What Mary Thinks: Bangtan Boys / BTS releases ‘Danger’ MV + 1st Full-length album ‘Dark and Wild’

Bangtan Boys / BTS / Bulletproof Boy Scouts released their long anticipated MV ‘Danger’ a few hours ago after the release of its two MV teasers and 1st full-length album audio teaser that caused a lot of excitement and anticipation. In the ‘Danger’ MV, we witness all seven members stress over how the woman they love aren’t taking them seriously and rather seems to be joking or playing around with their whole relationship.

I have to admit. The teasers got me pretty excited for the MV because first, I am very Bangtan Boys biased and second, the song sounded super good and catchy (as does all of BTS’s other title tracks). I was anticipating quite a lot, because BTS always delivers on their comebacks. I did listen to the audio teasers that previewed small snippets of the album tracks, but when I was listening to them, I was quite distracted because I was doing something else at the same time so I didn’t really pay attention to that. BUT while I am writing this post, I am listening to the album tracks since BTS’s 1st full-length album ‘Dark and Wild’ has just been released right now. As for the ‘Danger’ MV, contrary to what I had expected and anticipated, I wasn’t totally blown away by the MV. I was honestly rather quite disappointed by the song and MV. I feel like ‘Danger’ is their least powerful and impressive title track yet and the only thing that stands out in that song is the chorus. Anything else is rather quite bland and dull; I’m extremely disappointed in the build-up towards the chorus which is rather quite weak and you know since this is BTS’s comeback after ‘Boy in Luv’, you would expect something powerful like ‘Boy in Luv’, but I personally feel like ‘Danger’ lacks compared to any of BTS’s other title tracks. It might take me a while to like ‘Danger’ and open up to it, so I can’t do a lot of praising for the song right now, but maybe it might all change once I see the live performance for ‘Danger.’ Choreography wise, again, not the most impressive, but I do like the shoulder dance. It fits the chorus so perfectly and goes nicely with it. Now THAT I like!

1907412_891733074175289_3311025584425244961_n pjm jk

I actually stayed up until 4 in the morning yesterday just to watch the live streaming for BTS’s showcase on 1theK (former Loen Music)’s Youtube channel. It was my first time ever tuning in onto a live streaming so I wasn’t so sure as to what to expect, but was it worth it staying up until 4 in the morning for the live streaming? Anything Bangtan is worth it, LOL. I wasn’t like going crazy or anything, but I enjoyed it. And even worse, after the live streaming ended like an hour and 30 minutes after, I was suffering from major feels and had a hard time sleeping. So I didn’t sleep until 6 in the morning because I had to go on Tumblr to check what other Armys were spazzing and talking about. So I basically pulled an all-nighter and managed to get about 4 hours of sleep before I woke up with major BTS feels again. Damn, the things I would do for these guys and the things they do to me. The struggles of being an international fan! LOL. I can’t believe I stayed up that late just to watch their showcase, but I don’t regret anything. I have no regrets! Haha.

Like I mentioned before, I am currently listening to the album tracks on ‘Dark and Wild’ and I found one track that stands out the most to me so far (I haven’t finished listening to all 14 tracks yet) and it’s called ‘Rain.’ Lord, I just knew that by the time the song started it was going to be such an amazing and beautiful song and hell to the yes was it a wonderful song, from the very beginning to the very end. I love sentimental and emotional songs like this and it’s even better that ‘Rain’ is like a hip-hop ballad with soft vocals and rap. I really enjoy that stuff and I’m glad BTS included that song in this album. It makes me appreciate the whole album so much more.

I also just finished listening to ‘BTS Cypher PT. 3 : Killer” which features former BTS member and Big Hit producer and underground rapper of underground hip-hop crew Daenamhyup’s Supreme Boi. And wow wow wow, woah woah woah. I was absolutely blown away by this track. Absolutely blown away. When I finished listening to the track, I was literally drowning in my feels like:

crying fist-pump helpme dearlord

I’m beginning to lean more towards Korean Hip-hop these days so this track was really really good for me. Super catchy, super addicting, super awesome. I need to find and read the English translations for this track, because it totally blew me away even when I didn’t know what they were saying. And that’s the thing I enjoy about Korea’s music industry (or any music for that matter). When you enjoy listening to a song even though you have no clue whatsoever what they’re talking about.


Although I am listening to the song and enjoying them, I’m also checking out for the line distributions in these album tracks since we all know how freaking petty and annoyed I can be about that, especially when it comes to BTS. But so far all the songs sound great and that’s partially because I hear a lot of Jimin and Jin which I am extremely happy about! In ‘Danger’ alone, Jimin gets like about 80% of the whole song so you can just imagine how happy I was with ‘Danger’ and the line distributions in there.

rm suga

So although ‘Danger’ might not be my favorite comeback from BTS (I always feel like ‘Boy in Luv’ will be their most powerful and impressive title track), I enjoyed it just because Jimin got more lines in that song and because BTS’s 1st full-length album ‘Dark and Wild’ proved to be a great listen. All the songs are good and I feel like this album could be my second favorite album from them (after BTS’s debut album ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ of course which contains my most favorite song from BTS ‘I Like It’).


The songs I shared with you guys up there are the ones that stood out to me and the ones I liked the most after listening to the whole album. But if you have the time, really give the whole album a listen because ‘Dark and Wild’ is solid. If you’re not a huge fan of hip-hop or R&B, then this album might not be for you. But since I enjoy listening to hip-hop and I’m a BTS fan, I had to check out this album and comeback.

Damn, I think I might need to go back to listen to the Cypher track another time. I barely survived listening to it the first time. Let’s see if I can survive the second time around. Wish me luck you guys.

Credits: ibighit @ youtube, HITTsubs@ youtube, Lynn Eksonyeondan @ youtube

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