What Mary Thinks: Bangtan Boys releases pre-release track ‘Let Me Know’ + 1st full-length album concept teasers ‘Dark and Wild’


So my second ultimate bias group, BTS / Bangtan Boys / Bulletproof Boy Scouts, will be making yet another comeback, this time with their 1st full-length album ‘Dark and Wild.’ Their concept teaser photos were released a few days ago, but I just never really cared about them which is why I never wrote about them, but since a track from their album was pre-released today for fans to listen to called ‘Let Me Know’, I guess I can write about their comeback and my thoughts and opinion on it so far.

rap monjk

I’m just going to be say this straight out right now, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed not only in the teaser photos, but also in the pre-release track ‘Let Me Know.’ The teaser photos for me have to be by the far the most dull and bland from them yet. I especially loved their ‘SKOOL LUV AFFAIR’ teaser photos, but here for ‘Dark and Wild’, there’s nothing about it that yells amazing or excellent. I think it’s just rather boring and awkward and maybe that’s because their past photoshoots were a lot more exciting and charming. I also don’t care for their poses; I want a picture that will blow my mind away and the photos for ‘Dark and Wild’ just don’t cut it for me. I know it seems like I’m just going on a hateful rant of BTS right now which makes me seem like I’m a hater, but I’m not. I’m a huge fan of BTS actually and as a fan, I have the right to criticize them and state my thoughts on their works.

Then just recently, BTS revealed a track from their album called ‘Let Me Know.’ I think the song is really good, I’m not going to lie. BUT! I would have enjoyed it more had there been equal line distributions. The thing with this song is I like it in that it’s not your usual arrangement that you would usually hear from BTS. Usually, BTS’s past songs would always start off with Rap Monster rapping followed by Jungkook and then Suga and then vocalists and then J-Hope would rap towards the end of the song. However, with ‘Let Me Know’, we hear V first which is new and why I like it. And then you have Suga and not Rap Monster rapping first so that’s also cool. And then we heard J-Hope which is like super awesome because he’s always rapping towards the end of the song so to hear him rap the second verse, like that’s super awesome.


BUT! But the thing that irks me about this song is that once again, like every single other BTS song out there, Jin and Jimin SHARE  a freaking chorus. They share a chorus whereas Jungkook got one by himself. It’s not even that Jimin is my bias in the group (although that kind of contributes as well), but it’s just that Jin and Jimin are vocalists as well so they deserve more than ten seconds of lines. I’ve come from listening to BEAST who for the most part and for most of their songs have equal line distributions and distinguishable positions in the group. For BTS, it pisses me off to not freaking end to hear only Jungkook (and V is starting to get more lines as well) and not enough of Jin and Jimin. Jin and Jimin have such beautiful voices they should be able to sing more. I didn’t listen to a 4 minute and 15 second song only to hear both members sing for ten seconds. Within ‘Let Me Know’, there were 3 choruses – first and last one was sung by Jungkook  while Jin and Jimin shared the second chorus. It could have easily been Jungkook singing the first, Jin singing the second, and Jimin singing the third one. While I was listening to ‘Let Me Know’ for the first time, I wasn’t even enjoying it. I was rather focusing on the members and who was singing what and it’s only because I want to hear more of Jin and Jimin. It’s hard to enjoy BTS’s songs when unequal / uneven line distributions are one of my biggest and most strongest pet peeves within all of K-Pop. I feel like I’m the only one who’s bothered and annoyed by this about BTS, lol. Ugh, I don’t know. I’m hoping that the rest of the songs are just as good as ‘Let Me Know’, but better with the line distributions. I’m not even asking for much. One would think that since it’s been more than a year since BTS has been putting out music, they would have learned and discovered which member does what, but I’m still bewildered and angry over how there still isn’t enough of Jin and Jimin to this day. This is so bad, lol. Clearly, something is wrong with me. Haha. But that’s all I have to say about BTS’s upcoming comeback so far.


I know that many might disagree about my opinion and that’s fine. My opinion of BTS is more unpopular and unfamiliar so I won’t be surprised if I’m in the minority here. But I really do love BTS (I actually wrote an appreciation post for them that I’ll be putting up in a few days) and I want them to just be happy and to be better than they are now, but it’s hard to enjoy their songs when they’re not improving on the one thing I want them to improve on which is giving every member equal amount of lines. *sigh* I’m hoping, hoping that BTS will continue to put out great music, but along with that better line distributions. Please BTS, Is it really that hard to give each vocalist their own lines?


Source: Lynn Eksonyeondan @ youtube

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