King of High School Life Conduct: Episode 17 (and final) Recap


*sigh* There’s always a bittersweet feeling when you watch the final episode of a Korean drama you’ve been following from the start. King of High School Life Conduct aired its final and last episode on Monday, August 11, 2014 and provided a very heart-warming and moving episode for all of us to enjoy and gush over. I am certainly very sad to see this drama go, but at the same time, I’m happy that King of High School Life Conduct was such an enjoyable drama. I’m definitely not going to be the only one sad that this drama is over right?


Episode 17 begins with a gloomy and discouraged Soo Young returning home that night after having an argument with Min Suk. As Yoo Ah discuss about their mom, Soo Young can’t help but constantly check her cell phone for a call or text message from Min Suk. Yoo Ah notices Soo Young’s strange behavior and figures that her sister must have gotten into an argument with Min Suk. She advises her sister to make up with him as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Min Suk receives a phone call from Soo Young, but ignores it and doesn’t pick it up.

Min Suk is eating at Tae Suk’s restaurant with Deok-hwan and Tae Suk when he soon discovers the reason as to why Soo Young wasn’t able to attend his dad’s birthday. Tae Suk explains that Soo Young’s mom had sold her bungee jumping location but needed money to pay the deficits so she traveled to Seoul to get money from Soo Young’s uncle. However, things didn’t go as planned so Soo Young had to rescue her mom from getting involved in more trouble and drama. Upon learning this, Min Suk calls Soo Young while she’s at work that he would like to meet up with her.

That night, they head to a restaurant to eat together, but Min Suk cannot help but feel dejected and guilty. He can’t bring himself to smile or be cheerful around Soo Young no matter how hard she tries to make him happy. While walking home that night, Min Suk finally gathers the courage to express to Soo Young what’s been on his mind the whole time. He reveals that he’s uncertain as to whether he should go live in Germany or not with his older brother who had invited him and Dad to live with Hyung Suk in Germany.


Soo Young is heart-broken over hearing this and asks Min Suk what she should do if he does decide to move to Germany. Should she wait for him? Min Suk changes the subject to the financial issues that Soo Young’s mom is going through and it’s only when he hears about this issue does he realize that he’s not as great as he thought he was. He’s just a high schooler and there’s not a lot he can do for Soo Young. He apologizes before leaning in to give Soo Young one last kiss on the forehead and turning around to walk away afterwards. However, Soo Young comes chasing after him (I love how she grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulls him up to stop him from moving any further, hahaha) and expresses her gratitude for Min Suk. Although he’s young and incapable of doing much for her right now, just the mere fact that he’s stayed by her side and continued to support her throughout the past few months was of great importance to her. She tries to come up with all these ideas to get him to stay, but Min Suk’s who’s just continually crying at this point doesn’t agree with any of her ideas. However, it isn’t until she suggests marriage that he immediately stops crying and reacts differently to how he had been to her other ideas. They both eventually reach the consensus to get married despite the big age difference. (Because age doesn’t matter at this point anymore! Haha). 

Soo Young returns home that night to talk with her mom (who won’t have to pay the deficit anymore because the new owner of their bungee jumping place will take care of all of that business) and eventually gets around to talking about marriage and men. When asked if Mom would be approving of younger men, she immediately disapproves of it because younger men are “immature” and “unsuccessful”  and adds that Soo Young is better off just dreaming about dating a younger guy. Meanwhile, Min Suk also brings up the topic of marriage to Dad back at their house, but Dad’s reaction is no different. He also doesn’t approve of it, but changes his mind when Min Suk recommends getting to know her first before jumping to conclusions and making a final decision. I seriously will miss seeing Dad and Min Suk’s relationship with each other. They are too cute together seriously.

The next morning at COMFO, everyone discovers that Soo Young is going to get married to Min Suk, thanks to Han Sang-hee who reads one of Soo Young’s text messages on her cell phone from Min Suk talking about marriage. It doesn’t take long for all of the Retail Team to find out and for Team Leader Kim to have a talk with Soo Young about it.


In Team Leader Kim’s office, he questions Soo Young’s intentions and whether she really wants to marry Min Suk. He is just a high schooler after all. But when Soo Young quietly sits there and listens to Team Leader Kim’s questions, he comes to realizing that yes, Soo Young must really love Min Suk to the point where she wants to marry him. He stops questioning her afterwards and moves on to give her some wise words of advice after stating that he’ll accept their marriage (OMG, THEY WOULD PLAY SHIN SEUNG HOON’S ‘I BELIEVE’ OST TRACK FROM ‘MY SASSY GIRL’ DURING THIS SCENE! LOLOL. This scene is so funny, but yet with the OST track it brings back sooooo many memories!). He communicates, “My Min Suk…that kid looks hot-tempered and strong but inside he’s so soft and sensitive. He grew up lonely…and also, he loves watching porn.” LOLOLOL. Team Leader Kim adds, “Don’t hate him for watching it. He’s at that age…and my Suk, he loves hamburgers and cola. Don’t nag him for eating too much fast food.” (I love how Team Leader Kim is talking like he’s Min Suk’s biological father who’s sending his son away, hahaha). He goes on to encourage Soo Young to let Min Suk use her credit card as much as he wants since he would always get yelled at by Team Leader Kim for using the company card when he was still Director at COMFO. While Team Leader Kim goes off feeling guilty for mistreating Min Suk, Soo Young reminds him that Min Suk is hers, not his, and asks him to refrain on his obsession with Min Suk. LOL. I love how Team Leader Kim’s like agonizing in pain, but Soo Young’s just like, he’s mine! Lol. Gotta love Soo Young (:

Soo Young has a talk with Yoon-joo and Sang-hee about her decision to get married to Min Suk. They point out that she’s old enough to be his guardian, not his wife which causes Soo Young to think of a scenario where she’s at Min Suk’s school to talk with the Principal after he gets in a fight with another student. Hahaha. They go on to compare the age difference with Soo Young. When she’s thirty, he’ll be in his early twenties which Yoon-joo and Sang-hee define as the prime time of Min Suk’s life. This causes Soo Young to think of yet another hilarious scenario where while Soo Young is busy taking care of their child back at home, Min Suk is at the club dancing on other girls so she heads over to the club herself with their baby and a fly swatter in her hand to drag him back home. LOL. OMG. THIS SCENE IS GOLD. Soo Young reassures them that Min Suk’s not like that, but Sang-hee and Yoon-joo have differing thoughts.


The talk with the two ladies makes Soo Young think over twice about getting married to Min Suk. She meets up with him that night to tell him that they should wait a little longer on meeting each other’s parents because Soo Young isn’t certain if getting married is what she wants. While walking home that night, Min Suk approaches her with a very huge and long bag of popcorn. He reaffirms that he wants to be with Soo Young even though there might be greater opportunities awaiting him. After conveying his feelings, Min Suk proposes to his girlfriend with the bag of popcorn since he can’t afford a ring yet. LOL. Min Suk gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him while holding up the bag of popcorn. Although surprised at first, Soo Young accepts his proposal and they give each other a loving kiss (I SWEARRRRR, SEO IN GUK IS ONE OF THE BEST KISSERS EVER. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR HIM TO KISS ANYONE! LOL).





Soo Young eventually meets up with Dad to get his approval for their marriage. Dad presents them with some fruits that Soo Young is willing to peel so Dad lets her do the work. However, contrary to what they expected, she’s rather rough and loud when peeling the fruit which leaves a sour impression on Soo Young from Min Suk (LOL I’M LAUGHING AT HOW SOO YOUNG’S JUST CARELESSLY CUTTING THE FRUIT).


Dad finds out that Soo Young’s ten years older than his son to which Min Suk tries to make it seem like it’s not that bad at all. They’re exactly ten years apart. It’s not nine, it’s not eleven, exactly ten years apart. LOLOL. I love how Min Suk’s trying to make the age difference seem like it’s perfectly fine. Soo Young finally finishes cutting a piece of the fruit and hands it to Dad who notices that the skin isn’t peeled entirely from the piece. But Soo Young tells him that the piece isn’t entirely peeled because she made a rabbit out of the piece of fruit. OMG. LOL. TOO FUNNY.

The couple refers to Deok-hwan and Tae Suk for some assistance on how to persuade Soo Young’s stubborn mother to accept their marriage. Tae Suk suggests that Min Suk pretend to be a Director since he was introduced to Soo Young’s mom as director of COMFO, but Min Suk doesn’t like it. It’s not like he’s a professional con artist or anything (HAHAHA. This episode is really delivering with those comedy scenes!). They eventually get no solution on how to persuade Mom. So much for having two best friends, haha.


Min Suk reassures Soo Young that everything will be fine and that she should place her trust in him. He’s Lee Min Suk, the previous bulldozer from Poongjin High School’s ice hockey team. Okay okay Min Suk, whatever you say. But when Soo Young states that her mom is so violent she’s capable of hospitalizing a person, Min Suk grows a bit scared and hesitant. Lolol. I love how he went from being all cocky to acting like a little chicken within 2 seconds. But this is nothing for Min Suk. He’ll do whatever he can to get that approval from Mom. While talking outside, they eventually get caught by Mom who finds Soo Young and Min Suk together outside. She brings Min Suk in for a talk where he reveals his plans of marrying her. Mom is quite excited for this marriage because she still believes that Min Suk’s a director and brings up what things she should do to plan for the marriage. Uh-oh.

Yoo Ah who was there at the mini-meeting the night before at her house discusses with Deok-hwan and Tae Suk about the meeting and how her mom still thinks Min Suk is a director (I love how while they’re walking they trip over this pole on the ground. Their reactions afterwards are too hilarious, LOL. OMG I can’t stop replaying this part because it’s just so random and funny). While talking about Min Suk, Tae Suk is suddenly approached by a female student who hands him some chocolate as a sign of affection (and this is right in front of Yoo Ah too. Ooooooooh~). Tae Suk accepts the chocolate, but is uncertain as to how he should react towards the female student’s feelings. Yoo Ah answers that she doesn’t care whether he dates her or not, but finds herself growing jealous and irritated a few minutes later when she thinks about it again. Annoyed, she visits Tae Suk’s classroom and pushes his partner out of his seat to sit next to Tae Suk and to tell him to never accept anyone else’s gifts ever again (ahhh, so it has started, haha). Deok-hwan grows a bit sad to see Tae Suk get a girl and Min Suk getting married. He’s so lonely, haha.



Our 4 Retail Team members Yoon Joo, Sang-hee, Dae-han, and former Assistant Manager Park who is now the team leader of the Retail Team are all rehearsing for their performance that they’re going to perform at the wedding. However, an argument ensues when Yoon-joo complains about the song they’re singing and Dae-han argues that the song they’re singing is the best choice for the wedding. This argument confuses Sang-hee so Team Leader Park has to explain that Dae-han and Yoon Joo had broke up the day before for the 12th time so it’s no big deal (LOOLOL. THEY BROKE UP FOR THE 12TH TIME. SERIOUSLY, KING OF HIGH SCHOOL STOP BEING SO FUNNY). Sang-hee goes back to practicing the song with Team Leader Park.

Min Suk is walking around at school talking to his girlfriend on the phone when he comes across Soo Young’s mom who had decided to visit Yoo Ah’s school to meet her teacher who she’s never seen before. Just like how it was like with Soo Young, Deok-hwan, Tae Suk, and Yoo Ah are all there when Min Suk and Mom comes across each other at school and Mom discovers that Min Suk is a high schooler (and the results aren’t so pretty, YIKES!…but seriously though, what’s with everyone finding out Min Suk is a high schooler by seeing him at school. The timing must be reallllyyy great).


No matter what they do or say, Soo Young and Min Suk can’t get Mom to forgive them and accept their marriage. This leads Min Suk to visit Mom’s house despite the harsh weather conditions just so he can get her approval and forgiveness, but time after time, Mom continues to remain stubborn. Min Suk eventually gives up even though he was just as stubborn as Mom and gets his injuries and wounds treated by Soo Young. Soo Young is fed up with the way her mother has been acting and calls her to yell at her, but is informed by her mom that her mom is in town so together the couple goes to visit Mom.

It turns out that the reason as to why Mom had wanted to see them was just so she could give them her approval to get married. We find out later on in a conversation between Mom and Yoo Ah that many people including Tae Suk, Deok Hwan, Team Leader Kim, and Managing Director Han had continually contacted her to reassure her about the greatness of Min Suk so she gradually grew to warming up to him. And plus, he was the one who had re-hired Soo Young to work at COMFO again after she got fired as a contractor so that played some part in helping Mom make the decision she did. Plus, she originally liked him anyway before she ever found out Min Suk was in high school. Mom grows a bit emotional when thinking about the marriage, but is consoled by Yoo Ah who gives her mom a warm hug. Aww, look at that mother-daughter love.


It’s the day of the wedding and everyone, including the Retail Team members and even Director Yoo, has gathered to attend this memorable event. However, the bride and groom are late to their very own wedding which worries everyone. But they eventually get to the wedding ceremony only to tell Team Leader Kim who’s the host that they have to hurry because they only have ten minutes left until they have to catch the train to attend their honeymoon. LOL. (I love how Min Suk and Soo Young are speed walking down the aisle. They’re not even walking, lolol). So the wedding ceremony starts and is finished within ten minutes with many segments being skipped and the Retail Team members only getting to sing five seconds of the song they had been rehearsing very hard for. Hahaha. The wedding ceremony ends just as quickly as it had began.

While walking to his car after exiting the wedding ceremony, Director Yoo finds a random lady sitting on his car (played by Lee Chung Ah). After getting him to play the role of her boyfriend just so she could stop talking to a jealous ex-boyfriend on the phone, she gets in his car since she needs to get dropped off at the subway station. When Director Yoo drops her off, he hears her cell phone that she had forgotten in his car ringing so he picks it up. Turns out that the lady had forgotten it on purpose just so that she could see him again when they meet up to return the cell phone. (Eyyyyyyy~ What a flirt, haha).

Min Suk and Soo Young bid farewell to all their guests while waiting for their ride to the train station to arrive. When their car does arrive, Soo Young quickly throws her bouquet before entering the car which Dae-han catches. He immediately hands it to Yoon Joo after catching it which excites the crowd. Hehehe. THAT IS SO CUTE.


TIME SKIP! Soo Young and Min Suk has been happily married for three years now. While Soo Young is still working at COMFO, Min Suk is now legal attending college with his two best friends. He meets up with Deok-hwan and Tae Suk before he has to go to a PT contest he has signed up for which Tae Suk also assumes means physical training. Haha. Min Suk leaves them before worrying that he’ll get dumber if he spends any more time with them two, lol.


Min Suk is so professional and good and successful with his presentation he wins first place! YAY! So as a reward for getting first place, Soo Young is going to cook Min Suk his most favorite meal that night. They have a really sweet and honest one-on-one conversation while walking home (which I might add is the same exact place where they had their first kiss!) until Soo Young grows angry at Min Suk’s constant teasing about her age. However, he reassures her that he’s so crazy about her to the point where he’s like dying and that he repeatedly falls in love with Soo Young every single time (Min Suk is REALLY good with words, haha). After conveying to her just how much he loves her, Min Suk lists all of his nicknames for Soo Young including ‘My Pop’, ‘Darling’, ‘Wife’, and even ‘Ally’ (oh how much I missed hearing them call each other allies! LOL) and thanks her for marrying him. He then approaches Soo Young to give her a kiss after expressing his sincere gratitude. While the drama makes us go down memory lane by displaying images of our main couple from the very time they met on the bus all the way to where they got themselves to at the moment, we hear Soo Young speak in a voice-over saying, “Maybe destiny is not for someone who waits and sits for a chance. A real destiny comes like a gift that is given to me when I look for it and dare to choose..So I, with someone I dared to choose as my destiny, will do my best loving and living with him. I’m a confident, modern woman of Korea, and a cool missy. I am, Jung Soo Young.”

1714 1715

The final episode ends with Soo Young and Min Suk giving each other a warm and delicate hug that proves their never-ending love and support for each other and the idea that our two main leads share a happy ending 🙂

My Thoughts:

And that’s a wrap! King of High School has sadly come to an end with a total of 17 great and heart-warming episodes. Before I go on to reveal my final thoughts on the drama overall, I just wanted to say that the recap for episode 17 was the fastest recap I’ve ever done in quite a long time and by far probably one of my most favorites one because the whole episode was just so fun to recap (as you can tell by my recap haha) and because I actually made quite some sense, lol. I also want to thank every single person whose read and commented on my recaps. I wouldn’t be recapping if it wasn’t for you guys in the first places so thank you guys all for giving me such amazing feedback. It was fun talking to everyone about this drama and sharing the same thoughts and sentiments towards the KOHS. I’m not only going to miss the drama, but also the amusing discussions I had with you guys over the drama and Seo In Guk. Hehe. You all are the best! 😀


Now on to the drama, I revealed in my recap for episode 16 that I was kind of iffy about the marriage between Min Suk and Soo Young because I felt like it was a bit too early for them to get married, but actually watching it be executed in this episode wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and was quite entertaining. I did feel like the episode was a bit rushed and I would have loved loved loved a full wedding ceremony that wasn’t rushed as well but then if that happened it wouldn’t be the KOHS as we know it right? Hehe. If there was one thing I would have wished to see in this episode, it would be that Grandpa gets to witness his grandson getting married to Pretty Unnie and as a gift, give Min Suk some chocolate and tell him that Min Suk is his favorite along with Hyung Suk. Now THAT would have been the perfect ending. Anyone agree with me? I still love KOHS because by the end of the drama there was a happy ending for everyone and our main couple was still the same and loving couple they were three years before they ever got married. YAY for consistency! 😀


I always felt like KOHS had this charm to it and this charm always had the ability to tug at your heartstrings and make you feel so squishy and content inside. I loved the relationships between all the characters and watching them grow and develop. It always made me feel so happy to see them happy with one another. Take Min Suk’s relationships with the Retail Team members for example. Even after they found out he was just in high school and really not a Director, they still treated him as if he was their Director and still supported him regardless. Things like that just makes me screech ‘awwww’ because it goes to show that their relationships extends beyond a work environment and that they treat one another as friends, not just co-workers.


I’m going to really miss seeing these relationships that was so raw and genuine. I’m going to miss watching Dad and Min Suk interact (Dad is the coolest father ever) and showcase their awesome father-son relationship. I’m going to miss watching Team Leader Kim always nag at Min Suk for disrespecting him and treating him badly. HAHA. I’m going to miss seeing Soo Young always save Grandpa and help him get back to his house safely and watch him get all excited over seeing Pretty Unnie. I am definitely, definitely, definitely going to miss seeing Min Suk, Deok-hwan, and Tae Suk spend time with one another. They have such an extraordinary friendship in that there are times where they yell and criticize one another for saying the dumbest thing or coming up with the lamest idea, but they can always rely on one another for anything. ANYTHING. And I really like their friendship because it’s built upon trust and communication and love and I think part of this is because they don’t have anyone else except for each other. I always loved watching the three amigos hang out because you can always tell that it would be something super funny. The three acted like how regular high schoolers would act and it was amusing and entertaining watching this. Ahh, I want to cry just thinking about the 3 amigos that were like brothers to one another. You can clearly see now that I’m going to have withdrawal problems right? Haha.


I’m quite glad that the drama didn’t stop with the romance to focus on the plot with Hyung Suk. It was great getting coverage on Hyung Suk and his goals and whatnot, but to still get scenes of Soo Young and Min Suk together was even better. And especially how those scenes of them together were scenes where Soo Young continually supported her boyfriend and tried her best to make him feel better. GAWD YOU TWO, STOP BEING SO CUTE. Speaking of Min Suk and Soo Young, they are the most adorable couple ever. Forget about the age difference, the two characters compliment each other so freaking well. The way Soo Young is always supporting Min Suk in every way that she can and the way he’s always looking out for her and her safety. There were so many good and hilarious scenes of them together it’s hard to pick my favorite one. I just know for sure that they made a compatible couple and that they deserve the happy ending they got at the end of episode 17. They both had to endure and go through a lot just to get to where they got at the end of the series, but it was all worth it because they both met each other and ended up together. It’s crazy how miracles happen when you least expect it.


Thinking about it I don’t think I have a favorite character in this drama. All the characters were so unique and individualistic in their own ways that contributed to making the drama the amazing masterpiece that it was. Team Leader Kim’s description of Min Suk where he looks hot-tempered and strong on the outside but is rather sensitive and soft on the inside is such an accurate description of Min Suk. He’s very witty and puts on this tough external appearance, but he is rather a sensitive guy than one would expect. I liked Min Suk for the most part for being a courageous guy and standing up for others (like in episode 4 when he stood up for Assistant Manager Yoon), but if there was something about him that definitely threw me off, it would be that he was always yelling and shouting at others and this sort of pissed me off. I wish he would learn to control his anger and stop shouting at others, especially at Soo Young who lets things easily affect her. He’s realistic, but I sometimes felt like he was ungrateful for what he has. But luckily, he came to realizing that he’s very fortunate and although he might not have all that he wants, he has enough and it was great watching Min Suk mature. Soo Young was such an interesting and dynamic character. She’s just so awesome. She definitely is a modern and cool professional woman like how she states she is throughout the whole drama. I don’t understand how one does not like Soo Young. I honestly think she grew the most out of everyone in this drama. We were first introduced to her as someone quiet and timid who just minded her own business and didn’t care about what others were doing. But then as the drama progressed, she was beginning to be more out-spoken and courageous and the most vivid example I can think of as an example was when the Retail Team were gossiping about Assistant Manager Yoon behind his back in episode 4, but she argued against them and told them that he’s not that type of guy. It was SO great to watch Soo Young do that because she’s the person with the least amount of power and authority in the team, but she spoke her mind. Gah, I felt like such a proud mother watching that scene. Soo Young was always so caring as well, whether that’d be towards Yoo Ah or Min Suk or Mom or Director Yoo’s mom or Grandpa. She was always so kind and respectful towards others. I love love love Soo Young and she’s definitely one of my favorite female leads ever in a drama.


As for Director Yoo, I tried liking him, but after all the bad things he did to Soo Young, I just couldn’t and he became this very annoying character to me. LOL. I respect the opinions of those who love Director Yoo and you know, good for you, but he just wasn’t on my good side so there’s not much I can say about him. I did like how he was a very good son towards his mom though. Good boy, good boy. And then there’s Jung Yoo Ah. I totally misunderstood her character, lol. I thought she was just going to be this annoying girl who would never stop going crazy for Min Suk, but then halfway into the drama, she showed some maturity and growth and that’s when my opinion of her began to change. I actually liked her when I finished with the drama because I realized that Yoo Ah may also put on a fierce and tough external appearance, but on the inside, she’s just as caring as Soo Young and sensitive as Min Suk. She wants the best for those she loves so she tries to do whatever she can to make things easier on them, like helping clean the house when she discovered that Soo Young had gotten fired or giving up Min Suk to her sister for Min Suk’s sake. My prediction of Yoo Ah and Tae Suk ending up as a couple was correct in the end and this makes me happy because I approve of their relationship, although I do hope Yoo Ah will learn to calm herself down this time, lol (but by the looks of it in episode 17 I don’t think she’s going to be changing anytime soon, haha). I also realized that she went from Min Suk to Min Suk’s best friend which makes me kind of iffy in the end, but at least she gets her own happy ending which she deserves because she had to give up the person she wanted the most in order to get that. GO YOO AH! You are just as awesome as your sister. All the other characters in this drama such as Dad, Grandpa, Team Leader Kim, and the Retail Team also contributed in their own ways into making KOHS so enjoyable and great. Not only were the characters note-worthy, but the actors and actresses playing them were awesome as well. Their roles were perfect for them! 😀


KOHS is my third drama that I’ve recapped this year and I don’t think I’ve improved much from the last two dramas I’ve recapped. LOL. But recapping is always a lot of fun even though it can be get tiring and boring at times. Recapping KOHS might not have always been the funnest thing, but I wouldn’t have chosen any other drama to recap in the end. Sometimes I had wished that I had just watched this drama and not taken on the task of recapping it, but it wasn’t only until I recapped the episodes that I realized how I felt about it (which sparked great discussions) and that I came to acknowledging the actors and actresses’ acting skills. Recapping KOHS helped me realize how talented Seo In Guk is and converted me from a ‘oh-hey-it’s-Seo-In-Guk’ to ‘OMG-IT’S-SEO-FREAKING-IN-FREAKING-GUK!’ fan. I won’t forget that period of time when I was obsessed with him and wrote a few posts on him because I was just so in love with him. KOHS also introduced me to Lee Ha Na who I’ve never seen before in any of the dramas or works I’ve watched. She was so good as Soo Young and I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role other than Lee Ha Na. I can’t say that I’m a fan of Lee Ha Na yet because I still have to watch more of her projects in order to reach a decision, but she definitely are one of those actresses that I’m keeping my eyes on. The same goes to Lee Yeol-eum who plays Yoo Ah. She’s the same age as me so she’s quite young, but I can see her gaining more roles in the future which I will support her in. Everyone in this drama played their parts so well~


So to sum this whole post up, I just want to commend KOHS for being an amazing drama that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was actually the drama that got me started on watching Korean dramas again since I had stopped watching K-dramas for quite a few months because there wasn’t any that I was interested in or because they were disappointing and I didn’t want to waste my time on pointless dramas (I blame Reply 1994 for causing that slump), but then I gave KOHS a try and it made me very satisfied and happy so I have a lot to thank KOHS for. There were times that I wasn’t as excited about it, but the ending definitely made up for that. To King of High School, thanks for bringing me back to watching Korean dramas. Because of you, I am now watching a few other dramas that I am enjoying.  Thank you also for making my recapping experience a great one and I hope to marathon you once again one of these days.


So long King of High School Life Conduct. It was fun watching you while you lasted (:

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  1. Hi Mary! Finally! It’s the end! I’m not sad – I’m relieved actually! Coz every time there’s a new episode, I was kinda scared that it might not be as good as the previous ep, or that it would suck. Fortunately, that’s hardly the case. I love the drama so much that I refuse to watch/read any of the previews, and I really hate spoilers. That’s why I was grateful that you had a “Watch at your own risk” alert for ep 11 preview! 🙂

    Haha, I caught that scene of Deok-Hwan tripping over the barrier – I replayed it soooo many times. Poor guy, I think it must have been quite painful…

    So glad there’s a lot of skinship in this ep!

    This must have been the best k-drama I’ve ever seen! The cast is just so fabulous, I don’t think I hate anyone in here. Lee Min Suk (the character) is one amazing guy! Just a minor thing – I find that Min Suk seems to be kinda shouting (or nagging) a lot in the last few episodes.

    Towards the end, it’s Lee Hana singing one of the OSTs, isn’t it? I thought it sounded like her.

    Thanks so much, Mary, for your wonderful and speedy recaps! What’s your favorite scene of all? As for me, there are toooooo many! But I guess the one that left a great impression on me was the one from ep 4, towards the end, when everyone in the office was waiting for Manager Yoon to arrive. I just love the way Min Suk looks in there…

    • Hello wunderbar~

      It’s a good thing that you’re relieved! A part of me is sad because I still want to watch everyone in this drama interact with one another, but at the same time I too am relieved like you because the drama did not disappoint in which I feared that it would.

      That scene where they tripped was just so funny because they were all talking very seriously so I didn’t expect them to trip over that barrier. It was so unexpected and the way they reacted afterwards was so funny too. The director probably told them to trip over the barrier for the laughs, but they made it seem like it wasn’t supposed to happen. LOL. It was so natural. And how they just kept on walking and talking afterwards like nothing happened killed me. I laugh every time I repeat that scene.

      I too was very happy there was a lot of skinship this episode. We got like many pecks and kisses, many hugs, and even a BED SCENE. OMG. A BED SCENE. Haha.

      I AM GLAD THAT SOMEONE ELSE POINTED OUT MIN SUK’S SHOUTING AND NAGGING. I thought I was the only one who noticed that and felt annoyed by the amount of shouting he’s done in this drama. Phew, I’m so happy you feel the same way about me. Min Suk’s nagging got annoying, but when he wasn’t nagging, he was a great kid 😀

      And I too noticed that the OST track playing towards the end of the episode sounded a lot like Lee Ha Na. I’m assuming it is her singing the track, but I’m rather sad that there wasn’t a collaboration between Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na. I wanted one 😦

      Oh wow, that’s actually a very hard question to answer (I’ve never really thought about it, lol). I’m not so sure which is my favorite scene because this whole drama was great. If I had to choose, there are two that I can think of right now on the top of my head that made my heart flutter which was when Min Suk gave Soo Young a back hug. I love how he just sneaked up from behind her and gave her a back hug – that scene was a total killer. The other was when Min Suk got in trouble by his hockey coach in episode 9 for sneaking out to meet up with Soo Young and so he got punished by Coach as a consequence. But then Tae Suk and Deok-hwan came to comfort Min Suk and they all ended up laughing together and Min Suk tells his two best friends that he loves them. That scene was really touching and it made me want to cry because all three of them were so happy together in that scene. Now that I go back to look at my recaps, the one scene that I can’t believe I forgot was when Soo Young chased after Min Suk on that electric scooter in episode 6 so that they can all meet the President. Oh my god, one of the funniest scenes ever in a drama. I just could not stop laughing. The whole scene was perfect. The way the characters acted and also the song that was playing in the background during the scene. Definitely one of the hi-lights out of the whole drama.

      And THANK YOU wunderbar for always commenting on my recaps. You’re one of the first people I’ve ever encountered on my blog that continually comments and gives me feedback. Thank you so much; it means a lot to me! Thank you once again 😀

      • Hi Mary, I’m back! To read your thoughts 🙂 Now, here’s mine – pretty lengthy!

        So glad you also noticed Min Suk’s over-the-top shouting and nagging. Would be great if someone sends this feedback to Seo In Guk, so he doesn’t overdo this next time.
        [A few years back, I watched the daily drama Smile, Donghae. The lead actor was Ji Chang-wook. When he did those angry scenes, he’d be shouting and there were many of these scenes. So after 159 episodes (yeah, I caught almost all of them), all I remember was the shouting bits and it kinda “burned” me… so I’ve avoided Ji Chang-wook’s works after that. I read that he did well in his other dramas but I’ve no desire to see them… the scars haven’t really healed. Ha!]

        Hmm, maybe it’s a good thing that Grandpa wasn’t there at the wedding. Coz Grandpa wanted Pretty Unni for himself and he might make a scene! And the wedding would still end up as chaotic!

        From the photos you posted, I’ve been wanting to make this comment: I wish Min Suk’s dad had a different hairstyle. I think he’s the only one in the cast with a bad hairdo.

        I’ve warmed up to Director Yoo towards the end. Thank goodness he’s turned out to be harmless. I was surprised and I like that he said “Thank you very kamsa” to Min Suk in ep 16. I kinda wonder what he and his dad do after they leave Comfo, and who the Comfo president is now.

        Oh yeah, that back hug scene prior to the sling kiss was nice. It also reminds me of the part where Min Suk helped Soo Young paste the poster (ending of ep 6 I think). I think most of Min Suk and Soo Young’s scenes ((when they’re together) are great! Maybe one day I’ll make a list and see how long it goes! You should too! Or if it’s too long, maybe we should list those things we don’t like… haha

        Lastly, Min Suk’s presentation was really creative, him wearing a white T-shirt and having different clothes projected onto him. You picked the best one for your recap! Great!!!

        I don’t have anyone else in real life who watches King Of High School, that’s why I appreciate this space very much! Thanks to you too, Mary!!!

    • Hello potsnpans~

      It was my pleasure recapping this drama~ It was quite fun recapping it and then to have great discussions about it with everyone made recapping even better. (:

      And I too am struggling. I’m having a hard time withdrawing myself from this drama. It’s just brought so much joy and laughter into my life, I really am going to miss it. It’s a good thing we can always go back to watch and marathon it 😀

      Thanks for commenting Potsnpans! It means a lot to me 😀

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