short but endearing scene at the restaurant was really heart-warming and cute. I can approve of their relationship.


And the last thing I love is of course the romance between Min Suk and Soo Young. I love how Soo Young continues to stay strict with her ‘no physical contact’ rules and never gave in. I also find Min Suk’s jealousy cute (although it does get annoying at times), because it just shows that he loves her.

I mean, if Seo In Guk or Lee Soo Hyuk was my boyfriend and I saw them flirting with another girl, I would be super jealous as well. I don’t blame Min Suk for acting the way he does when he sees Soo Young around another man although I think it would be nice if he could differentiate between flirting and just helping as a friend. That definitely will save him a lot of time, stress, and jealousy. Hehe.

2 responses to “King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 14 Recap”

  1. Thanks for the great recap! I loved this episode and really can’t wait to see what comes next. The bromance was spectacular. I couldn’t stop laughing! I also loved when Min Suk tried on Director Yoo’s pants and found them much too long. This is such a wonderful show!

  2. It’s not only you. I’m also the one who’ve been waiting for Hyung Suk’s appearance since forever. And now that he finally came, I want to know about everything. I think he’s the one who holds the answer. Oh and as a huge Seo In Guk fan, I’m so happy that I will see two Seo In Guks in the next episodes. I can’t believe that Hyung Suk is played by him too. The vibe between the two brothers is totally different!

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